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Be My Woman - Episode 29 & 30




 Be My Woman - Episode 29 & 30

 Theme: (His•Baby•Mama...)

By: Naomi Cindy B.


Right in front of her is Stefan Forbes, her betrayer ex, the man who ruined her life.

The devil who made her graduation day the saddest day of her existence, the devil.

"Stefan" his name came out of her mouth, and that brought Stefan out of his shock.

He let go of her chin, and in the next minute, a loud laughter filled the room from him, making his thugs exchange glances.

"Rosy? As in Rosy Klein? F**k!" He shouted and started laughing again, an annoying laughter which made Rosy wish she was free so she'd tear him apart limb by limb.

How dare he laugh? He doesn't deserve even the slightest smile but he's laughing?

"Bastard!!!" She yelled, spitting out.

Her spit flew to his face, landing on his cheek, and that made him stop laughing.

He touched the spit and smirked before looking up at her.

"It's a good thing you're still alive, at least I get to finish you with my own hands!" She shot boldly, struggling with the ropes on her body.

One of the thugs passed an handkerchief to Stefan which he wiped the spit with, and he dropped it on the floor before smiling.

"I like this side of you better. You look a lot s*xier than back then when you were nothing but a silly girl who cared about nothing but me. You even once sold your late mother's freezer to pay for one of my semesters" he laughed, and anger surged through her again.

"I'll be the one to end you. Mark my words Stefan! I'll kill you!!" She shouted, and he grinned.

"But now you're a bold @ss, facing off to the great Stefan Forbes. You stole my Intel for your boss Roman Lawson, the guy I hate most in this world. He's my rival in the real estate world and you did what? You made him richer with my Intel? You're something else now Rosy" he smiled.

"You're the rival he has? So the business men at the restaurant were your men?" Rosy replied and started laughing too, making Stefan scoff.

Her laughter lasted for a minute, and when she stopped, she turned serious immediately.

" I don't regret stealing the Intel, and the next thing I'm stealing is your life! I'm gonna take everything you have away from you and make you miserable! You'll come back to my feet and kneel, Stefan" 

"Now I'm scared, and I definitely can't wait for what our little miss here can do" he replied, and she started breathing heavily, wishing she could get a gun and plant bullets in every hole on his body.

Stefan came closer and clicked his tongue when he saw how messed up her face is 

"You guys beat her too much, she's a lady for crying out loud, and she's my sweetheart" he said, facing the thugs.

"We're so sorry boss, we didn't know about it" they apologized, and he gave his nose bridge a slight scratch before facing her again.

"You'll pay for everything you did to me in three folds Stefan!" she smirked.

"Oh...I remember promising you to return everything you spent on me back then, how much is the sum total? 5M Euros?" He said and laughed crookedly.

"You loved me too much and it's making me feel emotional now that I think about it. I shouldn't have done that to you but what did you expect? I can't possibly marry a girl who knows nothing about how to make a man feel high! You were boring in bed and your moans were too low cos of your annoyingly tiny voice! Trust me no man wants that" he continued.

Rosy hardened her bones, hearing his voice continuously makes her wanna explode.

"I'm just gonna meet Roman myself since I can't punish you, I won't touch you" he said, and Rosy tried to bite him, but he shifted back quickly.

"My sweetheart is mad at me" he said, facing the thugs.

They started laughing, and he giggled.

"Nice to meet you again after nine whole years. We'll see more frequently from now on" he winked and started walking out.

"Inject her and take her back to where you got her from" he said before leaving completely.

Rosy was shaking with rage as the thugs started preparing the injection, and she hardened her jaws.

"I'll destroy you, Stefan Forbes. I'll make sure" she muttered as the injection was shoved into her neck.

She slept off, and she was untied then carried out of the room.



Stefan got himself a bottle of cognac when he arrived, then a cup before walking to the living room where he settled for a fresh drink.

He laughed when he remembered Rosy's feistiness earlier, and he rested back on the couch.

"She got prettier surprisingly, but she didn't grow taller, still the cutie she was, who knew I'd be seeing her tonight? The world is indeed small" he said, playing with the lighter again.

His phone rang, and he got it with his left hand.


"We returned her already" his thug reported, and he hung up.

"Now shall we celebrate seeing my sweetheart again?" He smiled and was about to pour himself a drink when the door flung open, and someone barged in.

Knowing who it is, he didn't bother to look up.

He poured the wine and was about to lift it to his lips when the person got to him and kicked it away, making it shatter on the ground.

"Olivia!!!!" He yelled, standing up angrily.

