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Be My Woman - Episode 31 & 32




 Be My Woman - Episode 31 & 32

 Theme: (His•Baby•Mama...)

By: Naomi Cindy B.


"Insane jerk!" She shot and walked away, leaving him standing in the now heavy rain.

Roman didn't move for about five minutes, just standing there and allowing the rain to drench him while regretting what he just did.

He shouldn't have kissed her forcefully, he only just worsened the situation, and he already hates himself for that.

This shouldn't be happening after he promised Liam that he'd sort everything out in a week.

He cursed himself inwardly as he walked to his car and got in, spending close to five minutes waiting inside before finally driving away.


Surprisingly, Rosy met a car in front of the house when she arrived.

It's not one of Roman's cars, and there's no way he'd get here before her, so she slowly stepped closer to the car, and the door opened, revealing Darla.

She opened an umbrella and covered herself with it as she walked to Rosy with a lot of worry in her eyes.

"Why are you wet? You should have brought your umbrella along with you. You're shaking so bad, are you planning to get sick? Huh?" She said, raising an hand to Rosy's face to rub her cheek fondly.

Rosy just stared dumbfounded, wondering what's happening.

"And what happened to your pretty face? Huh? Liam won't be happy if he sees his mum this way" she continued, and Rosy sniffed.

"Mrs. Darla Lawson" she said, and Darla smiled.


Rosy already invited her in, and Darla is sitting on the old couch, looking around the small apartment.

Rosy came out of the room already changed into a full woolen sweater and large trousers plus socks.

"I'll make you some coffee" she said and made to enter the kitchen...

"No no no, please don't stress yourself, i hate coffee too just like my son" Darla quickly said, and she turned, walking back to her.

She sat on a couch facing her, and Darla smiled.

"Don't do that again" 


"Getting wet by the rain, don't" Darla said, and she smiled lightly, facing down.

"Deep down, I know you're wondering why I'm here, and I know you also know why" Darla continued, and Rosy finally looked up.

"Roman hated women for years before you came, and i even wonder how he's able to keep up with a female bestie cos up until last year, there was no single female staff in his company. He only just started hiring females this year, that's how far his hatred goes" Darla said.

"Trust me when he brought Liam home eight years ago as his child, I was astounded, cos that was a year after Gwen did what she did" she continued.

"Gwen?" Rosy said curiously.

"His ex girlfriend who made him hate coffee and women" Darla replied, and Rosy's eyes widened a bit.

"He was still a taxi driver when he started dating Gwen, and back then he only spent 30 percent of his savings. Gwen spends 70 percent. When he finally got a paying job, he bought her a car with his first salary, and he was in charge of paying her house rent. He even payed for her mother's yearly surgery for years. Roman didn't even care about me back then, all he saw was Gwen, Gwen and nothing more. He was so in love and..." Darla stopped talking and wiped the tears that fell from her eyes.

"And...what?" Rosy asked impatiently.

Darla got her phone and went to videos. Thankfully Fiona got the footage of the proposal that year, and she had it saved on her phone.

She played the video and gave it to Rosy.

Rosy took the phone, and just one minute into it, she was already crying for Roman. How the ring fell from him after Gwen said she's in love with another man...

"How could she.." she covered her mouth and cried more when she saw how Roman was crying devastatingly.

"Roman was shattered by her, trust me he refused to interact with I and Fiona for a year after that, cos we're females too" Darla said, and Rosy was about to talk when she saw the date on the video.

"This is the same date my heart was shattered too" she sniffed.

"You too?" Darla went to squat in front of her.

"Yes, I payed for Stefan's fees throughout college and even fed and clothed him, I only had a pair of shoes and few clothes all because of him. I ate once a day and my apartment was like a rat's, all because of him, but he proposed to Olivia my best friend right in front of me on our graduation" she sobbed.

"Oh dear, you were both broken on the same day" Darla cried.

"I met Roman at the bar that day, and the s*x we drunkenly had brought Liam to life!!" She cried louder, and Darla eventually knelt in front of her, pulling her into a consoling hug

"I'm so sorry, Rosy I'm very sorry" she started patting her back as Rosy cried on her shoulder.

"It's so painful, I just want to kill them all, everyone who ruined our youths. I want to end them" she sobbed.

"It's okay, you'll get what you want I promise you" Darla assured, and Rosy shut her eyes, releasing more tears.



"Dad!" Liam spranged up from the couch when he heard the door open. He has been waiting.

