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Moana Mulan - Episode 61 & 62




Moana Mulan - Episode 61 & 62

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R



"I want you to be mine,not as anything else but......as my woman. You might not know this but.....I'm in love with you" He confessed.

Moana was speechless for like a minute,she wasn't expecting this so fast,it was so heartwarming and at the same time emotional,what have she really done to deserve such lovely confession from a king??


"I will be yours my king,I will" She nods her head repeatedly. 

"I love you too" She added and a warm smile appeared on the king's face,he hugged her so tightly,not leaving any space between them. 

"Thank you for loving me" Moana muttered and King Cyrus broke the hug. 

"Why are you thanking me? I fell in love so crazily that I couldn't control it,I should be thanking you for accepting me into your life" He said and Moana blushed.

"You have such a sweet tongue my king"  Moana said and he pecked her lips. 

"Come on" He held her hand and walked her to the lounge where dinner was waiting for them. 

"Whoa" Moana said seeing the beautiful view of the decorated table and the meals. 

"Wait,I have a gift for you"  King Cyrus said and Moana faced him. 

He brought out a jewelry box and Moana smiled,he opened it and brought out a necklace.

"My king....that's too expensive...."

"Nothing is too expensive when it's you,don't thank me" King Cyrus said and Moana raised her hair up as he started wearing it on her. 

"Why do you always tell me not to thank you? Doesn't that mean I'm ungrateful?" She asked. 

After wearing the necklace around her neck,he kissed her neck and then faced her. 

"You don't have to be grateful because I don't want you to be,I still have alot to do" He said and pulled back a seat for her. 

They both sat down facing each other.

"You look so hot earlier I almost lost my mind" The king said and Moana smiled.

"I saw you staring at me and I was feeling hot" she muttered. 

King Cyrus took her hand. 

"I wish after this night,you won't be nervous around me again" He said and Moana nodded. 

"I will try my best" She said. 

"Then....eat up" he kissed her hand. 



The queen entered and met Louisa on the bed looking so sad and moody,since she was chased out of the palace,she haven't recovered. She cry every single day and she doesn't even eat,she never allow any maid into her room,all she do all day Is crying and screaming. 

"Louisa" The queen called and Louisa covered her body up not ready to talk. 

"Come on princess,this won't solve anything at all,you're a beautiful young lady,you need to get back on your feet and go out,you will definitely love the feeling,i don't like the way you stay in your room all day" The queen sat down on the bed. 

"I'm not in the mood for that" Louisa muttered. 

"Your father went to king Cyrus" 

Louisa immediately sat up. 

"Really? Why?" 

"To talk about what happened of course,he should be there by now" The queen said 

"Will father ask him to take me back?" Louisa asked. 

"I don't think he went for that reason princess,they just have alot to talk about and settle" The queen said and Louisa fell back on the bed. 

"I miss him..  I miss him so much" She cried. 



"Your highness" Prince Zayne's PA entered his room and bowed. 

"Any news?" Zayne asked. 

"Yes your highness,turns out the rumor was true" He said and Zayne raised his brows. 

"What rumor?" He asked. 

"King Cyrus broke the engagement between him and Princess Louisa" 

Zayne's eyes widened. Does that mean he's got someone else?? What if.....it's Moana??

"Any update about someone he's in a relationship with?" He asked. 

"I will find out" The PA said and went out. 

Zayne sighed. 

If it's really what he's thinking,that means he doesn't have a chance with Moana anymore,talking about that,he needs a plan to get her before everything turns over. 

"Gosh,why is he always blocking my way?" Zayne spat. 



King Cyrus was busy dealing with some reports and letters on his table,his eyes were rolling to and fro from his glasses. 

But damn he was looking so hot even in the glasses,just a short quick fact. 

He dropped the one in his hand and took a letter,he read from who it was from and started unwrapping it,he haven't started reading it when the door opened and Jerome came in. 

"Your majesty" He bowed and King Cyira looked up with a raised brow,more like he could remember telling anyone not to come in anytime soon. 

"I'm so sorry your majesty" Jerome bowed. 

"Any problem?" He asked. 

"King Taitus just arrived,He's in the throne room waiting" Jerome reported.

"Oh" The King muttered and gently dropped the letter in his hand. 

"I shouldn't keep him waiting" He stood up and Jerome bowed waiting for the king to go out so he would follow him. 



King Taitus was sitting down waiting for King Cyrus,He's a man in his late 50s and he was friends with King Cyrus's late father before he died. 

The door to the throne room opened and he turned to see the guards who opened and then King Cyrus showed up,he stood up instantly. 

"Your majesty" He bowed. 

