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Moana Mulan - Episode 51 & 52




Moana Mulan - Episode 51 & 52

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R




Moana opened her eyes gently,immediately she knew she was in the king's chamber,his bedroom to be precised. She quickly jumped down from the bed but the room seems empty,no sign of the king at all. 

"My king?" Moana called but got no response,that was when she checked the time. 

"Ahh!" She gasped and covered her mouth immediately,it was already past 8 in the morning. 

"Oh no" She immediately packed her hair and ran out of the room,she left the chamber,she was still in rush until she bumped into Arielle. 

"Moana" Arielle called with a smile,she was already dressed and prepared to go to school but she wanted to see Moana first before leaving. 

"Good morning" Moana smiled. 

"Are you okay now? You were so drunk,here" Arielle said,handing to her a hangover drink. 

"Thanks" Moana took it from her. 

"Drink it immediately,I don't want you to get sick" Ariel said. 

"Did I do anything crazy?" Moana asked after sipping from it. 

Arielle lean close to her ear and whispered. "You should ask the king that" 

Moana bit her lip and Arielle winked. 

"Don't worry,I don't like the princess for my brother,big sis doesn't like her either,it's just royal stuffs so we have no choice" Arielle said in a low voice. 

"Oh...." Moana mumbled. 

"I need to go,I will see you when I get back,bye" Arielle waved at her and walked away. 

Moana also went straight to the kitchen,she could see the maids looking at her with displeasing eyes,she ignored them and went straight to Amelia. 

"Let's go wet the flowers together" Amelia said and they both went outside. 

"Where were you last night?" Amelia asked. 

"I.....drank with the princess" Moana said. 

"Princess Arielle?" Amelia asked and Moana nodded. 

"So you slept off?" 

Moana nodded again. 

"You should be careful" Amelia said 

"Don't worry about me" Moana smiled. 


Brielle was about starting her car when suddenly Arielle showed up,she knocked on the window glass and Brielle looked at her as she entered. 

"What are you doing?" She asked. 

"I'm riding with you" Arielle smiled and Brielle raises her brows. 

"When have we ever done that?" She asked. 

"I don't want to go to school alone,come on" Arielle pouted. 

Brielle scoffed and started the car. 

"Thanks" Arielle smiled.

Brielle turned on the music when she finally drove out of the castle long road. 

Arielle started singing after the song and then Brielle joined her. 

🎶 Oohh Ooh 

🎶 Nothing is more beautiful than waking up to see your beautiful face in the morning

🎶 The way you brighten up the world with just your sweet words

🎶 I just wanna stay with you forever baby!!

🎶 Say I am crazy but I don't care

🎶 Just wanna stay with you forever girlie!!!

They kept on grinning excitedly as they sang together. 



Only the royal family was present,The king,Queen Karina,Hector,Irene and the royal lawyers. 

It's the day the king would finally give his command about the companies,ever since the last king died,Hector automatically began to manage them all without any consultation from the new king. 

Queen Karina and Hector were sitting down together,they both look restless. Irene was sitting opposite them with her legs crossed,she was unshaken. 

"Your majesty,we are here to listen to your final say on the companies and we will make sure everything is as you command" The first lawyer said. 

"I've made my decision" King Cyrus said and everyone listened attentively. 

"Since I won't be able to manage father's companies alongside my responsibilities as the king,the right should definitely go to the one who worth it,and that's the eldest child of the family,Princess Irene" King Cyrus said. 

Queen Karina stood up Immediately. 

"Your majesty,Hector here is far older than the princess if you will be talking about Age" She said. 

"My father had just four children before he left the world,and the first child is the princess. Hector is a stranger who my father decided to help,even if he's your son,He's definitely an illegitimate child Queen Karina,what exactly are you trying to prove?? I should neglect the one with royal blood and give out my companies to a stranger?" King Cyrus asked. 

"Stranger??...Do you ever consider him as your brother.     "

"Do you ever consider me as your child?" King Cyrus cut in and she fold her fist. 

Hector was shaking inwardly and with full anger inside of him. 

King Cyrus faced the lawyers. 

"That is my final decision,the princess will decide whatever position she's ready to give Hector on her own" He said and Hector bit his lips. 

"We understand,your majesty" The lawyers replied. 



Jimmie was in the lecture hall alone,he was studying just before anyone get to class. Suddenly he heard some footsteps coming in and he looked up to see Andrew. 

