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Moana Mulan - Episode 75 & 76




Moana Mulan - Episode 75 & 76

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R




"How's she now?" King Cyrus asked the Doctor while staring at Louisa sleeping on the bed. 

"She will be awake soon,and like the princess said,I will make sure the DNA result is ready tomorrow" The Doctor replied and the king nodded. 

"Thank you your majesty,I will see you tomorrow" The Doctor bowed and Jerome walked him out.  

King Cyrus didn't take his eyes off Louisa but inwardly he's worried about everything,what would happen if the child inside her is his??

Louisa opened her eyes and they fell on the king first. 

"Your majesty" She called. 

King Cyrus said nothing,he didn't move either. 

"You're doing a DNA test?" She asked. 

"I don't have a choice Louisa" The king said. 

"Why? Because of her? You know fully well that I never cheated on you,you know I will never do that,I love you with everything in me that I don't even see other men,how could you......."

"Listen Louisa,I believe you. I'm not doubting,but at this point I am,I have to clear every doubt so you should take it easy okay?" King Cyrus said and Louisa nodded. 

"You should stay away from trouble until then,I know Ana wouldn't attack you without you doing something to her......."

"She said she pray I loose my baby" Louisa cut in and King Cyrus gave her a look. 

"Moana wouldn't say that" He said. 

"Seriously? Do you trust her that much? I'm the liar then? She said she want me to loose my child,she called my child a thing,even if the baby is not yours your majesty,she have no right to say that to me,but the child is yours,I can swear with my life that it has always been you okay? I'm crazy about you and you know that" she sniffs in her tears. 

"Stop crying,I will talk to her" King Cyrus said and moved closer to her. 

"Crying might be bad for you" He muttered and gently wiped her tears. 

"Thanks" Louisa smiled.

"I told the maids to prepare your suite ready,you can go there now" The king said and Louisa looked up.

"Can't I just stay here? Please,I don't want to be too far from you" She said.

"No,the only reason why I let you come here is because of the child inside you,we were done already and you know that. So you can't stay here" King Cyrus said and Louisa took her lips in. 

"Fine" She muttered. 



"Have you heard?" Brilelle entered Arielle's room,she was just coming out of the bathroom,only in a towel. 

"What's going on?" Arielle asked. 

"Louisa is pregnant for brother" Brielle said. 

"What?!!" Arielle screamed out.

"I heard mother talking to uncle Hector,Louisa is really back in the palace again" Brielle said. 

"That's bad news,what will happen to Moana now??" Arielle muttered worriedly. 

"You two are friends,you should go see her,she's probably sad right now" Brielle said. 

"Gosh why now of all time? We should go see brother too....."

"No,I don't think we should. He's going to need time right now to think" Brielle said and Arielle nodded. 

She left the bedroom and came back already dressed. 

"Let's go together" She said to Brielle. 

"I have plans with Jimmie" Brielle whispered and Arielle groaned. 


"I haven't seen him all day,it's like I'm gonna die" Brielle pouted. 

Arielle shook her head 

"This is more tougher than I thought" She muttered. 

Brielle's phone rang and she checked.

"Oh,he's outside. I need to go" She said and immediately ran out. 

Arielle also left the room.,she walked over to Moana's suite but she wasn't inside.

"Is she with the king?" She thought and went back to her suite. 



"Teddy bear" Brielle called the moment she saw Jimmie's car,she entered immediately and pecked his lips. 

"Hey,let's leave here first" Jimmie said and she chuckled.

"Are you that scared?" Brielle asked. 

"Of course I am" Jimmie said and started the car.

"You don't sound like you missed me today at all,I could not even concentrate,I was missing you so badly" Brielle said. 

"I won't be here if I didn't miss you" Jimmie said and Brielle smiled. 


"I missed you Brielle,come on" Jimmie said. 

"Fine,so where are we going Now?" Brielle asked. 

