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Dethroned - Episode 19





Dethroned - Episode 19

Written By Amah's Heart.

" I'm sorry Eze but I still can not consent to what you are asking of me" I replied after thinking it through thoroughly

" Why not my love...? Is it that you don't love me enough to make this last sacrifice for our future...?" Eze asked staring at me with pleading eyes

" I love you Eze and I will do anything for you... but just this once please allow me make a decision and stick to it" I uttered slowly standing up from the bed

" Really..? Is this the extent to which you love me...? Now I am actually doubting you truly love me like you claim Rana"

" Wow! Eze I can't believe you are the one actually questioning my love for you.. all this doubts is simply because I have refused to kíll an innocent child..?" 

I felt really bad and perturbed that Eze could actually be this self-centered.

Seeing the disappointed look I gave him, Eze pulled me to himself on the bed whilst hugging me from behind 

" I'm sorry my love... Please forgive me... I'm just scared... You know that I am the only son of my parents and you are the Priestess of our community... that's why I would not want to endanger our lives" 

" Eze that's still not reason enough to ask me to kíll our baby... to be sincere I don't mind risking my crown... but my first seed must stay alive no matter what!" I told Eze already feeling very emotional

" It's okay if that's what you want my love... I love you so I will respect your decision and stick by your side in every step of the way... that's to proof how much I love you Rana" Eze said this directly to my ears. I could practically feel his deep breath on my neck 

" You know I love you too Eze. I wish we could start a family together but since we can't then let me at least keep our baby safe... I believe he or she will serve as an evidence of our love" 

" I know Rana but then I'm scared of the implications that will follow... I mean what's going to become of you and me after you get dethroned and bânished...?" Eze asked me gently 

" I will simply settle at a faraway community... raise our child.. then you can come and see us from time to time" I said shrugging as I stared into space. 

My decision to keep this pregnancy is leaving me in a really tight corner so I will be lying if I refuse to admit that I was feeling scared of what the future actually held for us. 

I am fully aware that keeping this baby would mean so many inevitable things; I will surely be dethroned and afterwards I will be bânished for desecrating the land by getting involved with a man. 

Even Eze would not be left out either, he will forever have to live with the shame and stigma of being the man who got involved with the previous Priestess. 

Unfortunately, I am not a superwoman like many presume so yes I am feeling very very scared of this kind of a future!

It will be a messy situation and I don't know if I am strong enough for all that's likely to come as a result of my decision.

The only good thing is that the source of my powers as a Priestess is yet to be known, which means my half powers would still be intact even after I am dethroned. 

And with it I am sure that even after I am bânished from this land, I will still be able to protect my people from afar. 

Eze's voice brought me out of my reverie. His words has a way of soothing my unending worries and aching heart.

" Don't worry my love.. we will scale through this phrase like always... I'm sorry.. I know it's my impatience alongside my hunger for you that got us into this mess in the first place"

" It's okay Eze.. it's past tense now.. moreover I consented to it so it's not entirely your fault..." I paused to take a short breathe before I continued 

"...the truth is that you are one of the best things that has happened to me and till date I actually don't regret the day I gave you my virginity!" 

" Thank you so much my love... I promise to love you forever and always"  as Eze was uttering each word, he was kissing my neck down to my back region and a moan involuntarily escaped my lips.

" Eze I don't think we need this right now... At least not with the present messy situation at hand!" I spoke with my lips yet my body said the opposite.

" I know my love but we can't deny the pleasure of our bodies... Can we..?" Eze asked with a rasped voice as he slowly moved his hands to my brëast region.

Against my actual desires, my body was completely melting to Eze's sensual kísses and touches. My moans had also become louder than before 

The pleasure I was receiving from Eze's touches and kísses completely beclouded my sense of reasoning and I didn't know when nodded in agreement

In a short while, Eze and I fell on the bed and from there we ended up making love for the umpteenth time since we begun a love relationship.

I sat on my bed that hot afternoon reminiscing over the recent happenings in my life. My only prayer was that my Eze remain safe wherever he is. 

Three days has passed after that day we met and made love but till today I still couldn't get across to Eze. 

His parents didn't know his whereabouts either. It was more like he disappear into thin air.

To make matters worst, I begun hearing side remarks and rumors going round the village that the Priestess which of course is me is prégnant with a child. 

It's only Eze and I who knew about my prégnancy so how the news leaked out is what still baffles me. 

Everyday it kept feeling like everything was slowly turning against me and with the god's silence, I knew that there were not on my side anymore. 

" Rana.. I warned you about the path you were taking... didn't I..?" I heard behind me and I startled in fear.

I turned and saw the Great Uba staring at me. He is wearing a disappointed look on his face and I figured it's probably because he knew about my prégnancy.

" Greetings Great Uba... It's been a while I last saw you.. what brings you here..?" I asked even though I already knew the answer to my question 

" The gods are very ângry with you Rana... You are crossing all boundaries and with the rate you are going... It's possible you might actually lose the powers you are guarding" Great Uba said sighing sadly

" I'm not going to lose it Great Uba... I do know the gods are ângry with me but their rules were too strict... Yes I am a Priestess but then I am still a human who has bløød running through my veins" I stubbornly gave a response 

Great Uba shook his head in pity as he said to me whilst shrugging his shoulders 

" It's okay Rana... I just hope you are ready for what is to come because you will need a lot of stamina and willpower... I wish I could tell you more but I am āfraid that this is all I am permitted to divulge for now!"

" What do you mean by you hope I am ready for what is to come...? what is going to come aside my dethronement and bânishment that will require my stamina and willpower...?" I asked abruptly standing up in apprehension 

" Rana like I said earlier.. that is the much I am permitted to divulge for now. You had chosen this path so be willing to take whatever comes out of it... Just ensure that no matter what happens the child growing inside you remains safe because what I see coming is much heavier than you think Rana!" Great Uba concluded in a low tone. 

He eventually disappeared leaving me to my numerous mind puzzles and questions.

Almost immediately, a fierce knock landed on my door and a voice which I recognized to be that of Eze followed afterwards.

" Open up Rana!... we need to run away immediately! I've seen them.. they are coming for you... Please open up already!" Eze said with a rasped voice as he kept knocking repeatedly 

I was panicking as I heard that. 

What does Eze mean by there are coming for me? Who and why? 

Or wait! could it be my own people...?

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