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Moana Mulan - Episode 65 & 66




Moana Mulan - Episode 65 & 66

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R




Irene came out of the bathroom,she was in the guest room,Irene hummed to a song as she dried her hair with a towel,she saw a shirt on the bed and smiled,looking at the door. 

"What is that kid up to?" She mumbled and moved to the bed,the shirt smell nice like Elliot,after putting it on the walked out of the room and went downstairs,she could hear sounds from the kitchen so she went there. 

Elliot was preparing something. 

"Hey" Irene called and Elliot turned but he couldn't help but to check her out,she was wearing only his shirt with obviously nothing underneath,her straight legs be......he was cut short of his thought because Irene cleared her throat. 

"Oh" Elliot said and Irene crossed her arms before walking closer to him. 

"What are you cooking?" She asked and checked the pot. 

"Oh...I thought the gas was on" She muttered and Elliot chuckled. 

"I only came to get a drink,I ordered food for us" He said,walking to the fridge. 

"I don't know why I imagined you would cook for me" Irene scoffed. 

"I can learn if you want a hot guy who can cook" Elliot winked and Irene frowned.

"Do you want a blind eyes?" She glared. 

"Of course not" Elliot said and she smiled,watching him picking up a drink and glasses. 

"Let's go" He said,leading her out of the kitchen. They both sat down around the dinning table. 

"It's your favorite food" Elliot said opening the meal,fried rice and some sexy looking spicy chicken. 

Irene smiled like a kid,she touched the chicken spice and licked her finger. 

"Hmm" She nodded and Elliot looked at her. 

"It's amazing" Irene muttered,still not looking up while Elliot's eyes remained on her. 

"Let's eat,I'm......" Irene looked up and caught Elliot staring. 


"How come you never change?" Elliot asked. 


"You're still as pretty as always...or maybe you got prettier" Elliot said. 

Irene rolled her eyes and took the fork. 

"Eat up" She said. 



Moana opened her eyes slightly to the bright room,she turned around quickly and sat up but somehow she felt pains between her thighs. 

"Ouch" she muttered and sighed out,she caught a glimpse of a phone on the bed and he took it. The phone was bringing light like some mail was waiting,she opened it. 


"Did he get me the phone?" She smiled sheepishly admiring the phone. 

"But what am I supposed to do here? It will be suspicious" She pouted but not planning to disobey anyway. She got up and last night kept flashing in her head,how he had taken her to the bathroom and helped her wash up and how he cleaned the bed and replaced with another spread. 

"So sweet" She blushed and entered the bathroom. 

After getting a perfect wash she came out,she walked into the king's closet room and opened,she almost gasped seeing numbers of clothes. 

"Is he selling clothes or something?" She asked no one in particular and started searching for something simple to put on at least,after a while she settled with a Tshirt and came out. 

"What's that smell?" She muttered,inhaling the air,she walked  to the dinning room and there was different meal on the table,it's obvious he didn't eat intentionally just because of her. 

Moana smiled and sat down,she was actually starving anyway. After eating to her satisfaction,she left the dinning room and walked into the library,reading a book should be able to keep her company till the king returns,she just hope nobody would come into the king's chamber or she's in trouble. 



Brielle thinking she would be the first to get to class today because she knew she's too early but surprisingly she met someone,and it's no one else but Andrew. 

Their eyes met and Andrew waved at her,she only replied with a nod before settling down on a seat,she brought out a text to read,exams are fast approaching and according to what Kind Cyrus told her,she wouldn't dare fail any of her courses. 

"Hey" Andrew came over and sat down beside her,Brielle turned to him with the mind of telling him to get up but couldn't talk when she saw his bursted lips. 

"What happened to your lips? Did you fight anyone?" She asked. 

"It's nothing" Andrew muttered and Brielle frowned. 

"What do you mean by nothing? You got a broken lip" She said. 

"Maybe it's because of your boyfriend" Andrew said and Brielle raised her brows. 

"Jimmie?" She called. 

"So you two are really dating" Andrew muttered.

"Jimmie wouldn't do this to you without a reason" Brielle said. 

"Seriously? What f**king reason does he need? Just because he got you doesn't give him the right to.....only keeping quiet because of you" Andrew said. 

"Don't do anything" Brielle said and searched her bag. She brought out a tube cream. 

"This should help" She said and Andrew turned his lips to her.

"Do it,it's your boyfriend's fault anyway" he said and Brielle sighed.

