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Be My Woman - Episode 23 & 24




 Be My Woman - Episode 23 & 24

 Theme: (His•Baby•Mama...)

By: Naomi Cindy B.


"Oh, my gawd" she muttered, and her eyes widened immediately those words rolled out. She couldn't believe herself.

She quickly covered her lips with her palms, shifting her eyes to Roman who's smiling at her cuteness.

"I didn't...i didn't say that cos of your .. chest" she stuttered in embarrassment, blinking like fifty times before she could finish the statement.

"Then cos of what?" He asked, and she closed her eyes tightly in embarrassment.

"Just put me down ... Please" she muttered, and Roman even adjusted her, refusing to put her down.

"One more minute, you're not very heavy" he said, and she slowly opened her eyes, meeting with his own.

The four eyes locked, and she swallowed to hide the nervousness she's feeling right now.

"You're not cheap. I take it back, and every word I said to you back then" he said sincerely, and she looked away.

"It's not that easy" she muttered.

"Then what should I do? When will you forgive me and stop being cold to me?" He asked in a silent whisper.

"Put me down first" she said, and he gently did that, placing her legs on the ground.

"Stop ignoring Liam first, goodnight" she said and started rushing out.

"Hey mama" he called after her, and she stopped to turn back.

"Shh!" She placed a finger on her lips for him, and he smiled, inserting his right hand into his pocket.

She rushed out of the house afterwards, and he looked at his arms, thinking of when he carried her earlier.

She might be tiny, but she was damn heavy, and he enjoyed the little time she spent in his arms for real.

"Dad?" Liam called from the stairs, and he turned to face the young boy.

He widened his arms, and Liam smiled widely before rushing downstairs to jump on him.

Roman caught him in his arms and swayed him fondly.

"Dad!!!" He giggled, and when he stopped swaying, he peppered his face with kisses.

"I love you so much dad, and I promise I won't do anything to make you mad at me again. I mean it this time" he said 

"I love you too brat" Roman chuckled, and Liam kissed him on the lips directly.

"Damn! Stop it!" Roman laughed.

"It's a gift for forgiving me, and also I'm the only one who gets to taste it before mum will come back" he said, and Roman laughed again.

"Let's eat together. I heard you telling the maids to pour out the dinner, tell them to prepare another" Liam said .

"I can't disturb the sleeping maids anymore" 

"But you pay them hugely" Liam replied.

"Still, everyone is entitled to rest. I'll just make something for myself" 

"I forgot you're a 5-star Michelin chef" Liam replied, coming down from his arms.

He climbed his back instead, and Roman was laughing as he gave him a piggyback ride into the kitchen.



Rosy met Ann coming out of her apartment when she returned, and Ann looked a bit shocked when she saw her, but she quickly composed herself 

"You're back" she smiled.

"Yeah, what were you doing in my apartment?" Rosy replied.

"I went to check on Iris, she was crying so I had to put her back to sleep" Ann said.

"Thanks so much Ann"

"Where did you go? And whats with your wounds? You said you'd tell me when you come back" Ann narrowed her eyes.

"I had a minor accident for the wounds, and about where I went, I went to see boss" Rosy replied 

"What! In his mansion?" Ann gasped 

"Don't faint, it was to talk about the anniversary and nothing more" Rosy quickly said.

"But still... You're so lucky to step his house" Ann replied.

"Don't be silly" Rosy chuckled.

"But the anniversary is in two days! I can't wait! Did you get your dress already?" Ann asked.

"Not yet" Rosy replied, remembering she actually hasn't thought about it.

"The earlier, the better. I'm dressing to kill to the party maybe boss can finally notice me. Anyways goodnight!" Ann said hurriedly and rushed to her apartment.

Rosy went in too and met Donovan smoking in the living room.

She plugged her nose before starting to go into the bedroom.

"Where are you coming from?" He asked, but she didn't bother to answer before going in, locking the door.

"Rosy you're crossing your limits!!!! You're overdoing it!!! Rosy!!!" He shouted from outside.

She ignored his noise and went to the small hanger where she hangs her clothes.

She started searching for a suitable dress for a party, but she found none.

All she has are office skirts, short skirts, shirts and few blouses plus jean pants, no more.

She gave up after a while, then she looked at her shoe rack where four  old flat shoes are, that's all too.

She can't possibly go to a party in flat shoes. 

All her life, she has never tried heels. They're expensive and unaffordable for her.

She sat on the bed and looked over at sleeping Iris.

"What should I do? Iris?" She muttered, and her phone buzzed.

She checked, and she blinked to see a text from Roman.

• If you're home already, then thanks for coming, and i enjoyed having you in my arms. Goodnight.

She smiled before she realized, and then the scene of how he carried her replayed in her head, making her smile wider, but she suddenly stopped, remembering his chest.

"I can't believe myself, Rosy you're unbelievable" she muttered, laying beside Iris.