"Pick anywhere" Jimmie said and Brielle bite her lips.

"Actually,I'm starving" She touched her tummy with a pout and Jimmie smiled. 

"You eat a lot but never get fat" He said. 

"Do you like fat girls?" Brielle asked. 

"I don't know,I might fall in love with one..."

"Hey" Brielle frowned and Jimmie laughed. 

"You're so easy to prank" He said. 

"Don't prank me with that,you're mine and mine alone,i'm going to kill any girl who try to take you away from me* Brielle scoffed. 

"I bet you can't stand beside a cockroach and now you're threatening to kill someone? Gosh you're funny Brielle,the most you would do is screaming and crying for me,that's my weakenes and you know that" Jimmie said and Brielle smiled

"You always get mad when I cry tho" She said.

Jimmie sighed out. 

"What happened?" Brielle asked. 

"I've been calling my sister all day,but never got an answer. She's not calling me back either,I'm worried" Jimmie muttered and  Brielle bite her lips. 

"Nothing happened in the palace right? Have you seen her today?" Jimmie asked. 

"I don't get to see her everyday,Our suites are far from each other,but just now Arielle was on her way to see her,they are friends" Brielle said. 

"Really?" Jimmie smiled and Brielle nodded 

"What about you?" He asked. 

"We are not close" Brielle muttered. 

"Oh" Jimmie muttered. 

"I was planning to tell her about us though......"

"I will do that myself" Jimmie immediately cut in.

"Fine" Brielle said. 

After a while,They finally got to a restaurant. 

"We are here.... "

"Before we go,let me kiss you. I've missed your lips all day please teddy" Brielle pouted. 

"Let's go in" Jimmie said. 


Jimmie pecked her lips and she groaned.

Jimmie got down from the car and she immediately followed him,she held him and Jimmie looked at her. 

"I'm not running away" He said. 

"I don't care" She smirked and Jimmie chuckled. 



Irene walked in and looked around but no sign of Elliot,it was Moses who actually called her and told her Elliot's condition at the moment. 

"Elliot?" Irene called,leaving the living room,she checked the wine cella first but he wasn't there. 

"Elliot!" She ran upstairs,she was actually worried. She came running after getting Moses's call and she sped all the way from the palace not caring about the long distance. 

Irene opened the bedroom door and ran in. 

"Elliot!" She called again but he wasn't there. 

She almost run out again when Elliot came out of the bathroom,she turned immediately and let out a loud sigh of relief to see him. 

"Irene" Elliot called in surprise. 

Irene walked over to him. 

"Are you Okay? Huh?" She asked worriedly. 

"Why are you here?" Elliot asked. 

"Moses called me" Irene muttered and Elliot nodded 

"I know you wouldn't come here without a reason" He muttered and left her side. 

"He told me you're not fine......"

"I'm not fine but I will be fine I promise,so stop acting like you care and leave,it's late" Elliot said. 

"It's.....late" Irene muttered and Elliot faced her. 

"So what?"

"Hey you can't be harsh to me,I came here because I was worried about you" Irene said. 

"Coming here will only hurt me more,I don't want to see you until I am fine and get a way to get over this puppy love of mine" Elliot said and tears pulled down his eyes,he looked away from Louisa. 

"I don't want you to see this side of me,just go" He muttered and wiped his tears. 

Irene swallowed and walked over to him. 

"Elliot" She called and faced him. 

Elliot didn't look at her. 

"I'm sorry if I hurt you,I'm just being cautious,I don't want to get hurt" She muttered and Elliot gazed at ger. 

"You think I will hurt you?" He asked and Irene kept quiet.

"You don't have to lie to me to make me happy,you already said you don't have any feelings for me and I accepted already" He muttered. 

Irene cupped his cheeks and went on her toes,she pressed his lips on his own and Elliot's eyes widened.

"I'm sorry" Irene said,still holding his face. 

"What was that for?" Elliot asked. 