King Cyrus also bowed in respect. 

"Why don't we go over to somewhere more comfortable?" He asked and King Taitus nodded 

"I will love that,I'm sorry I didn't inform you more earlier about my visit" King Taitus said. 

"I've been expecting you anyway" King Cyrus said. 

"I guessed right then" King Taitus said as they walked out of the throne room. Jerome and Jerome was behind them alongside King Taitus's guards too. 

"I think it's okay if we just take a walk around instead" King Taitus said. 

"No problem if that's what you want" King Cyrus uttered and there was some silence before Taitus spoke up. 

"I guess you know the reason why I am here" He said. 

"No I don't,because you have a lot of reason why you should be here,so I can't point out in particular" King Cyrus replied and Taitus sighed. 

"I heard about what my daughter did,I was disappointed in her and I understand why you did what you did,as a king I would have done the same also" he said. 

King Cyrus didn't say a word. 

"But,she's been miserable for days and as a father I don't know what to do,that's why I am here" 

King Cyrus stopped walking and faced him. 

"I didn't do that to make her miserable,I just did the right thing for the both of us" He said and King Taitus sighed. 

"You knew from the start that it wasn't my intention about the relationship,we were both forced" King Cyrus added. 

"That's not the case in her side your majesty,she loves you a lot" King Taitus said. 

"I'm afraid I can't accept such love" King Cyrus said and Taitus nodded 

"Then,how about just meeting her once?? Maybe a better good bye meeting would do rather than the state she is right now,I can't just sit down without doing a thing,just meet her once" He requested. 

"Fine,I will think about it and get back to you" King Cyrus said. 

"Thank you" 


"That's Princess Louisa's father" Amelia told Moana as they walked together,Moana saw King Cyrus walking with Taitus. 

"Why do you think he's here?" She asked Amelia. 

"Maybe to settle the fight between the king and the princess so she can come back" Amelia said and Moana's heart skipped a beat. 

"Why do you think so? The king already broke their engagement" She said. 

"The king can decide to change his mind again,at least he's the king right?" Amelia said. 

Moana bite her lips hardly and continue walking in silence,what if it's true?

She's not really expecting the king to make her his queen but then would she be able to handle it if that happens?? 

"Are you okay?" Amelia asked Moana as she drifted away into her thought. 

"I'm fine" She muttered gently. 



"F**k im starving like mad" Ryder said as they walked toward the cafeteria. 

"Rest dude,you've been repeating this for like ten times" Francisco groaned. 

"Then block your ears If you don't wanna listen" Ryder scoffed. 

"Wait Jimmie,you haven't told us how it went with your girlfriend" Francisco said. 

"It went well" Jimmie said. 

"That's all?" Ryder and Francisco frowned. 

"Am I supposed to tell you in details?" Jimmie asked. 

"Of course,why wouldn't you tell us in details?" Ryder sighed out. 

They suddenly stopped when Andrew and his friends blocked them.

"What the f**k" Ryder muttered. 

Andrew was glaring at Jimmie angrily but Jimmie wasn't even looking at him. 

"I warned you didn't I?" Andrew said and Jimmie looked up. 

"Do I look like someone who is scared of your silly threats or something?" He asked and Andrew's two friends scoffed. 

"Are you crazy?" One of them grabbed his collar.

"Hey" Ryder throw his hand off Jimmie angrily.

"Why don't you just act like the seniors you are,it's annoying" Francisco said.

"Keep quiet" Andrew snapped. 

"Let's talk in private" Jimmie spoke up,looking at Andrew. 

"You and I?" Andrew asked 

"Your crazy friends can follow us too" Jimmie muttered and looked at Ryder and Francisco. 

"I will be back" He said. 

"Are you sure about this?" They asked,he ignored their question and led the way. 

Andrew and his friends followed him and they entered an empty class,Jimmie closed the door. 

"What do you want to talk about? I'm loosing patience already" Andrew said. 

Jimmie took off his wrist watch and then his headset while they watched him. 

"What are you waiting for? I thought you wanted to teach me a lesson" He said 🙄

They exchanged glances and burst into laughter.

"Does commoners think so high of themselves or you're just different??" one of the boys asked. 

"I guess you're not interested,don't stop me like f**ls ever again after this" Jimmie muttered trying to pick his stuffs on the table.

"Hey come here dummy" One grabbed his shirt and pulled him back,Jimmie turned at once and threw an heavy punch on his nose,he fell heavily on the floor.

Andrew and the other guy looked at Jimmie in shock,he adjusted his shirt. 

"Don't touch me if you want to talk or you will regret it" He muttered. 

