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Moana Mulan - Episode 63 & 64




Moana Mulan - Episode 63 & 64

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R




Jimmie was serving a customer when he heard his phone ringing in his pocket,he finished up and took his phone to check the already missed call. 

"Mom?" He muttered wondering what happened,his mom have never called him this early unless he's getting too late,it's just past seven right now. 

He immediately dialed her number back and she answered at once. 

"Mom,are you okay?" Jimmie asked with an hint of worries in his voice and on his face. 

"Son,you need to come home right now" Mrs Mulan said and Jimmie's heartbeat raised. 

"Did something happened to you......"

"No I'm fine,I don't Even know how to explain so,just come home please" She replied and hung up. 

Jimmie pushed his phone into his pocket and ran to grab his bag. 

"Hey,tell the manager I left already,I will give him a call" Jimmie told the girl there and she nodded. 

He immediately ran out. 

"Hey friend" He saw Jerome waving at him from where he was standing. 

Jimmie's brows creased and walked closer to Jerome. 

"Why are you here?" He asked. 

"To take you home of course,what else?" Jerome said. 

"You came at the right time,Even though you're confusing me,but take me home as fast as you can please" Jimmie said and Jerome smiled. 

They both entered the car and Jerome drove out,Jimmie frowned the moment he hit the road,He's driving toward a totally different route. 

"Where are you going? Take me home" Jimmie said calmly. 

"That's what I'm doing friend" Jerome replied.

"What do you mean? Are you saying I don't know my own house anymore? Are you here to kidnap me or something? Hey,you think you will escape it if you kidnap me?...."

"Do you threaten people for a living?" Jerome cut in. 

"No,it has worked many times tho" Jimmie muttered and Jerome burst into laughter. 

"You're one crazy guy" He said amidst laughter. 

"Where are you taking me by the way?" Jimmie asked.

"Home,your home" Jerome replied and Jimmie decided to keep quiet,maybe there's another route leading to his house that he doesn't know right? 

After about thirty minutes,Jerome stopped in front of a mansion,the gate opened and he drove in.

"Where is this?" Jimmie asked,looking around the beautiful building and environment. 

"Home of course,where else?" Jerome replied. 


"No,yours. Come down your parents are waiting" Jerome said and Jimmie's eyes widened. 

"My parents?" He rushed out of the car. 

"Wait,don't tell me they used that money to buy....."

"That money can't buy this house what are you talking about?" Jerome scoffed. 

"What else am I supposed to think? Why are they here in the first place?"Jimmie asked ,following Jerome in. 

"It's a gift from his majesty" Jerome said and Jimmie stopped walking. 

"Wait..... What the f**k is going on? Why is the king acting so strange?" He asked and Jerome smirked before walking to him. 

"The king might be in love with your sister" He whispered and Jimmie almost fell on the floor but Jerome caught him. 

"Are you okay?" Jerome asked. 

"What do you mean by the king might be......."

Jerome nodded and Jimmie gasped. 

"Let's go in" Jerome said,leading the way again while Jimmie followed. 

They entered the house and continue walking till they finally reached the living room,Mr Mulan and his wife stood up immediately they saw Jimmie. 

Jericho sighed out loudly when he saw Jerome. 

"Why did you take so long you idiot" He scoffed. 

Jerome rolled his eyes without saying a word. 

"Mom" Jimmie went to her and grabbed her hand. 

"Are you Okay?" He asked. 

"I told you I am fine,but I don't understand what's going on" She said and Jimmie turned to Jerome and Jericho. 

"I already told them it's from his majesty but they wouldn't believe Me" Jericho told Jerome. 

"Of course it's hard to believe,but we are only doing what his majesty sent us" Jerome said. 

"Why? Is he planning to marry my daughter?" Mr Mulan asked. 

"I have no idea" Jerome shook his head. 

"Please accept this little gift from him,it will hurt if you don't accept,He's been preparing this all day to make sure we get you all here" Jericho said. 

The family stood there looking confused. 

"I will show you around" Jerome said,taking Mr&Mrs Mulan away but Jimmie didn't move.

"What's up?" Jericho asked. 

"I'm worried,did something happened to my sister and the king is trying to cover up?" He asked. 

"Geez,your imagination is wild" Jericho groaned and Jimmie sighed. 

"I know,I've spoken to her today and she sounded totally fine" He muttered and fell on the couch. 

"Here" Jericho gave him a key 

"What's this?" Jimmie asked. 

"There are two cars in the mansion,but the king asked me to personally give you this,use it all you want" Jericho smiled. 

"I don't want it....."

"Stop,I'm sure he knows the reason why he's doing this,you will find out soon so enjoy " Jericho opened his palm and placed the key in it. 