He had this blankly cold look on his face as he walked closer to Jimmie,he stopped right in front of him. 

"Are you dating Brielle now?" Andrew asked. 

"Do I have to tell you that?" Jimmie asked and Andrew cracked. 

"Even after my warning,you still had the gut to date her,seriously?" 

Jimmie ignored him and continue reading. 

"Listen to me you bastard!" Andrew took the book he was reading and threw it away before slamming his hands on the table. Jimmie looked at him. 

"If you really want to enjoy your stay in this school,stay away from Brielle......while I'm still nice" Andrew said and used Jimmie's collar to pull him up from his seat. 

Jimmie throw his hands off. 

"Are you really this weak?" He asked and Andrew frowned. 


"Yes weak,if you are really who you think you are,why don't you just go ahead and make her fall in love with you? Instead of coming here to display madness,but I bet you can't. Because she's madly in love with me" Jimmie said and Andrew chuckled. 

He grabbed Jimmie and throw a punch on his face angrily,Jimmie fell down roughly on the floor,he touched his lips and he saw his blood. He looked at Andrew. 

"That's just a warning....stay away from her or you're a dead boy" Andrew threatened and walked out of the class. 

Francisco and Ryder came in almost immediately and met Jimmie just getting up. 

"What the f**k happened to your lips?" Ryder asked as they rushed to him. 

"Nothing" Jimmie muttered and took his book on the floor,he sat down again. 

"It was Andrew right? We saw him on our way" Francisco said. 

Jimmie kept quiet.

"I knew something like this would happen the moment you told us you're now dating Brielle" Ryder groaned. 

"I'm fine" Jimmie said when Francisco wanted to touch his lips. 

"You should tell Brielle....."

"What are you talking about? Tell her what? That I was punched because of her? You know how she is" Jimmie said. 

"Then aren't you going to see her? She will notice....."

"I will try to avoid her today" Jimmie said. 

Ryder and Francisco exchanged glances and sighed out. 



Moana was in the dinning room setting the King's breakfast on the table,few minutes later,King Cyrus came in and she immediately turned. 

"Good morning my king" She bowed. 

King Cyrus nodded and sat down quietly. 

Moana bit her lips,watching as the king picture the cutlery,he was quiet and wasn't even looking at her unlike his usual self. 

"My king" Moana called and he looked up. 

"I must have caused you a lot last night...too bad I can't remember a thing but I'm sorry" Moana bowed. 

King Cyrus dropped his cutlery and looked at Moana. 

"Don't ever try to drink again" He said. 

"I won't...never" Moana took her lips in. 

"So you can't remember a thing?" The king asked. 

"I'm sorry my king" Moana muttered. 

The king was about to talk when suddenly they began hearing some loud voice outside. 

King Cyrus took his phone and dialed Jerome's number which he answered immediately. 

📲 Your majesty....

📲 What's going on?

📲 It's Hector your majesty

📲 Let him in

📲 But he seems violent

📲 Let him in. 

King Cyrus hung up and stood up at once,he walked out of the dinning room and went to the living room,the door also opened the same time and Hector stormed in,Jerome and Jericho followed. 

King Cyrus sat down and crossed his legs. 

"Why are you here?" He asked calmly. 

"How can you still look so calm when you just deprive me of what's mine?!!" Hector yelled. 

"Yours? What's that?" King Cyrus asked. 

"You know what i'm talking about!! That position should be mine!!" Hector should. 

King Cyrus stood up and walked closer to Hector so their faces were really close. 

"If anyone hear you screaming this way...they might actually think you killed the late king because of his properties" He smiled. 

"How dare you" Hector glared.

King Cyrus moved away from him. 

"Like I said,you have no position here in my palace,I don't rate you at all,my father brought you here but I am not him,so watch your attitude,so you won't get into trouble" He said. 

"You!!...." Hector yelled and made to rush toward the king. 

Jerome and Jericho grabbed him at once,he tried pushing them away but he wasn't even as strong as one of them,talk more of the two. 

"Throw him out...if he try anything funny,do something funny with him" King Cyrus said coldly. 

"Yes your majesty!" Jerome and Jericho chorused and like the king said,they both carried him at once,as soon as they got outside,they threw him on the floor and he groaned in pain. 

"You might want us to do something funny to you if you don't leave right now" Jericho said

"Both of you...will regret this" Hector said and walked away. 

Back in the king's chamber,King Cyrus entered the dinning room again and sat down. 

