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Moana Mulan - Episode 29 & 30




Moana Mulan - Episode 29 & 30

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R



"I want to go with you my king" She blurted out and the king almost couldn't believe his ears. 

"What?" King Cyrus gave her a questioning look. 

"I'm just....worried about you" Moana said and the king scoffed. 

"You should be worried about yourself and stop spitting out nonsense" He snapped and Moana bite her lips without uttering any word. 

King Cyrus left the chamber,passing through another entrance and Moana followed,Jerome and Jericho were already waiting beside a red and black power bike. 

"Don't worry about me,I will be fine" The king told them and they bowed,he used his helmet and got on the bike. Moana's eyes followed him as he rode off speedily and she sighed out. 



"Your highness,we brought your dinner" The maids said. 

"I lost my appetite,take it away" Louisa muttered,she was on the bed,laying down with her face up. 

"But your highness....."

"Get out!!" Louisa yelled at them and they ran out immediately. 

A minute later,the door opened again. 

"I said get out!!" Louisa already yelled before she saw that it was the queen. 

"Mother" She called. 

The queen sighed out and sat down on the bed,Louisa sat up and bite her lips. 

"What exactly are you mad about? You've been doing this since you returned from Red Gold,did something happen between you and the king??...."

"It might happen soon mother" Louisa said.

"What do you mean?"

"Can't we just get married at once? Huh? I'm tired of being his fiancee" Louisa said 

"But,the king have to be ready before we do anything" The queen said. 

"No,I'm sure if you and father talk to the royal council,they will insist we get married soon,mother please talk to father,I'm tired already" Louisa said. 

"Fine,I will try my best. But you shouldn't skip meals because of that okay?" 

Louisa nodded. 



The moment King Cyrus entered the large living room,Moses and Elliot who have been waiting,rushed to him and jumped on him excitedly. 

"Stop!!" Cyrus screamed. 

"Stop it dude,you're not in your palace again" Moses scoffed and Cyrus chuckled.

"That's true" He said and Elliot hugged him again. 

"I missed you dude,alot" Moses said. 

They all went upstairs and entered the game room..

"Seriously? You were here before you called?" Cyrus asked. 

"Of course,we planned to have some niggas night tonight" Elliot winked and Cyrus chuckled. 

"I see" He muttered and went to take a bottle of wine and glass. 

"How's everything going?" Moses asked. 

"I might get married soon" he replied. 

"What?!!" Moses and Elliot screamed. 

"They think...a king isn't complete without a queen" Cyrus muttered. 

"So finally you're going to become just a king who stay in the palace all day? Until you grow old?" Elliot asked. 

"You know I won't do that" Cyrus said. 

"But they should at least let you enjoy being a youth for d**k sake" Moses said. 

"It's been two years since I became king,I guess they tried enough" 

"Still,you're just twenty four,are you crazy?" Elliot snapped and Cyrus laughed. 

"Dude,come on. It's not like I can do anything about it,it's our family tree,I have to protect it well" He said. 

"I'm annoyed and at the same time feeling sorry for you,they don't even allow you have your own girlfriend and then date whoever you want but that princess? Oh please,I don't want to be a prince then" Elliot said and Cyrus sighed. 

"Don't worry about me,I'm fine" He muttered. 

"That's what you always say" Moses scoffed. 

"Irene might arrive tomorrow" King Cyrus said. 

"Irene?" Elliot asked immediately and Cyrus nodded. 

"But she might not,she might wait till Monday if she's busy or something" He said. 



In the maids quarter,the maids were gathered while listening to what the court lady have to say. 

"The coronation ceremony starts today" She announced and they all gasped out in shock. 

Meana was confused until the court lady broke the shell.

"The king and the princess are finally getting married " she gasped and Moana's eyes widened. 

"The preparing of it starts tonight and it will last for twenty days before the coronation,we are to expect alot of royal visitors from now on so don't be confused,act professional and don't get into any trouble. 

After the meeting,Moana left for the King's chamber,getting there she met the King's maids standing there and she joined them. The King's dresser was doing his job,getting the king ready for the day. 

Moana kept staring as everything was done,she couldn't stop thinking about the fact that he will really be getting married soon. 

The dresser finished making the King's hair. 

"Your majesty,I already got ready your royal coat for today" He said. 

"You can leave" King Cyrus spoke up and the dresser bowed. 

"Everyone...leave" He ordered and the maids all turned,Moana also turned. 

"King's slave,don't go" King Cyrus said and Moana turned back immediately. 

"Yes my king" she muttered. Everyone else left. 

King Cyrus stood up. 

"Come closer" He said and Moana obeyed. 

"What are you waiting for?" The king asked and looked at the royal robe. 

"Oh....." Moana mumbled. 

"You once asked me..can I help with the button?" King Cyrus said and Moana smiled shyly. 

She walked to where the king's dress was placed neatly,she took it and moved back to him. 

She gently helped him put it on and started doing the button,the buttons were made of gold and nobody have to tell Moana that she have to be careful with them. Soon,she got to the last button,her eyes met with the King's own and she quickly looked away. 

"Why are you so silent today?" King Cyrus asked. 

Meana was about to answer when Jericho's voice came. 

"Your majesty,it's time to go!" 

Moana immediately moved back from the king which made him raise his brows. 

"Call for me when you're back your majesty" Moana bowed and walked away. 

