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The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 31 & 32





The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 31 & 32

Subtitle: His Unsophisticated Girlie

GENRE: Billionaire/CEO Romance. 




Noah tried not to act shocked but he definitely was,he wasn't expecting her to do that at all,he was too shock to even return the kiss. He disconnected their lips and Birdie opened her eyes,locking with his own again. 

They were like that,just staring at each other without blinking. 

"Hey bug" Noah called. 

"Hmm?" Birdie answered. 

"Are you planning to choke me to death?" Noah asked and that was when she realized she was still holding his tie.

"Oh....sorry" She immediately released him and Noah coughed. 

"I'm sorry" Birdie got down from the table and rushed toward the fridge. 

Noah got rid of the tie and opened the first two buttons on his shirt. 
"Here" Birdie gave him water,he took the bottle from her and drank little from it,he groaned out. 

"I'm sorry" Birdie muttered and Noah faced her. 

"Whoa,you're really something else. You keep shocking me everyday" He said and Birdie took her lips in. 

'I shouldn't have done that' she said in her head. 

"Let's go" Noah held her hand and they both walked out of the restaurant,Birdie locked the door. 

They were about walking toward Noah's car when they saw Waylon standing. 

"Hi" Birdie immediately waved with a smile,Noah scoffed and rolled his eyes. 

Waylon smiled shortly,his eyes fell on their hands,Noah was still holding her. 

"I came because I missed you,but I guess you're leaving already" Waylon said. 

'Miss? Why would he miss her?' Noah asked inwardly and scoffed again. 

"I will see you tomorrow okay?" Waylon said and Birdie nodded. 

"Follow me if you're ready" Noah released Birdie's hand and went to his car. 

"Goodnight" Birdie said to Waylon and quickly ran after Noah,he was already inside the car. She opened the front door and entered,immediately she closed the door,Noah started the car. 

Birdie faced him,his expression,she couldn't read. 

"Are you okay?" She asked and Noah looked at her. 

"Miss? Why is he missing you? Why? Do you two have a special relationship or something,tell me,do you also miss him?" Noah rushed his questions. 

"No I don't" Birdie replied and Noah scoffed.

"But you were smiling when he was telling you that" 

"I...didn't" Birdie mumbled. 

Noah stepped on the speed and in few minutes,he stopped in front of the house. 

"Goodnight" Noah muttered. 

Birdie looked at him. 

"Are you angry?" She asked and Noah faced her. 

"Why would I be angry?" He asked. 

"Your expression" Birdie said and Noah scoffed. 

"You are really something else bug" He said and Birdie chuckled. 

"If you want me to stop giving him my attention,you can tell me,I will do that"she said. 

"Oh wow,I have to tell you before you do it?" Noah asked and Birdie nodded. 

"Tell me" She muttered. 

"No,do whatever you want. You're not my girlfriend or anything" Noah smirked. 

Birdie scoffed. 

"Fine,goodnight" She said and opened the door. 

"Sleep well" Noah mumbled and she let out a smile before getting down,she waved one last time and went inside. 

Noah stayed there for another minute to make sure she already went in,he sighed and was about starting the car when he saw an image staring at him. He recognized the face. 

"Is that her sister or something?" He wondered staring at Hailey whose eyes were on him then she started walking closer,Noah didn't start the car ether,Hailey stopped right beside him and he whined the window glass down. 

"Is there a problem?" Hailey asked. 

"I should be asking that,you were staring I thought something is wrong"  Noah said and Hailey scoffed. 

"Think about yourself first,is this seriously what you want?" Hailey asked and Noah raised his brows. 

"What are you talking about?" He asked. 

"I know you,I don't think someone like you should be interested in just anybody" Hailey smiled and Noah blinked in further confusion. 

"I don't understand" He said. 

"If you want me to speak in details then I would....,I'm saying Birdie is just a kid like you always say,she's not really good enough for you,you need a mature lady like me to keep up with" Hailey said with a flirty look. 

Noah was speechless. 

"Think about it and tell me if you change your mind" Hailey smiled shortly and left. 

"Wait.....is she not...Birdie's sister?" Noah asked in confusion before he started the car and drove off. 


Birdie just finished taking off her clothes when Hailey walked in,Birdie faced her with a smile. 

"You look happy somehow" Hailey smiled and sat down 

"Yes,I was about coming to your place" Birdie said. 

"Seriously? Did something happened?" Hailey asked curiously. 

"The thing Is....he came to pick me up at the restaurant and somehow I guess he wanted to kiss me but suddenly changed his mind" Birdie said and Hailey nodded. 

"So....what happened?" She asked. 

"I kissed him" Birdie said and Hailey's eyes widened.

"You mean you made the first move?! Why!" Hailey shouted.

"Is it.....that bad?" Birdie asked,seeing her reaction 

"Did he kissed you back?" Hailey asked and Birdie took her lips in before shaking her head. 

