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Dethroned - Episode 18




Dethroned - Episode 18

Written By Amah's Heart.

I was thrown into a state of panic as I saw the result of the local prëgnåncy test I had just conducted. 

After I vømited on Eze's chest earlier, we had both shared similar presumptions and decided to conduct a test hoping that it isn't true.

With that fear in our hearts, we walked in silence to Eze's hut. 

It was in his hut I waited whilst Eze went to the village medicine hall to purchase what I would use to conduct the prëgnåncy test.

Immediately Eze returned, I properly read the instructions on the covering and followed every step until I successfully carried out the test.

Afterwards, Eze and I had to wait with our hearts accelerating for a couple of minutes. 

It was after about five minutes that the result revealed itself on the indicator strictly meant for that purpose. 

The test indicator which is in form of a feather-like object just kept staring at me with glaring red lines which indicated that the result is positive. 

I am prégnant!

I was in awe as I stared at the indicator hoping to wake up from this daymare!

I don't know what to make out of this awkward situation. 

And Eze isn't helping issues either as he just sat quietly on his bed staring at me.

" I am in big trouble... oh the gods!.. what am I suppose to do now..?" I exclaimed aloud and at the same time lamenting to myself as I kept moving to and fro the bedroom 

"...I am finished!.. what will people say..? what will become of me right now..?"

" Rana I think you should calm dow.." Eze was about saying when I ângrily cut his words off

" Eze were you about saying I should calm down..? how exactly am I suppose to stay calm in a situation like this..? a prégnant priestess...? where have you ever heard of such!" I blurted out still feeling paranoid by the whole news

" That's the more reason you need to calm down so we can come up with a way out of this mess... don't forget I am equally involved in this too" Eze replied sighing but I was beyond being calm

How can I be calm when my whole life is practically stumbling before my eyes...? 

How can I go to sleep peacefully when my house is slowly lighting up in fire...?

Unable to say a word in response to Eze, I kept pacing around with tears already cascading down my cheeks. 

Honestly, I am devastated and my emotional state is terribly wrécked!

" I think you should calm down Rana.. it is not the end of the world... there's always a way out of every messy situation" Eze said slowly standing up from the bed. He walked towards me and stood right in front of me.

" Eze it's easy for you to say this because you are not the one in my shoes... do you even realize the implications of my people finding out that I have not only been intimate with a man but also prégnant with his child...?" I asked plainly staring at Eze

I continued expressing my påin whilst looking at Eze with my sad eyes that bore so many emotions in them.

" ...I will surely lose my crown yet that would still not be compared to the embarrassment of being shamed and bânished from this land afterwards"

" I understand Rana... that's why you should take it easy on yourself.. anyways I have been able to come up with a good idea.." Eze said shrugging his shoulders. 

As I heard this, my sad face immediately brightened up and I looked expectantly at Eze whilst wondering what his good idea could be. 

I was deeply shocked by his next words.

"...Rana I think the best idea is to simply flush the føetus out ... I will suggest you just get rid of the prëgnåncy... that's the only way to avoid the inevitable implications that might follow if our people gets to find out about this prégnåncy!" Eze uttered nonchalantly and I looked at him wide-eyed. 

Deep down, I was wondering if I truly heard Eze correctly or those words he uttered was merely a slip of tongue.

" You..you.. want me to abørt our baby which happens to be my first seed..?" I asked unable to believe that those suggestions actually came from Eze

" Yes Rana but please don't get me wrong... I love that my seed is growing inside you.. it's my child too after all.. but then we have to protect our dignity especially if your position as the Priestess is at stake!" Eze said as he kept sighing sadly 

I exhaled deeply as I realized that Eze is right after all. But for me Rana, accepting to the kílling of my first child was not an option for various reasons.

" I am sorry Eze but I can't do it... I can't kíll an innocent baby for a sin we had both indulged in so it's better you think of something else... because that isn't an option at all" I said as I slowly walked over to Eze's bed and sat down on it.

" Rana there's no other way out of this situation... You already know that it is forbidden for a Priestess to be prégnant... except maybe you are okay with being dethroned and eventually bânished for desecrating the land..?" 

Eze's question renewed my påin as the implications begun weighting heavily on me. 

I couldn't even stop the tears anymore as it poured out of my eyes in torments.

" It's okay Eze... there's no point adding to my pain because no matter what you say to me I will still not flúsh out this child.. so think of a better way please" 

" I'm sorry Rana but that's the only thing I could think of... except maybe you have a better suggestion..?"

I was silent for a few seconds trying to come up with something when an idea eventually popped up in my head.

" Eze how about we run away from this village..? Maybe we can go somewhere faraway where nobody knows us...?" I exclaimed loudly. 

From where Eze stood opposite me, I saw him smirking as he kept looking at me weirdly 

" Seems you are actually forgetting that you are the god's chosen Priestess...? Which means that if we run away without a proper rítual of dethronement being carried out on you... then surely the gods will fish you out no matter where or how far you run to" Eze explained and I sighed sadly. 

Eze is actually right about what he said, there's no hiding from the gods.

" Okay then... I will willingly accept to be dethroned and banished... that way we will be free to run away to a faraway place without the disturbance of the gods or our people's judgmental eyes!" 

" Rana if you are banished... you will automatically become an osu(outcast)... and you already know that our tradition forbids a eligible man or woman to be married to an outcast... the repercussions is that our children will grow up with a cùrse of premature déāths"

I sighed because I realized that Eze is right yet again. I watched as he walked over to where I sat on the bed

"... Please Rana get rid of the prëgnåncy.. do it for yourself.. do it for us my love" Eze pleaded staring at me as he slowly sat beside me on the bed.

I was short of words to reply and also left in a confused state of mind. 

So many thoughts were running through my mind. 

I honestly don't know if I should accept what Eze is telling me to do or if I should still stick to my decision of not flushing out my child.

And sadly, I have already exhausted all the suggestions in my mind so I am now in a state of dilemma not knowing what to do anymore.

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