"Your majesty?" King Cyrus asked in surprise. 

"He's getting married,I can't be acting too good or I might be in trouble,Right?' Moana breathe out as she left the King's chamber. 



As Jimmie sat down with Ryder and Francisco,he was eagerly waiting for when Brielle will come in. The fact that she haven't called him nor come to disturb him in the café since friday disturbs him a lot and he couldn't even hide it. 

"You look disturbed,are you okay?" Francisco asked. 

"I'm fine" Jimmie muttered and continue eating. 

"Hey Jimmie" Some girls waved at him as they passed but he didn't even look up. 

Finally after some minutes,Brielle walked in with her friends and Jimmie's eyes fell on her immediately,but she totally ignored him as they passed their table,Jimmie's eyes followed her till she sat down 

"Do you miss her?" Ryder asked. 

"Stop saying ribbish and eat" Jimmie muttered. 

"So you really meant it when you said you won't talk to him?" Margo asked Brielle. 

Brielle said nothing. 

"I'm so sure it's Arielle who approached him first" Treasure said. 

"And he went with her? To watch fireworks?" Brielle scoffed. 

"I see you're jealous" Margo grinned 

"Jealous my foot,I'm done" Brielle said. 

"He's looking at you" Treasure said. 

"I don't care" Brielle snapped. 



King Cyrus just finished dressing up when the door opened and someone came in,he turned to see his sister and his eyes widened in happiness. 

"Irene!" He called. 

"Oh wow,now it's no longer big sis?" Irene asked. 

King Cyrus ignored her complain and went to hug her tightly. 

"I missed you so much,I missed you like mad,badly" He said. 

"Me too kid,I'm sorry it took me so much time to return" Irene said as they hugged each others tightly. 

"I was expecting you yesterday" King Cyrus said when they finally broke the hug. 

"Work wouldn't let me,wow,you've grown so much kiddo,it's been two years since I saw you" Irene said. 

"You shouldn't let anyone hear you saying the king have grown so much,and the kiddo is a turn off" King Cyrus said and Irene laughed. 

"I heard about your coming wedding,are you happy?" She asked. 

"Not like I have a choice" King Cyrus said and Irene sighed. 

"I wish I can help you carry your burdens" She muttered. 

"It's fine" King Cyrus smiled. 

"Stop smiling at me,it's annoying because it's fake" Irene snapped.

"Of course not,I'm really happy to see you sis,trust me" King Cyrus said. 

Irene sighed and touched his hair. 

"Don't think too much,I'm always behind you no matter what and you know that" she said and King Cyrus nodded,smiling cutely,he pecked her cheek. 

"Let's talk better later,get ready" Irene said and King Cyrus nodded,watching her leave. 



All the family were complete around the table,only the king isn't present yet,Arielle,Brielle,Queen Karina,Louisa and Hector were all seated already,the maids setting the table carefully. 

"Moana" Lady Amber suddenly called and Moana turned from what she was doing. 

"You should go call his majesty" She said. 

"I will do that myself" Louisa said at once and Moana stopped.

"Why would you do that?" Irene entered. 

"Big sis!!!" Arielle and Brielle jumped up at once and rushed to hug her. 

"Little sexy princesses" Irene said and they laughed. 

"I missed you so much sis" Arielle said. 

"Move" Brielle snapped at Arielle and then smiled at Irene. 

"I missed you more than anyone" She said. 

"I see you two haven't gotten along yet" Irene said after they left her,she looked at Louisa. 

"It's so good to see you princess" Louisa smiled. 

"Sure,I'm wondering why the King's fiancee,our future queen want to go and call the king herself" Irene smiled and turned to lady Amber,all the maids bowed. 

"Who's Moana?" Irene asked. 

"She's the one" Lady Amber pointed at Moana. 

"Good,go do what the court lady said" Princess Irene ordered and Moana walked out. 

"Your highness,sorry I didn't greet you earlier" Irene bowed for the queen and she faked a smile. 

"You're welcome back home princess" 

Irene ignored Hector who was fuming with anger,she sat down and Arielle faced her instantly. 



Moana walked in and King Cyrus turned,their eyes met and Moana immediately bowed. 

"Your majesty...please follow me,everyone is waiting in the dinning hall" she said. 

"Since when?" The king asked and Moana looked up.


"Since when did you start calling me that?" King Cyrus asked and Moana swallowed. 

"Answer me"

"I just.....don't want the princess to be mad at me,since she will be staying here more these days" Moana replied. 

"I thought I am your master,not her" King Cyrus said.

"I'm sorry,I don't want you two to have a misunderstanding because of me,again" Moana said. 

"I see" The king muttered and Moana took her lips in. 

"Come closer" King Cyrus said and Moana looked at him. 

"I have something to say,come closer" He repeated and Moana walked over to him closely. 

"I've not started doing anything yet to you,as my slave. Don't you think?" He asked in a low tone and Moana looked at him breathlessly. 

"I'm sorry if I made you angry..."

"I think I should start doing things now" King Cyrus cut her off and Moana blinked. 

She let out a light inward gasp when the king grabbed her waist and pull her closer. 

"My king" she whispered and King Cyrus smirked naughtily. 

To her surprise,he started bringing his face close and before she knew it ,his lips captured hers and she moaned into his mouth unexpectedly. 


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