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Moana Mulan - Episode 77 & 78




Moana Mulan - Episode 77 & 78

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R




King Cyrus was busy in his office,there are a lot of works waiting for him that he needed to do but he couldn't concentrate yesterday so he decided to focus on them today. 

"Your majesty,It's Jerome. May I come in?" 

"Come in" King Cyrus uttered and Jerome entered. 

"Your majesty,Moana is leaving the palace" Jerome announced. 

King Cyrus said nothing,he did not even raise his head. 

"She told me to drop her,that's why I'm here" Jerome muttered. 

The king looked up and removed his glasses. 

"Do you want to loose your job? If you have nothing important to tell me,get lost" He said.

"I'm sorry your majesty" Jerome apologized immediately with a bow. He left the office after that and the king continue working. 

Some minutes later,Princess Irene walked in,she stood somewhere staring at her brother without saying a word,the king didn't look up either until she finally sat down in front of him. 

"Moana left" She broke the silence.

"She did what she want" King Cyrus muttered. 

"Are you telling me you don't care right now?" Irene asked. 

"What do you expect me to do now? Get up and run after her? Begging her to stay? You know how busy I am and I don't have time for that" King Cyrus said. 

"I know this isn't you talking......"

"I don't care if it's me or not,I think at this point, my headache is Moana,she's making me go crazy already. Who does she think she is to tell me to chase out Louisa? I wouldn't do that if it was her also,I don't love Louisa but my child is inside her,but Moana doesn't want to listen at all,she's not speaking with her brain. I know how I acted toward Louisa when she hurt Moana,now she's acting exactly the way Louisa did. Why can't she just at least trust me? I'm not planning to leave her for Louisa,you know I have no f**king feelings for Louisa,I'm just doing this because.......I don't have a choice." King Cyrus said. 

"But still,you can't let her go that way. I know you're in love with her" Irene said. 

"My love isn't enough for her,that's exactly what she's thinking right now and I don't care. Louisa or Moana,I don't want to think about any of them at this point,I just want my own peace of mind. She can leave and never come back for all I care......"

"Stop saying what you don't mean kiddo" Irene groaned. 

"Do you even know how I'm feeling right now?" He touched his chest.

"Of course I know,you're not happy about what's going on" Irene replied.

"But the woman I love who claim to love me in return doesn't even know what I'm passing through too,she's making everything sound like she's the only one suffering. Fine I know how she's feeling,I understand well that she's feeling insecure right now,but what about me? I'm greatly regretting everything I did with Louisa but I can't even tell anyone because they wouldn't believe I'm not fine too,the only reaon why I'm regretting is because I'm in love with Moana but she doesn't seem to see or care about what I'm feeling. That's why she left and I'm never going to go beg or apologize to her,never" King Cyrus concluded.


"Never" King Cyrus cut her off and Irene sighed. 

"You know this is what they want right? Louisa,Queen Karina,this is what they want" Irene saud. 

"Then let's say they won" King Cyrus muttered and Irene sighed out. 

She said nothing more because she knew her brother already made up his mind and he's always hard to convince.

"Are you just gonna neglect her? And go for Louisa?" She asked calmly.

"It's not really compulsory to have a queen,if it's compulsory in the law book,I will change it and be the first king to rule without a queen......"

"You're taking this too far!" Irene yelled 

"I'm the king!! I'm not ready to bring my ego down and stoop low to go after someone who already made a decision on her own that she want to leave! Even if I love her I still won't do it! Okay?!!" King Cyrus snapped.

"You are just angry right now........"

"Can you just leave? I'm busy right now sis,please" 

"You're chasing me out?" 

"Yes I am,so please go" 

"Fine" Irene muttered and stood up,she looked at him for another second before walking out. 

King Cyrus dropped his pen and buried his face into his palms,he sighed out and rest his back on the seat before closing his eyes. 

He stood up after a while and walked out of the office,Jericho was among the guards outside,they immediately bowed. 

King Cyrus glanced at him. 

"Jerome........took Moana....."

"Didn't ask you" King Cyrus cut him off and began walking,they followed him and it was so silent,especially with the king looking cold and angry,nobody dared whisper,it was just the straight professional walk. 

They got to the king's chamber and Jericho immediately opened the door for him,he went in but they all stayed back. 

King Cyrus entered his bedroom and met Louisa checking something out.

"What's that?" He asked,standing at the entrance. 

Louisa immediately turned and showed him what's in her hand,it's Moana's necklace and waist chain,she must have left it behind. 

"They are pretty......."

"You can go" King Cyrus said,walking toward the dressing room,Louisa quickly hugged him. 

"Can I have them? Who's it for?" She asked. 

King Cyrus broke the hug. 

"The person who own them must have left it behind because she doesn't want it,so throw it out,you can get yourself one" He said and left. 

Louisa frowned.

"It's for Moana?" She scoffed and didn't think twice before cutting the waist chain and the necklace,she walked out of the chamber and gave it to a maid.

"Dispose them" She said. 

"Yes princess" The maid said and Louisa walked away. 



"We are here" Jerome said to Moana who was deep in thought. She looked outside,he brought her to the mansion,not their old house. 

"Do you really think this is the best step to take?" Jerome asked. 

"What else am I supposed to do? I'm not needed there anymore,he's got a child to take care of now,I'm just a third wheel" Moana muttered. 

"We both know the king doesn't care about Louisa,but her child" 

"Exactly why I'm here,why should I stay with him when another woman is pregnant for him. Thinking about it deeply,I shouldn't even come here,he gave us this house" Moana said.

