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Dethroned - Episode 11





Dethroned - Episode 11

Written By Amah's Heart.


Two months passed without me setting my eyes on Eze. 

With each passing day, I missed him badly and wished I could at least know what is going on in his life.

Unfortunately for me, I lost that right when I sent him away that night.

All I had wanted to do was to protect myself and the office I now represent that is why I was forced to push him away from me with those words.

As a Priestess, Love is a feeling that I shouldn't be encouraging but here I am feeling this intense love towards a man and being unable to stop myself.

Eze clouds my sense of reasoning and I think only about him. 

Even my night dreams usually have him present with his tantalizing smile. 

Oh! I just wish he was here with me because I greatly miss our evening strolls and casual talks. 

I miss how he calls me by my name and treat me informally yet so specially.

With all this thoughts threatening to split my head into two, 

I sighed heavily as I kept pacing round my room wondering how to get him to see me again so that I can at least apologize for what happened that night he came to see me.

I thought of using my powers to get Eze to appear before me but then doing so will immediately reveal to the gods what my heart feels for Eze which is a taboo. So that wasn't an option at all.

On the other hand, I thought of sending my most trusted maiden servant Amarachi to pass a message across to him but I knew that it was going to be risky too.

I exhausted all the suggestions on my head and decided that it was best I do this task alone. 

After all I am the one who offended him so it isn't bâd if I reach out to him first.

I took one of my beautiful wrappers and using it as a veil over my head, I sneaked my way out of the compound that evening without the notice of anyone or so I thought.

I walked eagerly through a bush path until I reached Eze's compound which was situated at a secluded area in the village.

Fortunately I met Eze on his way to hunting in the bush. 

I can't believe he still looks so handsome even with his hunting bag and arrows trapped to his back.

Our eyes met but Eze quickly tore his eyes away and pretended like I was nonexistent.

I even called his name twice but he ignored me and walked pass me as though I was a total stranger.

I felt really hürt by his actions but I understood the reason for his ánger which is in every sense justifiable.

" Eze please can I talk to you...?" I pleaded as I followed behind him into the bush he intended to hunt for meat. 

Eze ignored me and kept walking fast without any intention to stop at all.

And by now I was breathing fast as I kept trying to meet up with his fast pace.

"...please Eze stop let us talk.. you're walking too fast and I am tired already" I said hoping that my cry of anguish will compel him to at least slow down his pace but I was wrong, 

Eze continued with his walking pace without turning back to glance at me.

I kept wondering within me if what I did to him was that bad such that he doesn't even care about me anymore...?  

Tears were beginning to form in my eyes and I slowly squatted on my knees crying profusely. I felt like maybe I had finally lost Eze's unconditional love.

I had been so carried away by my pain that I didn't see when Eze came back for my sake. 

I only lifted my head when I heard this words from the one man that holds the key to my heart.

" It is okay Rana, stop crying... it doesn't look good with your beauty" Eze said slowly pulling me up to my feet. 

We stood facing each other and Eze gradually cleaned the tears flowing down my eyes.

" I am sorry Eze... please forgive me for all what I said to you the other day.. yes you were right about me trying to hide my true feelings towards you...

...I am so sorry that I had to say all those hurtful words in other to push you away" I apologized with all sincerity 

" So what changed Rana..?" Eze quizzed 

" Our distance apart made me miss you so much Eze.. I couldn't stop thinking about you each passing day.. from there I got to realize that I love you and won't want to lose in my life" I confessed whilst pouring out my heart with all honesty.

Instead of responding to what I said, Eze clamped his lips on mine in a passionate wet kíss. And even though I was taken unawares by his action, I still didn't back out of the kíss. 

I just could not resist Eze's tasty lips so I reciprocated the kíss though as a novice I was practically biting at his lips. Gradually I begun to learn the right way by going with Eze's kíssing flow and tempo.

I abruptly quit the kíss when I heard through my enhanced sense of hearing that someone was knocking on my bedroom door. 

Oh please not now! I uttered aloud since I did not want our memorable moment to end so soon but the fact is I have to attend to duty calls. 

Thankfully Eze understood my change in demeanor and utterances. 

He tenderly cupped my face in his hands as he told me smiling 

" It is okay Rana.. I understand that your office needs you so please do go and attend to duty.. don't worry I promise to always be here waiting for you okay..?"

Eze's show of understanding felt like a soothing balm to my soul. He keeps making me feel so special and loved.

" I have missed you Eze and honestly I wanted spending time with you.. and If I leave now I am not sure of coming back here again today" I blurted out with lots of emotions in my eyes

" It is still okay beautiful one... if that is the case then I will come see you at the palace later tonight.. is that okay by you..?" Eze asked staring directly at me

I nodded whilst smiling widely at Eze before responding with all sincerity 

" Of course Eze... I will feel so elated if you do that!. It will also prove to me that you've truly forgiven me alongside with all what I had said to you that night"

" Okay then. I will do as the Priestess pleases" Eze answered prostrating jokingly 

We both bursted out laughing at his sarcastic prostate

" Stop being sarcastic Eze.. I am serious!" I quipped feigning a serious face

" I am serious too Rana.. I will come see you at night.. just make sure to keep your door open for me okay...?"

I smiled as I nodded my head vigorously in understanding

" Sure Eze I will keep the door open for you. Thank you so much for understanding and also for forgiving me. I am sorry I will have to go now... I believe you are already aware that my presence is needed at my compound!"

After seeing Eze nod his head as a sign of approval, I closed my eyes and said a few incantations. 

Instantly I vanished and appeared in my bedroom.

At the bedroom, I walked over to the door and pulled it open. 

I saw Nelo, one of my maiden servant. 

She informed me that I had a stranger visitor who seeks my presence in the Throne room.

" A visitor?... What is the visitor's identity alongside his purpose for wanting to meet with me..?" I asked Nelo with raised brows


" I am sorry Priestess Rana but I do not know the identity of the man... Although I asked him before coming here but he insisted that his identity should rather remain undisclosed until you two meet" Nelo said shrugging her shoulders 

I was perplexed. I kept wondering who this strange visitor is and why he wants to meet with me. 

Either ways, I changed my outfit into something more presentable and went out of my room on my way to the Throne room to see the strange visitor.

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