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Be My Woman - Episode 21 & 22




 Be My Woman - Episode 21 & 22

 Theme: (His•Baby•Mama...)

By: Naomi Cindy B.


"Hush, mama. It's fine now, I'm here for you" Roman whispered.

He hugged her tighter, sighing out in relief, but she suddenly broke the hug.

"Liam... What if the boar goes back to him? What if the beast kills my baby and...


"Liam is fine" he held her arms, and she sniffed.



Roman's car stopped by the entrance of the mountains, and just like Rosy, he was about to run in when two other cars arrived, conveying Angelina and Bishop plus several securities from the company.

The securities poured into the mountains immediately.

They actually rushed after him earlier when he ran out of the company.

"Boss, it's too dangerous in there you should allow the securities to handle this" Angelina said.

"My boy and Rosy are in there!" Roman replied and rushed in without waiting.

Angelina and Bishop followed, but none are as fast as him, even the securities couldn't keep up cos he's going in a different direction.

"Liam!!!!!" He screamed, facing another direction again.

His fingers went into his hair frustratingly, and he breathed out 


"Dad!!" His voice came from behind, and he turned to see him running towards him with Kendra.

"Liam" he quickly went on his knees, and Liam ran into his arms.

"Dad" he cried.

"Why did you do it? Why would you come here! Why would you sneak out of school!" Roman said loudly, breaking the hug.

"I'm so sorry dad, I was...

"Where's Rosy? Did you see her?" He asked.

"She saved us from the boar" Kendra replied.

"What! Boar?" Roman's eyes widened, and he spranged up just when Angelina and Bishop got to them.

"Stay with the kids" he said and ran off in that direction.


"That was how I found you" Roman said, and Rosy started wiping her tears.

"I'm glad, I'm glad he's fine" she nodded, and then the growl came beside them again.

They both stood at once to see the boar again, standing there with obvious fury like it's ready to devour them.

Roman quickly pushed Rosy behind himself.

"It'd kill us" she muttered fearfully.

"It won't, trust me" he replied, focusing on the boar while making sure he doesn't break eye contact with it.

Rosy looked up at his face after hearing those assuring words from him, and when he felt her eyes on himself, he looked back at her.

Immediately their eyes met, the boar charged forward, jumping in the air to pounce, but then a gunshot came, and the bullet rammed straight into it's head.

The boar fell from the air to the ground lifelessly, and the securities showed up.

"Are you ok sir?" Their head who shot the gun asked as they came down.

"We're fine" Roman replied, facing Rosy.

"I'm fine" she said, but then he saw the wound on her arm. His eyes travelled down her legs and he saw several scratches.

She's barefooted, so it's sure she'd have wounds on her foot too.

"You're not fine" he said, squatting in front of her to check out the wounds 

"I'm fine" she stepped back, but she whimpered immediately she took that step. Her foot hurts.

"Stop being stubborn" he replied and made to carry her, but she stopped him by stepping back again.

"Don't touch me, I'm fine on my own" she said quickly and started limping away on her own.

He made to go for her again, but she turned back at once, facing him.

"Don't do it, I mean it" she said sternly, and Roman relented, watching her limp away while he followed her behind with the securities.

"Mrs. Smart!" Liam ran to her when they got back to where the kids are.

"Liam" she smiled, and shockingly, he hugged her, wrapping his arms on her tummy as his head stayed on her b**bs.

"I'm glad you're fine. I'm so sorry for causing this trouble. Thanks for saving me from the boar" he said gratefully, and Rosy wasted no time to hug him back, stroking his hair gently 

It's the closest contact she has ever had with him, and having him hug her like this brought back memories of when he was still a child, how she breastfed him and how addicted he was to her breast milk.

He almost got killed, and if she came a little bit late, who knows what'd have happened? 

She hugged him tightly, and tears almost came out of her eyes as they stayed that way.

"We should get out of here now, the kids and Miss Rosy needs to her treated" Bishop said, and they broke the hug 

"Let's go, I'll carry you" Angelina bent in front of Rosy, and she climbed his back without arguing 

Roman felt a sting on his skin immediately, and he swallowed hurtfully, watching as he carried her away.

Bishop took Kendra, and he looked over at Liam who's looking all guilty.

"Dad" he muttered.

 Roman sighed before carrying him without saying a word.

"Dad" Liam called again as they walked away with the securities.

No answer came from him, so Liam touched his face.

"Dad, please look at me" he said, but Roman remained stiff.

"Dad I'm sorry, I promise not to...

"Stop talking" Roman cut him off without looking at him, and tears escaped his eyes immediately.

He cried throughout the walk out of the forest, but Roman didn't spare him a glance till they got to the car and he placed him in.