Jimmie stared at the key without saying a word. 

"You should smile at least,do you know how tired I am right now from working here all day? I was the one who prepared your room,come let me show you" Jericho dragged him up. 

"Why are you acting nice anyway" Jimmie rolled his eyes as they climbed the stairs. 

"Maybe because I kove my head" Jericho teased. 

"Hey that was just....can you at least forget it already?" Jimmie groaned and Jericho laughed. 

He opened a room and Jimmie gasped. 

"This is mine?" He asked. 

"I see you're a good bad boy so I choose this side of the house for you,what do you think?" Jericho asked. 

"You're the best,but then....I'm still wondering what's going on" Jimmie sighed,walking around. 

"He will do well as a prosecutor" Jericho muttered,shaking his head as he stared at Jimmie. 



"What the f**k" Irene cursed the moment her car suddenly started moving slowly,she had to park well to see the problem. 

"Oh sh*t" she groaned,she had forgotten to check gas in her car and now she's out of it and she already told the guards to stop following her. 

"Oh God,what am I supposed to do now? It's getting late" She muttered looking outside,no sign of car coming at all. 

She took her phone and dialed Arielle's number first to get any of the guards to bring a car but no answer,she called Brielle again but the same. 

"I'm breaking their heads once I return home I swear" She groaned and wanted to call Cyrus but suddenly changed her mind. She dialed Elliot's number instead. 

He answered almost immediately. 

"Hey Princess" Elliot said. 

"Hey,busy?" Irene asked. 

"Not busy for you princess" Elliot said and Irene groaned. 

"Can you stop flirting and act serious for once?" 

"Fine,is everything okay?"

"I'm out of gas,and I'm far from home. Can you come pick me up?" Irene asked. 

"Of course,where are you?" Elliot asked. 

"I don't really know the name of this place.......I will turn on my location tho,I'm by the road side" Irene muttered,picking her second phone. 

"Don't worry,I gat you,will be there soon" Elliot said and hung up. 

"He shouldn't hang up like that" Irene sighed and got down from the car. 

She checked the time,it's almost 8pm. The street light was bright up there making her less scared at least. 

Minutes later,Elliot's car stopped right beside her. 

"You're here" Irene said. 

"Don't tell me you were standing here since then? Why didn't you wait in your car? It's dangerous this way" Elliot scolded. 

"Hey,I'm not a kid,you're the kid here. Don't scold me just because I asked for help,take me home,I'm getting sick already" Irene said,packing her stuff from her car. 

"Are you sure your car can't be stolen?" Elliot asked. 

"They can't steal it that easily,don't worry" Irene replied. 

"Where am I suppose to take you now" Elliot asked. 

"What do you mean? You know" Irene said. 

"I'm sorry but I can't" Elliot said and Irene frowned. 


"I don't think I can drive such long distance and then go back to my house tonight princess,from the palace to my house,do you know how long it will take me?"

"You can sleep over in the palace....."

"Why don't you sleep over in my place instead?" Elliot suggested. 

"I rather get a taxi" Irene said. 

"You should have done that rather than calling me then" Elliot said and Irene scoffed. 

"What are you even driving at?" She asked.

"I'm taking you to my place tonight,deal or no deal" Elliot asked. 

"Fine,can we just leave this place first?" 

Elliot smiled and opened the car for her. 

Irene entered and he also did. 

"You know I'm gonna payback right?" Irene asked and Elliot chuckled. 

"Don't tell C please,he will kill me" Elliot said and Irene chuckled.

"No I won't" She said. 



"Let's have s*x" Moana blurted out and the King Cyrus's brain made a loud sound inwardly. 

Moana got down from the bed,standing in front of the king. 

Silence filled the whole room as they both continue staring at each other,aching tension between them built naturally and Moana swallowed,trying not to regret that she just requested for s*x. 

"Are you sure?" The King's voice came out rightly and Moana was quiet for a minute before nodding her head. 

"Then don't regret later" He uttered,staring at her lips which he was already hungry for. 

"I won't" Moana said and Kind Cyrus moved closer to her,his lips was slammed against hers almost instantly. Between the hungry kiss,the king bunched her skirt up her thighs and squeezed her @ss. 

Moana moaned into his mouth and slowly they began walking to the bed,Maona circled his neck with her arms until he pushed her on the bed gently. 

She stayed there,watching as he unbotton his shirt and then took it off,revealing his sexily made body. She didn't even know when she bit her lips making the king smirk naughtily. 

He also climbed on the bed and they broke their kiss,King Cyrus began using a hand to get rid of Moana's dress,he pulled it down and it got to her waist region,he broke the kiss and cupped her full breast with his hand. 

