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Be My Woman - Episode 51 & 52




 Be My Woman - Episode 51 & 52

 Theme: (His•Baby•Mama...)

By: Naomi Cindy B.


"In your face Nick! Can your mumsy ever?"

Nick huffed before walking to his seat. 

The pupils began laughing at him, and he had to hide his face on his desk.

Kendra grabbed her bag, following Rosy and Liam out of the class.

"How're you doing Ken?" Rosy asked, stroking her hair with an hand. 

"I'm fine, school was fun today cos we had a debate, and as usual, I and Liam won!" She said excitedly.

"Really?" Rosy smiled.

"Of course, I can't want to break the news to mum, she'd be so proud of me once again" Kendra jumped.

"I made most of the points though, So I should be the one making this noise" Liam said from Rosy's arms.

"Again with your attitude" Kendra pouted, and he smiled.

"I'm proud of you Liam" Rosy said, and he hugged her again.

"Did you see the look on Nick's face earlier? He was begging the ground to swallow him" he whispered, and she laughed.

"Where did you learn such lines from" 

"Maybe I have a good English teacher" he replied proudly, and Rosy laughed.

"Gosh, I love you baby" she stroked his hair.

They finally got to the park, and they met Kendra's mum, Mrs. Larry waiting too.

"Oh my gosh! Liam's mum?" The woman gasped.

"Of course!" Liam chipped.

"Finally! I'm so happy you came through you don't know how much Liam longed for you" Mrs. Larry said happily.

"I'm here now, nice to meet you" Rosy smiled.

"Same here Mrs...

The woman stopped, waiting for her to say the name...

Rosy bit her lip slightly. She can't say Mrs. Lawson yet since she's not married to Roman.

For now, she's only the mother of his child though she'd gladly welcome him if he makes a move on her...

"Just call me Miss Rosy" she finally talked.

"Sure, Miss Rosy. We'll see more often" Mrs. Larry replied cheerfully.

She got into her car with Kendra who kept waving at Liam.

They drove away, and Rosy got Liam into the car too.

"Iris!" He said surprisingly when he met her in already.

Rosy actually went to her school to get her first before coming here cos they closed earlier.

"Hey big brother!" She said, her baby voice muffled by the cake in her mouth. She's with a small goody bag 

"Is that honey cake?" Liam's eyes widened, and Rosy sat beside them.

She gave him his own pack of goodies, and he squealed.

"You're the best mumsy!" 

He started munching like Iris, and Rosy's phone suddenly rang as the driver drove out of the park.

It's Bishop calling. 

"Hey Bish" she picked.

"We got Olivia's brother" he said.

"Already?" She blinked.

"I and Angelina are unmatchable" He replied, and she chuckled.

"Where are you guys?"

"I'll send the location" he replied and hung up.

"By the way mum, why did you tell Kendra's mum your name is Rosy? Why not Mrs. Lawson?" Liam asked immediately, trying to open the milkshake.

"Because we're not married..." Rosy replied, taking the milkshake to open for him. 

"Because you're not married YET" Liam corrected, and she smiled.


"Can we go shopping tommorow after school mum? And next weekend let's go on a family picnic at Cruz island, then let's go spend my break at Santorini or we can travel out of the country and go to Hawaii" he said, and Rosy laughed.

"We'll do everything you asked, I promise" she caressed his cheeks and leaned in to kiss them.

She stroked Iris's hair, and she looked up, her lips filled with the milk.

She wiped it, and the little girl smiled.

"Are you enjoying your goodies?"

She nodded once.


Bishop sent a low profile resturant as the location, and Rosy sighed as the driver pulled up at the park.

"I'll be right back, sweethearts" she told the kids, getting out of the car.

Angelina was already waiting at the park.

"Angel" she walked to him..

"Bishop is in with him. Go in I'll stay with the kids" he said, and she  went in.

She sighted Bishop sitting in front of a boy at a corner of the resturant, and she she walked to them.

"Welcome" Bishop stood when she got to them, and Rosy sat in front of the boy.

"Miss Rosy?" The boy said immediately.

"You still remember me" she replied.

"Of course. You were my sister's best friend when you both were still in Dream college, but then it stopped after graduation, I heard what happened though" he replied, saying the last part slowly.

"Weston, right?" She said, and he nodded, but Rosy couldn't help but notice how badly he's trying to cover his arms.

His uniform is long-sleeved, but he's still trying to pull it down more.

"Are you ok?" She asked, and he made to quickly take his arms off the table, but she was faster.

She grabbed his right hand and pulled up the sleeves.

Her eyes widened when she saw several bruises and marks on his skin, even burns, looking so scalded.

"Oh, my gawd!" She gasped, and he started crying.

"What happened to you Weston?"

