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Be My Woman - Episode 53 & 54




 Be My Woman - Episode 53 & 54

 Theme: (His•Baby•Mama...)

By: Naomi Cindy B.


"F*+*k, you're so damn s*xy" he whispered hotly, reclaiming her lips as he closed the door with the back of his leg.

They were kissing madly as he walked to the fancy chair in the room.

Thhe hunger in the kiss was maddening, they missed this...

It's been nine whole damn years!

Roman cupped her @ss with both hands, squeezing gently, an act which made Rosy arch her hips as he sat on the chair, straddling her on his laps.

Her already throbbing center came in contact with his already hard erection immediately, and she moaned with her eyes closed, seeking every pleasure his touch gives.

Slowly, he started moving her butt against his pants, rubbing her drenched middle on his bulging erection as the kiss got heated again.

He got the lower part of her nightie away from her body, and it fell on the ground helplessly, leaving her in just her lacy pants.

Rosy broke the kiss suddenly, giving him a needy look which made him even more rocky in the middle.

"Roman..." She whispered, rubbing his lips.

"Kiss me..." He replied, and she capture his lips again.

The need in her became so exotic. She has never felt such sexual desire before. She wants him so bad, as much as he does.

Roughly, she tore away the three buttons in front of his sweatshirt as the need to see the whole of him consumed her.

Roman's hand reached her panties, and he pressed his knuckles against her wet opening through the lacy material.

"F*+*k! You're so wet," he commented, making her hear the smile on his lips.

 She was more than wet, shamelessly drenched with her p+ssy dripping insanely.

He gently pushed her p+nties to the side, baring her to his touch.

"Oh gawd! Roman!" She threw her head back, crying when his fingers touched her engorged buds.

She could feel the wetness his fingers were greeted with as the scent of s+x and arousal filled the room.

He inserted a finger inside her, and the sensations sent her mind spiralling..

"Ah Roman!" She gasped, and he grunted as he pulled it out, then he added another two.

"Oh...hh! Please..." She m0aned shakily as her muscles clenched his digits.

"So.. tight..." He groaned as he took the fingers out only to put them in again three at once

He began pumping in and out of her, fingering her professionally like a s+x-starved husband.

"More... More please...ah!" She cried on his fingers.

His grip around her waist tightened as he made her bounce on his laps while he grabbed her lips for another heartwarming kiss.

His fingers curled inside her, touching the roof and making her roll her eyes back.

"F*+*k...I'm gonna...cum..." she moaned, using her hands on his shoulder to hold him tighter as the orgasm started building.

"Cum for me, mama. I want my fingers soaked when I pull them out of you" he breathed above the valley between her b*+*bs, screwing her faster with the fingers.

He brought his wet lips to her ear, and his heat on her lobes made more orgasm build...

Her legs began shaking as he gave her deeper thrusts with the fingers, so f*+*king deep.

"Damn!...oh damn!" She cried.

"Cúm hard" he whispered.

"Oh my... Roman.... F*+*k!" She cried out again as she felt it...

The steaminess, the...damn!

The juices spilled out of her, wetting his fingers so much as he pulled them out.

They went straight to his lips, and as he licked her juices slowly in front of her, it got her hornier.

She swallowed a gulp as she watched him lick, and like a wild hungry cat, she pulled his shirt away from his body, their eyes concentrating as she did the stripping.

His eyes are dark, the brown in it looking so beautiful as they stared.

She finished pulling off his shirt and took in her bottom lip, staring at him again.

His chest is rippled, abs chiseled and looking so irresistible. 

The man in front of her is so damn gorgeous, her p+ssy responded to the heat.

"Unzip me" Roman ordered, and the tone he used got her thinking about how hotter he looked while saying that.

Her hands were shaking as she unzipped him slowly, trailing her fingers on his waistband as she slowly pulled the pants down.

She was greeted by a thick, hard...long cock which made her cl!t water with it's majestic presence.

He was so veiny, large and pink at the top, making her gulp again as she had a good look.

"I'm gonna make you feel good" Roman whispered, slowly reeling her in as their lips met again.

They travelled to the bed where he trapped himself in her middle and coiled her legs on his waist.

They were still kissing when she felt his c*+*k touch her entrance.

 She dug her nails on his chest as he slid himself in torturously slow.

"You're...so...big" she moaned on his lips, feeling the stretch his c*+*k is causing down there. He's spreading her so wide.