Yeah, it's Olivia, and she didn't change a bit.

They got married after college but it didn't last a year before they divorced cos they couldn't tolerate each other, but they still stayed in touch since then.

She dropped her bag and locked his shirt in the front.

"I told you to send me some money for spa since last week but you kept deceiving me! What do you take me for? A fool?" She barked.

"We're not married anymore! Shouldn't you know your place and learn how to ask for things the right way? And didn't I tell you the company has been facing setbacks? Roman got the Intel before me!" He yelled.

"Do I look like I give a damn? You obviously chose me over Rosy cos of my sweet p**sy but you divorced me the moment you got tired of it, and you expect me to stay away from you? No bro, give me the f**king money!" She snarled, locking his shirt tighter.

"True, and I regret chosing you over her" he snapped.

"F**k you Stefan!"

"Wanna hear the latest gist? What if I told you I met Rosy, the best friend you betrayed cos of me" he said with an obvious smirk, and she pulled her brows together.




Waking up to meet herself on the road she was kidnapped from, Rosy sat up and felt dizzy for a while before attempting to stand.

She almost fell back, but she held herself and closed her eyes.

By the time she opened them again, she felt better, so she started walking her way back to the house, almost running crazy with various thoughts about Stefan.

He's still alive after all her curses? He's still breathing well and even has a company?

Maybe this is a sign that she has to do the job herself, and just like she told him, she's ready for it.

All the fresh air he took in when they haven't met are bonuses, but now that they met, the air is gonna seize, she'd make sure of it.

The rage and grudge was cooking hotter and hotter inside her as she walked barefooted on the road.

She must have lost her shoes during the kidnap, and the bruises on her body hurts as hell, especially the ones on her face.

She finally got home, and she met Ann waiting in front of the house.

"Rosy! What happened to...

"Stop" Rosy said, raising her hand to stop her mid-sentence.

"I don't wanna hear your voice, I might just pour my anger on you and kill you" she muttered seriously, and Ann went mute.

She went into the house, and luckily Donovan left the house already, so she has it all to herself.

She went under the shower after tearing the dress away from her body, and immediately the water touched her bruised tummy and face, she cringed and held her breath, allowing it to pour for some minutes before releasing the breaths she held.

She was shaking as she had the bath, and surprisingly, she's not crying like her usual self.

She brushed back her hair and shut her eyes, looking up at the shower head so the water poured directly on her face.

She calmed down eventually.



Liam and Roman just finished eating breakfast, and after Liam drank enough water, he stood and carried his backpack before coming to Roman.

Roman leaned to him, and Liam pecked him on the cheek.

"I'll see you later popsy!" He said.

"Sure boy" Roman replied with a wink, and he smiled as his driver took his backpack from him.

He left with the driver, and Roman drank what's left in his teacup before standing too.

"Here sir" a maid gave him his neat suit, and he took it.

"Don't prepare dinner tonight. I and Liam will be eating out" he said.

"Alright sir" the lady bowed, and he left the house, but on getting outside, he met Darla's car just driving in.

"Mum?" He said surprisingly as she came out of the car.

"Son!!" She said dramatically, hugging him first.

"It's so early, why are you here?" Roman broke the hug.

"The pretty woman, I mean your PA, when will you introduce me to her?" She said sweetly, holding his arm.

"You came here cos of that?"

"It's worth the stress, I mean..

"She's not just a PA to me" he interrupted.

"I knew it! You like her!" She said happily.

"She's my baby mama" he broke the news, and her bag fell from her.


"Yeah. Liam's mum"



Fiona finished a photoshoot session just now, and her phone began ringing on the chair.

The cosmetologists had to stop wiping her makeup so she could pick up.

A big smile spread on her face when she saw it's Betty, her junior sister.

"Hey sisto!" She said cheerfully.

"Hey big sis! Guess what? I'm returning to Greece already, I'm about to get on my flight!" Betty announced.

"You're kidding" Fiona chuckled.

"I'm serious! I promised dad that I'd settle down in Greece and get married over there whenever I'm ready" 

"Wait ... You have a boyfriend here already?" Fiona asked.

"No. But I have a crush yunno, I just have to try again"

"Don't even go there, he already likes someone so stay there in the US and don't bother coming" Fiona said.

"Wait till you see me later, bye!" Betty hung up, and Fiona sighed.

"Crazy girl"

She got a message on her phone immediately, and she smiled when she saw it's Matty.

"He texted me first? Wow!" She said excitedly, opening the message impatiently.

