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Moana Mulan - Episode 79 & 80




Moana Mulan - Episode 79 & 80

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R




The moment King Cyrus stepped down from the car,all the guards bowed as usual,the maids present there also bowed. 

"You're welcome your majesty!!"

King Cyrus ignored it and walked in,Jerome and Jericho followed. 

For the past one week now,the king have been really busy more than usual,he doesn't even have time for himself or to think about anything at the moment,he only spends few hours in the palace and that's when he's back in the night to sleep. 

"Your majesty,I will inform the maids to get your lunch ready......" Jerome said as they entered the King's chamber. 

"I'm not hungry" King Cyrus said coldly and they kept quiet. 

Jerome and Jericho sighed because they don't know what they might say next that he would be mad,He's been super cold to them these past days that everyone just try as much as possible to avoid making him mad. 

"Your majesty,you have a guest waiting for you" Jericho said with a bow. 

"Let the person wait for me in my office,I will be there soon" The king replied and Jericho left. 

"You too,go out and wait outside till I'm done" King Cyrus said. 

"Yes your majesty" Jerome bowed and also walked out. 

Louisa came in after some minutes.

"Your majesty" She bowed and King Cyrus looked at her. 

"I already told you to stop bowing,you complained of back pain recently" He said bluntly,making way to the dressing room but Louisa stopped him. 

"Your majesty!" She called and he faced her back. 

"I have something to tell you" She said. 

"Tell me tonight,not now" King Cyrus said and walked out of the room. 

Louisa sighed and bite her lips. 



Jimmie stood up immediately King Cyrus entered,he bowed in respect,the king sat down without saying a word until he looked carefully at Jimmie. 

"Do I know you?" He asked. 

"We met only once,I'm....Moana's brother" Jimmie introduced and the king nodded. 

"Have your seat" He said and Jimmie sat down. 

"May I know the reason why you're here?" King Cyrus asked. 

"I just....came to appreciate you for everything you've done for me and my parents,we were supposed to be in debt till now but you choose to clear everything,and then you bought us a house and cars,I never understood but I guess I do now" Jimmie muttered.

King Cyrus said nothing. 

"Here" Jimmie pulled over his car key on the table for the king.

"I can't return everything because it is definitely disrespectful,and besides I can't even return everything you've given to us,maybe I might be the one who ends up in the palace this time,but I don't think I will have joy driving this around when I know you and my sister are over" Jimmie said. 

"I'm so sorry your majesty" He added. 

King Cyrus smiled. 

"You think I gave you because of your sister?" He asked and Jimmie looked at him. 

"That's what I thought......."

"No,I was informed that Brielle changed because of you" King Cyrus said and Jimmie's eyes widened.


King Cyrus nodded. 

"My guards know everything more than you imagined,and don't worry,I'm really in support of your relationship with her,I don't mind" King Cyrus smiled and Jimmie stood up. 

"Really? You don't have a problem with us?" He asked. 

"No I don't,so you can have your car. Don't think it's because of your sister......I'm the king of this city and it's my right to treat my people well,so anything I did or will still do,take it as my responsibility as the king,not anything else" King Cyrus said and Jimmie smiled.

"Thank you your majesty" He bowed

"You're welcome" King Cyrus smiled brightly. 

"I will take my leave now" 

"Bye" King Cyrus said and Jimmie walked out of the office. 



King Cyrus watched and listened carefully as Louisa talked in tears,he didn't move nor say a word until she was finally done. 

"I'm so sorry your majesty" Louisa said. 

"So it was the queen who planned everything?" He asked and Louisa nodded. 

"Why didn't you confess back then? Why are you telling me this now?" King Cyrus asked. 

"Because I'm scared" Louisa sniffs 

"Scared of what?" 

"I'm scared she might hurt my child,she knows I would tell you everything,she might hurt me and our child. I don't want that to happen your majesty" Louisa grabbed his hand,still crying. 

"I don't care even if you don't want me right now,but I can't loose my baby,I don't want to. This is like the best thing that will happen to me" She cried. 

"That's enough,stop crying" King Cyrus muttered but she shook her head. 

"Promise me you will protect me from her,I don't want to loose this pregnancy at all" Louisa said. 

King Cyrus wiped her tears.

"Don't worry,she won't do anything to you. I won't let that happen okay?" He assured and Louisa nodded. 

"Can I hug you?" She asked after she was calm a bit. 

King Cyrus said nothing. 

"Please,you've been avoiding me,I just want to feel you" Louisa muttered. 

King Cyrus moved closer to her and pulled her into a warm hug,Louisa inhaled with her eyes closed hugging him in return until he broke the hug. 

"You should go take a rest,go on" he said and Louisa stood up. 

"Goodnight" She smiled and the king nodded,staring at Louisa until she was out of the room.

Some minutes later,the king left his chamber. The guards immediately followed him as he walked toward Queen Karina's suite. 

One of the guards hit the door bell and a minute later it was opened,King Cyrus went in while the guards waited behind. 

"Your majesty........."

"Don't speak coz hearing your voice alone,I want to crush you so badly" King Cyrus said coldly and Queen Karina glanced at him. 

"What.....are you talking about?" She asked. 

"It was you,pushing Louisa into doing crazy sh*ts but you always act like the saint,but well I'm glad I never fall for your tricks" King Cyrus said. 

"Oh,you're here because of how your slave lover was locked up" Queen Karina chuckled.

"No,you're mistaken. I'm not here for that" King Cyrus said and Queen Karina looked at him.

"I'm here because of Louisa,,,you better make sure nothing happens to her and my child inside her Karina" The king moved closer to her and she moved back,he kept walking closer till her back hit the wall. 

