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My Name is AKA - Last Episode





My Name is AKA - Last Episode

Written By Amah's Heart.

"I Akachukwu peters take thee, Daniel Williams to be my lawfully wedded husband..." I said while giggling like a child

I tickled him on both sides and he chuckled aloud

He was standing over the kitchen sink, cooking dinner

He put a red ball pepper In-between his teeth as he turned and said

"You may now kíss the groom but do so with a bit of the pepper..."

I took a little bite of it and pretend like my mouth was burning due to it's hotness

He pulled off his apron and rush to the fridge to get some water.

With a speed of lightening he returned back

"I'm sorry love, take some water...I never thought you will bite it. I was only joking..so sorry. Does it still hurts...?

"That was expensive play and it's gonna cost you.." I said feigning a frown 

Our little girl Deborah walked into the kitchen.

"Mummy, are you okay..?

"Your daddy made me eat pepper, now my mouth hurts.."

"Oh oh! Daddy give mummy ice cream, the pepper will disappear. I take ice cream anytime I eat one of those daddy's spicy food..."

"...mummy, does baby's mouth hurts too..?"

"No darling, baby is secured in mummy's belly. He's totally fine.." I said rubbing my protruded stomach 

I was seven months gone and my daughter who was almost three years was too eager to welcome her brother.

"Daddy, can I have an Ice cream now..? 

"You've to finish dinner first. No ice-cream.. except for mummy and baby.."

My daughter whispered to my ear that I will have to share with her.

I chuckled out loud while nodding

"I heard that, Deborah Williams and I'm coming for you..." Daniel said while pointing and coming towards Debby

She began to run and laugh as daddy made attempt to catch her

I reminded him that what he put on fire was about burning.

He returned back to the cooking but not after asking if I was really okay.

I laughed and said I was alright.

Dinner was served, courtesy of Daniel my dearest husband and a wonderful teacher and friend.

This was almost our seventh years of marriage and it still feels like yesterday.

Daniel had said during our first honey moon that he was going to score on our first night.

I laughed so hard, deep down I believed his every word

Getting prégnant on the first night with Daniel wouldn't be unexpected, that will be lovely and I wanted it so.

I was married to a man who never had séx in all his single life, it was a honour being the first woman he was getting intimate with and it was a beautiful time we still look back to with lots of laughter 

I didn't conceived in the first or second year, I became scared because I never thought there will be any delay.

Daniel asked me to trust God and not panic.

I tried but I was afraid of the unknown.

What could've gone wrong?

What if Daniel begin to doubt the voice or leading of God concerning me, he will probably think he heard wrongly. I'm not supposed to be his wife

Just what if?

He is a good man who trusted God and kept himself from all immørality until marriage.

Why all this now? I wondered countless times.

I had so many fears, I even began to think if God was trying to punish me for my past sin.

What if the drugs I took from Mr Law after séx was to stop me from ever getting pregnant or it has indirectly destroyed my womb.

I prayed yet I was greeted with fear each time

Maybe I will never be able to bear children or become a mother.

Daniel may get tired, leaves me to marry another woman.

Even though I know Daniel is not such a man yet I was afraid.

The hospital I visited said I was alright and there was no issue with me

So what exactly is really the problem, the years were flying yet nothing.

Ify was married with a baby already, Leba too

Even my sister Amara is already a Mom and I was sending money for her and her son's upkeep.

I have seen Mr Law twice in Manchester.

 Daniel and I went out for a stroll at the park and he was there with a White lady and a son of about four years

We just celebrated our third years anniversary and was at one of our favourite park to have a little fun.

Mr Law was very happy to see us and even invited us for dinner that weekend in his in-law's house.

But we had to decline the invitation because we already had other things planned for same period.

I was also very pleased to see him again.

He introduced us to June, his fiancé and Eric his four years old son

Mr Law and June were planning to get married. 

I can see her expensive diamond engagement ring in her finger

It was very glaring and obvious.

I began to calculate the time and years, Mr Law probably lied or June lied

How come Eric was already four years

I was still In-between Mr Law and Daniel back then.

I remember he told me that June wanted to pin him down with prégnåncy so that he doesn't travel back to Nigeria but it was later a lie, according to him she wasn't prégnânt.

Does it mean that June was really pregnant for him back then and he tries to keep it a secret and lied to me instead

Or June later discovered after he was gone that she was actually pregnant.

I had so many questions running through my mind.

Mr Law's eyes was all over me, he heaved and smile as he watched me sip the drink Daniel bought for me.

Eric wanted to urínate, Mr Law stood to go help his son in private but June said he shouldn't bother, she was going to do it.

He sat back and June took Eric away.

"You're still forever charming and beautiful Aka. Daniel is a lucky man.." he said immediately June was gone, Daniel smiled with a nod of confirmation and I chuckled.

He began to apologize for everything that happened back then

He apologized to Daniel and also to me for ill behaviour he put up.

The inquisitiveness in me wanted to know more about Eric.

It was as if he read my mind and told me that June was actually pregnant back when he told me that she wasn't.

They had a serious misunderstanding which led to his return to Nigeria.

