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The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 33 & 34





The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 33 & 34

Subtitle: His Unsophisticated Girlie

GENRE: Billionaire/CEO Romance. 





"Go on a date with me" Noah said and Birdie's eyes widened. 

"Date??...me and you?" She asked and climbed down from his laps immediately.

"Why do you sound so shocked? Would you?" Noah asked. 

Birdie let out a smile and nodded. 

"When?" She asked. 

"Tomorrow evening...." Noah said and Birdie took her lips in,Is she going to leave the restaurant?

"Your boss will allow you,don't worry about him" Noah said and she immediately smiled.

"Okay" She muttered and Noah checked the time.

"We should leave,let's go" He said and got up. 

Birdie took the phone and put it back into the pack before facing Noah.

"Thanks for this once again" She said and Noah nodded. 

"It's nothing,stop thanking me already" Noah groaned and Birdie chuckled. 

"Why?" She asked cutely and Noah bent his head down to her height. 

"You once called me a broke billionaire,so let's say this is a show off" He said and Birdie stared at his lips,she took hers in. 

"Hey,what are you thinking?" Noah asked and Birdie scoffed. 

"I'm not going to do what I'm thinking,so don't worry" She said and walked out. 

Noah chuckled and followed her. 

"Hey bug wait up" he called and Birdie turned back to him. 

"Are you not going to have dinner?" She asked as they started walking together.

"No" Noah muttered and Birdie glanced at him. 

"Why not?" She asked. 

"I hate eating alone,I always lose my appetite....."

"Then I will....."

"No,your granny will be worried. So I will drop you home,we are eating together anyway" Noah cut in and Birdie sighed. 

"You should just get a maid or a cook,something like that,she will buy the groceries and cook for you,why are you starving yourself?" 

"Will you become my cook then?" Noah asked and Birdie gasped. 

"Me?!" She touched her chest 

"What,you can't cook?" Noah asked. 

"Are....you serious?" Birdie asked in shock. 

"Yes I am,you can just quit your work at the restaurant,I will pay you more...I mean alot of money. You can focus on getting into college that way,what do you think?" Noah asked and Birdie shook her head. 

"You're joking" She said. 

"Think about it and give me your answer" Noah tap her hair and Birdie bashed her lashes. 

'He's serious' She said inwardly. 

Vivian who was listening to them in her office let out a scoff. 

"Now he's making it so obvious that he likes her? Seriously?" She rolled her eyes and stood up,she grabbed her bag and left the office also. 


"One more thing" Noah suddenly said before he started the car.

"What is it?" Birdie asked. 

"Don't worry about the dress" Noah said.



Birdie nodded and took her lips in. 

'He's going to buy me a dress?' She thought inwardly



"Gosh,why did I stay out so late?" Evelyn groaned as she kept looking up and down for any taxi but none was coming. 

She checked the time again and stomp her feet on the ground. 

"What if he get home before me and decide to fire me? I'm going to die" She bite her nails. 

Suddenly a car packed in front of her and she looked up,her eyes widened when she saw who was inside the car. 

".....Sir....." Evelyn called with shaking voice. 

Axel stared at her with surprise written on his face,he have never seen her dressed up this way. 

"Why are you here?" He asked. 

"Oh...I...am looking for a taxi but I don't know why I'm not seeing any" Evelyn said. 

"Get in" Axel muttered. 

"No,I will take a......"

"I said get in" Axel snapped. 

Evelyn bit her lips and walked over to the car,she passed in front and then to the door side,she opened it and entered. 

Axel started the car,Evelyn started playing with her nails. 

"Where did you went to today?" Axel questioned. 

"I hanged out with a friend,I really didn't know it was so late,I'm so sorry" Evelyn muttered. 

"I'm hungry,what are you going to do now? I told you to go out but you shouldn't ignore your work" Axel said. 

"No,I will cook something really fast for you. I promise this is going to be the last time,I won't go out again" Evelyn said and Axel chuckled. 

"Just order some light food for the both of us" he said. 

"Huh? Both...of us?" Evelyn asked. 

"I guess you're not hungry......"

"No,I'm hungry" Evelyn immediately said. 

"Then do it" Axel said and Evelyn smiled before pulling out her phone from the bag. 



Waylon was in his wine cellar drinking,since the meeting they had earlier today,he haven't been able to get his mind off it. 

He poured another full glass of liquor and gulped down everything,he groaned as he dropped the cup. He started hearing some footsteps coming closer. 

"I see you're exhausted" Reagan said with a smirk.

"Why are you here?" Waylon asked. 

Reagan sat down opposite him. 

"Just Came to know if you're doing good enough,one mistake from you and I take over remember?" She smirked and Waylon chuckled.