"You can take it as your own gain then,he paid your family's debt and got you a house,you worked for it,if you're to return everything back to him then....you know what that means. I don't think the king would want you to return them either,no matter what's going on,he gave you everything because he wants to. You're not the first family he's rendering help to,I've been working for the king for years and I know he give without any string attach" Jerome said. 

"Thank you Jerome" Moana muttered.

"I will help you take your things in" Jerome said and they both got down from the car.

"I hope you come back soon though,the king have alot in his head right now,and he's got a lot of work also,I don't think he will be able to come here now" Jerome muttered. 

"I'm not going back,he shouldn't look for me either. We are better off that way" Moana said and Jerome sighed. 

"I hope you're making the right decision tho,the king won't ignore the princess forever" He mumbled. 



Jimmie rushed in and met Mrs Mulan just coming downstairs,Mr Mulan actually traveled for work and isn't back yet. 

"Where's Moana?" Jimmie asked.

"Can you just talk to her? I don't know what's going on,she's been crying since she got here and wouldn't tell me a thing" Mrs Mulan said. 

"Where's she?" Jimmie asked.

"The last room by the left" 

Jimmie immediately ran upstairs,he entered Moana's room,she was on the bed with red eyes.

"Hey" Jimmie called and sat down on the bed, staring at her face. 

"Did something happened? You've been jumping my calls also,I've missed you alot" Jimmie said. 

Moana broke into more tears and he immediately moved closer to hug her,Moana held him and continue crying. 

"Stop crying and tell me what happened" Jimmie said,rubbing her back. 

"I.....think.....this is going to be the end for us" Moana said and Jimmie broke the hug.

"What are you talking about?" He asked. 

"The king and I.....I don't think we can work out" Moana shook her head and took time to explain things to Jimmie. 

"That's bad" Jimmie muttered. "But then,why did you leave when you know you are still in love with him? I don't like the way you're crying" Jimmie said,wiping her tears. 

"I thought,its the best thing to do. But it's not up to five hours and I'm missing him badly already" Moana said. 

"So that was what happened" Mrs Mulan entered,she was eavesdropping outside. 

"She shouldn't have left right?" Jimmie asked. 

"No,your sister is an adult and old enough to choose for herself. If she believe she did the right thing then so be it,she's the only one who knows what she experienced in the palace before making such decision" Mrs Mulan ssid. 

"The king didn't maltreat you right?" Jimmie asked and Moana shook her head. 

"You should stop crying already" Jimmie said. 

"I prepared food for you,freshen up and come downstairs" Mrs Mulan said and went out. 

Jimmie hugged Moana,stroking her hair. 

"It's okay" He said and Moana nodded. 

"Thanks" She muttered. 



Louisa opened the door and frowned the moment she saw Queen Karina. 

"What are you doing here?" She asked. 

Queen Karina smiled and entered.

"Seems like you weren't planning to come to me or tell me anything.... "

"Seriously? You still expect me to keep coming to you and listen to your bad advice?! It was all your idea how I locked Moana up! But you didn't say a word when the king threw me out of the palace,I don't even know why he didn't bother to ask me how I get to know the underground prison because normally I shouldn't know!" Louisa shouted. 

"You don't know why he didn't ask? Of course it's because he was eager to throw you out and focus on his slave girl" Queen Karina chuckled 

"Anyhow,I don't need you anymore. So you can leave now or I'm going to confess everything to him" Louisa threatened and Queen Karina frowned. 

"You think you can live alone here....."

"I will and I'm already doing it,I don't want to have anything to do with you anymore,it always end badly for me!" Louisa said. 

"You might regret this......"

"No i won't,I'm going to make the king come back to me,that's all I need and I won't care about anything again" Louisa said and Queen Karina nodded. 

"Congratulations on your unborn baby tho" She smirked and Louisa placed her hand on her tummy.

"Don't act too suspicious,I'm going to tell the king everything,he might not want me,but he cares about his child inside me,so don't be sneaky or you will regret it" Louisa said. 

Queen Karina glared at her before storming out of the room.



Moana watched as the cashier calculated everything she bought,she wasn't suppose to be here,but the moment her mom was ready to leave the house,she decided to come instead,at least to clear her head for a while. 

"Here ma'am" The cashier gave her the bill and she paid. 

"Thank you" Moana smiled and went out. 

"Hey hot legs!" She heard someone called her behind an she turned to see Prince Zayne waving at her beside his car. 

Moana didn't move,he jogged over to her,smiling.

"I can't believe it's really you,I've been waiting since you went in" Zayne said. 

"Since i went in? That was about thirty minutes ago" Moana said 

"Of course I know,I've missed your face" Zayne said and slowly hugged her. 

"What are you doing?" Moana asked and he moved back 

"Get in,I will take you home" Zayne said and collected all the bags in her hands. 

"Thank you" Moana smiled. 


"Your majesty,seems like he's taking her" Jerome said as they watched from the car. 

"Should we follow the car?" Jericho asked. 

"No,I have something more important to do with my time,the meeting starts in thirty minutes" King Cyrus said. 

Jerome and Jericho exchanged glances. 

"We should not follow them? The car is moving already your majesty" Jericho said. 

"Isn't it obvious?" King Cyrus asked. 


"Just yesterday,she was sad while we were talking,but now I'm glad she's smiling. I'm the bad person,it's better to stay where she's happy not sad." King Cyrus said. 

"But your majesty........"

"Talk about her once more and you're loosing your job,start the car" The king snapped. 

"Yes your majesty" They immediately said and the driver drove off. 


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