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Moana Mulan - Episode 53 & 54




Moana Mulan - Episode 53 & 54

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R




Louisa was watching as the king paced from one corner of the room to another,he was restless and wasn't even looking at her since she got into the room. 

King Cyrus was getting worried every second because everybody already claimed that Moana is nowhere in the castle and he's totally disturbed,she didn't even tell him anything and he doesn't want to believe what he was thinking. 

"Your majesty...can you just calm down? Isn't she just your slave....." She stopped when King Cyrus gave her a glare. 

"Because she's a slave I shouldn't care about her? I shouldn't know her whereabouts? Where the f**k is your heart?!" The king yelled at her and she swallowed. 

"Your majesty,it's Jerome" They heard Jerome's voice. 

"Come in" King Cyrus said without thinking twice and the door opened. 

Jerome and Jericho walked in with another guard. 

"What's the news?" The king asked.

"Your majesty,she's not in the castle,we find everywhere but still can't find her" Jericho said. 

"Why is he here?" King Cyrus asked,looking at the other guard. 

"He claimed to have saw Moana while she was escaping the palace" Jerome said and The king gave the guard a sign to speak up.

"That's true your majesty,she left the palace in the midnight" The guard replied.

"How many guards claimed to see her?" King Cyrus asked. 

"He's the only one....."

"Are you trying to tell me that none of the guards were active to see who was going out of the palace?!! So if murderers come into my palace to murder me,none of you will be aware?!!!!" The king Yelled angrily and they all buried their face on the floor. 

"I'm asking you a question!"

"We are sorry......."

"Shut up!!" King Cyrus snapped and pointed his finger at the guard who came to testify. 

"I'm giving you just one hour to provide the CCTV footage,I will like to see the way she escaped by myself...get out" King Cyrus said. 

The guard bowed and rushed out,the king then turned to Jerome and Jericho. 

"Go to her parent's house...check if she's there" He said. 

"What if she's there?" Jerome asked. 

"Then leave her there,don't bother bringing her back" King Cyrus muttered. 

Jerome and Jericho bowed and walked out. 



"Help!!!! Someone help!!!!" 

Moana was in tears as she continue hitting the wall but all she heard was the echo of her own voice,her voice isn't leaving the prison room at all. 


She screamed loudly,she was hardly breathing well because the temperature of the room was so high that she was finding it hard to stand on her feet,it was so hot. 

"Help me please......help!" She cried,tears rolling down her eyes. 

She continue knocking and screaming till she got tired,her throat already became dry and she was so thirsty. 

She fell on the ground weeping,the blood in her head was still there and the ones on her face already became dry,her hair was so scattered and her lips already became dry,she was in pain. 

As she sat down,she was thinking about her family,if she die here what will happen to them? Especially Jimmie,how would he live without her??

'No....I can't die this way" She said breathlessly and stood up again.

"Help!!!! Anyone here!!! Please help!!!" She continue screaming even though it seems impossible. 



The maids were gathered together by the court lady who was questioning all of them. 

"So you're telling me,none of you all saw Moana last night to see if she left the castle or not?" Lady Amber asked. 

"I heard she escaped" One maid said. 

"That's not true" Amelia said.

"What are you talking about?" Another maid asked. 

"She wouldn't have tried escaping by that time of the night,I'm sure something is wrong. She got a call and then run out" Amelia said. 

"What if the person who called her was waiting for her by the gate?"

"That's not true! Moana enjoy working here,so she doesn't have any reason to escape,it's not as if she's been maltreated" Amelia said. 

"You're right tho Amelia,I can remember the king even giving her a break,if she wanted to leave,she would definitely tell the king herself" Lady Amber said and Amelia nodded. 

"So what's going on?" Lady Amber sighed.

"I'm sure she's inside this palace,for sure. She have a lot of enemies" Amelia muttered. 



Arielle was busy doing the yoga on a mat in her bedroom,she was watching the video and following the model steps and styles. 

The door suddenly opened and Brielle came in,she have a tin of Pringles in her hand and also busy with her phone at the same time. 

"You didn't tell me you became this" Brielle said,sitting on the bed. 