Roman came in in new dry clothes. He actually branched at a store to get changed cos Liam would surely start crying if he sees him all wet.

"Boy" he forced a smile as Liam walked to him.

"You changed clothes. Did you go somewhere to have fun without me?" He asked suspiciously.

"You know I'd never do that" Roman replied, squatting in front of him.

"The rain ruined everything. We can't eat out tonight, it's too cold outside" Liam pouted.

"I'll just order some pasta" Roman nodded, rubbing his hair.

"Then order popcorn too and let's watch Netflix tonight. We'd watch Monkey King" he said.

"Sure" Roman nodded.

"You don't look too good, are you fine? Dad" Liam asked immediately.

"I'm definitely fine, I'll go change into something more covering" he replied and stroked Liam's hair again before standing.

He went upstairs, and Liam sighed.

"He's not good at hiding his sadness, it's so obvious" he muttered.



"Gawd! I came back to Greece on a rainy day. Isn't that a bad sign?" Betty complained, coming out of the house with Fiona.

She arrived before the rain though, the rain started on her way home from the airport.

"They said rain is a sign of blessings" Fiona replied, opening the umbrella 

She's wearing same thing as Betty. Boyfriend Jean on crop top, then cardigans on top. They're going to eat out.

The rain is beggining to stop, but it's still drizzling.

"I don't like rains, ish!" Betty complained again 

"You can just go back to the US yunno?" Fiona said.

"No way, I'm here to stay big sis!" Betty held her arm, and Fiona grinned as they both entered the car.

It was Betty who drove them out of the house.

Fiona's phone buzzed, and she excitedly checked, thinking it's Matty, but she was disappointed when she saw it's spam message.

"Rubbish" she hissed out.

"You said this Matty guy is a lot younger, and you're all-over him like this?" Betty said.

"He's cute and caring, that's all I see, sisto" Fiona replied.

"I can't wait to see Roman tommorow. Did he get colder? He definitely got over his hate for women and that's why he already has someone he likes, but not to worry, I'll shift his attention from that person to myself" Betty said.

"And I already told you to get him out of your head, ok?" Fiona rolled eyes.

"I never listen to anyone!" Betty said funnily, driving into the resturant park.

They came out at once, and just as they were about to enter the resturant, a guy came out, bumping into Fiona.

Her phone fell, and they went down to take it at the same time.

The guy was faster, and when they stood together, he pointed it at her, though the screen is intact.

"I'm so sorry, just give me your account number and I'd get you a new one" he said.

"It's ok you don't have to...

Fiona was cut short when she saw his face, and her words got stuck in her throat.

He's hot!

She was so lost staring till Betty nudged her, bringing her back.

"Oh!... You don't... have to.. worry...the phone is fine" she said awkwardly.

"In case you change your mind, here's my business card, please give me a call" he handed her a card which she took.

"Ok" she smiled, and he walked away.

"Gawd! He's so handsome! He's handsome than Matty's picture you showed me!" Betty gushed.

"Oh please... Matty is way cuter" Fiona said.

"Then why did you drool over him earlier?" Betty gave her a knowing look.

"It means nothing" Fiona replied and snapped a picture of herself as they entered the resturant.

She sent it to Matty with a text.

• Out to eat with my sister, where are you?

He replied so fast.

• The crop top is too exposing, what if you catch a cold? It's a cold night.

Fiona smiled immediately. He even noticed the crop top? 

"Gawd, he's the greenest flag ever" she muttered, typing a reply.

"Sis! Come let's order!" Betty shouted from the table she's already sitting at.



Roman ate a single popcorn from the popcorn bowl between him and Liam, and he sighed.

Monkey King is currently playing on TV, they've been on it for thirty minutes now.

"You seem to like this more than Boonie Bears" he said, but a reply never came from Liam , so he turned to him and met him sleeping already with a lollipop stick between his lips.

"He's always the first to sleep off" Roman muttered, gently removing the lollipop.

He dropped it in the popcorn bowl and turned off the TV before carrying him upstairs.

He lay him in bed and slept beside him this time, staring at his face.

"I'm sorry, I made your mum mad at me" he whispered, touching his face gently.

"Dad...I miss mum" Liam said from his sleep.

"Soon, very soon Liam" he muttered, and his phone rang in his pocket.

He got it, and he sighed when he saw 'Mum' on screen.

"Hey mum"

"Come to my place tommorow morning before you go to work, we need to talk" Darla said.


"Rosy, i met her" she replied.