"You must be craving so badly for my possible" He said and Reagan laughed. 

"No,you're mistaken. I'm not ready to become your dad's play thing like you are right now" Reagan said and Waylon looked at her. 

"Are you a daddy's boy? Oh I guess you're scared of loosing the company you've spent your whole years on" She muttered.

"What's your point?" Waylon asked. 

"I'm saying whatever your father is doing,it's for his own selfish interest" Reagan said and Waylon scoffed. 

"I know" He muttered.

"So why are you letting him use you anyhow?" Reagan asked and Waylon looked at her. 

"Do I have a choice?" He asked. 

"You really think he will ever find anyone who would run his company better than you? Such a joke" Reagan scoffed

"Trying to act nice doesn't suit you at all,you're just trying to convince me because you're crushing on who doesn't even know if you exist" Waylon said and drank from gus glass. 

"What do you mean? He knows me of course" Reagan snapped. 

Waylon ignored her and stood up. 

"Close my door properly when you're out" He muttered and left her there. 

Reagan scoffed.

"He's never going to listen right?" She mumbled and sighed out. 



"Hailey!" Birdie ran in,she met Hailey eating. 

"What's up? Why so happy?" Hailey asked. 

Birdie brought out the new phone Noah just got her and showed her. Hailey's eyes widened. 

"Where did you get that?" She asked. 

"Noah got it for me...trust me I didn't ask him. He said my phone is embarrassing" Birdie chuckled,thinking of how he said it 

"He..got you an iphone? Let me see" Hailey said and Birdie dropped it on her palm. 

"IPhone 15 pro max?!" Hailey almost screamed. 

Birdie blushed. 

"It's surprising..right?" She asked and Hailey looked at her. 

"Is this all?" She asked. 

"Huh? What do you mean?" Birdie asked. 

"Is there something else he did?" Hailey asked and Birdie smiled. 

"He asked me out on a date" She muttered and the phone almost dropped from Hailey's hand. 

"No!" Birdie catch the phone before it could fall.

"Oh,I'm sorry" Hailey said. 

"It's nothing,I just have to protect it so much,it's expensive" Birdie muttered,looking at the phone. 

Hailey scoffed inwardly. 

'That dude really have his own way of doing things' She said inwardly and smiled at Birdie 

"Congratulations Bambi....but do you have anything to wear tomorrow? For the date?" Hailey asked. 

"Yes,don't worry about that. I will see you tomorrow,goodnight Hailey" Birdie grinned and went out. 

Hailey looked down at her food,she totally lost her appetite.

"So he's serious about her now? A date? With Birdie?" Hailey laughed,a fake one though. 

"I can't believe any man with good eyes would want to date a child  like her" She scoffed. 

"Well anyway,I always have my way no matter what" She smirked



Adam climbed down the stairs,his mom was just coming into the living room,she was in the kitchen. She's available these days and Adam wonder why. 

"Morning son" She smiled 

"Morning" Adam mumbled inaudibly and Mrs Levi smiled. 

"I made breakfast" She said. 

"I'm not hungry......."

"Son I spent so much time in the kitchen preparing this for you...."

"I didn't ask you did I?" Adam snapped and Mrs Levi sighed.

"Isn't this enough already? I've been trying my best to make it up to you,but you're not giving me a chance...."

"Make it up? It's barely a week and you're getting tired? You're complaining? You've left me all alone for years!!" Adam half yelled and Mrs Levi sighed. 

"Son....I know I hurt you but......"

"Wait until I'm ready to let go and forgive you. If you can't wait,then continue being the busy business woman that you are,I'm not complaining anyway,I told you I'm used to it,so stop trying too hard,it won't work" Adam said,walking to the door. 

"At least take the car son!" Mrs Levi called after him but he already went out. 

She fell on the couch and sighed out. 

"I deserve this,really" She mumbled and run her fingers into her hair before resting her back. 

"Don't take too long son,please" She muttered with her eyes closed. 



Birdie opened the entrance door,she met one of Noah's guard standing there with a package 

"From the boss" He said,handing over to her. 

"Oh...thank you" Birdie muttered and took it from him. The guard bowed shortly before leaving her sight,Birdie stood there watching as he entered into the car and left. 

She went back inside and entered her room,she immediately opened it and brought out the dress. She let out a gasp 

"This is.... Pretty" She muttered. 

"And expensive" She added,seeing the price tag. She suddenly saw that there's actually shoes in there too,she brought it out. 

"This is amazing" 

She moved closer to the mirror and placed the dress on her body while staring at herself. 

"Wow" She muttered with a pretty smile. 