"And you're so damn tight" he whispered, interlocking their fingers and pinning it down the bed as he pushed in more length gently till he's completely settled inside of her.

Their breaths were hard, panting and seeking as their body heats filled the room. He looked down at her n*+*ples with a naughty smile, staying still inside her as he whispered...

"I love the color, gorgeous tits you've got, mama" 

Rosy smiled, touching his face in a caress.

"Don't ever leave me" she whispered, gasping as she moved slightly inside her.

"Don't leave me, too" he replied with a deep kiss, taking one of her perky tits inside his mouth.

He was sucking as he began f*+*king her like his life depended on it... Banging and sucking at the same time.

Rosy couldn't breath nor close her mouth... 

Her lungs were begging for air but all they got was hotness, making her insides churn.

She could feel her legs cramping as he f*+*ked her brains out, but she couldn't care less... she's so craving for this.

It's been too long, and tears of pleasure wet her eyes which he licked off.

This should better continue till midnight, she doesn't wanna stop.

She held on to him, digging her nails into his back as he screwed her c*nt DEEP, HARD and FAST

"My gawd! Please more! ... More daddy ...




Rosy was smiling in her sleep as she cuddled closer to Roman under the sheets, and he smiled too, staring at her face.

He woke up two hours ago, but seems last night took most of it's toll on her.

Her hair is so scattered on the pillow, and she looks so pretty as she moved her lips in her sleep.

He bent over her for a kiss, and a second after he kissed her, her eyes opened slowly.

It was drowsy at first, but it cleared off immediately she saw his face, and she quickly hid it on his chest.

"You're hiding from me on my chest? Young lady" Roman laughed.

"Last night was too wild, and I can't believe we did all that" she replied.

"Well...that was just an intro, I'm a lot crazier in bed" he said, and her eyes widened as she looked up from his chest.

"Are you kidding?"

"Should I prove it to you this morning?" He grabbed her, but she slipped away and shifted to the far end of the bed.

"I'm still so sore, don't come close" she muttered, and he chuckled, going closer to her.

She made to shift away again, but he pulled her back to himself.

"You're gonna fall if you move" he said, greeting her lips with a kiss.

The ringing of the alarm made her break it, and she jumped to take it.

Her eyes widened when she saw 8:40 staring at her.

"Oh,my gawd!" The kids! School!" She shouted.

"I took care of them. They'll be in school already" he replied.

"Really?" She blinked cutely.

"Trust your ride" he replied.

"Aww!" She spread her arms and hugged him tight.

He carried her like that, getting down from bed with her.

"Let's go downstairs" he said.

"Is there a waiting surprise?" She hugged his waist with her legs.

"Maybe" he replied, and she rested her head on his shoulder as he took her out of the room...


He walked to the dinning where a table of breakfast is waiting.

"Oh my gosh!" She jumped down from his arms, her eyes so wide as she stared.

"They all look delicious already! You're the best baby daddy!" She squealed cutely, her free b**bs bouncing in her transparent singlet.

Roman went close to kiss them, and she pushed his head away playfully.

"I need to go brush, pervert!" She shot and started going upstairs.

Roman hugged her from behind, not leaving her alone as she climbed the stairs.

"Release me i really need to brush" she grinned, and he kissed that spot on her neck.

"Ah Roman...I said...stop it!" She laughed, and he finally picked her up in his arms...

"Roman... please.. no!!" She shouted as he carried her upstairs.



Ann only came back home early this morning. She spent the night at the Mendez, getting f*+*ked by Kay and Tyson.

They ruined her totally down there but it's worth it, at least she left the mansion with 3M.

She prepared for work and stepped out all smiles, but she stopped when she met Donovan in front of the house, resting on his car with a smoke between his lips.

"Don?" She froze.

"My brothers told me you came to the mansion yesterday. Let me guess, Tyson and Kay screwed you?" He said.

"No Don. I'm not like that, i allowed you to have me because I knew you were gonna be taken back into the family one day and you're gonna take care of me. I have no reason to sleep with your brothers though they made moves, but I declined" she replied, and he threw down his smoke, coming for her.

"Good, then let's go in, I'm having you before you leave for work" he pulled her...

"No Don, you need to know something about Rosy. My boss is her night stand and Liam is her son. She's currently living in his mansion and they kissed in front of all the staffs. I think Roman is really in love with her and...

"Wait... Liam is what?" His eyes widened.

"Her hidden son" Ann replied.