"Geez you have a lot to learn,why would you kiss him when he's not ready Yet?" Hailey groaned and Birdie fell on the bed sadly. 

"I guess I made a mistake,what should I do now?" She asked. 

"You can just......how about you avoid him for now?" Hailey asked and Birdie looked at her. 

"Avoid him?....."

"What,you can't do it?" Hailey asked. 

"No.....I can try,but do you think it's right? Not that he's angry about it" Birdie said. 

"He will definitely start acting strange because you made the first move,you just showed him that you're so much in love with him,you should have allowed him do it. Guys love hard girls alot" Hailey said. 

"Oh" Birdie mumbled. 

"Stop thinking about it.....do you wanna have dinner with me?" Hailey asked and Birdie immediately nodded. 

"Let's go" Hailey smiled and grabbed her hand,they both left the room together. 



Axel came downstairs after getting ready for the office,he was on a call and trying to adjust his shirt well until Evelyn suddenly came in front of him. 

"Morning Sir" She bowed and Axel replied with a nod. 

"Can I help?" She asked,referring to his button. 

Axel dropped his call and looked at her,he wanted to decline but then....

"Okay" He muttered and Evelyn immediately came closer. 

Axel tried not to stare at her as she came close,but honestly that's the first time he would ever bother checking her out or staring at her face. 

'She's kinda pretty' Axel thought and scoffed at his own thought. 

"Done" Evelyn said with her forever smiley face. 

"Thanks" Axel muttered and made to move. 

"Sir" Evelyn called and he looked at her again. 

"Can you......uhm......never mind" Evelyn shook her head and Axel raised his brows. 

"What is it?" He asked. 

"I just don't want you to come home too late like last night,the house is always empty with me all alone" Evelyn said and Axel scoffed. 

"You can go out if you don't want to stay home" 

"Really!! I can?!" Evelyn asked and Axel groaned. 

"Is this a prison or something? You can go out and have fun of course,as long as you do your job,I don't care whatever you do" Axel said and she smiled.

"Thank you" 

Axel nodded and walked out. 

Evelyn bite her lips excitedly and immediately ran upstairs. 



Vivian groaned for the umpteenth time as she looked at Arya who was sitting down. 

"Hey little girl,are you going to sit down here forever? I told you he's not around" Vivian said. 

"I'm going to wait for him,you told me I can meet him in few hours....."

"No I didn't,check the note in your hand. I told you to come back in two weeks time....."

"Why can't I just meet him today? Two weeks is really too far" Arya said and Vivian groaned. 

"Should I ask the secruties to drag you out?" She asked. 

"You're being too harsh" Adam Came in and Vivian frowned. 

"This is not your business Adam,If you're too concerned,then take her out" Vivian said. 

Adam grabbed Arya's hand and pulled her up. 

"You should go home....."

"No,I'm not leaving until I meet Uncle" Arya said,moving back. 

Noah showed up almost immediately,Adam and Vivian bowed shortly,he ignored them and walked to his office. Vivian stood up and followed him. 

Noah was just sitting down when she entered. 

"Boss that girl......"

"Let her in" Noah muttered. 

"Okay" Vivian said and went out. 

Almost immediately,Arya came inside,she closed the door and walked to Noah,she stood in front of him. 

Noah said nothing,maintaining the cold look on his face which sends chills into Arya's spine.

"What can I do for you?" He finally asked. 

"I know you hate me,but........."

"If you're going to say that word of being a family,then get out" Noah snapped and Arya swallowed. 

"I'm sorry" She muttered. 

Noah rolled his eyes and took one of his debit cards,he  stretched it over to her. 

"You can have this......and don't show your face again" He said and Arya looked at his face. 

"I want money.......but not as much as I want you" She said and Noah frowned. 

"Even if I take this right now, I won't be able to spend because.....I will feel guilty..."

"What guilt are you talking about?" Noah asked.

"My parents......"

"Are you going to take this or not?" Noah cut her off. 

Arya shook her head slightly. 

Noah scoffed and dropped the card. 

"You can go,don't bother coming here again because the securities won't let you in" Noah muttered and faced the desktop,ignoring her. 

"You can hate me all you want........but I love you alot" Arya said and Noah looked at her. 

"I'm not going to give up either,till you find a space for me in your heart. Bye Uncle" She concluded and went out. 

"Love? That's funny" Noah scoffed and checked the message that just came into his phone,from Axel. 


Noah groaned. 

"That bastard,he knows I Hate it whenever he say that" Noah muttered and started concluding his work before Axel arrives. 

But then his phone buzzed again,he almost ignored thinking it's Axel but he decided to check it,it's an hidden contact. 


Noah stared at his phone screen for many minutes before he finally dropped it. 

"What's going on? Who is this person? Or...are they more than one?" He asked and rest his back on the seat lost in thought. 



"Why are we here?" Arya asked.

"To eat of course" Adam said and pulled back a seat for her,she sat down and he also did. 

