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The Mafia's Ruination - Episode 16




The  Mafia's Ruination - Episode 16

Subtitle; {Between Love and War} 

Authoress Rejoice            


Alexander's POV

After my morning coffee, I wanted to head to work, but Alice stopped me, insisting that I must eat before I leave.

I couldn't refuse her, not when she was scolding me like I was a child.

I agreed to breakfast and settled in the dining seat. It felt strange; I've never sat here since I purchased this house.

Now, sitting here with Alice was... Hmm, what's the right word?




No, healing.

Healing is the right word for what I feel. It felt like all my problems were slowly flying away with the wind.

The gentle, friendly smile on her face made it feel like my mom was here. Only my mom and sisters made me feel like family, but it was different from Alice's.

We didn't have that much of a conversation while eating; it was already strange to eat at the dining table, and it would be weirder to chat.

After breakfast, I went to work.

Entering the company, greetings echoed everywhere. I usually ignore them and entered the elevator, but today was different.

I nodded at a few of them—by "a few," I mean just two. I couldn't reply to everyone's greeting; I'm not sunshine.

Entering the elevator, I scrolled through my notifications and saw nothing important.

Today was a lot more boring than ever. My life was filled with boring and traumatízing stuff, but today was even more boring than ever before.

The few hours I spent with Alice made me feel human. I miss her, I miss her laughter, I miss her smile, I miss her glares, I miss her sad pouts. I miss everything she does, and it has barely been two hours since I left for work.

Pushing the numbers on the telephone, I called my secretary. It took her less than five minutes to come to my office.

"Yes, Sir?" She asked, looking at the floor. No one dares look me in the eyes except Alice. "What do you need?"

"A phone," I replied, and she scrunched her face in confusion but didn't say anything. "I want you to order an iPhone and have it delivered to me before 6:00 PM."

"Of course, sir," she nodded. "What else?"

What else would Alice like? What will make her feel at home? I don't want her feeling like she was kidnapped or anything.

She loves to paint and draw, maybe I could get her painting materials. Yes, that's it.

"Get some canvas, sketchbooks, pencils, paints, and brushes delivered to my house."

"Alright, sir. Anything else?"

"No," I replied. "You can leave."

After about an hour, she submitted the phone to me. I turned on the iPhone 14 and saved my number in it before putting it to charge.

My door flung open, and my head snapped at the soon-to-be-deàd person.

My heart stopped for a moment as I froze in my seat.

The soon-to-be-deàd person could make me a soon-to-be-deàd person with just his eyes. His raven-black eyes pierced an arrow into my head, and I slowly stood up on my feet.

My father walked further towards me, banging his hands on the table.

How? How is he here? Am I hallucinating? He's supposed to be at the hospital, why is he here at my office?

"Beh, se non è l'amante di Alice," he barked, glaring daggers at me. I wanted to coil into my shell and never come out.

Translation: "Well, if it isn't Alice's lover boy."

"Non amo Alice," I countered, looking everywhere but his angry eyes. "Cosa stai facendo qui? Dovresti essere in ospedale."

Translation: "I do not love Alice. What are you doing here? You are supposed to be in the hospital."

"Non puoi farmi domande, stupido incompetente."

Translation: "You don't get to ask me questions, you incompetent foól."

I retorted, anger slowly seeping inside me. "Padre, non ti permetterò di creare una scena in mia compagnia."

Translation: "Father, I won't let you create a scene in my company."

My father scoffed, chuckling evilly. "La tua azienda?" He strode towards my desk to me. "Questo non lo è..."

Translation: "Your company? This isn't..."

"No, padre. Questa è la mia azienda," I berated, finally joining my gaze with his. He looks surprised, taken aback by my words. "La tua azienda è gestita dalle tue figlie, questa è mia e solo mia."

Translation: "No, father. This is my company. Your company is being handled by your daughters, this is mine and mine alone."

"Va bene, figliolo," he hummed, raising his brows confidently. "Di chi hai usato i soldi per portare la tua compagnia?"

Translation: "Alright, son. Whose money did you use to bring your company?"

"Tuo, posso restituirlo con gli interessi."

Translation: "Yours, I can return it with interest."

"Alexander, tieniti i soldi e tieniti questa fottuta compagnia, ma non permetterò a quella ragazza di vivere in casa tua."

Translation: "Alexander, keep the money and keep this fúcking goddamn company of yours, but I won't let that girl live in your house."

"Quella ragazza ha un nome ed è casa mia, non ti permetterò più di dettare la mia vita per me."

Translation: "That girl has a name, and it's my house. I won't let you dictate my life for me anymore."

"Quella ragazza ha una cattiva influenza su di te, non mi hai mai risposto prima. Mandala fuori, altrimenti dovrai buttare fuori il suo cadavere."

Translation: "That girl is a bad influence on you; you never talked back to me before. Send her out, or else you'll have to throw her deàd body out."

Did he just threaten to kíll Alice right in my face?

