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Dethroned - Episode 38





Dethroned - Episode 38

Written By Amah's Heart.

" Is there an actual need for this..? And I'm curious though, whose daughter is she..? Is she my step daughter or is there other men who took up from where my husband stopped...?" Nene asked me with sheer curiosity and I smiled. 

" Why Nene...? are you scared of having a step daughter when you're yet to have even a child for Eze who is your husband...?" I asked sarcastically. 

I could see the mixed expression of ánger and bítterness on her face. I was utterly excited but my excitement was soon shortlived as a cunny smirk gradually crept out of Nene's face.

" Rana something had just occurred to me. Does she know that you are the sole reason her father is still blind till date...? Did you tell her about your ugly past with a married man who of course is none other than my husband...?" Nene asked and I scoffed at her foolish assumption. 

It's a good thing that Olamma isn't Eze's child as Nene is thinking.

And well since I do not owe her an explanation I don't think there's any point clarifying anything to her.

Besides I have observed that this is merely her invented tactic in other to cause confusion and I will not let her have an edge over my daughter.

" My father...? I don't understand.. what is she talking about mother...?" Olamma asked confused. 

" Ignore her Olamma.. she is only trying to cause confusion... remember I told you that the battle ground should be devoid of emotions and compassion..?"

" Yes mother... you told me that!"

" Then you should concentrate. Focus so you can make your mother proud Olamma. Please defeat this dëvïl and come home alive to mother okay...?" I said tearfully as I looked at Olamma from where I stood a distance away.

Inasmuch as I would love to watch everything, I can't do that so I would not get hurt since I'm merely mortal now. I can only go home and wait whilst hoping that everything turns out well.

Nene chuckled as she was watching the mother and daughter drama. 

It is as though Nene suddenly realized what I intended doing and she exclaimed in a loud voice 

" Wait! wait! wait! Rana don't tell me you are truly going to act like a weakling by leaving your daughter to settle our past scores...?" Nene asked scornfully 

Ah! how I wished I still had my powers with me then I would have surely disfigured that dísgusting mouth of hers!

Anyways, for this statement she had just made, I have changed my mind about leaving here. 

" I'm not going anywhere Nene... I will stay here and ensure that I pierce your chest. I will watch as you take your last breath on this earth!" I answered firmly 

With that decision, I nodded as a signal to Olamma and the fight begun. 

It was very fierce!

Nene kept throwing tons of fire balls at my daughter and whenever Olamma blocks it, she would target it at me. 

I trained ahead so I kept on dodging the fire balls skillfully until the last one eventually hit me on my thighs and I fell to the ground temporarily. 

I winced as I got to my feet again. My thighs were swelling and hurting me but I chose to brace up for the meantime as I hurriedly shouted to Olamma's hearing

" Darkness Olamma... Darkness! command darkness right now!"

Olamma did as I instructed and in a matter of split seconds, everywhere in the village became so dark such that I could barely see anything. 

Thanks to my analytical eyes I would still strategically locate where Nene was so I took an handful of sand and was tiptoeing to where Nene stood. 

I was almost reaching her face when it occurred to me that it would be a risk standing within close range with Nene. Because inasmuch as Nene was busy ranting that the darkness should be called off, I know she will be sharp enough to easily detect my presence and the outcome would not be good at all.

To avoid making mistakes with this second chance I've been given, I took a step back in reverse and I moved over to where Olamma stood probably awaiting another instruction from me. 

The moment I was within earshot, I whispered close to her hearing 

" We need to make your victory known. If you defeat Nene in this bush...nobody would know and your destined crown might become difficult to get. You need to get us out of here to a public place and then finish the battle from there!"

" You think so..? But then how do I do that mother...?" Olamma whispered back after observing that I didn't want Nene to hear what we were discussing.

" Close your eyes and wish for the three of us to appear at the village square. You are an ordained Priestess Olamma hence you have the power to appear at any place of your choice!" I said in a low voice and Olamma sighed tiredly. 

I held my daughter's right hand and she did as I advised. In a short while, we appeared at the village square with everywhere still pitch dark.

" What are you two planning...? Rana command your daughter to restore the light back right this instance!" Nene kept on ranting as though we are her maids.

I ignored her rants as I whispered again to Olamma's ears and I kept issuing out tons of instructions in low tunes 

" Olamma take this sand, clasps your hands together and say those incantations I taught you yesterday. After that, I want you to appear at her front and swiftly throw whatever comes out of your hands directly at her heart..."

"...as a result of this darkness she is temporarily weak so make sure to maximize this chance very well with no compassion... I repeat! hit her directly on her heart... do you understand me..?"

" Yes mother!" Olamma answered obediently and she soon disappeared from my presence.

I heaved heavily feeling so much pity for my young daughter who seems exhausted yet zealous and determined to reach the finish line. I wish I could relieve her of these many burdens but unfortunately I can't do that.

Nene's loud screams cut into my thoughts and involuntarily brought me out of my reverie. 

Almost immediately, light was restored back to the village and I looked towards the center that the fight ensued. 

I saw Olamma standing over a defeated Nene who was weakly laying flat with her back on the bare ground.

From her moans of pains, I know that the fight is about to get finalized but I need to fulfil my earlier promise to Nene so I blurted out in a loud voice.

" Do not finish her yet Olamma! I want to be the one to kíll her with my own hands for all the pains she caused me in the past. I know this is your fight but please do grant me this honor" I said pleadingly and Olamma obliged.

" It's okay mother... whatever you say!" Olamma said stepping away from Nene whilst I took slow steps until I finally got to where Nene laid whimpering in pains 

" Please spare my life Rana. I promise I will not disturb you or your family ever again. I'm sorry Rana... please my Priestess Rana let me go this once please"

I scoffed as I heard those words from her and gone are the days I was easily moved by compassion for my enëmíes.

I smirked in satisfaction when I saw Nene's eyes open in shock as I brought out the knife I had earlier kept hidden for a day like this. 

Without thinking twice, I pierced her directly on the chest making sure the knife went all the way to the hilt.

I stood there watching as Nene coughed out blood from her mouth and nostrils until she finally took her last breath.

Seeing this, Olamma came closer and threw herself on me in a tight hug as she kept uttering in obvious happiness 

" We've finally defeated our enemy mother. This would not have been possible without you by my side. Oh! thank you so much mother" Olamma exclaimed with so much joy on her face as she disengaged from the hug 

" You're welcome my Priestess. I am glad the gods have chosen you to rule their people and with your zeal I am assured that you would do a good job!" I said wincing in serious pains as the thighs which Nene's fire balls hit were beginning to hurt me badly.

I am gradually growing weak but I'm still fighting the pains by trying to appear strong for my daughter's sake. Eventually, my pale facial expression gave me out.

" Are you okay mother...? You look pale... what's wrong with you mother..? Were you woúnded...?" Olamma asked worriedly and I nodded in affirmation.

I was about responding to her queries when I begun hearing loud claps and multiple shouts of jubilations from all angles. 

Villagers came running from all directions and hideouts down to the village square. I watched as they joyously lifted my daughter up whilst chanting repeatedly with extremely loud voices.

" All hail our saviour! All hail our redeemer! All hail our new Priestess!" those were the last words I heard before I lost consciousness and weakly slumped to the ground.

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