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Be My Woman - Episode 43 & 44




 Be My Woman - Episode 43 & 44

 Theme: (His•Baby•Mama...)

By: Naomi Cindy B.



For ten full minutes, Liam stayed in Rosy's arms, refusing to look up from her neck or allow anyone to come close.

Though he stopped crying five minutes into the hug, but he's still hiccuping, tightening his arms around her everytime.

Rosy has never felt more fulfilled. She can't wait to write today's date down, she has to.

Darla is still clicking pictures of them on her phone, she's on the fiftieth now.

Roman's hands are in his pockets, still smiling like a proud father. It's such a cute scene that he can't get enough of.

"Oh my goodness!" Bishop screamed when he came in.

" I'm so sad I missed the climax!" Angelina said as he came in too.

Kendra came in with her driver, and she started jumping when she saw the scene.

"Liam! Finally I'm so happy for you!" She gushed, clapping her hands.

Slowly, Liam looked up from Rosy's neck, literally peeping out.

"The introduction is not over yet though. We are your godfathers" Bishop said, and he kept peeping at them.

Rosy smiled, kissing his hair fondly.

"We brought you out of your mother that day when it was too late to go to the hospital. I even wrote down the date, my best day alive cos I saved two lives" Angelina said.

"And that was when I started considering going for medical, but too bad I hate the smell of hospitals" Bishop added, and Darla went closer to the two of them.

She hugged them at once, and they smiled at once in her arms.

"I have a lot to do for you both, and I'm sure Roman will do more" she said, breaking it.

"You don't have to pay us anything" Angelina said.

"They're angels in human form" Darla smiled.

"They're my brothers from another mother" Rosy replied, and Darla faced her.

"Thanks for coming around for Liam" she said.

"He's all i have" Rosy replied, and Darla looked at Liam who's still hiding in her arms.

"Aren't you gonna talk to anyone now that you saw your mumsy?" She teased, and Liam cuddled more into Rosy.

Darla chuckled.

"We should leave" Roman said.

"I'll get the doctor to discharge him" Angelina said, rushing out of the ward.

Ten minutes later, it was already done, and they all left the hospital at once.

Darla drove off first, then Kendra left with her driver too.

Angelina and Bishop followed, then Rosy got in the car with Liam.

The driver isn't around, so Roman has to drive.

"Brat, you're not gonna talk to me now?" Roman said as he drove out.

"I still hate you" he finally talked, and Rosy giggled.

"Seriously? I brought your mum" he replied.

"You took too long!" He snapped, finally looking up from Rosy's neck.

"You're back to your bratty mode, cool" Roman nodded.

"If I hadn't caught you kissing, you wouldn't have done the introduction" Liam replied.

"It's actually my fault baby. I was the one who kept postponing it so just pour all your anger on me" Rosy said, and he faced her.

He held her face with his tender palms, and she smiled as he leaned in and kissed her cheeks.

"Just promise me one thing" he said.

"Anything you want" she replied.

"That you'd never leave me again.  If dad does something bad, you can just run away with me and leave him in the mansion" he said, and Rosy had to laugh loudly.

"Really? You're making plans against me even when I'm here?" Roman said from the front.

"I'm not talking to you" Liam replied, still looking at Rosy.

"Fine" Roman smiled and concentrated on the drive.

"Sure, we'll run away if he misbehaves" Rosy said, and Liam hugged her again.

"I love you mumsy" 

"I love you more baby" she replied, hugging him back.

"And you'd start staying at the mansion from now on right? Or I can come stay with you instead" he said, and she broke the hug slowly.


"Don't say no. I'm gonna faint again" he shook his head quickly, and her eyes widened.


"I'll handle Donovan tommorow. Trust me and just stay at the mansion tonight" Roman said from the front.

"I wasn't planning to go home tonight" she replied.

"What about Iris?" Liam asked.

"She's with Matty, she'd be fine" she replied, and Liam smiled.

Roman drove into the mansion minutes later.

"Mumsy! Come I'll show you my room!" Liam pulled Rosy upstairs immediately, not giving her breathing space at all.

"He'd make her tired within an hour" Roman smiled, getting his phone.

He saw the mail from Stefan Forbes, and he smiled again before texting back.

• Let's sign the deal tommorow. We meet at HQ hotel lobby at 6.

He clicked send and sighed, going to his contacts 

Thanks to his sources, he got Donovan's line, so he dialled it.

He didn't pick throughout the first ring, so he dialled the second time.

Donovan picked this time, but the loud moaning sounds from Ann hit his ears immediately, and he smirked.

"Donovan Mendez?"

"Who the f**k are you? You're disrupting my fun!" Donovan fired.

"Harder Don! Please don't stop!" Ann's screams came from the background again.

"Roman Lawson on the line" Roman said calmly.

"The mad boss of my wife? How the hell did you get my number!" Donovan demanded.

"Find out tommorow. Let's meet at HQ hotel lobby by 7 and talk" Roman replied and hung up.