"If you try to hurt her....especially that pregnancy,I swear I will bury you alive Karina,I swear with my father's grave,I will bury you alive and nothing is going to happen" 

"Who said I'm going to hurt her......."

"I don't care if it might be you or someone else!! But I'm saying right now Louisa's health is on your neck,you will protect her and make sure nothing happens to her,if she get hurt by mistake or I get to see a drop of blood on her......I will prepare a perfect burial for you,doubt my words at your own risk" King Cyrus threatened and stormed out of the suite. 

Queen Karina held her chest,she was breathing heavily,the King's words not leaving her head.  



Jimmie and Brielle both sat down on a long bench almost in the middle of the park,both in silence as they stared at everyone walking and passing. 

"Why are we here?" Jimmie faced Brielle and she bite her lips. 

"Are you mad at me?" Brielle faced him. 

"What do you mean?" Jimmie asked. 

"I missed you,but it's like it's just me feeling like that" Brielle muttered and Jimmie sighed. 

"You don't have to conclude every time that I am mad at you Brielle......"

"What else am I supposed to think? Listen Jimmie I know I love you more than you do,sometimes it's like I'm the one forcing things with you,but I don't care,I'm too crazy in love with you to think that way" Brielle said. 

Jimmie held her hand and she looked into his eyes,she had a sad face on. 

"Who said you love me more than I do?" Jimmie asked.

"Isn't that true?" Brielle asked. 

"In what way? I don't return the same energy? That's why you think so?" Jimmie asked and Brielle shook her head 

"I just feel like.....I'm an headache to you most of the times. I ask for a lot of attention,I beg for kisses,hugs...... "

"Brielle stop" Jimmie cautioned. 

"I don't care if I love you more,I just don't want you to leave me,your sister left the palace and I don't know,you might don't want to have anything to do with me again,I'm so scared right now Teddy bear" Brielle said. 

Jimmie stood up and bent in front of her,their eyes locked as they stared at each other. 

"I went to visit the king today,do you know what he said?" Jimmie asked and Brielle shook her head .

"She's in support of our relationship" Jimmie said and Brielle gasped. 


"Yeah,so stop thinking I'm going to leave you. If you don't know then I will tell you now,I'm in love with you Brielle,stop doubting,even if I act indifferent sometimes,but the truth is I love you a lot,just trust me" Jimmie said and Brielle nodded. 

"I trust you,a lot" She said. 

Jimmie smiled and stood up. 

"Let's go have some fun,our exam starts in a week" Jimmie said,pulling her up. He cupped her cheeks and pressed his lips on hers. 

"Don't worry,I will do this more often now so you won't think I don't love you" He muttered and Brielle blushed. 



"Are you okay?" Zayne asked Moana who have been quiet ever since he started driving. He asked her out on a date and they are on their way to a restaurant.

"Take me back home" Moana suddenly said and Zayne looked at her. 

"Why?? But......"

"I feel somehow,just take me back home. Please" Moana said. 

"Oh.....okay" Zayne replied and immediately reversed the car. 

The moment he stopped the car in front of the house,Moana got down and ran in before Zayne could even speak to her. 

"Moana? You're back? I thought you left with the prince" Mrs Mulan asked as Moana entered her room,she was helping her clean up. 

Moana fell on the bed and broke into tears.

"Why do I keep on seeing him?" She asked. 

Mrs Mulan sighed and sat down on the bed. 

"Does he even love me like he claimed? Is he going to give up on me?" Moana asked. 

"You said you left on your own Moana,I thought you were trying to get over him" Mrs Mulan said. 

"It's hard,I don't think I can. It's hurting me more because he really doesn't care anymore like he said,why is he not coming to me? Why is he not calling me? Why?" Moana cried. 

"Why don't you call him?" 

"I don't want to" Moana muttered and her mom sighed,not knowing what else to say. 

"Moana,you really think you took the right step by moving out?......"

"He doesn't love me anymore" Moana shook her head. 

"I want to be alone" Moana muttered and lay down on the bed with her eyes closed. 

Mrs Mulan exhaled and walked out of the room. 



Princess Irene entered and met the king getting dressed,he was in a casual outfit,which only means he's not planning to go out. 

"It's been a week since Moana left" Irene said,taking a seat. 

"I'm glad you said left,not chased out" King Cyrus said and faced her. 

"You still don't have a change of mind?" Irene asked. 

"She's happy without me" King Cyrus said. 

"You're not happy........"

"I will prefer to go for the happiness of my people and leave mine,I will take that as my sacrifice" He replied. 

"I know you have no feelings for Louisa" Irene said. 

"The late king......our mother was brought from another kingdom entirely and their engagement was according to the royal law,not because of their feelings of love,but still he was the best king ever,I think I can live without falling in love with Louisa....."

"Louisa? Are you concluding so fast?" Irene's eyes widened.

"I lost it completely the moment I found out she left behind the waist chain and necklace I gave her. It only means one thing,she doesn't want me anymore and don't wanna have anything to do with me Irene" King Cyrus said. 

"I choose to understand you kiddo,but if you keep acting this way,You might loose that girl" Irene said. 

"No....We've both lost each other. That's the correct statement,we lost each other,not just me" King Cyrus said and then continued. 

"Not all love are worth fighting for....I can see,nobody is at fault. Maybe Our love isn't strong enough,maybe we were just attracted to each other,or maybe it wasn't even love at all, but If she comes back then I am here......."

"And if she doesn't??" Irene asked and King Cyrus faced her with a smile. 

"Then I guess that will be the end of Cyrus and Moana" He said and Irene exhaled.


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