"Goodmorning everyone!" Rosy said loudly, entering the assistances office with Ann.

"Thought boss gave you a day off, what are you doing here?" Angelina asked straight.

"I'm not sick, just minor wounds so there's no way I'd stay at home" she replied, settling on her desk

"Wait ... It's like you three are the only assistances in this office and I'm always left out. What did I miss again?" Ann asked as she settled down too

"We're family. Rosy is like my senior sister since I'm a year younger" Bishop said.

"And she's like a kid sis to me since I'm a year older" Angelina said.

"We're the bar family" Rosy said.

"Correct!" Angelina and Bishop chorused.

"I'm the crazy one for wasting my time thinking you'd say something serious" Ann shook her head, opening her laptop.

"Today should be less stressful since tommorow is the...

"Anniversary!!!" Angelina and Bishop chorused, and Ann held her forehead.

"Please...it's too early"

"Rosy" Mr. Zed suddenly said from the door, and they all turned at the same time.

"Yes?" Rosy stood.

"Follow me" he said and walked away.

Rosy wondered why for a while before following him.

"What is he up to again?" Angelina muttered.

"He sure loves trouble, maybe he wants to follow his girlfriend" Bishop replied.

Ann was about to talk when close to eight men in suit entered the office, guarding just one person.

When the person's face came to view, the assistances spranged up.

It's the regional governor himself, Rena Dourou.

"Greetings, Mr. Governor" they all said at once, and the chubby man nodded.

"Where's the CEO?"

"This way sir" Bishop led the way, and he followed with two of his guards.

Roman was just rounding up some tasks on his system when they came in, and he stood immediately.

"Mr. Governor?"

"It's a good thing I met you, Mr. Lawson" the governor smiled.

"It's very nice to meet you, sir" Roman replied, coming out of his desk to have an handshake with him.

In the next three minutes, they were both already seated, and Angelina brought in coffee since Rosy isn't available.

"I won't take long since I have a lot to cover today, so I'll go straight to the point, Mr. Lawson. The government is interested in the dump site land, even the president is aware. I got orders from him to meet you by myself" the governor said simply.

"I bought it for sale, so if the government is ready to pay the price, there's no holding back" Roman smiled, and the governor snapped his fingers.

One of the guards gave a file to Roman which he took and read.

It's an agreement to the sale of the land, and he scanned everywhere for the price, but his jaws dropped on the ground when he saw it.

"Wait.... Trillions...???" He said unbelievably.

"An hospital is not gonna be built there according to rumours, it's gonna be World Bank II" the governor replied.

"What!" Roman gasped.



Rosy met the man pacing around when she arrived, and he turned to face her immediately she came in.

"Why am I here?" She asked, and he walked to her.

He raised his hands on her to just smash her head, but he couldn't even touch her as she was glaring, so his hands went down.

"Do you know what happened to my girlfriend? She got bailed and no company even wants her anymore so she's stranded at home all because of you!" He ranted.

"Cos of me? She deserved it and she got it so nothing could be more fair. She touched what she shouldn't have touched and...

"And why are you so hurt about it! Is Liam your son? Huh!" He shouted.

"Of course!!" She shouted before realizing, and she blinked immediately.

"Are you insane?" Mr. Zed laughed.

"He's like a son to me and she should even be grateful that I didn't kill her. You should stay on your lane" she said and walked out of the office.

"They wench! I wanna rip her apart and... And...oh gawd but her b**bs everytime! I wanna suck them! Damn her!" He said crazily, sliding his palm in-between his trousers to feel himself.


"That was close" Rosy muttered, fanning herself with her palm as she walked back to the office.

She almost spilled the beans, but thankfully she was able to cover up quickly.

"Damn that demonic man" she muttered, blowing air out of her mouth.

Little did she know that another surprise was waiting for her.

Immediately she stepped into the office...

"Landmark queen!!!!!!!!!" The three screamed, shocking her.

"You're the real deal Rosy!!!" Angelina screamed.

"I love ya big sis!!!!" Bishop blew her kisses.

"You brought us luck baby! Luck!!!" Ann shouted, showing her the photocopy of the land sale.

Rosy's eyes widened, and she rushed to snatch the paper from her.

"Trillions? Trillions of dollars?" 

"It happened after you left! The governor himself came! Boss became a billionaire overnight!! A trillionaire!!! Rosy you did it!!!" Angelina screamed.

Rosy stood with wide eyes and mouth for a minute, looking so confused and shocked before rushing into Roman's office.

She met him standing, he's actually waiting for her.

"Boss, the...land is...

He walked straight to her and pulled her sharply into his arms, hugging her so tight.


"Thanks so much, mama. I achieved what I achieved today cos of you. You're my lucky star, Rosy. You are" he whispered, and Rosy smiled slightly.

It's true, for real... he's a billion times richer.



The lunch alarm rang after the third class, and pupils began leaving for the cafeteria.