"Ohh" Moana bit her lips and as she threw her head backward,her ponytail losen making her hair fall all over. 

Kind Cyrus licked the curve of her collarbone then down to her chest,Deliberately stretching her legs apart and finally took off everything she was wearing,she was now naked on the bed. 

The King's mouth curled around Moana's nipples,sucking her slowly,his firm male lips that knew what they were about. 

"Oh my God" Moana whimpered sexily. 

The gentle persuasion of his kisses fused his flesh with hers,he gave her nipple a bite before letting the now red thing to go. 

He made to kiss her again,Moana raised her head and accepted the kiss in an hungry way but it was cut short by the king as he immediately broke it. 

"My king" Moana called and managed to sit up,the king watched her as she unzipped his trouser. 

"Don't be in such a hurry" he gave her a flirty smile and went between her thighs. 

He grasped her knees and eased them apart,her sweet scent filled his nose the first attempt he made to smell her out and that made him sickly f**king hard. 

"F**k Ana,you're so wet" he said and Moana bite her lips hardly. 

He began kissing her from her thighs,Gravelly words uttered against her flesh,his greedy mouth took bold possession of her pussy and Moana's legs shook at that. 

"My king" She hauled in a breath and tensed at what he was doing to her. 

The king's tongue swim inside her wet Hot/warm honey as he ate and suck her up. 

"Oh my gawd,don't stop please,don't.... F**k!" She made a keening sound as she threw back her head

King Cyrus raised his head after the heavenly sinful meal he had,Moana breathe out,her thighs were still shaking and she stared at him with so much want and need. 

"I love you so much Ana" The king uttered. 

"I love you more my king" Moana responded. 

The king gave her a smile,Naughty smile that had her imagining what he was going to do to her. 

He resumed kissing her but almost immediately,she felt him slides in his two fingers into her. 

"Hmm!" She groaned into his mouth. 

He continue finger f**king her crazily and her whole body was moving,she broke the kiss forcefully and scresmed out a loud sweet moan. 

The wetery sound of her pussy juice could be heard as he punished her with his fingers. 

"My king!!! Oh f**k!!" 

The moment he brought out his fingers,he pushed in his d**k and Moana screamed out. 

"That hurts!" She said. 

King Cyrus stopped moving and kissed her thigh,he looked at her and whispered "I'm sorry" Narcotic power of his voice and eyes melt her heart right away and badly she wanted him even more,even though she was in pain. 

"Don't stop" She whimpered. 

He penetrated into her again and Moana tried holding in her scream,he was moving slowly. 

The moment Radiated each others heat,ragged breathing and rapid, shallow breaths filled the room. 

He relentlessly moved her hips against his,Restraint that drove her to distraction and then he started f**king her. 

Ripples of pleasure savored him fully as he f**ked her tight cunt,Shuddering with desire

"F**k" He groaned and Moana gasped when he made a sudden penetration and that brought a new style of pain. 

"Ahh!" She didn't know when she screamed. 

King Cyrus took out his cork and watched as the blood made way out of her. 

He pressed his lips on hers immediately as If to subdue her pain. Some slides of tears rolled down her eyes which he kissed. 

"I deserved to be punished for making you cry" he said against her face and Moana smiled. 

She cupped her cheek and began kissing him again,she stopped 

"F**k me.....more" she said and The king gave her a serious look. 

She nodded and he smiled like the naughty dude he is. 

"I won't hurt you too much" he said and Moana nodded. 

"Come here" He pulled her up and made her give his back in a doggy style actually. 

Her heart snapped @ss facing him almost made him loose focus,he touched her soft @ss cheeks before he finally went inside her. 

"Oh" came a little moan from Moana. 

He began his soft ride at first,Throbbing inside of her. But he was quick to change into banging,Unchaining wild, delicious feelings. 

"That feels so good" Moana groaned lustfully. 

The king held her @ss and increased his pace,allowing his erection to enter her in full,hitting the right spot.

"F**kkkk!!!" Moana screamed. 

Her @ss were bouncing along as he f**ked her mercilessly,almost hitting her womb with his long thick rod. 

It was at that moment Moana knew she was in trouble,she was totally breathless,he took her breath away completely. 

"My......My king" she called but his Brain wouldn’t focus,everything sounded like "fuck me harder in his ears" and he increased his pace even more. 

Brutal strength of his passion made Moana held the bedspread,if it wasn't strong enough,it would definitely tear. 

He gave her one deep penetration and Splintered into her,spilling his seed within. 

"F**k!! Cyrus!!!!" Moana screamed out his name. 


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