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Dethroned - Episode 17





Dethroned - Episode 17

Written By Amah's Heart.

I sighed as I turned to the left side of the bush path. 

I am on my way to meet Eze at our usual meetup point near the village stream.

I have been trying so hard to get over the depressing realization that I no longer had the ability to appear or disappear. 

It still stings my ego that I have to be making use of my foot for long distances after getting accustomed to using my powers to get my venue wishes granted.

I arrived the venue and found out that Eze hasn't reached yet. I just hope that he hasn't forgotten again that we had earlier agreed to meet here today. 

Eze and I meet every two days at this spot. From here, we take strolls around the village and afterwards move over to Eze's hut to get ourselves under the sheets until Eze was fully satisfied.

Ever since that day I was deflowered, Eze's séxúal appetite seems to be getting insatiable with each passing day. 

I love him so much as usual I was always more than willing to give him access to my body after each meetings and strolls.

I noticed we were slowly drifting apart and I couldn't understand why. These days it is more like our relationship centered more on the intimacy alone. 

The worst is the fact that it has become a routine for Eze to forget fixed dates and time for our occasional meet ups.

That's why I am seriously praying in my heart that today would be different, that way the stress of walking down here would not be in vain.

As though the gods heard my prayers, I saw Eze from a distance walking down to meet me at the point where I stood.

" I am sorry for my lateness my love... I had to fetch firewood for Mama.. oh! you are looking pretty as usual my love" Eze said planting a light kiss on my lips

Eze's compliment had me blushing for a few seconds before I eventually wore a serious look on. 

I realized that I needed to address his change in behavior once and for all before it graduates into something worst than lateness.

" Thank you for the compliment but I am not happy with you Eze" I blurted out folding my hands feigning anger

" Why..? did I do something wrong..?"

" Eze I don't know if you haven't observed that you are fast making it a norm to be coming late and then tactically bypass your way with stories... tell me the truth..is it a good behavior..?" I asked whilst looking at Eze defiantly.

" I'm sorry my love... I know it isn't a good behavior at all. I am sorry please... I promise to change okay..?" Eze said smiling at me but I pretended to still be angry at him.

" Are you sure..?"

" Yes my love... I promise to change" 

Hearing this I smiled widely and hugged Eze. I soon pulled out of the hug when I felt Eze's hands touching my buttocks.

" So what are we going to be doing today? I hope it is not the usual routine of going to your hut for intimacy...?" I asked staring at Eze in displeasure

" Why..? Are you tired of me already...?" 

" Eze you know that it is not where I am driving at... what I mean is that lately, we are drifting apart. The only thing that seems to be bonding us these days is intimacy... Haven't you noticed?" I quizzed with my sad eyes fixed on Eze

" I haven't noticed anything my love... I feel it's just you been scared and paranoid about being sore...

...but it's okay! we will be more intentional about bonding together beyond intimacy... will that make you happy..?" Eze asked staring at me lovingly and I nodded in affirmation.

Although Eze still pets me, I have observed that a lot has really changed about his behavior or maybe it is just me being paranoid like he said earlier. 

I don't know why I have been feeling so insecure, scared, and paranoid lately.

I mean who wouldn't...?

When till now I am yet to find out who the girl 'Nene' is and how she knew about me before everyone else did.

Recently, my head has been so full of worries that I no longer sleep well at night out of fear for the unknown.

I can not even understand what is going on around me anymore. 

Everyone and everything seems to be going in the opposite direction.

How can I forget how the other day I saw Amarachi standing with Jack on a bush path whilst engaging in a discussion

And when I had confronted her, she replied that Jack was merely asking for directions but her eyes said otherwise.

A tap brought me out of my ocean of thoughts and it is then I realized that I was still standing staring at Eze.

" Rana are you okay..? you seem lost.. would you mind to share what's bothering you...?" Eze asked looking at me in utmost concern

I sighed as I moved away from Eze and I walked towards a nearby tree. I sat down at the foot of the tree and shortly afterwards Eze joined me.

" I am okay... Just bothered about community problems and everything going on around me" I answered flippantly and shrugged my shoulders

" Oh! but why do I feel like there's more to your lost in thoughts...? Rana you do know that you can trust me with anything at all right...?" 

I nodded in the affirmative yet I still didn't say a word in response to Eze

"...is this because of earlier..? I have apologized and promised to work on becoming a better man.. haven't I?" 

" No Eze... my lost in thoughts had nothing to do with you... My head is just filled up with the usual community issues of the villagers... That's all" I replied trying to sound more convincing 

" I see you do not trust me enough to tell me everything about you and your thoughts... but it's okay, I understand" Eze said to me with a deep frown

The silence that followed was awkward yet deafening.

Deep down I was having conflicting thoughts if to tell Eze about my worries or I should rather keep them to myself

I heaved as I decided that I will opt for the former. Eze is my lover after all.

" Eze it's about Amarachi my most trusted maiden servant... the one I told you I love and treat as a younger sister" I uttered breaking the awkward silence 

" Yes I still remember all the good things you do tell me about her... What about her...? is something wrong with her..?"

" She's fine.. it's just that I saw her standing with Jack, one of the men that tried to kidnap when I wasn't a Priestess yet... When I confronted her... she told me that he was only asking for directions but my instincts tells me there's something more than that" I explained and Eze who was listening attentively nodded in understanding

" I understand your inner worries... but somehow I feel like you are just being paranoid over nothing serious my love... It's possible that she was truly giving him directions somewhere"

" You think so..?" I asked looking at Eze and he shrugged as a form of response

I inhaled and exhaled deeply before I continued expressing my innermost thoughts and fears.

"..I don't know why I have been feeling so agitated lately... I guess it's because of what happened with Jack and James before I became a Priestess. All the same, I will work on my trust issues... Who knows? you might be right about me being paranoid for nothing serious" I uttered whilst looking lovingly at Eze.

We were still holding eye contact when I suddenly felt nauseous and the urge to vomit became so intense. 

I tried overlooking it and instead focus on the lovely moment but when I couldn't hold it in any further, I threw up right on Eze's broad chest. 

A bell immediately rang in my mind as I lifted my head. Oh no! I hope it isn't what I am thinking it is..?

Eze and I looked at each other in shock. I am sure that the same thing was running through our minds.

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