Andrew climbed the desks,rushing over to Jimmie,on the last one,Jimmie kicked the desk so hard and Andrew fell on the floor,groaning painfully,He climbed on him on the floor and punched his face twice making sure he bled,the third friend pushed Jimmie off Andrew and he fell on the floor,he was almost about hitting Jimmie when Jimmie kicked his leg and he also fell. 

Jimmie stood up and carried a chair,he almost hit the chair on him when the door opened,Francisco and Ryder entered 

"Jimmie stopped!" Ryder said,pushing the chair away from his hand. Jimmie was still glaring at the guy on the floor angrily and he was breathing heavily. 

"You might get into trouble,let's go" Fransisco said. 

"I don't really care" Jimmie muttered and took his watch and headset,he turned to Andrew who was still looking shocked. 

"Don't ever appear in front of me again or you're dead" He said and stormed out of the class,Ryder and Francisco followed him. 

"Are you okay?" Francisco asked. 

"Are you blind to see that there's nothing wrong with him but those dudes on the floor? I pity them" Ryder said and Jimmie looked at him.

"Forgive me" Ryder said immediately and they laughed. 

"Why do you always pretend like you are too innocent?" Francisco asked. 

"I'm innocent,they pushed me too hard" Jimmie muttered. 



Moana was standing,watching as the maids set the meals on the King's dinning table,even though he was not in sight,she helped with the little she can also. 

"Is the king in?" One of the maids asked Moana and she nodded. 

"Then,you should call him" Another one said before they all walked out. 

Moana rolled her eyes and left the dinning room,she entered the bedroom to see the king,he already changed into a casual outfit which she always prefer to see him in. 


"Good evening my king" Moana bowed and the smile disappeared from King Cyrus's eyes. He exhaled.

"When will this ever stop" he muttered,looking at Moana with side eye but she continue avoiding his eyes. 

"Is something wrong?" King Cyrus asked and moved closer to her. 

Moana shook her head. 

"Come on tell me" He caress her cheek but still she kept quiet. 

"Ana" The king called and she finally looked at him. 

"Are you going to take the princess back?" Moana asked. 

King Cyrus raised his brows. 

"I saw you talking to the princess father" Moana muttered bluntly. 

"Hey,don't tell me you've been thinking about that all day" King Cyrus said. 

"Am I not supposed to? Even though I have no concrete hope for the future,but at least not now" Moana said. 

"Why don't you want to hope for the future?" King Cyrus asked and Moana looked at him. 

"Can I hope for that? I don't want to get hurt in the end if you end up with another princess" She said. 

"You're making me sad" King Cyrus said.

"I just......"

"Do you even trust me?" He cut in.

"I trust you...but I don't trust what might happen" Moana mumbled. 

"What can I do to make you trust everything I say? I'm in love with you okay? I wish you can just believe me and....fine,what should I do now? I'm not going to take Louisa back if you're worried about that,but then,I hate it when you are sad" He cupped her cheeks. 

"I don't want to loose you" Moana muttered. 

"No you won't,I'm yours" King Cyrus said and Moana smiled. 

"So while I was missing you all day,you were thinking about something else" The king carried her in a bridal style. 

"What are you doing? Your food will get cold" Moana said. 

"Let me eat you first"  The king said and put her on the bed.

"My king......"

"I want to see my precious gift" He whispered and pecked her lips. 

Moana bit her lips as he pulled her gown up revealing her waist chain. 

"Who else saw this aside me?" The king asked. 

"No one" Moana muttered and he smiled. 

"You drive me crazy every second" He said and kissed her naked waist,Moana moaned,her eyes went closed. He kissed her bellybutton and then moved downward. He continue kissing her down to her vagina region. 

"My king.." Moana whimpered out a sweet moan,she was sickly wet already. 

King Cyrus continue the tension and pleasure work for about two minutes before stopping.  

"Let's go eat" He said and Moana opened her eyes. 


"The food will get cold like you said" The King replied. 

"Hey" Moana called. 

King Cyrus smirked knowing what he did,he got down from the bed. 

Moana swallowed,she watched him almost leaving.

"Cyrus" she called without thinking and he looked at her. 


"Are you......really....leaving?" She asked,breaking the words. 

He nodded and almost left the room. 

"Let's do it" Moana called back and he turned 

"Do what??" King Cyrus asked. 

Moana bite her lips and connect her two fingers.

"This" she muttered and the king almost laughed out. 

"What?" He asked. 

"You know what I'm talking about" Moana said. 

"No I don't"

"Let's have s*x" She blurted out and the Cyrus's brain made a loud sound inwardly. 


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