"I wonder why you left it this way" She said,opening the tube. She took a little and started applying to his lip where the cut is. Andrew kept staring at her face and when she was done,she made to turn away but Andrew wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her into a hug. 

Brielle stayed still


"Just a minute,please" Andrew said. 

Brielle didn't hug him back but she didn't push him away either. 

Outside,Jimmie was walking to his class but crazily he was missing Brielle,he couldn't talk to her last night and he misses her face,he wanted to call her but then changed his mind and decided to go check maybe she's in class. 

Getting there,he saw from the window,Andrew hugging her and his blood boils. He entered the class at once with an angry look on his face

"What's going on here?" He asked. 

They both turned and Brielle immediately pushed Andrew off herself. 

"Teddybear" She called. 

Jimmie glared at Andrew who smirked at him. He said nothing and made to go out,Brielle immediately ran to him and grabbed his hand. 

"It's not what you're thinking......"

"I'm not thinking about anything,I have a class,let go of me" Jimmie muttered and throw her hand off before walking out. 

Brielle bit her lips. 



"The princess is here your majesty" Jerome said from outside. 

"Let her in" Kind Cyrus said and the door was opened revealing Louisa,she couldn't hide her smile when she saw him.

"My king" She called and entered. 

"I couldn't believe my ears when I saw your message" She said. 

"This might be the last time we talk when we see each other" King Cyrus said and Louisa swallowed. 

"Your dad came to me and told me you aren't doing well" he said. 

"No.....I'm fine" Louisa mumbled. 

"You should be....because I'm never coming back. So please forget about me....."

"How can I?" Louisa cut in. 

"I've had a crush on you since we were kids,I've always wanted you to be mine and when it finally happened....I just...I was the happiest person in the world. She came and took you away from me....."

"She didn't....."

"Yes she did!" Louisa cried and the king kept quiet. 

"You didn't break the engagement because what I did was unforgivable,you broke it because you were in love with her" She said in tears. 

"If it was....another maid,you would have just warned me.....you were cruel to me because you are in love with her" Louisa said. 

"Then stop loving me" King Cyrus muttered.

"I've tried,but it's hard" She muttered,wiping her tears. 

King Cyrus sighed,not knowing what to say. 

"Please Louisa......"

"Don't use that word,I have the right over my own feelings,even if you don't love me,I have the right to keep on loving you" Louisa said. 

"Louisa you...."

"Don't worry about me,I won't bother you again if that's what you want to say,bye" She muttered and got down from the car,trying to control her tears. 

King Cyrus sighed out. 

Jerome came in some minutes later. 

"What next?" The king asked. 

"Orphanage your majesty,you promised to go there....."

"Let's go" The king cut in. 

The driver started the car immediately. 

"Have you prepared everything?" King Cyrus asked. 

"Yes your majesty,the bus should be on the way to there already,we prepared clothes and foods just as you ordered" Jerome replied. 

"Good,how about the money I asked you to bring along?" The king asked again. 

"It's in other car with Jericho" Jerome replied. 

"Why is he not here by the way? Did you two fight again?" King Cyrus asked. 

"No it's not that,I guess he just want to be alone today" Jerome replied. 

King Cyrus kept quiet. 



Jimmie was walking alone after his classes,he haven't spoken to any of his friends all day,he keeps shunning them,as soon as the classes was over,he left the class. 

"Teddy bear!" He heard Brielle's voice from the back but he didn't turn,he kept walking. 

Brielle ran after him and blocked him,breathing heavily. 

Jimmie ignored her and passed her side,she kept following him till they got to the school parking lot,he wanted to open the car but Brielle stopped him and lean on the car door. 

"Can you at least listen to me? I just hurt myself because I was running after you" Brielle said. 

"Nobody sent you to follow me,move I need to go" Jimmie said. 

"Let me explain Jimmie......"

"I know how the f**k you use to react even if I talk to other girls,girls that I have nothing slightly to do with them,but Andrew,we both know he likes you,how many times do I have to repeat this?!! How many times,maybe I wouldn't get mad this much if it was some other guy,but I definitely would,still how could you allow him hug you so close? He was holding your waist as if he's your boyfriend making me look like a fool,if you haven't gotten over him,then let's break up and go back to him" Jimmie said. 

"How could you talk about break up so easily? I said I am sorry,don't say that word again,I might die" Brielle said,tears rolling down her eyes. 

"I need to go......"

"Teddy bear please,just forgive me this once,I swear I won't even talk to him again,I won't let him hold me,I just....I couldn't concentrate all day because you were mad at me,I'm sorry" She cried. 

