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Moana Mulan - Episode 49 & 50




Moana Mulan - Episode 49 & 50

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R



"Guards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Louisa screamed her lungs out and Moana stopped walking,the door opened and three guards rushed inside. 

"Are you okay?" The first guard asked Moana immediately. 

"What are you doing?! Lock her up right away!!" Louisa shouted. 

The guards eyes bulged out in shock and then looked at Moana again.

"What are you waiting for?! I said lock her up!" Louisa shouted. 

The guards were so hesitant as they grabbed Moana and took her out of the King's chamber. 

"How dare she" Louisa breathe out and touched her cheeks. 

"I'm going to kill her,I will" She mumbled. 


Jerome was standing somewhere around the King's building,he was leaning on the car as if he was waiting for something. Other bodyguards were walking around,some holding their guns or other weapons in order of safety for the royal family especially his majesty. 

"Boss" A guard showed up in front of Jerome and he gave the guard a questioning look. 

"What happened?" Jerome questioned curiously. .

"Princess Louisa just ordered the guards to lock the king's slave up" The guard replied and Jerome look shocked. 

"Moana?" He asked and the guard nodded. 

"Okay,you can go" Jerome said and the guard walked away Instantly. 

Jerome brought out his phone and dialed Jericho's number. 



"Have a nice night ahead your majesty!!" The elders all chorused with a very low bow as the meeting finished. 

King Cyrus nodded,watching as they all walked out one after the other till it was just him and Jericho who was right beside him. 

The king looked at him after that,he noticed he received a call and he looked troubled also. 

"Is something going on?" The king asked. 

"Yes your majesty" Jericho immediately asked,bowing. 

"What is it?" King Cyrus asked. 

"Jerome just called me,I think the princess and Moana have a little conflict and the princess ordered for Moana to be locked up" Jericho explained. 

"Which princess are you talking about?" King Cyrus asked. 

"The future queen your majesty" Jericho replied. 

"Where is she right now?" King Cyrus stood up. 

"She should be in her suite" Jerome answered and immediately followed the king out of the throne room. 

"Your majesty" The guards by the door bowed and made to follow the king. 

"Stay back" King Cyrus ordered and they immediately stopped walking,watching as the king walked away with his cold face and Jericho behind him.



Louisa was pacing angrily,even after she ordered the guards to lock Moana up,she was still very angry,she wanted to just kill her at that moment and nothing else. 

She was still pacing when the door opened and she turned to see King Cyrus entered. 


"Why did you do that?" King Cyrus cut in instantly. 

"That slave of yours..slapped me" Louisa said showing him her cheeks. 

"Can you see?? I f**king want to kill her !!! How could she?!!" Louisa screamed aggressively. 

"Can you bring your voice down and explain what happened in details. She wouldn't do such without a reason" King Cyrus said and Louisa chuckled. 

"For real? Are you saying I deserve it right now? What could I have done to a slave girl to make her slap me?!! What!!" Louisa shouted in tears. 

"That's why I'm asking you to explain and tell me what happened,what did you do to her this time?" King Cyrus asked. 

Louisa sniffs. 

"Nothing justifies your slave girl action your majesty" Queen Karina walked in and came to stay beside Louisa who was crying. 

"Nothing?" King Cyrus asked. 

"She's just a slave here and the princess,I mean your fiancee have every right to treat her anyhow she wants......"

"With whose permission?" King Cyrus asked. 

"She doesn't need a permission........."

"Are you the king or I?!!" King Cyrus snapped angrily. 

Louisa was shocked the moment he shouted at the queen. 

"Who do you think you are to tell me that?" King Cyrus asked. 

"Why are you acting this way?! She slapped me!! You're not even making any attempt to support me....  "

"Then tell me what happened in details!" King Cyrus snapped. 

Louisa sniffs and wiped her tears. 

"What's the need? You will support your slave girl anyway" She muttered. 

King Cyrus ignored her and stormed out of the suite,Jericho and Jerome were still standing outside. 

"Bring her to my chamber" the king ordered. 

"Yes your majesty" They both bowed and the king walked away. 

They also turned and went their own way toward the cell. 



Moana was standing on her feet,her arms crossed as she walked around. Somehow she wasn't really scared,looking at the guards who were standing right outside the door,none of them gave her the reason to be scared. 

They would ask her every minute if she was okay and she wondered why,that actually broke every fear she was suppose to feel at the moment. 

She sighed out loudly and lean on the wall impatiently,she couldn't help but to wonder if the king is aware of what's going on,have her been informed and he decided to leave her here? Or probably the princess already told him everything. 

While thinking about all that,Jerome and Jericho suddenly showed up and Moana walked over to the door curiously. 

"Open up" Jerome said to the guard and he quickly unlocked the door,Moana looked at them. 