• Do you have a photoshoot session today? If you're in Era right now, can we meet at the lounge?

She smiled again, and when the girls made to resume work on her face, she stopped them.

"Where are you going?" Lola her manager asked.

"Somewhere" she replied and left for the lounge.

She got there and saw him for real.

He's waiting with a bag, and his back is on her.

She was still smiling as she walked to him and covered his eyes from behind.

"I know it's you" he said, and she bit her lip before letting go.

He faced her and brought out a cutely small foil cake and a pink juice bottle.

"So...I...had this combo in-between my shoots, and I felt energized. It inspires poses I think...you should try it..." He said, but no answer, so he looked at her and found her staring fondly at him.

"You don't want it?" He asked, and she took them from him, returning them to the bag before hugging him tightly.

"Thanks for being a sweet guy, Matty" 

From a corner, Lola her manager was watching secretly, twisting her lips jealousy.



"Are you telling me Rosy is not coming to work today without any notice?" Mr. Zed said, entering the assistances office.

"Maybe she's indisposed, but her phone has been off too" Angelina said.

"Then she should at least call in! Yunno what? Once she gets back, I'm firing her and that's it!" He shot and stormed out of the office.

"Gawd, I hate him" Bishop muttered.

"You can't hate him more than me" Angelina replied.

"But what's up with her though? I'm worried" Bishop said.

Ann remained silent, thinking a lot of things...

Is it because of what she caught her doing last night? Or is it because of her bruises?

"Wait Ann! You both are neighbors!" Bishop stood, and she faced him.


"You should know her whereabouts" Angelina said.

"Oh... right... she's...

"She's what?" Roman asked, coming out of his office.

"Boss!' she stood, and he remained serious.

"She's...she didn't tell me anything. We don't talk that much at home" she said awkwardly, and Roman went back into his office.

He has been trying her line too, but it has been off, and he has been restless.

Angelina had to take over the PA duty for today since she's not around, but he's nowhere near her.

He got his phone again and tried her line for the God knows how many times, but it's still off.

"F**k, what's happening?" He asked himself, falling worriedly into his seat.



Thanks to Rosy's absence, the workload took longer to finish, so Roman left the office late.

He started driving his way to Rosy's place immediately, but he had barely gone five minutes when it began raining.

"F**k" he cursed, but thankfully, the rain is not much, so he can still drive.

He was about to make a U-turn into her street when he suddenly sighted someone coming out of a convenience store.

Though she's wearing white hood and she got her head covered with it, but the height and walking steps gave her away, he'd never miss that.

It's her, Rosy. She's holding a black nylon containing what she bought in the store, and though she has no umbrella, she stepped into the rain and started her walk home.

Roman drove after her immediately, and when she noticed the car is following her, she stopped and turned back, then he came out of the car.

He started walking to her in the rain, getting wet too.

Rosy's eyes widened when she saw him, and she began walking away in a rush.

Roman added to his pace, and when he caught up with her, he drew her back by the arm she carried the nylon with.

In the process, it fell, making the content shatter on the ground.

They're three bottles of strong alcohol and a box of cigarette.

His eyes widened, and she roughly took her arm from him to escape, but he held her back again, and when he saw her face, his eyes widened again.

"What happened to your face? And what's with the cigar and alcohol? When did you start and...

"It's none of your business!" She snapped.

"Of course it is Rosy! What would Liam think if he sees these with you? And what do you want me to think right now? What's up with your red face? Talk to me" he said.

"I said it's none of your business! Why is everyone acting saint when they're all green snakes under green grasses and why are they all trying so hard to slither into my life! Can't I have my peace again? I'm not your wife and I'm not even your girlfriend so leave me alone and go a...

Her face was already trapped in the middle of his palms before she could finish.

He grabbed her small face, crashing his lips down on hers madly hard.

Her eyes widened, and the shock she felt nearly got her electrocuted as he devoured her lips in the rain, but she began trying to break it immediately, pushing his chest.

She didn't kiss him back, so he forcefully opened her mouth by biting her lip. She was forced to open up, and he tasted every part of her mouth, holding her waist eventually to keep her with him.

She kept struggling, pinching him and hitting him to let go, but he didn't budge, he even sucked on her peachy tongue, leaving her breathless.

She suddenly bit his lip hard, and blood bursted, making him break the kiss.

Both their lips are swollen, and his was bleeding.

She immediately raised her hand to his face, slapping him hard on the right cheek.

Roman's cheek stung like he got a bee sting..

"Insane jerk!" She shot and walked away, leaving him standing in the now heavy rain.


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