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Dethroned - Episode 12





Dethroned - Episode 12

Written By Amah's Heart.


I walked dejectedly to my hut with my mind plagued with so many things. Worry was slowly eating deep into my head as I thought back to the meeting I had just concluded at the Throne room.

The strange man actually turned out to be James, one of those village stouts that came alongside Jack to search my hut, that was shortly before I became a Priestess.

James came to tender a confession to me about who had sent them to come to kídnap me that day in exchange for money. 

James said that the information wasn't going to be for free. He came with a bargain and immediately I agreed to the amount he demanded, James begun talking;

According to him, it was a young maiden by the name Nene from the Zada community who sent them. She was desperate for the position I now occupy hence she wanted to harm me. 

I asked James how the said Nene possibly knew that I was going to be the chosen Priestess before everyone else knew. 

And James answered with all sincerity that he does not know and from his eyes I knew he wasn't telling me a lie.

I still could not assimilate everything at the moment as it wasn't making sense to me. Either ways, I plan finding out more about who the said Nene is and how she knew about me earlier. 

For today I just want to rest my head, after which I will revisit the Nene's issue probably by tomorrow noon.

I finally reached my hut. I opened the door and went inside but I was taken aback in surprise at who I saw sitting on my bed smiling at me.

" Eze...?" I queried wondering how and why he was here sooner than we agreed 

" Yes beautiful one... It is me" Eze answered standing up. 

He walked over to where I stood and gave me a peck on my lips as he asked me tenderly 

"...I have been waiting for you.. hope the meeting went well..?"

" It did Eze but why are you here..? I thought we agreed by night..? why then did you come before nightfall..? And I hope nobody saw you enter in here...?" I bombarded him with questions mixed with worry that was already boldly written on my face. 

I was feeling so scared of getting into trouble and if people actually saw Eze entering into my private hut, then the outcome wouldn't be too good at all!

" Calm down Rana... I made sure nobody saw me when I was sneaking in here.. as for why I came sooner than we planned, it's because I missed you so much that I couldn't wait till nightfall" as Eze was saying this words, he was planting kisses everyway on my face. 

" Eze I missed you too.. but it's still risky to be here before nightfall" I said shifting my head to the side in other to give Eze easy access to my neck which he was kíssing at the moment 

" I know but I don't mind taking any type of risks for the woman I love dearly... Rana you are the woman I love so I will climb even the tallest mountain for you my love" Eze replied now moving upwards to kíss me on the lips.

After hearing what Eze said, I started giggling like a child being given candy. With the excitement burning inside me, I reciprocated his kísses.

We kíssed for a long time and I observed that during the act Eze's hands begun touching me all over my body. 

Eze touched from my back to my buttocks. Then his hands came upwards to my breasts region and he kept trying to loosen the wrapper that held my breasts in place until he eventually succeeded in loosening the knot. 

Midway I stopped kissing Eze when I noticed this was gradually moving to a level I wasn't yet ready for. 

I shook my head vigorously at Eze and stepped aside severing the close proximity between us.

" No Eze.. we shouldn't be doing this here and certainly not today that we had just begun a relationship.. besides it is wrong since we are not yet married"

" I know Rana but I can not help it. I keep feeling sad that we will not be able to get married considering the situation of things..."

"...Rana it is saddening because I can not imagine a marriage without you in it... I really want you to be the mother of my unborn children" Eze told me whilst looking at me with a sad face

I nodded feeling emotionally down because it equally makes me unhappy whenever I think of the fact that Eze and I can never be maritally joined together as man and wife. 

I wish I could denounce this priestesshood so I can freely be with the man of my dreams but I can't. 

Reason being that whenever the gods chooses someone, only the gods or the collective efforts of the whole villagers can get the person out of that office.

" Eze I feel sad too.. I feel maybe we shouldn't have listened to our hearts by starting a love relationship that would not lead to anywhere... Somehow I also don't think we should push this any further because we will only get hurt at the end" I said feeling downtrodden

" Rana I love you and I think they will surely be a way out of this... besides you are the Priestess... haven't you tried inquiring from the gods if they is a way to break free from them..?" 

" No I haven't because that is a suícide mission Eze but don't worry I use my authority as a Priestess to inquire from foreign deities and hopefully find a way out of this..." I paused to stare intently at Eze before I poured out my emotions 

"...Eze I love you so much than you can ever imagine and I believe that our love will eventually bring us together" I said moving closer to Eze to touch him on his cheeks in an attempt to provide comfort

" Today I want to make love to you Rana. I want to feel your feminine warmth and depths... I want to have you in my arms and be the first man to make you a woman..." Eze blurted out leaving me dazed. He paused to see my reaction.

My face had the look of uncertainty but he continued undauntedly 

"...if you allow me Rana, it will serve as a proof that you truly love me as you've profess and that you aren't playing with my feelings and emotions"

" Eze you know you don't need a proof to be assured that I love you truly except maybe you do not trust my words...?"

" Rana I trust you with the whole of my being but I am still scared. I want a proof that you would not leave me... I am saying this because I love you more than my life Rana so if you leave me then I doubt if I will survive it for a day"

" Must it be today..? can't I at least think this through...?" I asked hoping Eze will understand how unsure I felt about it

" No Rana I want us to consummate our love today... Right here in this room and also right this instance if you accept"

I heaved heavily and kept silent not knowing what answer to give Eze. 

Inwardly, I was contemplating if I should give into his request or not but then I was scared, what if after doing this Eze leaves me for someone else...?

Besides as a Priestess, chasity is one of the vital requirement needed.

Priestess must be a Virgin maiden.

Giving up my vïrginity now may bring lots of unforseen dānger yet my heart beat for love.

What if accepting to have intimacy with Eze would come with dire repercussions..?

was I ready for the gods wrath..? 

This and several other thoughts were racing my mind. 

Gradually, a minute passed yet I was still standing silently with my eyes fixed on Eze trying to reach a final decision whether to do this or not do it.

" Rana what is your answer..? Are you in for what I have requested of you...?" Eze quizzed looking expectantly at me as he kept wondering in his heart on what my answer would be.

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