"Olivia happened to me" he sniffed, wiping his tears.

"Your sis did this to you?" She blinked shockingly.

"She punishes me unjustly everyday. Our late parents left us money for our upkeep, but she's not ready to send me to school or feed me with the money. She has it in a safe somewhere in the house and spends it alone and i can't even locate it the safe. I work part-time to school and feed myself but she takes the money after beating me this way. I might be a boy, but she's stronger" he cried and sniffed before continuing.

"I've got appendix, and i barely have any strength in me cos I'm supposed to go for surgery but she's not ready to sponsor it too, she's...cruel, and that's why I'm not surprised when I heard what she did to you" he said.

"Ok this Olivia girl deserves to be butchered, she a dark witch or something?" Bishop said from behind.

Rosy smiled and got an handkerchief from her bag which she gave to Weston.

He started wiping his tears, and Rosy smiled.

"What if I find the money for you? I mean the money she's keeping from you. Are you ready to fly out of the country and start a new life?" 

"I've been staying with her all my life and I don't know where she keeps the money, how sure are you?" He hiccupped, and Rosy smiled knowingly, resting her arms on the table.

"Maybe I know her more than you do. We were friends for years, and i know she's shallow" she said, and he nodded.

"Please help me"

Rosy left the resturant after giving him some money, and she faced the guys when they got back to the car.

"You don't have to go with us tommorow. Bishop will distract her, and you'd give me the possible location of the money in the house. I'll do the job with Weston" Angelina said.



"Ouch! You're so good!" Ann's loud moans echoed on the four walls of Tyson's room as he screwed her @sshole.

Her blouse is still on though, but her lower body is totally naked, and she's bent her over the bed edge.

How they got to this position is a mystery, all she knew was that he grabbed her and kissed her immediately they entered the house, and here they are.

"My d*+*k or Donovan's?" He questioned, knocking his d*+*k into her again.

"Ouch! Yours! Yours!" She screamed, her nails tearing into the bedspread.

"I'm gonna give you 3M if I f*+*k this p+ssy till daybreak" he said, stopping his thrusts.

"What about... Don...

"He's not coming home, fixing his teeth is gonna take all night" he replied, and she swallowed.

"Fine, destroy me" she replied, and he pushed her face to the bed, restricting her airflow as he continued the screw.

Kay opened the door and his head came in.

"That looks good! I'm f*+*king that p+ssy too!" He said.

"Wait till your turn" Tyson replied, and Kay grinned, shutting the door again as he left the house.

He got a text on his phone and smiled as he got in his car.

He drove to a bar, and immediately he entered, he spotted who he came for ... Betty

She's drinking alone in front of the stand, and he stride to her. 

"Betty Shawn? Nice to meet you again" he said, sitting beside her.

Betty took her bottle to pour herself another cup, but it's empty.

"A bottle of Rosé for her!" Kay hollered at the bartenders.

"What might you want from me?" She faced him, and her eyes widened..

"Kay Mendez!"

"Yeah, I put a tail on you and I heard you're here. Quick! let's talk about your sister cos I have a p*+*sy waiting for me at home" he said.

"I tried my best to make her yours, but she's head over heels for a kid, his name is Matty Johnson" she replied, and he clicked his tongue.

"Interesting! I only need to get rid of him, fine" he stood.

"You're just gonna leave after the info I gave?" Betty said, and he turned back.

"How about I send you a new car tommorow morning? What type do you want?" He asked.

"I stole your line from Fiona's phone, I'll text you" she replied, and he eventually left.

Betty took her new bottle of Rosé, poured herself some and smiled as she took a sip.

"How dare you threaten me with my roots? Fiona. I'm gonna show you I'm not simple" 



"Thanks for coming" Stefan said as Roman took his seat in front of him.

"Our deal is not done yet, so why did you call to meet? Make it fast" Roman replied, resting back on his sofa.

"Here's the thing, I want you to lend me 5B, and I promise to pay you back once the deal falls in. My company is in chaos right now and staffs are resigning, then I'm as broke as f*+*k and...

"And how is that my business? We're not friends Stefan, just businesses partners so whatever gave you the confidence that I'll lend you 5 is worth some accolades" Roman said calmly.

"Roman, I'm...

"Don't waste your energy, I have better things to do" Roman stood, pocketed an hand and walked out coolly.

"That bastard! I ate up my ego to say that, and he treated me like this? The more reason I have to kill him" Stefan seethed, folding his fists.



The maids went on break today since Rosy decided to cook dinner.

The expensive dinning is already set with different meals looking colourfully delicious.

She finished cooking some minutes ago, and it's half past 7 right now.

"How longer will it take for dad to come home?" Liam muttered.

"Let's give him ten more minutes" Iris replied, walking to the living room.