"What do you think it is?" Irene asked. 

"I don't know,you should tell me Irene. You're playing with my feelings right now,do you like me or not" 

"I do" Irene said. 

"You have feelings for me too?" Elliot asked and Irene nodded.


"Elliot I said yes" Irene said. 

"It's not....puppy love to you right? That word,hurts a lot" Elliot muttered and Irene smiled.

"Sometimes Puppy love are the best" She said and Elliot finally smiled. 

"I love you like crazy Irene" He said. 

Irene smiled and hugged him. 

"Thank you for smiling" she said and Elliot hugged her waist tightly. 

"I thought I was gonna die" he mumbled

"I should be punished" Irene teased. 

Elliot carried her and she screamed.


"You don't know how long I've always wanted to do this" Elliot said and Irene laughed. 

"You're naughty" She said. 

"I'm so happy right now" Elliot muttered and they both fell side by side on the bed. 

Irene placed her head on his chest and he kissed her hair.

"I'm sorry for making you cry" She said.

"I don't mind,its because of you" Elliot replied and Irene looked up. She pecked his lips and Elliot climbed on her. 

He took over the kiss,eating and sucking her lips hungrily. 

He broke the kiss and Irene smiled.

"Don't get drunk again,okay?"

"I won't,I promise" Elliot said and placed his head on her chest. 



King Cyrus was pacing to and fro in the room,he wasn't himself at all,the DNA result was in his hand and he kept looking at it every second as if it's going to change somehow. 

According to the result,the child Louisa is carrying is his,,positively matches with him. 

Right now,He's totally confused,He's going crazy and he doesn't even know what next to do,next word to say,next action to perform,He's depressed already. 

But mainly,He's worried about Moana,that's his main concern at the moment. 

He was still thinking when Moana came in,she was in tears and that got him.

"Ana......are you okay?" He asked. 

"Is it true?" Moana asked in a broken voice 


"The DNA proves positive,the baby is yours" Moana cut in an Kind Cyrus sighed out. 

"So it's true" Moana muttered and nodded.

"Listen to me Ana....."

"But at least she's not going to stay here right? You can still take care of her even from a far distance right? I don't want to keep seeing her around,she's going to mock me and rub all these on my face,she's already doing it my king,I can't stay with her around here" Moana said in tears. 

"Ana......I'm afraid I can't do that" King Cyrus said and Moana looked at him. 

"Wh....why?? I'm not saying you shouldn't accept her,but she can't stay here with that thing inside her" Moana shook her head. 

"Moana it's not a thing" King Cyrus said. 

"Stop calling her child a thing,my child" he added. 

"Wow,you're really changing so fast....."

"Ana you're the one who's changing so fast,why can't you just at least be patient so I find how to solve this? Not by telling me to send her away,it's not nice to say,I didn't believe when she told me you wished for her to loose her pregnancy,and still I don't want to believe that...."

"You don't have to lie about not believing,what you're saying right now proves that you believe her,and she's right I said it because I don't want it,very soon you won't care about me anymore just because she's carrying your child...."

"Ana!" King Cyrus shouted. 

"Is this even the time to think about getting my attention? Why can't you just try to see that I'm suffering too,I love you,I broke the engagement with Louisa because of you,isn't that enough reason to prove my love?" King Cyrus asked. 

"Are you trying to say I'm the reason why your relationship with her didn't work? Is that it?" Moana asked in tears. 

"Why are you taking everything the wrong way? I'm just trying to explain to you....."

"I don't care! You don't want to listen to what I'm saying either,you know what this means,if she stay here then I will become the second option" Moana said. 

"I'm saying I can't send her away with my child inside her,I'm not that kind of man" King Cyrus said. 

"Then I'm going to leave instead....."

"Do whatever you want,I don't care!" The king snapped and walked out of her sight angrily. 

Moana fell on the floor,tears rolling down her eyes


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