"Alice non ha una cattiva influenza su di me, padre. Mi stai minacciando con la vita di una persona innocente, quanto puoi essere senza cuore?"

Translation: "Alice isn't a bad influence on me, father. You are threaténing me with an innocent person's life. How heartléss can you be?"

"Non sono senza cuore, bastardo. Sei sempre stato uno stupido, e io ti sto solo proteggendo."

Translation: "I'm not without a heart, bastàrd. You've always been a fool, and I'm just protecting you."

"Mi proteggi?!" I bellowed out my question and laughed it off. "Non stai proteggendo me, ma la tua stupida eredità. Mi vergogno e mi disgusta essere chiamato tuo figlio."

Translation: "Protecting me?! You're not protecting me, but your stupid legacy. I'm ashamed and disgústed to be called your son." 

Suddenly, he raised his hand, landing a slap on my left cheek. "Dovrei essere io a vergognarmi e disgustarmi di essere chiamato tuo padre." 

Translation; I should be the one ashaméd and disgustéd to be called your father. 

"Aidan, ne ho abbastanza di questo tuo comportamento assurdo!" Mom yelled as soon as the doors swings open. "Sai di essere malato eppure hai lasciato l'ospedale, perché? Stai cercando di fare una vedova?" 

Translation; Aidan, I've had enough of this nonsensical behavior of yours. You know you are síck yet you left the hospital, why? Are you trying to make a widów? 

My father faced her, walking to her. "No, no tesoro. Perché lo voglio?" He rhetorically asked, using an handkerchief to wipe her tears away. "Non mi ascolta più." 

Translation; No, no darling. Why will I want that? He doesn't listen to me anymore. 

"Ovviamente lo fai perché continui a fare cose che non dovresti. Alexander è nostro figlio e dovrebbe essere trattato come tale. Non mi piace questo, neanche un po'." 

Translation; You obviously do because you keep doing things you shouldn't. Alexander is our son and should be treated like one. I don't like this, not one bit of it. 

"Beh, se solo non fosse un idiota così grande, sarebbe meglio..." 

Translation; Well, if only he wasn't such a big idiótic foól, it'll be better. 

I closed my eyes tired of watching my mom support me when he wouldn't even change. 

"Abbastanza!" I yelled, banging my hands on the table, silencing them. "Per favore, vattene, sono stanco, non voglio ascoltare niente."

Translation; Enough! Please leave, I'm tired, I don't want to listen to anything. 

"Sarai più stanco se non mandi quella fottuta ragazza fuori di casa, sai cosa posso fare."

Translation; You'll be more tired if you don't send that fúcking girl out of your house, you know what I can do. 

Snickering, I tilt my head. "So cosa puoi fare," I admitted and he smirked. "Ma non sai cosa posso fare. Perché non ti prendi cura della tua salute prima di minacciarmi, padre? Non vorresti morire e lasciare a me la tua eredità, vero? Dopo tutto, sono incompetente. " 

Translation; I do know what you can do. But, you don't know what I can do. Why don't you take care of your health before threaténing me, father? You wouldn't like to díe and leave your legacy to me, would you? After all, I'm incompétent. 

"Vedi, mi sta rispondendo," He said facing my mom and I frowned, clenching my fists. He snapped his head at me, nodding his head. "Quella ragazza ti rovinerà e te ne pentirai, te lo prometto." 

Translation; See, he is talking back at me. That girl will ruín you and you will regrét it, I promise you that. 

With that, he walked out. My mom came to me, brushing the fallen strands of hair out of my face and I sighed deeply. 

"Mia cara, non badare a lui. Tu fai tu," My understanding Mother heralds, patting my shoulders. "Chi è la ragazza Alice? Penso che mi piaccia," I smiled, her face coming to my view and she gasped, palming her mouth. "Hai appena sorriso?" 

Translation; My dear, don't mind him. You do you. Who's the Alice girl? I think I like her. Did you just smile? 

"Non so di cosa stai parlando, mamma," I denied. "Dovresti andare da tuo marito, ti aspetterà."  

Translation; I don't know what you are talking about, Mom. You should go to your husband, he will waiting.

"Ti chiamo, va bene? Voglio sapere tutto su Alice e perché hai appena sorriso," She said. "Dovresti sorridere più spesso, ti rende più bello." 

Translation; I'll call you, okay? I want to know all about Alice and why you just smiled. You should smile more often, it makes you more handsome. 

"Tuo marito sta aspettando, mamma. Ti scelgo il telefono, lo prometto." 

Translation; Your husband is waiting, Mom. I'll pick you the phone, I promise. 

"Ti amo tanto. Non lasciare che tuo padre ti raggiri." She told me, pecking my cheek before leaving. 

Translation; I love you so much. Don't let your father get to you.

I won't let anything happen to Alice not when I'm still breathing. Speaking about Alice, she will be so bored at home. I should rush today's work and get back home. 

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