"Come out" Jericho told her and she gently walked out of the cell. 

"Are you okay?" Jerome asked and she nodded. 

"The king want you in his chamber" Jericho reported and Moana looked up immediately. 

"Do you think he's mad at me?" She asked as they started walking together,she was in their middle. 

"You think he will be mad?" Jericho asked. 

"I don't know" Moana bit her lips. 

There was silence after that till they stopped in front of the king's chamber. 

"Go on" Jerome said. 

"Thanks" Moana mumbled and went inside,she was folding her hands tightly as she entered nervously. 

Her heart almost skipped a beat when she met the king in the living room,standing. 

"My King" Moana bowed. 

King Cyrus checked her out with his eyes. 

"Did they touch you?" He asked.

"No" Moana mumbled,she buried her face on the ground,avoiding the king's eyes. 

"Why did you do that?" King Cyrus finally asked. 

"I'm....sorry" Moana mumbled. 

"I didn't ask you to apologize,what happened exactly? To push you so much into slapping her?" The king asked rather coldly and Moana swallowed hard. 

"You told me earlier to Wait for you here at dawn...so I came over to your chamber but you were nowhere,I decided to wait because that was what you told me" Moana stopped to wiped the slow tests escaping her eyes. 

"The princess came over minutes later and she was mad seeing me here,I should have left when she asked me to....but then....I couldn't just leave so I tried explaining that I was waiting for you....I think she got mad because I talked back and she slapped me" Moana finished her explanation. 

"And then??" The king raised his brows. 

"I slapped her back.....twice" Moana said and King Cyrus exhaled frustratingly,he moved away from her but Moana went closer. 

"I'm sorry,I was just too mad......"

"You should have tried controlling yourself as usual,you know how everything is,what if she had decided to punish you without me knowing? What would have happened?" The king asked. 

"I'm sorry....."

"You can go" King Cyrus muttered and left the living room,leaving her standing. 

Moana bit her down lip as tears rolled down freely from her eyes,the crazy weakness she have grown to develop is the king being mad at her,she doesn't want that at all and she doesn't even know why but it always break her heart. 

She wiped her tears and gently walked out of the chamber,she was going so slowly with full head when suddenly Arielle showed up in front of her. 

"Hey" She grinned and Moana looked up. 


"Arielle" Arielle completed and Moana nodded. 

"Let's go to my room" She said.


"No buts,let's go" Arielle grabbed her hand and dragged her away,they both entered Arielle's suite and into her bedroom. 

"Wow" Moana mumbled,looking around. 

"So...how old are you? You kinda look young" Arielle said,bringing out some fruit from her fridge. 

"Twenty one" Moana replied and Arielle gasped. 

"Me too!!!!!!" She dropped the fruit bowl and rushed to hug Moana tightly. 

"What month?" She asked. 

"October" Moana replied. 

"Oh...Brielle and I are August..but still..why does this sound like we are triplets?" Arielle grinned and Moana chuckled. 

"Here" Arielle made her sit down and she sat beside her also. 

"I heard my brother brought you here himself,aren't you angry?" Arielle asked. 

"No" Moana muttered,her mind drifted to Cyrus and she sighed sadly. 

"What happened?" Arielle asked. 

"Nothing" Moana replied. 

Arielle gave her the fruit bowl before getting up. 

"Wait here,I'm going to have my bath" She said and Moana nodded. 



"Goodnight" Jimmie said to the manager. 

"Do you want to wait? I can drop you off" The manager said. 

"No,I'm fine" Jimmie said and went out. 

"Hey Teddy bear!" Brielle called out loudly the moment she saw Jimmie coming out she was leaning on her car but then ran to hug him. 

"When did I become a teddy bear?" Jimmie asked. 

"Since forever,I just couldn't call you that to keep my pride,but now that you are mine" She squished his cheeks and Jimmie smiled his dimples out. 

"You didn't tell me you would be here so soon"Jimmie said. 

"So you were planning to get there before me? We are going together" Brielle pecked his lips and gave him the car key. 

"I didn't agree to be your driver though,but I don't mind" Jimmie said and she laughed. 

He opened the car for her and he also got in,he drove off. They planned to eat dinner together abd that's what they are doing. 


They both walked into the restaurant holding hands,they were directed to a table and they settled down. 

"Good evening....oh my God! Princess!" The waitress who came to them gasped. 

"Hi" Brielle said and Jimmie smiled. 

"It's so good to see you" The waitress bowed,handing her the food menu and then Jimmie. 

"What do you want?" Jimmie asked. 

"What about you?" Brielle asked,giving him her sweetest smile. 

"Anything you want" Jimmie replied. 

"Okay" Brielle smiled and started checking till she stopped. 