Stefan was preparing for work when Olivia barged into the house again like her usual self, climbing the stairs two at a time till she got to his room and kicked the door open.

"Can you f**king stop this already? I said I'm gonna settle you when I get the cash I'm expecting on Friday!" He faced her, leaving the buttons he was about to fix.

"I definitely can't wait till Friday now that I think about it. Let's go to Landmark! If you must beat Roman to a pulp to make him wire you some money then do it!" She yelled.

"Just listen to yourself Olivia, try and listen and tell me if the statement you just made makes any damn sense. Go to Landmark and beat Roman to a pulp? Didn't you read his biography online? He trained for a year and he's an expert in any kind of fight. Even apart from that, do you know how many guards are there in Landmark? Stop stepping on my throat!" he shouted.

"So you're saying you're not gonna go meet him?" She said calmly.

"I will, but I have to plan ahead. Another deal is coming on a land and i surely can't lose this one to him again, let me have my peace" he replied.

"Find out Rosy's address for me" she said.


"I should go say hi to my longtime friend" she smiled shamelessly.



"What!" Roman gasped, eyes popping as he listened to all the story from Darla.

Everything Rosy told her yesterday, she narrated.

"She went through the phase I went through" he muttered, clasping his shaky hands together.

"She went through even more pains than you did, Roman. Only Gwen betrayed you, but she was shattered by her boyfriend and bestfriend, then she got hooked in a contract marriage just to pay the debt" Darla replied.

"Damn" Roman covered his face with his palms.

"I need you to do all you can to make her happy from now on. Treat her with care and show her how how much she means to you. Let her know how special she is and make her forget her pains. I know it'd be hard for her to trust again but do all you can to earn her trust. Trust me you'd heal yourself too in the process. You both need each other" Darla said, taking his hands away from his face to hold.

He looked at her, and she nodded.



"Goodmorning boss" Angelina stood as Roman entered the assistances office.

"Welcome boss" Bishop added.

"Goodmorning sir" Ann joined.

He ignored them and looked at Rosy's desk, but it's empty.

"Oh! Rosy is in your office. She has been in for some minutes now" Angelina spoke up, and Roman walked to the door.

He opened up, and true to Angelina's words, he saw her waiting there, dressed corporately for work.

Her face got better, there's only slight redness left now, and the few marks on her right cheek.

She's standing beside his desk, looking so blank and empty as he began walking to her, not taking his eyes away from her for once.

He has just two steps to get to her when she suddenly undid her shirt buttons, making him stop.

His eyes were fixed on her, wondering what's going on till she took off the shirt.

It fell on the ground, and she proceeded to taking off her singlet too.

Roman's eyes remained open, and they came wide when she was left in her brà.

Her tummy is full of redness too as a result of the punches she received, and even from two steps away, Roman could feel the soreness.

He walked the remaining two steps to her, staring intently at the red tummy till he got to her and looked her in the eye.

"How did this happen?" He asked slowly.

"I was kidnapped last night by Stefan Forbes, your rival. I actually got the Intel from his men, and coincidentally, he's my ex, the one who ruined me" she replied gently.


"I was beaten like crazy, and that's why my face and tummy is like this, and I'm sorry...I'm sorry for slapping you last night i was...i don't...

He lifted her up from the ground before she could finish, and he placed her on the table gently.

Her hands went to his shoulders, keeping him in front of herself.

"You don't have to say sorry, I'm the fool for kissing you forcefully despite seeing your condition" he said, and she nodded as he touched her face, caressing her bruises slowly.

"Just tell me what you want" he whispered.

"I want to make Stefan regret everything. I want him to kneel and beg in front of me. I want him and Olivia to lose everything they have ever worked for. I want them to suffer, and Gwen too...your ex...I want her to eat pains till she'd be overfed" she replied, and he nodded thrice.

"You can count on me, I'll do everything you want for you" he said, tears brimming in his eyes.

"Don't cry" she said, and that made the tears fall quickly.

"I'm so sorry. I never knew you went through hell hotter than mine back then. I'm sorry for everything I said and how badly I treated you. You can slap me again and again if you want" he cried slowly.

"No. It wasn't your fault too. We both experienced hell, Roman" she replied, wiping his tears with the back of her hands.

"I'll only do what you want from now on, I promise you" he looked into her eyes.

"Prove it to me, baby daddy" she sniffed, and he smiled tearfully as she pulled him into a soft comforting hug, not minding the fact that she's wearing only a brà.


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