"We'll take care of Miss Rosy, you don't have to worry boss" Angelina told Roman as he dropped her in their car.

Roman looked at Rosy in the car, and she turned her face away.

The two got in, and they drove away with her.

He got in the car with Liam and Kendra too, driving away.



Roman is currently sitting in a ward where Liam and Kendra are getting treated, but he's not even looking at the kids.

Thinking about how Rosy declined getting carried by him but got on Angelina's back easily is strangely painful.

Does she hate him that much?

She only hugged him earlier cos she was scared, and he was there, so she used him to overcome the fear.

It hurts, and he couldn't stop thinking about it till Kendra's mum (Mrs. Larry) entered the ward.

"Mummy!" Kendra shouted. Her treatment is complete already.

"How could you sneak out of school Kendra!! Are you out of your mind? Huh? I almost got into an accident rushing here!! Do you have plans to kill me? Kendra!!" She cried as she hugged her.

"I'm so sorry mum, I was just... We wanted to have fun" she replied.

"What happened to theme parks? Amusement parks? What happened to internet cafes?" Mrs. Larry scolded.

"I'm so sorry mum" Kendra turned her face down.

Liam got done with his own treatment, and Roman stood.

"Thanks so much, Mr. Lawson. Heard you did a lot in the rescue" Mrs. Larry faced him.

"You should come thank my PA, she's the real savior" Roman replied and walked out.

Liam had to run after him till they got to the car, and he held him back.

"Dad please talk to me, I'm so sorry I won't try it again I ...

"Let's just go home" Roman said and got into the car with him.

Throughout the ride, he said nothing to him, and when they got home, he started climbing the stairs immediately.

"Dad!" Liam blocked him with tears all-over his face.

"I'm sorry" he sniffed.

"You say this every single time, and you end up doing something even worse Liam. Do you remember what you did with this same Kendra last month? You both went to the sea without telling anyone and she almost drowned! Now you didn't only put your life in danger but Rosy's life too! What were you thinking! What if the boar hurt you! What if it hurt Rosy! What if Rosy didn't come that fast? What would have happened" Roman said angrily, and Liam cried more.

"I'm so sorry dad, I promise this will be the last time I do things without informing you please don't stay mad at me" 

"The maids will make you dinner, just eat and go to bed Liam" Roman replied and went upstairs.

"Dad!!!" Liam cried more, sitting on the stairs.



Rosy was brought there by Angelina and Bishop, and she finished getting her wounds treated just now.

"Are you sure you're fine? You don't have to stay at the hospital till tomorrow morning?" Bishop asked as she stood.

"Till tommorow morning? C'mon it's not that serious" she replied with a light smile as they walked out of the ward together.

"Bishop, is there enough gas in the car for the journey back home?" Angelina asked, but no reply came from him, so he looked his way to see him staring at a lady in the hallway.

She's got curves and orange-like b**bs, looking so attractive.

"Motherf**ker!" Angelina smacked his head.

"What the hell!" Bishop turned swiftly to him, rubbing the head 

"You were staring at her @ss!" Angelina shot.

"I was staring at her skirt, it was too short and I was planning to go tell her about it" Bishop replied.

"So you're telling me my eyes don't work well?" 

"Well yes" Bishop rolled eyes, and Rosy got between them.

"You guys shouldn't start again, it's an hospital" she said.

"By the way are you being like that to boss cos you wanna punish him?" Angelina asked.

"I dunno, I just... His hurtful words always ring in my head everytime he comes too close" she replied.

"You should go easy. He's your baby daddy after all, and we've been working with him for years. Though he treated you badly back then and we're witnesses, but that's probably because he had a rough past too. Mr. Lawson is a nice person" Bishop said, and she was about to reply when Matty appeared with Nancy.

"Miss Rose? What happened to you? Why the plasters and..." He asked, eyes so wide as he checked her out.

"You guys can go, we'll see at work when I resume" she told Angelina.

"I'll take her" Matty said.

"Sure, see ya tommorow" Bishop waved and left with Angelina.

"What happened?" Matty asked again.

"Are you ok? Mrs. Mendez" Nancy asked.

"It's a minor accident but I'm fine. Did you guys come to see your mum? I should say hi" she smiled.

"She's asleep now, maybe some other day" Matty replied.

"Sure" Rosy smiled.

"Don't get hurt, Miss Rose" Matty said, and she nodded with a smile as they left the hospital together.



Roman held his phone with an hand as he stared at Rosy's contact.

He couldn't sleep, and that's why he's here, pacing the living room

He gave her a day off, so she won't be coming to work tomorrow, and he's as worried as hell about her wounds.

With the way she behaved in the mountains earlier, he's not sure she'd pick his calls.

Nevertheless, he inhaled before dialling the number.

It went through immediately.