"Gosh!" She screamed and fell on the bed happily. 

"I seriously can't believe this,Noah and I...going on a date tonight? Ahh!!!!" She kept screaming and jumping round the room. 

"He got me a phone too! What does all these mean anyway? Does he have feelings for me now? Okay Birdie you have to calm down first" She inhaled and exhaled before falling back on the bed. 

She suddenly got a message on her phone,the new one to be precised,she took it immediately. She only have Noah's contact there for now. 


Birdie grinned with red face,she was blushing so hard. 

"I need to wash my hair.. I must smell really good ,from my hair of course" She immediately rushed into the bathroom. 



Birdie checked herself out in the mirror for the last time,she was ready. The gown is a short one,but in a sexy style. Her hair was down just the way Noah likes it,she looked totally hot. 

Her phone suddenly started ringing.

"He's here!" Birdie gasped and grabbed her phone before running out. 

"Where are you going? You look pretty" Winona said and Birdie smiled. 

"Thanks granny,I'm going out with....a friend,see you later" She said and ran out. 

Noah's car was right in front of the house,Birdie sighed out nervously and walked over to it,she opened the door and Noah faced her immediately,their eyes met. Birdie entered and closed the door,Noah's eyes didn't leave her. 

"I guess a bug can be pretty too" He muttered and started the car. 

Birdie scoffed. 

"You really know how to spoil the mood" She muttered.

"I just said you're pretty" Noah said and Birdie bite her lips. 



"Welcome sir" 

The waiters and waitresses kept greeting as Noah walked in with Birdie. 

"Please come with me sir" 

Noah and Birdie followed the lady and they were led to a private dining room. 

They both took their seats,facing each other. 

"What would you like to have sir?" The waitress asked,handing over the menu to him.

"Your best recommendations" Noah said and the waitress smiled. 

"Okay sir,you won't be disappointed" she said and walked away. 

"She was trying so hard to please you" Birdie scoffed and Noah chuckled. 

"What,are you jealous?" He asked. 

"Yes I am" Birdie said. 

"You're really straight forward bug" Noah Said. 

Soon,they got their food and they started eating. 

"Wait,why are you having that and I'm having a different type of wine?" Birdie asked,pointing at their wines.

"This is quite alcoholic" Noah said. 

"I've never tasted anything alcoholic,let me try" Birdie said. 

"Alright" Noah muttered and poured her a glass. 

"Wow,that's refreshing" Birdie sighed out. 

"Give me more" She said.

"No,that's enough..."

"Come on...more please" Birdie pouted. 

"Fine" Noah said and poured her another glass. 

She sipped a little and dropped it. She looked up to see Noah staring at her. 

"What" She asked calmly and Noah smiled. 

"Let's see.......maybe i'm just wondering why you always bring out a complete different side of me" He muttered.

"Really?" Birdie asked and he nodded. 

"You're really something else bug" Noah smiled and Birdie bite her lips. 

"Thanks for the dress,but it's really expensive" She said. 

"I'm a billionaire,you don't expect me to buy a cheap dress" Noah scoffed and Birdie chuckled. 


Noah nodded. 

"Would you tell me more about yourself?" He asked. 

"You too" Birdie said. 

"Okay" Noah agreed and Birdie smiled. 


"Gosh Bug,you drank way too much" Noah groaned as he held Birdie while walking out of the restaurant.

"I'm so hot" Birdie mumbled with her eyes closed,she was walking almost falling. 

"Gosh I don't have a choice" Noah said and carried her in a bridal way. 

He got out and sat her down in the car,he also got in and faced Birdie. 

"Are you okay?" He asked 

"No" Birdie pouted,shaking her head. 

"I told you that wine was alcoholic,you're such an headache"  Noah groaned. 

"I'm hot,really hot" Birdie said,she was really sweating. 

"I'm driving to your house....."

"No! Let's go to your place instead" Birdie said and Noah looked at her. 

Birdie's eyes were still closed but at the same time,she was trying to pull down the short zipper in front of her dress. 

Noah's eyes widened. 

"Don't do that bug,don't" he said. 

"Why? I just said I'm hot" Birdie mumbled sleepily and pulled the zipper down,revealing the upper part of her boobs. 

Noah swallowed hard. 

A normal him would have looked away without a single expression or even caring,no matter how big or attractive,but now here he is.......

He can't look away from Birdie's chest,he was staring too much to even call it a mistake,and he doesn't want to look away either. His eyes moved to Birdie's face,she was already fast asleep. 

Noah touched his chest and it was beating faster than usual.

"Am I .....still mentally stable??....No....I think I'm becoming insane" He muttered,his eyes not leaving Birdie for once. 


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