Moana decided to just keep quiet,he wasn't looking so well,hence,reason why he's not smiling at her at the moment. 

The king ate in silence and after some minutes,he dropped his spoon,he drank water and stood up,he still didn't say a word as he made to leave. 

"My king" Moana followed him and came in front of him. 

King Cyrus looked at her. 

"Are you okay?" She asked worriedly. 

"No" King Cyrus replied and Moana moved closer,she touched his forehead to feel his temperature. 

"Your temperature is okay,do you feel tired?" She asked. 

"I want to run away" King Cyrus muttered and Moana's eyes widened. 

"What? You can't do that" She immediately said. 

"Why?" The king asked. 

"What about me? You're going to leave me also?" Moana pouted and the king chuckled. 

"That was what I always wanted to do...before you came into my life. Now I don't want to run away again,even if I want to,then I will take you with me" He said and Moana blushed. 

"I thought you were still mad at me" She mumbled. 

"Not anymore" King Cyrus said and kissed her forehead. 

Moana moved into him and hugged him. 

"Everything will be fine" She said,patting his back. 

King Cyrus smiled and hugged her more closer and tighter. 



Jimmie got home feeling tired,as said,he succeeded in avoiding Brielle all day and now his phone is full of her calls and texts. 

"I'm home...." He was announcing but he couldn't finish when he saw Jerome and Jericho sitting in the living room with his parents. 

He stopped immediately,he remembered them clearly,they are the King's guards who took Moana away. 

"Did something happened to my sister?" Was the first thing he asked. 

"No son,take a seat" Mrs Mulan said. 

Jimmie raised his brows but obeyed anyway

"Are you saying...the king really decided to spare us our debt?" Mr Mulan asked 

"Of course,that's why we came here with the King's order" Jerome replied. 

Jimmie's eyes widened in their sockets. 

"Then what about Moana?" He asked. 

"She will keep on walking until the king is ready to release her" Jerome replied. 

They both stood up after a while and Jerome took out a cheque note from his chest pocket. 

"Here" He handed over to Mr Mulan. 

"It's from the king,have a nice night ahead" Jerome and Jericho walked out of the house. 

Jimmie rushed to take the cheque from Mr Mulan who was still looking speechless. 

"A million dollars?" Jimmie blinked his eyes unbelievably. 

"Oh mine" Mrs Mulan broke into tears as she hugged her husband. They were both rejoicing but Jimmie was thinking about something else. 

"Is the king trying to buy my sister? That crazy fellow" He cursed and almost rush out but Mr Mulan grabbed him and pulled him back. 

"Where do you think you're going?"

"Isn't this suspicious? It's like be want to keep Moana there forever and make her his slave forever? I need to teach him a lesson....."

"You were beaten up by a college student but you want to teach the king a lesson?" Mrs Mulan asked 

"It's totally different...I decided not to fight back,but the king...f**k" Jimmie groaned. 

"Let's wait for Moana's call and explanation. We won't touch the money for now" Mr Mulan said. 

"I will call her right away" Jimmie said and went into his room. 



Moana just finished talking to Jimmie on the phone,he told her about the debt and also the cheque. Moana couldn't hide her joy. 

She had to just leave her room that minute,she wanted to thank the king that moment without waiting till tomorrow. It was late already but she was sure the king is definitely not asleep yet so she proceeded. 

That was when she suddenly noticed something strange,since she's been working,she haven't seen any guard around,normally the guards are supposed to be everywhere but they are nowhere. 

"What's going on?" Moana muttered in confusion. 

Just as she was about to enter the main building where the king's chamber is,someone grabbed her roughly from the back,she tried to scream but the person hit her head with a plank and she lost her consciousness. 

Moana was carried and taken,they entered and underground prison and threw her on the ground,her head was already bleeding. The prison was a secret underground that the royal family haven't used in years,it is where the most dangerous criminals always spend their lives until they are finally executed,but for years it haven't been used. 

It's a very small space with no window,always covered with darkness either during the day or night,no matter how anyone would scream from there,nobody would ever hear,and it's possible for the heat to kill,there are many cases like that. 

The men who Threw Moana there came out and locked the door,leaving her on the hot floor with her bleeding head. 

"It is done" They said,probably to the person who sent them. 

"Did you handle the guards?" The voice asked.

"We did" 

"Good...if the king start asking about his slave girl,testify seeing her escape out of the palace,is that clear?"

"We understand" they replied and like that the person walked away. 

The men also left. 


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