Liam followed her, and they resumed the cartoon telenovela they were watching.

Rosy walked to the door and stood there, impatient for him to come home already.

The meal will soon start getting cold, and also...she admits that she misses him already even when it's been barely three they saw each other last. 

She was moving from ony leg of her fluffy slip-ons to the other, her impatience increasing every minute. 

She checked the time again, only to see 7:35.

Is time crawling?

She got so impatient that she had to open the door and step out, then as if programmed, Roman's car drove in, and a wide smile appeared on her face when he came out of the car.

She rushed down to him, and he couldn't hide his smile too when he saw her rushing over.

He caught her, carrying her up in his arms.

She caged him before holding his face, kissing him on the lips.

She was about to tell him he missed him, but he beat her to it.

"I missed you mama. 3hours, 15minutes apart wasn't a joke" he said.

"You counted it?" She laughed.

"And 4 seconds" he said, making her kiss him again.

"I missed you too" she said.

"Hmm! Wait I smell something" he sniffed the air.

"Find out!" She winked, and he dropped her.

She held his arm as they went in together, but surprisingly, the kids were already asleep on the couch.

"They waited so long" she said.

"Why did they sleep so early? It's only some minutes to 8" he replied.

"School stress?" She replied, leading him to the dinning.

"Damn! For me?" His eyes widened, and she nodded.

"Go shower and then...

"Shower? No please I'm gonna eat these before entering any darn bathroom" he cut her off and sat immediately.

He began eating without waiting, passing sweet compliments on every dish till the last one.

She went beside him and started stroking his hair as he ate, then he stretched an hand to her waist, holding it while eating with the other hand.

He made sure to finish everything without remnants, and then he gave her a gentle kiss before going upstairs for his shower.

Rosy got the kids to bed, had her shower too and changed into a white nightie.

She lay in bed but was unable to close her eyes.

She turned around and got her phone, clicking on Baby Daddy's number.

She thought of texting him Goodnight, but they're in the same house so it's a no.

She dropped the phone and closed her eyes, but then he opened it almost immediately when she remembered what she told him at the broadcasting room earlier.


She stood from the bed and walked out of the room.

Few steps brought her to Roman's door since their rooms are literally beside each other.

She took a deep breath before opening the door, stepping in only to meet Roman by the door.

He has been waiting too, and a handsome smile appeared on his face when he saw her.

His hair is still moist as a result of the bathwater, and some sticky strands on his forehead made him more handsome.

The longing look on his face complicated things... it's always insane when he looks at her like that.

Rosy gulped nervously, looking up at his face.

"So...i promised...and I'm...I'm here" She stuttered, and Roman smiled wider.

Isn't she so cute like this?

"Here for?" He teased, and she looked him in the eyes before gulping again, her throat moving slowly.

"For you" she whispered, her heart beating so fast as their eyes communicated.

"Damn, you've got A1 in driving me crazy without trying" Roman whispered, bent over her and cupped her face with both hands.

He crashed his lips hungrily on hers.

Rosy gasped into his mouth, grabbing a hold of the sweatshirt he's putting on by each sides as she began kissing him instantly. 

His lips were cold, chilly cold when they seek hers with urgent need.

His tongue swept between her parting, dragging across her bottom lip.

It was tantalizing, she felt multiple sparks at once and heat danced across her skin.

He bit lightly on her bottom lip, then he sucked, his hold on her face tightening as they both dissolved into a sweet mash of emotions

He tastes like mint and sweet...Hot, breathtaking and delicious.

His mouth is ferocious, hands moving from her face to her hips as he picked her up in his arms, and her arms adorned his neck as they ate each other up so fast.


Kissing him hard like this felt too delicious. This is different from any kiss they've shared before, she craved more each minute.

This man is an expert at whatever he does. Every sweep of his tongue, every groan from his throat, every flex of his muscles came with a charming charisma.

He was kissing so professionally like the good kisser she remembered him to be, his lips so f*+*king perfect.

She wrapped her legs around his hips, her fingers fisting his hair as she kissed him more fervently.

Their hearts echoed against each other, the thuds and the sounds from their kissing lips sizzling up the heated room.

Roman's hands located the neckline of her nightie, and she held him tighter when he pulled it down her body.

It's a fragile material which tore apart at his impatient pull.

"My...my favorite..." She mumbled into the kiss.

"I'll get you a full wardrobe of it if you want" he mumbled back, hardening the kiss again as he unhooked her bra.

Her b*+*bs spilled on his chest, and she released a cute moan as her n*+*ples grazed his sweatshirt.

Roman broke the kiss slowly and gave her chest a hooded stare, making her all red.

"F*+*k, you're so damn s*xy" he whispered hotly, reclaiming her lips as he closed the door with the back of his leg.


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