"When did you start coming to my room without a reason?" Arielle asked stretching her legs more wider. 

Brielle sighed.

"It's...Jimmie" She muttered.

"What happened? You two fought again?" Arielle asked and got up,she went to pick a bottle of water to drink.

"He's acting weird" Brielle replied. 

"Isn't it too early for him to start acting weird? It's not even three full days yet" Arielle said.

"Throughout yesterday,I didn't see him in school,I called him but he didn't answer my calls,I went to the coffee shop but I was told he took a day off. I called him again and he answered my call,I wanted a face time but he declined.....what do you think is wrong? I'm scared already,what if he change his mind and break up with me?" Brielle rushed her words. 

Arielle sighed out and shook her head. 

"I wish you calm down please,he might be too busy....."

"No,he's never too busy to talk to me. I'm sure something is wrong....what if his parents found out and warned him? Or.......wait........Andrew" Brielle frowned. 

"Andrew? You think Andrew would threaten him...."

"It's something he can do okay? He asked me out at the party night and I rejected him" Brielle said and Arielle sighed

"If Andrew do that,then he's childish" She said and Brielle nodded,she stared eating the Pringles while still thinking about Jimmie. 

"The palace seems tensed,is something going on?" Arielle asked. 

"Heard the King's slave left the palace" Brielle muttered and Arielle frowned. 

"Moana?" Arielle asked. 

"Moana? That's her name?" Brielle asked and Arielle nodded. 

"You sound like you two are friends...."

"Yes we are,and I don't think she's the type to escape" Arielle said 

"Why do you think so?" Brielle asked. 

"Coz I think she likes brother" Arielle replied and Brielle gasped,the Pringles fell from her band. 

"What the f**k?!"

"Oh please,I don't see anything wrong with it." Arielle grinned. 

"No,she looks too young for him..."

"She's twenty one,come on" Arielle said. 

Brielle nodded. 

"I don't really see her a lot so I can't say if she's pretty or not,but I think she have a nice shape" Brielle muttered.

"That's right" Arielle laughed.

"And besides,I don't like Louisa,she looks like a witch" Brielle hissed. 

"I love you for hating Louisa" Arielle said.

"But mother must not hear about this" Brielle shook her head.

"Right" Arielle muttered. 



Jerome and Jericho came out of the car and proceeded toward the house,after pressing the door bell for a while,the door opened and Jimmie came to view,He's the only one home. 

"What is it this time?" He groaned. 

"Is your sister home?" Jerome asked and Jimmie frowned.

"My sister? Why would she be here when she's suppose to be in the palace.. .wait..." Jimmie's eyes widened.

Jerome and Jericho exchanged glances. 

"Where's Moana?" Jimmie asked immediately and grabbed Jericho's hand.

"Why are you looking for her here? Did the king throw her out ....."

"It's not what you're thinking"

"Then where is she?!" Jimmie snapped. 

"She's missing" Jericho said and Jimmie's eyes widened. 


"But we will find her" Jericho said.

"I don't understand,she got missing inside the palace. Is it a playground that anyone get missing anyhow?" Jimmie snapped. 

"We will find her,we promise....."

"You better find her before today ends if you love your head" Jimmie said.

"My head?" Jerome and Jericho asked in shock. 

Jimmie slammed the door on their faces. 

"He's got attitude more than his majesty" Jerome muttered and Jericho laughed out.

"But then,if she's not here....that means....she's in the castle" Jericho muttered and they both entered the car again,driving off speedily. 



King Cyrus sighed out loudly when the member of the royal council finally left his office after hours of talking none stop. 

Almost immediately Jerome and Jericho came in. 

"Your majesty" They bowed. 

"I couldn't attend to you since...so how was it?" He asked. 

"She's not home your majesty,she's not. Even her brother doesn't know anything" Jerome said. 

King Cyrus buried his face into his palms frustratingly. 

"What about the guards checking the footage?" He asked after a while. 

"They didn't find anything....."