A waitress came over to them. 

"Eaglet!" Adam waved as soon as he saw Birdie who grinned and ran over right away. 

"Don't worry sis,I will take their orders" Birdie said and the waitress left. 

"Wow,you look so good today" Adam said,checking her out. 

"Hey" Birdie frowned and Arya chuckled. 

"You two look close,who's she?" She asked. 

Adam grabbed Birdie's hand and pulled her closer.

"Distant twinnie" He said. 

"Uh? How?" Arya asked. 

"Same age" Adam replied.

"Ohhh..... She really look so young,like she's eighteen" Arya said and Adam laughed. 

"Yeah right" He said and Birdie scoffed. 

"Hi,I'm Arya,Adam's Fake little sister" Arya said,stretching her hand for a shake. 

"Birdie" Birdie smiled,taking her hand before facing Adam back. 

"You two look good together" She said and Adam frowned. 

"What the f**k are you thinking? I can't date my boss's sister" Adam said and Birdie's eyes widened. 

"You're......Noah's sister?" She asked. 

"Not that close......really" Arya muttered. 

"But he's really your brother?" Birdie asked and Arya nodded slowly 

"Wow,I've never heard anything about his family" Birdie said. 

"What are you ordering anyway? I have to work" She said. 



A meeting was going on,about Fifteen...Directors,Chairmen and women and CEOs including Kay himself were present. Waylon is the youngest there. 

"I heard the company approached that kid's company first" A man said amongst them. 


"Don't worry,someone must have took care of it,that company approached us already" Kay said with a smirk. 

"Took care of it? How?" Waylon asked. 

"Your son isn't really experienced as the CEO of your company" One of the men said and Kay chuckled.

"Give him more time,he will definitely learn" He said. 

"So what is the next step? I already told you,we can't allow that kid to keep outshining us all,He's really too young to own every he's got" Another man said. 

"For now,I don't think he will be planning anything extraordinary" 

Waylon didn't say a word as he listened while the meeting went on and on,most of it about Noah,that's the most annoying thing for him. 

Who the hell is he to make older people sit together and discuss about him this way??

He told his fist on the table looking so pissed and angry. 

'Just wait and see.....I might be the one to end all these sooner' he said inwardly. 



The night was so cold compared to others,the winter was getting more serious and with the look of things,it might start snowing sooner than expected.

Birdie just left the restaurant,she was walking to the bus stop as usual,she was passing in front of NH premier but suddenly stopped,she looked up to the last floor and the light was still on,it's Noah's office. 

"He's still there" She muttered. 

'You can just......how about you avoid him for now' 

She remembered Hailey's word and sighed. 

"I should just go home" She muttered and made to leave but somehow she couldn't. 

"Gosh....I'm sorry Hailey,let's say I'm really crazy" She said and ran in through the gate. 


Noah was sitting down with his eyes closed,he was just there. The door opened and Birdie came in,Noah opened his eyes. 

"Hey bug" He called with a half smile. 

'He's not somehow like Hailey said' Birdie thought.

"Come closer,closer" Noah said. 

"No,I just came to check on you" Birdie said. 

Noah stood up instead and walked over to her. 

"Don't start with that attitude of yours this night,I got you something" Noah said.

"Me? What?" Birdie asked and Noah grabbed her hand,he dragged her gently closer to the table. He took  out a package and handed over to her.. 

Birdie looked at him and immediately unwrapped it,her eyes widened immediately she saw the sparkly new iphone. 

"You...really got me this?" She asked

"The phone you're using is embarrassing" Noah said and Birdie immediately hugged him. 

"Thank you" She said and started checking out the phone again. 

"You're really the best Anaconda" She said.

"I think I deserve another name now at least" Noah groaned and Birdie scoffed.


"What do you mean by how,I stopped calling you spy kid and......."

"You changed it to bug,does that even sound sweet in the ear?" Birdie snapped and Noah sighed out. 

"I shouldn't have gotten the phone" He mumbled and sat down again. 

"Fine...let me think......"

"No,I want something else" Noah said. 

"What?" Birdie asked and he tap his laps. 

"Come take a seat first" he said. 

Birdie dropped the new phone in her hand and moved closer to him,she sat down on his laps. 

"That lady In your house.....who's she to you?" Noah asked. 

"Oh you mean Hailey" Birdie smiled. 

"I guess"

"She's like a sister to me,she really love me a lot,since I was a child" Birdie said smiling brightly. 

'Gosh,she's too innocent and naive' Noah thought and said nothing.

"Why are you asking tho?" Birdie asked. 

"Why do you think I'm asking?" Noah asked. 

"Do you by any chance....like her? Don't" Birdie said. 


"She doesn't really like you......and besides.... I will be sad" Birdie muttered and Noah chuckled.

"So what...do you want?" Birdie asked. 

"Go on a date with me" Noah said and Birdie's eyes widened. 


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