"He's a bastard" Roman muttered, climbing the stairs.

Tommorow is Sunday and at the same time it'd be an hectic day, but he's ready for it.

He could already hear Liam's loud voice even before he got to his room, and when he got there, he met him on Rosy's laps, showing her his school report cards.

"My baby is brilliant" Rosy said proudly.

"Kendra is my only competitor, the rest of the kids are not my match. I can solve a simple surd question already" he said proudly.

"I'm so proud of you" Rosy said, and he smiled cutely.

Roman rested on the doorframe, watching them with a smile on his face.

"And I almost forgot!" Liam suddenly jumped down from Rosy's laps to go to his drawer.

Rosy watched curiously, wondering what he's up to 

He opened it and brought out his debit card before rushing back to her laps.

"Here mum. I have over 3M in the account and it's all yours" he said, and Rosy gasped.


"I promised myself to give it all to you when you arrive and I can't break it. You're my mum and I love you so much" he said.

Rosy kissed his forehead before hugging him again, feeling so many emotions right now.

Never in her life has he imagined that she'd get so much love from her child, but here she is, getting so loved.

"I love you too my baby"

"Seems I'm not needed anymore, should I leave this house for real?" Roman finally talked, coming in.

"Dad I love you!" Liam blew him kisses.

"For real? I love you from your mum's laps?" He laughed.

"I can't come to you now, sorry I'm gonna be a clingy son to mumsy" Liam replied, clinging to Rosy again.

"Brat, do you care to eat?" Roman chuckled.

"You promised to cook for me that night, maybe you should do it now" Rosy replied.

"Wait....he promised to cook but brought you home to kiss? Dad!" He faced Roman.

"I'm not ready to talk about it" Roman started walking out, and Rosy laughed as she stepped out with Liam too.

"Dad!! You're a bad boy!" Liam shouted from beside her.

Roman was about to go down the stairs when he heard that, and he turned immediately.

"Stop" he said, trying not to laugh.

"Bad boy Roman!!" Liam shouted again.

"What!" Roman laughed, coming back for him.

"Mum!" He quickly hid behind Rosy, but when Roman got to them, he stole a quick peck from Rosy's lips, and her eyes widened as he rushed down the stairs.

"Dad is bad" Liam whispered

"He is" Rosy replied, chucking as she went downstairs with him to join Roman in the kitchen.



Betty lay on the couch in a relaxed style and a bowl of crunches on the floor in front of her which she's eating from.

She's watching a musical show, and though nothing is funny, she kept laughing as she shoved handfuls of crunches into her mouth at a time.

She's too happy about her new discovery, and she's so sure that immediately Roman finds out, it'd be over for Rosy.

Fiona is sitting on the opposite couch, looking lost as she stared at the TV blankly. Her mind isn't here.

Betty sat upright and faced her.

"Hey what's wrong with you? You have been quiet" she said.

"I kissed Kay" Fiona replied.

"Damn!!! My wish finally happened! You should be dancing around! Why are you curled there like a drenched Kitten! Don't tell me it's because of that stupid Matty guy. I don't like him at all. He's still depending on his dead father's money but Kay is a business tycoon and one of the five Mendez sons then he's more handsome! so you see? He's the right one please scratch Matty!" Betty said all at once.

"You're crazy" Fiona stood and went upstairs.

She forgot her phone on the couch, so Betty took it and got Matty's line from it.

She dialled it immediately.

"Don't worry, sis, I'll chase that loser away from you" she said as the line rang.



Surprisingly, Stefan was already waiting at the lobby when Roman arrived.

"You're eager" he said as he settled in front of him.

"It's money we're talking about. Just give me the account number and I'm gonna deposit it immediately I leave this place" Stefan replied.

Roman smiled and snapped his fingers.

Bishop came in with a bag containing the documents, and Stefan took them hurriedly.

He didn't bother to read it before signing since they have Roman's signature already.

He took his copies and stood.

"We meet whenever the land sells out, I have other places to be" he said and rushed out.

Five minutes later, Roman received the alert of the deposit from him, and immediately he pocketed his phone, Donovan showed up.

"Look who we have here" he grinned as he sat in front of Roman.

Roman leaned forward.

"Let me guess, you're here to offer me money to cancel my contract with Rosy?" Donovan said.

"Name any amount you want" Roman replied.

"Then give me all the trillions you earned recently, everything" Donovan said.

"You'll have it all if that's what you want" Roman replied calmly.

"You're willing to go that far for her? I can see you're really insane but listen, the contract is left with a year and till that one year rolls in, I'm not ready to let her go no matter how much you offer, she is my wife!" Donovan shot and stood.

He walked out on Roman, and Roman sat back.

"Seems like he prefers force" he muttered, leaving the hotel too.

He drove home and arrived at exactly 7:30, but surprisingly, there's only Liam in the living room,

He's on a call, and no Rosy in sight.

