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Moana Mulan - Episode 27 & 28




Moana Mulan - Episode 27 & 28

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R



"You're not planning to slap her are you?" King Cyrus entered. 

"What if I am?" Louisa asked,glaring at Moana. 

"Then the guards will drag you out while she remain here" The king said and Moana couldn't believe her ears. 

"What?!" Louisa's eyes widened. 

King Cyrus turned to Moana. 

"Leave" He said. 

Moana bowed and immediately walked out of the chamber. 

"You really....said that you will...."

"Yes I would have done that if you slapped her" King Cyrus snapped.


"Because your attitude sucks these days,who are you to tell her to stay away when I never gave such order? This should be the last time you raise your hand on her without any genuine reason,is that understood?' The king scolded. 

"Are you really angry just because of a maid?" Louisa asked. 

"Are you telling me you won't change and reflect on your actions? So maids are not humans? Because I clearly heard everything,she did nothing wrong to you Louisa,you f**king pushed her into the pool once and she almost died but I overlooked,you're becoming wicked lately and I don't think I need a wicked person by my side" King Cyrus said and Louisa gasped. 

"How can you say that!" She broke into tears. 

"Because that's what you're becoming" the king said and walked out of her sight. 

Louisa sat down and sniff in her tears. 

"That little witch" She muttered,clenching her fists while thinking of the best way to punish Moana. She wouldn't give up no matter what the king says. 



Moana kept on turning around on the bed,she couldn't stop thinking about the Moment King Cyrus stood up for her for the first time,it was like a dream but she's dying of happiness at this moment. 

She chuckled and bite her lips

'Was he really going to throw her out because of me?' She thought and smiled crazily. 

Amelia cleared her throat and that brought Moana back to reality. 

"You've been smiling,what exactly happened today?" Amelia asked. 

"Nothing,I'm just thinking about something" Moana replied. 

"Something sweet" Amelia winked. 

"Goodnight" Maona muttered and turned her back on Amelia. 

"So you're saying it's a secret?" Amelia asked but Moana didn't reply again. 

"Fine" Amelia rolled her eyes and also fell back on the bed. 



Arielle and Jimmie both rest on the bridge,staring at the large water underneath. The road was quite busy but on this side,it was really silent. 

"It's my first time here" Arielle muttered and Jimmie looked at her.


"Yeah" Arielle nodded. 

Jimmie turned back to the water. 

"Did you quarrel with Brielle about what happened?" Arielle asked. 

"Why do you think so?" 

"Because you're quiet,you don't seem to be happy with me here,or you can't talk to me again?" Arielle asked. 

"What do you mean By that? I wouldn't have followed you when you said I should,if I never wanted to talk to you" Lamia said and Arielle sighed. 

"I just want to be a friend too" she said. 

"You don't mind even if I'm your junior?" Jimmie asked. 

"I don't think Brielle care about that either" Arielle said. 

"She's different" Jimmie said and Arielle raised her brows. 

"What do you mean by she's different?" He asked. 

"You can't understand..  It's complicated how we met and how we grow on each other" Jimmie muttered and continue staring at the water. 

"Oh! It's fireworks!" Arielle said loudly,pointing at the beautiful fireworks being released into the sky. 

"Wow,they are amazing" Jimmie said,smiling. He turned to Arielle. 

"Honestly,it's my first time here also" He said. 

"So,does that mean we have something in common?" Arielle grinned and Jimmie chuckled. 

"Thanks for coming here" He said 

"If you rejected me,I wouldn't be here" Arielle said and Jimmie smiled,he continue staring at the fireworks. 

"Your dimples are pretty" Arielle said. 

"Thanks....I think we should leave now,my parents will be worried" Jimmie said 

"Mommy's boy?" Arielle teased. 

"Sure I am...for now" Jimmie replied and they laughed. 

"I'm not going to see you till monday" Arielle said. 

"Oh that's true,it's weekend" Jimmie mumbled and his mind went to Brielle for a second

They both entered the car and drove off. 



Hector entered the library and as he was informed,Princess Louisa was there,. 

"Louisa" Hector called and Louisa looked up.

"Oh,good morning" She greeted with a light bow.  

Hector smiled and walked closer to her. 

"I didn't know you were here in the palace" He said. 

"I got here last night" Louisa replied. 

"Are you in preparation for the coronation?" Hector asked. 

"Not yet" Louisa muttered. 

"Why not?" Hector asked. 

"The king have the say to that,not me..."

"What If it becomes too late while waiting for the King's decision,if the royal council insist that you should get married he have no choice" Hector said and Louisa sighed. 

"So what are you trying to say?" She asked. 

"I'm saying,you should tell your father so he can convince the royal men to convince the king" Hector replied and Louisa sighed. 

"Someone might overtake you if you are too slow..."

"I won't allow that,never " Louisa snapped. 

"Then be smart,you should be staying here already" Hector said and walked out. 

"I'm going back to the Palace today then" Louisa said,clenching her fist. 



"Here are the information you asked me to find out" A guard dropped a file on the table for the queen,she checked it out. 

"So that maid of his is a daughter of a farmer and she's here as a slave until her parents pay off?" Queen Karina asked 

"That's right" Hector entered. 

"Then let's pray Something happen between her and the king,that should be enough to drag the king down from the throne,it's an abomination between a king and a mere slave " Queen Karina smirked. 

"And you think that will favor me?" Hector asked. 

"The king does not have a heir,so the only man in the family at this moment is you,they won't have a choice" Queen Karina smirked and faced her guard. 

"Watch the king and his slave girl closely from now on,make sure you take enough evidence if anything at all happens,don't get caught or make any mistake,I will kill you" The queen said. 

"Trust me your highness" The guard said. 



The king was getting ready for a ride,he was dressed in total black,looking so hot as usual. Moana was standing,looking at everything,she's the only maid present. 

"Your majesty,are you sure you want to go alone? It's risky,what if something happens to you? We are going to die" Jerome said. 

"If you follow me when I am on the bike,what fun is it? Haven't you camped me in the palace enough this week? And make sure nobody find out about this"  King Cyrus said. 

"We understand your majesty" Jerome and Jericho bowed. 

They handed a helmet to the king and he let out a naughty smile,actually he was going somewhere else entirely,not just for a ride. 

"Please be careful your majesty" Jericho said. 

"I'm not a kid,this isn't my first time riding the power bike,so what's all this fuss about?" The king snapped. 

"It's because,it's been a while and besides,it's night..."

"I will be fine" King Cyrus cut in. 

They sighed out and were about going out of the room with the king when King Cyrus looked at Moana and noticed a sad look on her face,her face was buried to the ground and she was folding her fingers. 

King Cyrus turned to Jericho and Jerome. 

"You may leave" He ordered and they immediately went out. 

"Raise your head" The king said to Moana and she did. 

"What is the matter with you?" He asked. 

Moana bite her lips without saying a word. 

"Speak up" The king ordered and then Moana spoke up. 

"I want to go with you my king" She blurted out and the king almost couldn't believe his ears. 


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