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My Name is AKA - Episode 69





My Name is AKA - Episode 69

Written By Amah's Heart.

Daniel's parents danced a little with them before leaving so that they will be able to fly back to the city 

Daniel went back to his lodge.

My parents got more than a million each

My brothers received more than half a million each.

I added to Uzo and asked him to go and pay his wife's bride price, 

I asked Obinna to hold the money untill Uzo is ready.

I asked Oluoma what she will like to do after she delivers of her second baby and she informed me that she was a hair dresser and will like to start doing that again.

I gave her money that she can use to open a Salon in the village.

I also asked her to get some baby things since her delivery time was close yet no single baby things.

I visited Mama Zaram for the last time

She did marvelously well for me and I know I can't pay back all her love and kindness but I sure put a smile on her face

Zaram too wasn't left out too

She was by my side all through the process of the bridal payment

I told Mama Zaram that I owe her alot and can't even pay it back in cash

I don't know exactly what I will do without her.

My parents were still after money and don't even care to know much about the man that paid my bride price.

All they see is that he's rich and got wealthy parents too.

I had a lot of savings plus Daniel gave me enough money for expenses.

After giving mama Zaram Money, she said it was too much and asked me to reduce.

I laughed it out and put it inside her wrapper.

She sang happily.

"Ma obu gi ma nwa onye ge nyem.." (who will bless me if not for a child..)

We laughed and danced together before I finally said goodbye.

I didn't have enough with me any more to add to Obinna who was very grateful for the money he received and promised to start up his building project immediately

I promised to support him in my little way and also to establish Uzo

Obinna said we shouldn't have given Uzo much money because he will squander it all, even his wife said so but Uzo is an adult and knows the right thing to do.

However he choose to live his life is out of my hands

After I was done with everything i left with Daniel back to the city.

We began to plan towards our white wedding.

Dami, my university little friend who will soon be a graduate was going to be my chief bridesmaid.

Ify would have but she was busy planning her own wedding which will take place in two months time after mine.

She and her fiancé were planning to travel to the village for her traditional wedding.

I didn't do much ceremony in mine like Ify was planning.

Timing and everything surrounding my family, I decided to opt for the payment of everything instead.

If they decide to throw a big party on my behalf then is upto to them.

The major thing have been done as tradition demand.

I was traditionally married to Daniel.

That was the master of all ceremony and I'm glad it was fulfilled.

The church wedding was going to take place in my church

Same place that Daniel's Mom was one of the pastors

Daniel gave me money for my wedding shopping and I went with Ify and Dami who usual come visiting

I paid for a shuttle bus to go bring my people for the wedding

My parents, sibling, mama Zaram and Zaram.

Daniel wanted them around during the white wedding and arrangements was made 

Three days to my wedding, Amara came to the house with her luggage

She begged me for accommodation because she doesn't have anywhere else to go

Mr Law threw her out because of the prëgnåncy, even Austin who she thought will atleast care and talked to his elder brother didn't show any signs of care

She was giving him her body and he claims to love her 

He said he wasn't ready to be a Dad and can't agree to be the father of her child since he was mostly sleeping with her with cøndøm.

Mr Law was also ângry with Austin and descended on him for stooping so low to get intimate despite his warning

He has always warned him about her and asked him to be careful and make sure he wasn't getting intimate but according to Amara they were inlove and not a thousand of Mr Law can stop them

Mr Law has severally warned Amara to leave Austin alone and get serious with her job but Austin was the new interesting job that she couldn't do without.

Now they've traveled and left her behind

She took the prëgnåncy to Uche, Uche took her in for sometime but he was also in doubts if he was the father.

Amara had told him in the past how her boss brother was making passes at her and want to take her to London

She wanted him to be jealous back then.

Uche calculated the time he had intimate with Amara and the period she claims to have gotten pregnant

He accused Amara of sleeping with Austin which she couldn't deny because it was obvious.

Amara left him and had no choice than to come beg me to accommodate her.

I took my Londoner sister in, in few days I will be married and will no longer stay in the house.

Ify refused to have her either but she had no choice since the house was still mine and in few months she will also be married.

Amara moved in, her pregnancy was begining to show a little at six months

She had no money and haven't gotten any baby things

She wasn't sure who exactly was her baby's father.

She deliberately got pregnant with the thought it will be a fast gate way to London but her well planned deal backfired on her.

Mr Law and Austin were back to UK and she's stuck with prégnåncy 

She cried her eyes out each day and said if she didn't know it was going to be like this, if she had an Idea of the outcome she wouldn't have ventured

She would have even abørted the prëgnåncy early before it matures

I gave her money to buy baby things, register in the hospital for medical check up and to buy food stuffs.

She said she wish to be at my wedding but she can't come because of her condition.

She didn't want my people to see her in her pitiful state.

She asked me to lie to them that she was actually in London and couldn't make it down to my wedding

I told her that i can't do such, no matter how long she tries to hide the truth, it will definitely surface someday.

I wasn't going to say anything except if they ask and I will just tell them that she's fine but just couldn't make it due to what she had going on with her.

She thanked me for not discarding her despite everything she said and did to me.

She begged me to plead with Daniel to forgive her too.

She was only trying to be the most favourite in my people's eyes, the most honoured and richest

She was ready and out to do anything to outshine me

Now she knows I was a child of grace and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

I'm glad she realized her mistake and came to embrace the truth.

I'm focusing on my new level as a Mrs and nothing else

I will definitely support her and her child, that's for sure.

Daniel has already made plans that will be moving to Manchester together after our wedding

I'm very excited that finally settling down with a man after God's heart

A man with a heart of gold

A true man of God who loves and cares for me deeply.

My joy knows no bounds


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