"Where's mama?" Roman asked.

"She went to pick my photo book from the house" Liam replied.

"What! She should have waited till I arrive so I'd go with her" Roman said.

"Don't worry, I'm on a call with her and we won't hang up till she's back" Liam replied, and Roman took the phone from him.

"Don't worry Roman, I'm already in the house and I got the photo book already too" she said, and he inhaled in relief.

"Then leave that place quickly, please" he said.

"Sure, I'm...

"Where do you think You're going? And where did you sleep last night?" Donovan's voice interrupted from the background, and Roman's eyes flicked.



"Sometimes you don't come home for days too, can't I do same?" Rosy replied.

She actually met him by the door when she was about to go out.

"I see you're getting bolder now that your boss is getting inside you" Donovan scoffed.

"I'm not a slut like the ones you f**k" she replied.

"You must think I'm joking" Donovan said and went to the table.

He pulled out the tools under it and faced her.

"You're a dog so I'mma treat you like one. You're gonna eat this dogfood and I'm gonna whip you if you misbehave. If it gets too much, I'mma burn you with the iron" he said.

"Maybe you should go do that to Ann, not me" Rosy smirked and turned to the door, but it won't open.

It's locked already, and before she could turn back, Donovan was already behind her.

"Open this door" she said, but he replied with a slap on her face.

She made to return the slap, but he grabbed her hands tightly, denying her the access as the photo book and phone fell from her.

"You're so dead" he grinned evilly, pulling her further in.

"Let go of me Donovan! Let go!!" She screamed, breaking free.

She wasn't able to get away when he grabbed her again.

This time, she bit his arm, but no matter the hardness of the bite, he didn't let her go till he got to the middle of the room where he tied her hands behind her and made her sit on the ground.

"Donovan stop this madness! Donovan!!" 

"You might be a good defender, but I'm a man after all, you can never overpower me, b**ch!" He spat, coiling the horsewhip with the belt.

He lashed at her with it, and immediately it met with her skin, she cried out painfully.

"Donovan stop!!! Donovan!!!"

He gave her another lash, laughing so loud as she screamed out again.


"Now you're calling his name? Shameless!" He spat and gave her another hot lash 

"Stoppp!!!!!!!!!!!" She cried again, tears leaving her eyes as he scooped some of the dogfood.

He forcefully opened her mouth and poured some inside.

"Now this is how to punish a crazy wife, you should bark for me since you're a dog! Bark!" He ordered, lashing her again.

"AHHHHHHH!!!!!" She cried painfully yet again.

"Bark! You brought this upon yourself ungrateful slut!" He said, getting the pressing iron.

He plugged it and waited a minute for the hotness.

"Now this is real pain" he said, bringing it closer to her face.

"Let's see if you'd still be able to seduce your boss with a burnt face, prostitute!" He laughed, but then a bang sounded on the door.

"Who the hell is that! I'm busy here!" He shouted.

Another bang landed on it, and he dropped the iron.

"Who the hell!!!" He shouted, but it was replied with the third bang, almost breaking the door down.

He furiously walked to the door and opened it slightly to peep out, but his face was sent back inside when a punch met with it.

He staggered and fell on his butt, and Roman kicked the door open, his eyes so red and furious and his knuckles bleeding, he actually banged on the metal door with his hand.

"Roman Lawson? How dare you break in!" Donovan stood, and the moment Roman saw Rosy, his fury bursted into his bloodstream.

Her back is bloody as a result of the bruises from the beating, and her face is teary, then her mouth is stained all-over with the dogfood, and her tied hands 

"Roman" she sniffed.

"What the hell are you doing here!!!" Donovan demanded again, and then the angry devil faced him.

He took off his suit first, throwing it away, then he threw a bloody punch at his face immediately.

 Donovan's face met with the wall as a result of the punch weight.

One of his front tooth fell out, and Roman didn't wait before giving him more hot hits. 

The punches kept coming, and Donovan lost two more front tooth. 

His face was already red with blood, but Roman didn't stop the punches.

He's still so full of rage and definitely won't feel ok if he doesn't empty it all on him.

"Roman I'll... I'll kill you!!!" He threatened despite the torture he's under, and Roman gave him another punch.

He lost another tooth, making four,  and he fell flat on the ground.

Roman quickly untied Rosy, and he easily picked her up in his arms, carrying her to the couch.

"Let's just go" she said, holding his shirt.

"I refuse" he replied bluntly, removing her hand.

He went back to lifeless Donovan and dragged him up.

"Where's the bathroom?" He faced Rosy.

"There" Rosy pointed, and he started dragging Donovan into the room.

"Roman" Rosy stood, following them behind.

"Ahh... I'm gonna... Kill ... You..." Donovan said weakly.

 Roman kept dragging him.

He got him into the bathroom and opened the toilet seat 

"Drink some water, you must be thirsty" he muttered, sweat falling from his thick brows as he shoved Donovan's face into the toilet water.


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