"This....Beef Pasta....and chicken mix" She told the waitress. 

"For the both of us" She added. 

"I will be right back" The waitress said and walked away. 

"You're quite popular" Jimmie said. 

"I guess" Brielle flipped her hair and Jimmie chuckled. 

Few minutes later,their meals were served and they began to eat. 

"Wow,it's really nice" Jimmie said. 

"Let me have a taste" Brielle opened her mouth

"Are we not eating the same thing?" Jimmie asked. 

"I want evidence..ahh" She opened her mouth. 

Jimmie fed her and she nodded. 

"It's the same I guess" She said and Jimmie laughed.

"You're so cute" He said. 

"You're cuter,teddy bear" Brielle muttered. 

"Jimmie?" Someone suddenly called and Jimmie looked up to see the familiar girl. 

"Sana" He called and stood up. 

"It's really you!!" Sana said excitedly and hugged him. 

Brielle glared. 

"Wow,you look even more handsome. I've missed you so much" Sana said,still holding Jimmie's hand after they broke the hug. 

"Me too,you also look more pretty" Jimmie said and she blushed. 

"I will talk to you on phone,I came here with my sister" Sana said and Jimmie nodded. 

"Oh..meet my...." He wanted to introduce Brielle but Sana quickly pecked his cheek and ran off. 

Jimmie stood still for a second,nobody have to tell him he was in trouble,after standing there for seconds,he finally succeeded in sitting down,his eyes met with Brielle who was still glaring angrily at him. 

"She's.....my highschool classmate......I'm sorry" he said. 

"I lost my appetite" Brielle stood up. 

"Brielle wait....."

"Meet me outside" Brielle snapped and walked out angrily. 

Jimmie sighed out,he went to pay for their meal and went out to meet Brielle. 

"Hey,I said I'm sorry."  He apologized. 

"Who cares if she was your classmate? Didn't you see the way she was acting? You know how much I hate it when girls flirt with you,and over all,she pecked you? For real?" 

"I wasn't expecting that,I'm sorry" Jimmie said. 

Brielle rolled her eyes and Jimmie hugged her. 

"I always forget I have a very jealous girlfriend" He muttered. 

"I'm not jealous" She snapped. 

"I was starving though" Jimmie muttered and bit his lips. 

"We can't stay there,who knows if she see you again,she would kiss you,you even said she's pretty"  Brielle hissed and Jimmie laughed. 

"Let's go somewhere else" Jimmie said and Brielle nodded. 

"A private room this time around" Brielle said and Jimmie laughed. 

"It's not even funny,I'm annoyed" 

Jimmie pecked her lips and they entered the car and drove off. 



King Cyrus was in his library,he tried concentrating on the book he was reading but he couldn't. Since he sent Moana out of his chamber,he haven't seen her and somehow he was worried if she was still sad about what happened. 

Thinking about that,he picked his phone and dialed Jerome's number but it was Jericho who answered. 

📲 Your Majesty,I will be right there. 

📲 Get Moana..over here 

📲 Okay Your majesty. 

The king hung up the call. After some minutes,he stood up and walked out of the library. 

Jericho appeared that same minute but without Moana. 

"Where is she?" King Cyrus asked. 

"Your majesty.....it turned out that she's..drunk" Jericho said and King Cyrus frowned. 

"Drunk? How?" 

"She drank with princess Arielle" Jericho answred. 


Arielle entered with a sad puppy look on her face. 

"I'm so sorry brother,I didn't know she have such a low tolerant of alcohol,she only drank a glass" She said. 

"Why would you even give her in the first place?" King Cyrus grosjedm 

"We were just having fun" Arielle replied. 

"You can go" The king ordered and Arielle went out. 

"Bring her here,I want to see" He said to Jericho but before he could move,the door opened and Moana came in,she grinned drunkenly. 

"Hey king" She waved. 

Jericho looked away to control his laughter,the king frowned and he bit his lips. 


Jericho bowed and immediately went out. 

King Cyrus faced Moana who was walking closer to her 

"Do you miss me?" She pouted but then staggered. 

"Why is the floor moving,....earthquake?" She asked and laughed out. She rushed to the king and almost fell but he held her 

"Oh my knight in shining amour" She grinned and tap his cheek twice before moving away,she started running around,laughing like a child. 

"Gosh" King Cyrus roughed his hair. 

"Oh...I'm so hot....time to take my bath" Moana stood still and tried to unbutton her uniform but her hands were shaking so she couldn't. 

"I can just bath with my clothes on" She chuckled and ran past the king but he turned again. 

To his greatest shock,Moana opened the fridge instead. 

"What's she doing?" King Cyrus muttered. 

"This bathroom is so nice!!" She screamed and began to enter. 

"What the f**k?" King Cyrus's eyes grew wide. 


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