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Dethroned - Episode 13





Dethroned - Episode 13

Written By Amah's Heart.


Before I could reply, we heard loud thuds on the door followed by continuous chantings by multiple voices 

" Open this door!"

" Open this door and lets drag him out!"

Eze and I looked at each other confused at what is going on. The loud chants continued with more thuds on the door 

" Bring him out!"

" How dare he!" 

" He deserves to be punished!"

" Bring him out here Priestess Rana!"

Frantically, I moved to the small window in the room and opened it slightly to take a quick glance outside.

" Oh no!" I exclaimed in terror as I saw a small crowd of village youths outside.

From all indications and with the ánger I saw on their faces, I think they have discovered that I have a man in my bedroom but then how..?

" What is happening outside..?" Eze asked walking to where I stood. 

He looked out of the window and I could  practically see the féar on his face as he saw the ângry youths outside chanting.

" Bring him out here Priestess Rana!"

" The village youths are outside. And from their angry looks, I think they've discovered that you are currently inside my bedroom!" I said to Eze as I nervously paced round the bedroom trying to come up with something in my mind but nothing was forth coming.

More heavy thuds landed on my door and this time loudly than the previous ones. 

We kept on hearing different chants and rantings from the mixed voices of the ângry mob.

" Priestess we know that a man by name Eze is in there!"

" Yes! we know that he is in there so bring him out here Priestess Rana!" 

" Yes! bring him out... That man deserves to be arrested and stoned to dëäth!"

" We are not leaving here without him so bring him out for us!"

" Yes! bring him out Priestess Rana!" 

I heard the crowd chorus in unison and by now I was feeling very scared. Eze was dying of féar as well.

" So what are we going to do now..? I certainly can not go out there else those ângry mob will surely kíll me for entering their Priestess bedroom!" Eze blurted out panting like someone who ran a thousand miles 

I sighed without saying a word because my head was now seemingly heavy by everything happening at the moment 

"..Rana you have to do something...as a Priestess you have supernatural powers so make me disappear...anything at all.. I just want to be out of here please!" Eze exclaimed staring at me pleadingly

" I don't think that is the right thing to do except you want to keep running for all the days of your life... And Eze I can assure you that with a small indigenous community like yours, you will certainly be found no matter where you choose to hide" I explained with all seriousness

" So what exactly are you suggesting Rana...?" Eze quizzed with his eyes and ears focused on my lips in other to hear what I have to suggest 

" Well I think that the right thing to do is for us to go out there and do as they've said... I feel as though it is the only way out of this mess compared to what you suggested earlier" I said as a suggestion to Eze whilst shrugging my shoulders

" What! Rana so you are saying that you are going to deliver me to those ângry looking youths...? Is that how shallow your love for me can go...?" Eze blurted at me and from the veins showing on his neck I could tell his ánger is rising.

" Calm down Eze... I will never allow anybody to hârm you certainly not under my watch and authority..." I said trying to convince Eze. 

Seeing the indecisiveness on his face, I moved closer to him and touched him tenderly on his right arm

" Eze I promise that I will protect you no matter what it takes....Trust me, nobody will kíll you while I am still alive but for the meantime we will have to do the right thing by going out to meet them!" I explained to Eze and slowly he nodded in understanding to my words

" You are right Rana but then I am still feeling scâred. I mean what if something goes wron.." I cut Eze's words off by placing a finger on his lips to hush him from saying anything further 

" Nothing will go wrong... And yes I do understand your fear Eze but it might get messier if we wait longer than this... please do trust me on this okay..?" I quipped looking at Eze. 

After a short while, Eze breathe out a heavy sigh as he slowly nodded in agreement. 

Upon seeing the nod from Eze, I let out a sincere smile feeling extremely glad that my man trusts me.

And as the thuds became louder and deådlier, I moved to the door and using my powers I pulled it widely open.

Nobody would dare sprint into my bedroom so they all waited outside until I came out to meet them. 

Immediately I stepped out, everyone bowed their heads in greetings to me 

" We greet you Priestess Rana! May your days be long and fruitful.. Ise!"

" What brings you all to my compound and what gave you the guts to come to my hut to disturb my nap..?" I asked feigning a serious and ângry look. 

" We am very sorry for disturbing your rest Priestess Rana... We are here because we have been informed that a man by the name Eze Dede sneaked into your bedroom an hour ago" The leader of the mob explained whilst stepping forward to stand in front of me. 

then his fierce looking assistant who stood beside him retorted in a loud voice 

" Yes Priestess Rana! to make matters worst, that same man has committed a sacrilege by disobeying the dëäth verdict you placed upon him.. that is why we want him to be delivered to us so we will hang or stone him to dëäth!" 

" My verdict upon him...? what do you mean by that..?" I queried and just then a memory flickered into my mind about that night that Eze came to my bedroom. 

I was confused as to how the youths knew about the dëäth verdict I placed on Eze. 

That night, I vividly remember placing a dëäth verdict but then I was the only one present or was their somebody else...?

I told myself that I will sort that out later but for now it is best I focus more on the actual matter at hand.

I am a Priestess and tradition states that my verdict is irrevocable even by me who made it, oftentimes it would take extremely difficult procedures than mere words to get it revoked. 

This clearly means that denying or revoking my verdict was not an option at the moment. So I agreed.

" It is okay youths of our Land... I will bring the man out but I command that nobody should hürt him... I want him to be imprisoned for at least three days before my dëäth verdict will be carried out!"


" May it be as the Priestess demands!" the youths chorused bowing their heads. 

I lifted my head and uttered in a voice loud enough for Eze to hear me

" Eze Dede I command you to come out right this instance!" I said and watched as Eze slowly came out.

And following my command not to hurt him, the youths carefully dragged him away from my compound. 

From where I stood watching them, I could practically see the frantic look on Eze's face as he followed the youths who led the way to the prison that is situated at a secluded area in the village.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I turned and entered into my room. Without being told, I know that I have to do something very quick since there is no much time. 

It's quite obvious that I only have today and tomorrow to save Eze else he will be béhéaded as I had judged.

As I got inside, I stood in the middle of the room and said a few incantations as I stretched forth my right hand. Instantly the official Book of Law appeared on my right palm.

The Book of Law is an ancient book that contains; all the laws and traditions guiding the village, the repercussions of breaking them and also how to revoke some irrevocable laws. 

Normally, the book is only authorized and accessible to priestesses which is why I am able to effortlessly conjure the book here.

With the book on my palm I walked over to the bed and gently sat on it. 

I kept slipping and scanning the pages of the book in an effort to find out how a Priestess can revoke a dëäth verdict she placed upon an individual.

" Ah! I have finally found it!" I exclaimed feeling excited.

Unfortunately, my excitement was abruptly cut short as I inaudibly read the procedure required to get the verdict revoked. 

" Oh my gods! what kind of a procedure is this...?" I blurted out in soliloquy because I knew that surely the required procedure will leave me with pāinful scars for the rest of my life on earth.

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