Matty didn't go to school with Nancy today, he had to leave her with her driver for the drive so he's still in bed, his head throbbing with headache and his body reeking of tiredness.

He cancelled sessions two days ago, and he had to retake everything yesterday. It was a busy day despite his emotional breakdown.

His eyes were still closed when his phone started ringing, but he ignored, pulling the duvet over himself completely. 

It had barely finished that ring when it started ringing again.

"Urgh!" He groaned, stretching his hand to the bedstand to take it.

He picked the call without looking at the screen.

"Matt" Fiona's voice came, and his eyes opened fully.

He looked at the screen and saw it's really her, then he clicked red, and the doorbell rang downstairs.

He dropped the phone and got down from the bed, throwing on a hood before rushing out of the room.

He got downstairs and opened the door hurriedly, only to meet Fiona waiting there.

"Matt, don't close the door" she quickly said, but he tried closing it nevertheless.

She took it from him and came in.

"Fiona, please it's so early and I don't want...

"Matt i'm sorry, I know I did bad and i deserve the snubbing but i promise not to do it again. Can't you just forgive me this once and let it go? Please" she said, and he sighed.

He looked away from her, but his eyes caught her pointer finger immediately. 

There's a cut on it, and he quickly went closer to take the hand.

"How did you get this cut? What happened? It's untreated" he asked.

"I was cooking last night, was slicing onions while thinking about you, and .... You know the rest" she replied, and he looked back at her face.

She touched his face slowly, giving it a gentle rub with her thumb.

"I missed you" she whispered.

Matty opened his mouth to talk, but he couldn't.

"Say something, please" she said, still rubbing his face.

"I missed you too" he said, and she smiled as he hugged her dearly, so tight that they could suffocate.

"My cutie" she whispered.

Matty smiled, hugging her dearer.

"Don't do me bad anymore, please"

"I'll give you all today and every other day, let's spend time together and meet your mum, tell her i'm stealing her son soon" she said.

" I can't wait" he smiled. 



Roman and Rosy were grinning happily in the car as Roman directed it towards the basement.

They've been doing this since they left home, and when the laughter stops, something else will surely come up that they'd grin about again

It's a surely happy morning.

"Sweet Man" she suddenly called.

"Hmm" he faced her. 

 "Blue or white?" She asked.

"White" he replied.

"Blue for me" she said.

"Why would you choose blue" he faced her again.

"Cos I like it" she replied.

"Can't you like what I like?" He said, and she laughed.

"Mr. Roman Lawson, stop acting like a husband when you haven't made any move on me yet" 

"But I made a move last night, Mrs. Rosy Lawson to-be" he winked.

"I knew you'd say that" she laughed, and he joined her.

"Liam wants us to go shopping today and picnic on the weekend then Santorini for his break" she said afterwards.

"He never runs out of ideas, does he?" Roman replied 

"Are we going or not?" She asked, moving closer.

"Well guess what? I can't say no to you both" he whispered, and she smiled as he brought out a black card from his safe 

"Here, for the shopping" he said.

"But I have enough cash in my account" she replied.

"Don't touch that" he said, and she took the card from him before kissing his face endlessly.

"My sweetest man!" She squealed excitedly.

"You realize I'm driving right? You're gonna get us killed" he laughed.

"Roman Money" she teased, and he laughed again, but then a security guard interrupted their moment

Roman pulled up and winded down...

"I'm so sorry sir, but a woman has been waiting here since an hour, insisting on meeting Miss Rosy" he reported, and Roman raised his brows.

Rosy frowned.

"A woman?" 

"She has something to take from you according to her" the guard replied, and they exchanged glances.

Rosy came out of the car, and Roman did the same.

The guard left for a corner, and by the time he came out, the woman was walking behind him so her face was hidden till they arrived.

The guard stepped aside, and her face came to view.

She's wearing faded flat shoes just like the old Rosy, and the bag she's carrying looks like a knockoff, so old and faded too, her gown is same .

Roman's eyes widened so much, recognizing his heartreaker.

Rosy got a feeling that she knew her immediately.

She started trying to remember, and in a snap, she did.

She had seen her in the video Darla showed her the night she told her Roman's story....

This only means she's...

"Gwen?" Roman said, and Gwen smiled.

"Don't panic, I'm not here for you. I'm here for her" she said, facing Rosy.

"You have my daughter with you, do me a favor and hand her over... I mean Iris" she said.



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