"I'm so glad we got over this Liam. Mum got so mad at me" Kendra said, sitting on Liam's desk.

"Dad got madder, I had to call Mrs. Smart to intervene" Liam replied.

"Let's go eat together" Kendra jumped down from the desk and brushed her brown hair back.

Nick suddenly walked past and touched her hair, pretending like he removed something.

"Thanks Nick" Kendra smiled, and Nick winked knowingly at Liam before leaving.

Liam stood and started walking out through the second door.

"Liam, lunch!" Kendra shouted, running after him to grab his arm.

"I lost my appetite" he replied, looked at her hair before taking his hand from her.

He walked out of the class, feeling like punching Nick again, but he has to keep his calm now cos of his dad.

His phone buzzed, and he got it out to see a message from his dad.

• Brat, check the news.

He smiled and went to the news immediately, and his eyes widened.

"Damn!!!! Dad is a trillionaire!!!!!!!" 



Fiona is currently preparing for a photoshoot session with another female model, and after getting the finishing touches on her makeup, she got her phone to go online, but her eyes popped at the news she saw.

🎙️Latest trillionaire in town, Roman Lawson had the unmatchable luck from the dump site land.

"OMG!!!!!!! finally!!!! Finally!!!!" She screamed, jumping up from her seat.

"Roman you finally made it! Roman you achieved your dreams in just one day! If luck was a person then it's you! I'm so happy! Gwen needs to see this and die!!! Gwen where are you!!!! Gwen!!!!!!" She shouted dramatically, and surprisingly, tears of joy came out of her eyes.

"Miss Fiona, your makeup will get smeared...

"I don't care my bestie is richer!!! F**k them all please!!!" She shouted, wiping her tears.

"Miss Fiona?" Matty's voice made her look at the door, and she saw him coming in.

"Heard your screams from the second room" he said.

"You saw the news right? My bestie" she sniffed excitedly.

"I did, it has always been my wish for my role model" he replied.

"I'm just so happy, I know what he went through I just..." She said overwhelmingly.

"I understand" he smiled, and she went closer.

"Let's eat dinner together tonight" she said, and he smiled.

Lola her manager was watching with twisted feelings from the dressing room door.



Roman's car entered the driveway, and he faced Rosy who's sitting beside him with a light smile.

"Let's go" he said and made to leave the car, but she held him back.

"Do we really have to do this? You don't have to buy me anything for the party and..

"Didn't we already talk about this already? I'm getting you everything you need so stop being stubborn, mama" he said 

"Stop calling me that" she muttered, and he smiled again before leaving the car 

They came here straight from work, so they're both still dressed corporately.

Rosy stepped out too, and they were about to enter the store together when he got a call, so Rosy had to go in first.

"Whoa" her mouth widened immediately she stepped in.

The place is paradise! Heaven! Golden! Everything in the show glasses are dazzling and almost blinding.

The dresses, the shoes, accessories, undies, everything looks unreal here 

She was sucking on her bottom lip when she walked to one of the glasses where a really gorgeous heels shoe is.

She fell in love with it immediately, and when she made to touch the glass, her hand was slapped away by an attendant.

"I'm so sorry" Rosy quickly apologized.

"How did you even get in here? You think this place is for people like you?" The rude looking attendant said, and Rosy gasped.


"What? Am i lying? Just one look at your stupid flat shoes tells me you're a poverty-ridden person who can't even afford three square meals, so what the hell are you doing in here? You even tried to touch the glass, why? To contaminate everything for customers? You can never be rich enough to afford anything from this store even in your next life cos you look like poverty itself. You smell like poverty too!" The attendant further said.

Rosy just stood speechlessly, hoping the ground would open up and swallow her.

She has never been bashed with words this much before, and it stings.

"Guards! Get her out!" The attendant ordered, and two guards came over, but at the same time, Roman stepped in, standing between the attendant and Rosy.

"Mr. Lawson?" The attendant said shockingly.

"There are limits to the words that can be said publicly. You crossed the limits already" Roman replied with a dangerously calm anger and brought out his wallet.

He got all the dollar notes inside it and threw it at the attendant's face.

"How much is your worth? How dare you run your mouth on her?" He demanded, bringing out more dollars to throw at her face again.

Rosy looked at Roman's face, and when she saw the rage there, she couldn't stop staring.

The seriousness on his face right now is making her feel nervous again just like yesterday when he carried her. He's so damn cool.

The attendant was already shaking as she went on her knees.

The other attendants surrounded them, watching the drama.

"I'm so sorry, Mr. Lawson. I never knew she's with you" she begged shakily.

Her eyes met with Rosy who's behind Roman, and Rosy stuck her tongue at her.

"Who is the Manager here?" Roman demanded, and the man came rushing down the lift.

"Mr. Lawson, I'm very very sorry about my attendant and I'd make sure...

"How much is this place and everything inside?" Roman interrupted, and his eyes widened.


"I'm buying this motherf**king building" Roman said.


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