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Dethroned - Episode 37





Dethroned - Episode 37

Written By Amah's Heart.

It's been exactly two days since that day I spoke to Great Uba. 

Honestly, I don't think I can continue ignoring and paying deaf ears to the suffering that my kindred is being subjected to on a daily basis.

Yesterday, while disguised in my husband's clothes I was present at the compound when the judgement on the young boy was being passed. 

True to the helpless mother's words, Nene had given the instructions that the boy should be put to dëäth by hanging after three days in príson. 

As expected, both the mother and child cried as well as wailed on top of their voices but it didn't change anything as the boy was wriggle away to the príson.

As I stood that day watching the whole scenario, my mind was greatly troubled and my deepest emotions were triggered by their tears.

I knew without being told that I needed to stop being self-centered especially when a child's life is at stake. 

That's why I swing into action immediately, although it took a great deal of a mind battle before I could pull myself together to help Olamma maximize her full powers and potential. 

Thankfully, Amarachi did a good job in nurturing her so it wasn't very hard to pick up from where she had stopped.

I gave in my all to ensure that Olamma was duly prepared physically and mentally for the battle ahead of her. 

Already we both know that fighting Nene would not be an easy battle at all because obviously her dark powers had gotten stronger over the years. Either ways, I am certain that my daughter Olamma's powers is more stronger.

Inasmuch as I am still scared as a mother would be, I do trust my daughter's capabilities. I believe that Olamma has it in her to defeat my enëmíes and set her people free from Nene's wícked reign and oppression.

Today is the last day of our practice and tomorrow is when we've made up our minds to face Nene. 

It's after a tiring evening of helping Olamma train, that we sat on the grass at the bush we've been using for our two days practice sessions. 

" Thank you mother for the training. I'm so happy you are finding reasons to help out... now you've seen how my skills has greatly improved since you begun training me. Thank you so much mother!" Olamma said looking lovingly at me and I smiled looking back at her.

Olamma is right and it's equally a thing of utmost joy to know that her powers were indeed at its perfection now.

" I'm glad you've improved greatly in your skills. And Amarachi deserves more of the applaud and accolades for training you to this point... she's truly amazing" I said turning my gaze to stare at the running insects on the grass.

" Mother can I ask you something...?" Olamma asked looking intensely at me

" What is it Olamma..? Hope I'm safe..?" I asked sarcastically as I pretended to be more focused on what I was viewing

" What is the connection between Priestess Nene and your past here...? Mother it just amazes me why you are still withholding your past from me" Olamma quipped whilst sighing aloud probably to get my attention on her.

Slowly, I turned my gaze to Olamma and I heaved heavily before I gave a reply 

" Well Nene is one of those who hurt me in the past. Olamma I'm not going to tell you the full details because it's not yet time for you to know."

" But mother I..." Olamma was about saying when I abruptly cut her off 

" Olamma!!!! I believe what you should be more bothered about is on how to defeat Nene tomorrow... you know that I want you to win and make me proud!" 

" I am aware of your expectations of me and I will make sure to make you proud mother..." Olamma answered and exhaled deeply before she continued

"...I may not know why you are keeping your past from me but I believe you have a good reason for it...either ways, I will not ask again. I will rather wait until when you are ready to tell me!" 

I smiled widely at her thoughtfulness and sense of understanding. I am so proud to have her as a daughter. 

" Thank you for your understanding Olamma...you and your brother makes me so proud of you two. I love you very very much and thank you for always making me a fulfilled mother!" I said lovingly touching Olamma's cheeks

Hearing that, Olamma beamed in smiles and when I least expected it she happily threw herself on me in a tight hug.

" I love you too mother... you've been like my strongest backbone. I'm sorry I disobeyed your warnings by coming here and making you worried. I just couldn't turn deaf ears to everything!" Olamma whispered close to my ears whilst still holding tight onto me

I sighed sadly. I understood her perfectly because just like her I am a kind, loving, caring, thoughtful and compassionate person. 

Before and after I became a Priestess, I had a good heart. And even till date, no matter how many times I try to deny it, I know deep down that I still do. 

Somehow it's gives me joy to see that my daughter inherited my kind of heart but I'm still scared for my daughter's safety.

I've come to the realization that people with good and beautiful hearts tend to be taken for granted and oftentimes crucified a lot. As a mother, I won't want my daughter to be victimized in anyway.

Moreover beyond the palace and crown's glamour I more than anyone else is aware that it is a lonely place for anyone to be, 

how much more for a young girl who is barely eighteen years old..?

My daughter is so full of dreams and it is my desire that she grows to live life to its fully, eventually have a family and stay happy in her home. But the gods seems to have a different plan altogether.

" Olamma I am scared for you.. the crown isn't as fun as it sounds. But then I'm glad you are more determined than I was and I believe with your kind of zeal, you will pull through successfully!" I said slowly disengaging from the hug.

" Trust me, I promise not let you down mother. Ah! my bowels is full... I will love to relieve myself. Please give me a short while mother.. I'll be back" Olamma exclaimed and before I could respond, she ran off into the bush.

I smiled widely whilst looking at Olamma disappear into the deep bush. It's obvious she did that to avoid more advices and counseling from me. Naughty child!

I kept lovingly looking at Olamma until she was completely out of sight and then suddenly, I felt myself being forcefully lifted from the floor. 

I was practically floating in the air which got me wondering what exactly is happening to me.

" Look who we have here. Rana! Rana! Rana! we've finally met again after so many years. Hope your journey into my territory was great...?" I heard a voice that gave me goosebumps all over.

I looked down and it was none other than my worst enemy; Nene Ude. 

From the wicked smirk on her face, I know she came prepared for wār.

" You're being partial Nene... I believe we are more matured than this. Lets have a fair fight instead of these childish games!" I blurted out angrily 

Nene scoffed sarcastically as she waved her hands and I fell to the ground. I fell down on the grass close by, and it's a good thing I didn't get bruised.

" You're powerless Rana.. just tell me you want a painless dëäth.. a weakling of your kind can not do anything!" Nene said and I slowly stood up.

I dusted the dust on my clothes before turning to look at Nene defiantly. It's at this exact time that Olamma came back from where she went to relieve herself.

" Nene I will not be the one fighting you today. It's my daughter that would do that!" I said to Nene who seems quite shocked whilst Olamma seems confused at the scene in front of her. 

" Yo..yo..youuu have a daughter..? Wait! don't tell me that she is the new chosen Priestess of the gods..?" Nene asked looking at Olamma wide-eyed but I intentionally ignored her questions as I beckoned on Olamma

" Olamma please come forward.. the time you've been awaiting has come for you to fight for your people!" I said and Olamma did as I instructed. 

She came forward and stood fearlessly facing Nene. I sighed sadly fully aware of what would be coming up afterwards.

I thought all this will wait till tomorrow but since Nene brought herself here, then we would have to finish our past unfinished business today and now!.

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