But they later settled their differences over the phone and when he came to UK they got serious in their relationship again and he finally get to meet his son.

A year later they got engaged but she wanted to weaned Eric before wedding.

And after two years they've finally fixed their wedding date which was in four months.

I was happy for him but also worried over what would have happened to me if I had agreed to settle or move in with Mr Law who has a white baby mama. 

 I'm sure he once loved me and I also loved him sincerely back then but after I fully embraced Christ, I couldn't dwell in sín any longer.

Daniel was God's sent to liberate me, he was my saving grace

I thank God I wasn't blinded with the worldly desires and miss God's plan for me in a life partner.

Mr Law asked us if we're not ready for baby yet because is over three years

Daniel told him that we're waiting for God's set time because God's plan is the best.

He nodded quietly and didn't make any further comments on that.

He talks about his brother doing well for himself and his sister also who is working in a tech company.

He also mentioned he last traveled a year ago to Nigeria to foresee things and he is planning to take his wife and son in his next visit.

Daniel invited Mr Law to our worship center anytime he happens to be around again and he promised to come with his family.

June is friendly and didn't hide the fact that she loves her man dearly

Her parents lives in Manchester Which was the reason they were in Manchester.

He was visiting his in-laws as his wedding date draws nearer.

Mr Law is a good man and also a good Dad, he knows how to treat a woman and it's obvious he found a soul mate who will melt down his ego and temperaments 

June looks homely and razz too.

So however Mr Law want his home, she's ready to comply

Mr Law wouldn't want to loose his son to a white lady, he has to play calm and not let the bad part of him to destroy what he was trying to protect.

He wants to be a better man than Mr Lambert, his father and he was ready to do all he can to make it happen.

We spent time with them before leaving.

Mr Law couldn't stop stealing glances at me as he struggles not to raise anything suspicious in June who didn't even take notice

On our way back home, Daniel who noticed the way Mr Law kept staring at me mentioned it and he said he still can't trust him with his wife.

He said he trust me but can't trust Lawrence, after I asked if he doesn't trust me.

We laughed it off.

 he used one hand to draw me into his arms

I relaxed back and we began to talk about other things.

We attended Mr Lawrence wedding, it was a very long drive to the location and we came bearing gift for the latest couple.

It was a very simple outdoor wedding and I love everything about it.

That was the second time we were meeting again and also the last.

Daniel and I continue trusting God for a baby.

My faith sometimes shakes but seeing Daniel makes me remain strong

The way Daniel kept trusting and never for once had doubts or fear made me decided to quit worrying and trust God fully.

It was almost our fourth year anniversary I became pregnant and Debby was born.

It's such a beautiful experience becoming pregnant after waiting for about four years.

Daniel remained thankful to God for remembering and blessing us with our baby girl.

Two years later and I became pregnant again for our son

It was a smooth prégnåncy journey for me

He was born on his father's birthday and we called him Saint.

Is quiet a journey but our walk with God gets better each day.

My parents renovated the house and things were properly put in place.

We visited home once to see our people after the birth of our son.

Uzo and his wife opened a food store and a salon.

He was a better man and was no longer gambling off every penny he gets.

He was already a father of three children

Obinna kept to his word, built a house and settled down with his woman.

Mama Zaram, I still speaks with her and she's doing well.

Daniel and makes sure she's well cared for both medically and financially.

We sent a nurse to her once in a week who runs check up on her health.

Zaram got married and Uzo's wife makes sure to always check and look out for Mama Zaram who was there for them when they had nothing.

Amara later settled down with Uche after they reconciled and it was proved that the baby belongs to Uche.

Uche signed her into college of education after Which she became a teacher in her husband's school

They're doing well and the family is progressing.

Amara had her second baby before I gave birth to my son, Saint.

Mr Law traveled with his family to Nigeria and they may spend a little time before returning to London.

Daniel was promoted at work after our son's delivery and he was giving the managerial post in another country.

Which will have to be our permanent resident 

We had to relocate to Canada and our life started in another platter of gold

Looking back to my life, I can only conclude that is been God.

He position men in place for my good 

I don't know what I would have done without God in my every path.

I didn't start the journey with him but he found me just in time and gave me a new beginning.

I may not have started with him but I'm definitely ending with God and this is what I tell everyone that's close to me

It's never late to start with God, because right from that moment you make up your mind, be certain that he will never leave nor forsake you.

No matter the tribulations and crisis that comes and makes you question your faith, that's the dëvïl wanting you to loose guard and fall out but once you resist the dëvïl he will flee from you.

Prayer is our companion, that's one beautiful way we interact with God and he with us.

Remember, is never late to make that Life changing decision to walk with God.

I sùffered a lot of setback and delay, even in marriage and childbirth but God's time for me remains the absolute best.

My name used to be Akachukwu Peter but it's no longer so.

I'm Mrs Akachukwu William

I love spelling my name in full because just like it says, God's hand is involved in my life.

If not, I would have ended up in bad shape.

If God be for us who can be against us?

Absolutely no one.

The End

(Do not take credit or Plagiarize AMAH'S HEART stories)

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