"I'm asking again,where the f**k were all the guards when everything was happening? Why is nobody giving me any answer?!" He hit his hand on the table and exhaled right calm down 

"Go and check the footage yourself,don't show your face until you find that girl or get ready to loose your job,get lost" The king said angrily. 

Jerome and Jericho bowed and walked out immediately. 

King Cyrus groaned,he was at the point of going crazy. 

"Where are you?? Please let me find you or I might go crazy" He muttered. 



Jerome and Jericho entered,meeting countless guards in the room looking like dummies without any news to carry out. 

"Everyone,get out" Jericho ordered. 

"Leave!!" Jerome shouted when they were being too slow and they all went out instantly. 

They both sat down next to each other and began checking the CCTV footage one after the other like the kind ordered. 

"Focus on the footage from the maids quarter,at least she would leave her room if she wants to escape" Jerome said.

"Yea" Jericho agreed and they began checking. 

"Here she is" Jerome suddenly said and they started watching but after she left the maids quarter everything became blank. 

The two Js exchanged meaningful glances.

"The CCTV was messed with" They said at once. 

"This is more crazy than I thought,just keep checking" Jerome muttered.

They kept checking but same thing,the footage have been deleted,they almost gave up until Jericho found the last clip. 

"Jerome " He called and Jerome shifted closer immediately. 

They watched the footage from where Moana left the maids quarter,she continue walking. 

"Did you notice anything?" Jerome asked. 

"None of the guards were active around 10pm" Jericho replied. 

They kept watching Moana as she walked toward the King's chamber and then two guards appeared behind her. 

"Pause....zoom their faces" Jerome said immediately and Jericho did. 

"Have you ever seen them?" Jerome asked. 

"No,they are not among the guards....I'm very sure" Jericho replied. They played the video again watching as they hit her head and carried her away. 

Where they carried her to.

"How....the f**k did they know that underground prison?" Jerome stood up in total shock.

But the most shocking one was when Louisa showed up.

"What the heck!" They both shouted. 

"Copy that right away!!" Jerome said. 

Jericho immediately copied on his phone and they ran out of the media room. 



"Calm down Cyrus,I'm sure she's fine....."

"You can't say that sis,I know Moana. I will never believe she would escape,she once told me she can't survive not seeing my face,I know what I'm talking about" King Cyrus said. 

"What If she got tired of your face?" Irene smirked. 

"Sis this is not the time for joke,I'm insanely worried" King Cyrus said. 

The door opened all of a sudden and the double Js rushed in. 

"Your majesty,we found it" 


Jerome handed the phone to him,Irene also came closer then Jerome played the video. 

"What is this?" Irene asked in shock.

"Is that Louisa in the video?" She gasped.

"Yes your highness" Jericho replied and looked at the king. 

"What are you waiting for? Lead the way immediately to that prison" King Cyrus uttered and immediately they took the lead,Irene followed king Cyrus who was already looking so angry as he walked behind Jerome and Jericho. 

He shun all the guards greeting them on the way,they continue walking till they finally got to the entrance which leads to the underground. 

"Your majesty you should stop here we will....."

"Shut up and move!!" King Cyrus yelled and they immediately started walking. 

"You can wait here" The king said to Irene and followed the guards. 

They went down and then got to the front of the prison,it was locked. 

Jerome's eyes caught a mallet laying on the floor and he took it,he started hitting it on the lock and after the fifth attempt,the door open and they entered. 

Moana was already unconscious on the ground. 

"Ana!" King Cyrus rushed to her on the ground and lifted her head up,he could still see fresh blood coming out,her face was totally different and he can't even feel his pulse. 

"Ana.....Please" He muttered and didn't know when tears rolled down his eyes. 

He carried her in a bridal style and took her out,Jerome and Jericho followed him. 

They got back home and Irene rushed to them,she gasped when she saw Moana. 

King Cyrus faced Jerome and Jericho. 

"Go get Louisa right now...throw her into the dungeon until I am ready for her" He muttered. .

"Cyrus....." Irene tried talking. 

"I don't f**king care what the royal council thinks!! F**k the damn laws!! Go lock her up!!" King Cyrus snapped angrily. 

"Yes your majesty!" Jerome and Jericho ran off immediately. 


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