"Hello? Rosy are you fine? How are your wounds and...

"Who's this?" Donovan's voice interrupted, and Roman sighed before speaking.

"Her boss"

The call ended immediately. Donovan hung up on him, and he dropped his phone, leaning on the backrest of the couch.

Liam is in his room already, so he's the only one in the living room.

"Dinner is ready, sir" a maid reported behind him, and he turned to her.

"And what might that be?"

"Veggies and omelette" the maid replied.

"Pour it out, I don't feel like eating" he said.

"Yes sir" the maid replied and left.

Roman continued pacing worriedly, looking at his phone.



Rosy came out of the bathroom to her room only to meet Donovan in there with her phone, and she quickly snatched it from him.

"What are you doing here and why my phone?" She glared.

"Has your boss been f**king you?" He replied, and she squinted.


"Why would he call you to ask how you're doing this late night...

"I got wounded and he knows about it! Maybe he's not a monster like you!" She fired, and he made to slap her, but she shifted back, so the hand met emptiness.

"He's f**king you, no doubt about it" he said, and she smirked.

"So what if he's f**king me? I'm not yours and you have no right to talk shit cos you do worse!" 

"I understand it's been nine good years since you last had a d**k in your p*ssy and you're a horny b**ch right now but giving it to your boss when I'm here is so not right!" He shot.

"Who'd wanna sleep with a baboon like you?" She scoffed.


"Yes! And instead of doing this, why don't you tell me why you took Iris from her mother!" She shouted.

"To punish her cos she ran away with my remaining money after dad disowned me! She made me broke so I took the most precious thing to her!" He replied and stormed out of the room.

Rosy sat on the bed with a loud exhale, closing her eyes.

"He treated you badly back then, and we're witnesses, but that's probably because he had a rough past too" Bishop's words from earlier swirled in her head, and she opened her eyes, checking her phone.

He was about to call Roman back when Iris's phone rang beside her, the one Liam gave her.

She picked the call curiously, and Liam's crying sounds hit her ears.

"Liam?" She stood.

"Mrs. Smart... Dad is so mad at me right now and he's not even talking to me!!! I'm sorry for all the troubles I put you through and I promised him not to try it anymore but he's not looking at me, please come help me talk to him I won't be able to sleep if he continues snubbing me like this!!" He cried.


Rosy was already dressed in a short skirt and blouse when she came out of the apartment.

She rushed out of the house and met Ann just coming out of a taxi.

"Where are you going? And what's with the plasters on your skin? What happened?" She asked.

"I'll see you later and we'd talk, Ann" Rosy replied hurriedly and got into the taxi, telling the driver to go fast.

They barely spent 20 minutes on the road before arriving, and a maid sent by Liam opened the gate for her.

Another maid opened the main door for her, and she stepped in to meet Roman pacing around the living room.

"Rosy?" He said shockingly.

"Mrs. Smart" Liam said, coming down the stairs.

"Liam said you haven't been talking to him, and...

"And you came here this late cos of that? Why would you call her after what she went through in the mountains?" Roman faced Liam.

"I came here on my own, he didn't force me so please...stop being cold to him. I believe he realized his mistakes already" Rosy said.

"Go upstairs Liam, for some minutes" Roman said.

"Yes dad" he replied and went upstairs.

"I called, but your husband picked" Roman said, walking to her.

"Sorry about that, he's...

"He didn't get the wrong idea, did he?" He cut her off when he stood in front of her.

"No. And if you called to ask about my wounds, I'm fine and I don't think I'll be skipping work tommorow" she said, looking up at him.

"You shouldn't have stressed yourself to come here" he said softly.

"I couldn't say no to him" she replied, and he smiled, leaning slowly into her.

"Fine, I'll talk to him on one condition" he said, and she bent back.

"What... condition?" She replied curiously, blinking repeatedly as he leaned closer again.

"I wanna carry you" he said straight, and her eyes widened.

She tried bending back again for space, but she lost balance and her legs almost left the ground..

Roman quickly slid his arm on her waist, and immediately he brought her back to her feet, he slid his second arm on her thighs behind and lifted her off the ground, into his arms.

"Roman!"  She gasped, grabbing his shirt in the front quickly. 

She grabbed the wrong spot, so the  four upper buttons of the loose white shirt pulled off roughly, falling on the ground.

His chest came to view, and their eyes met.

He was smiling charmingly, but she still has the f**king shocked look on her face.

"You're so easy to kidnap, too tiny" he chuckled, adjusting her body in his arms, and her eyes left his face, going down to his open chest.

She swallowed hard immediately she saw it. She couldn't stop staring hard at the s*xy work of art. 

The words that came out of her mouth next were crazy as she stared non-stop...

"Oh, my gawd" she muttered.


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