"Let's talk later....."

"No,I'm not leaving here till you forgive me" Brielle muttered. 

Jimmie tap his forehead frustratingly. 

"Why are you doing this to me?" He asked and Brielle looked at him. 

"When I make you angry,you do whatever you want,but now I can't even get mad In peace? Why are you crying this much as if I'm the one who did something bad? Can't I at least have a little bit of space? I'm mad at you and him,and I don't feel like talking to you now,can't we just......."

"No,I don't want any space" Brielle muttered. 

Jimmie groaned out. 

"Fine,it's okay now. Can you move?" He asked. 

"You're no longer mad at me?" Brielle asked and Jimmie nodded,he started wiping her tears and she smiled. 

Some girls passing began to murmur. 

👥 Are they dating?

👥 Brielle and the popular guy?

👥 He's so handsome anyway

👥 Isn't he younger and below her standard?

Jimmie stopped and dropped his hand,Brielle pulled him by the shirt and kissed him making the students gasp. 

She broke the kiss 

"I don't care what they say okay?" She said and Jimmie nodded. 

"You're not mad at me anymore right?" 

"Like you allowed me" Jimmie rolled his eyes and Brielle chuckled.

"But then...the car is really Amazing,how did you get it?" She smiled. 

"Honestly.........I have no explanation to do now" Jimmie shook his head. 

"What do you mean?" Brielle asked. 

"I'm going to tell you once I get a perfect explanation" Jimmie replied and Brielle nodded. 

"Teddy bear" She called abd Jimmie looked at her. 

"Can I come over to your house?" She Pouted. 

"Why?" Jimmie asked. 

"I've missed you too much,I just want to stay by your side please" Brielle said. 

Jimmie sighed. 

"I'm not living there again" He said. 

"Now what's going on? Another house also?" Brielle asked in confusion. 

"That's why I said....."

"Anyway I don't Care,I will come,text me the address later" She kissed him. 

"Fine" Jimmie mumbled after the kiss. 



Moana sighed out loudly for the umpteenth time,she successfully stayed in the king's chamber all day and now it's about 6pm but still he's not back. 

"I should go to the kitchen before the maids come here" Moana said to herself. 

After changing her clothes back into her uniform,she left the king's chamber. 

As she walked,she saw Queen Karina coming with her maids behind her as usual,she immediately stopped walking and bowed so the queen would pass but then Queen Karina stopped right in front of her. 

"Raise you head" She ordered and Moana looked up. 

"Good evening your highness......"

"Is she the harlot flirting with his majesty?" Queen Karina asked and Moana's eyes widened. 

Harlot?? That word banged her heart so bad. 

"She's the one my Queen" one of the maids replied and the Queen scoffed.

"I can see you might be thinking you have a chance with the king because he's showing interest in you,but do you want to know the truth? He can never have a public relationship with you....even if he's going to have,you will only become his concubine because you can never be a queen,you will always remain a pauper that you are. So why don't you face your miserable life and leave the king alone?!"

Moana bite her lips,her head was buried to the ground as she listened to everything,she was in tears,silent tears but tears was rolling down and dropping on the floor. 

She Is actually not expecting anything from the king,but then must the queen say all those hurtful words to her? 

"Are you going to stay away from him or........"

"What's going on here?" King Cyrus appeared with his guards. The Queen's maids immediately shifted away and bowed. Queen Karina faced him. 

"Your majesty" she bowed but his eyes were on Moana who refused to raise her head up.

"Ana" He called,Moana sniffs but still didn't raise her head.

"I'm calling you,look at me!" The king half yelled and Moana finally raised her head,her eyes were totally red and she was crying hard but silently. 

King Cyrus's blood flow almost seized seeing that,he faced the queen. 

"What did you do to her?" He asked. 

The maids and guards exchanged glances in shock,Only Jerome and Jericho made no expression of shock. 

Some other maids walking were also seeing that.

"Your majesty,what do you mean....."

"I'm asking what the f**k you did to her to make her cry this much! Answer my question!" King Cyrus yelled at the queen and everyone gasped.

"My king" Moana called him to calm him down,she immediately wiped her tears seeing everyone now staring at her. 

"Are you seriously....shouting at me because of... An ordinary slave girl?" Queen Karina scoffed. 

"She's not a slave girl" King Cyrus said. 

"Then what is she to you?!" Queen Karina shouted. 

"The woman I'm in love with! Get that straight!" King Cyrus snapped and everyone gasped. 


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