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My Name is AKA - Episode 68





My Name is AKA - Episode 68

Written By Amah's Heart.

To my surprise, the compound was tidied up neatly, the grasses cut down and swept.

The main house was the only issue I had, it wasn't looking alright

The sitting room has turned to a place to pack all kinds of condémn things.

I saw kids things at the corner and messed up bed with a worn out wrapper spread on top like a sheet.

Although they try to clean to their best ability but it's still looks térrible

It must be in worst shape before they managed to tidied and it wasn't looking anywhere tidied.

The roof has developed different leaking spots, one part of the roofing has rusted off and thorn apart.

The kitchen was supported by different big bamboo sticks so that it doesn't fall to the ground.

It's dângerous to even cook in there because if there's heavy downfall and serious wind the kitchen is going down.

Due to lack of maintenance, everything was in disarray.

I thank God that it wasn't a raining season, we can put chairs outside for the occasion

The kindred men and women, also for Daniel and his people.

Enough ventilation and space too is the advantage of sitting outside 

It's more conducive 

It's far better than sitting in there in such  state 

Daniel lodged in the village guest house which was owned by one rich man.

 it's okay for a guest house and Daniel said he doesn't mind staying there.

I wanted him to be comfortable and even suggested if we should go to the nearby town and get a proper hotel, he said he was alright

Beside it's just a day or two and we will be driving back to our base.

After making sure he was well settled, I left my luggage with him 

I picked up a small bag and left him to see my people

 I have already informed them of my arrival.

My brother Obinna cleared up grown grasses.

I saw a little boy of about a year plus around the compound with no pants on.

A strange pregnant lady was cooking outside the almost fallen kitchen.

She greeted me kindly immediately she saw me

"Good evening, are you the one everyone is expecting? You're aunty Aka? The Ada (first daughter) 

I looked at her, she was almost seven months gone and she looks pitiful.

I wondered if Obinna my brother was already married without informing me

Not just married but almost a Dad or already one.

I was about to reply when my phone rang and it was Daniel calling to know if I have gotten home.

I walked inside the house while on call.

inside chokes and needed lots of ventilation.

Obinna came in immediately I was dropping the call and threw his arms around me.

"I was afraid we will never see you again.." he was all smile and I couldn't hides my joy on seeing that he was no more the boy I left years ago but a man with bears.

"I'm happy to see you too Obinna. You've changed into a man.."

"Thank you and you're now a big woman. You've grown beyond our imagination. Welcome home Aka, when you informed us that you will be coming home, I was super excited and began to tidy up the entire compound and the house. I cut down the grasses and burnt some of the heaped up träsh. Hope it was good enough for you and our in-laws..."

I smile and thanked him for a job well done

"What of our ogo (in-law) when are we expecting them..."

"Tomorrow, by God's grace. Where's Papa and Mom, what of Uzo. Have you seen Mama Zaram, I checked her while coming in but the house is empty. Where's everyone..? 

"....I have met your wife. You didn't even tell me that you're now a married man.."

Obinna chuckled aloud.

"Papa went to inform the umunna in the kindred of tomorrow event concerning you, Mama has gone to the umu nwanyi (women) in the community to specially ask for their presence and you know they will come with alot of expectations since Papa and Mama kept on telling everyone that you're getting married to a Londoner with plenty money..."

"Who told them such? I asked surprised.

"Is Amara that called to inform them that there's one wealthy man, who used to be your boss but want to marry you and he's based in London..."

"... Amara said she was also going to marry a Londoner because your husband to be younger brother has asked for her hand in marriage..."

"...I don't know how true that is but I'm happy for both of you.."

The pregnant lady walked pass us after greeting Obinna kindly, she went to carry little boy running around

"Chika, come and have your bath.." she called him.

I asked Obinna to follow me so that we can check on Mama Zaram again and he did gladly.

Obinna turned to me "have you met Uzo's wife and son.." he asked immediately we walked down 

I exclaimed aloud "Uzo?? I thought she would was your wife..?

"Nooo, I'm not married yet. I want to make Money first before getting married, I will do so in the right way and at the right time.."

"... I'm into building now Aka and I thank God for the progress. I'm saving towards building maybe two rooms apartment before settling down. My oga is a kind man, he takes me along to work with him on different projects. Today I went to complete a roofing job which we couldn't finish up the other day. I'm making progress by the grace of God. I want to marry right and wouldn't want to suffer my wife or watch my kids go hungry. By the special grace of God, I will get there.."

"That's good Obinna, I'm happy to hear you say things like this. You've really turned out well. What is Uzo doing? How was he able to marry and already a daddy...?

"It's a long story but let me brief you, Uzo denied the first pregnancy allegations and refused to take responsibility even when it was very obvious that he actually prégnanted Oluoma. It was when her father decided to take a drastic step on the man that put his only daughter in a family way that Uzo accepted and decided to take responsibility. He apologized and agreed to marry Oluoma. He brought her home and pleaded with them to give him time so that he can gather up money to pay her bride price. After she gave birth, she was still nursing the first one when Uzo pregnant her for the second time...."

I chuckled sadly "what is Uzo doing to fend for his young family..?

"Nothing for now. He uses the small money he gets to play betting. I have asked him to follow me to site sometimes he will atleast get three to five thousand for a day job but he refused. He went only twice and say the job is too stressful. He is looking for quick Money, forgetting there's nothing like that except he wants to become a thíef. Mama and papa allows them to sleep in the sitting room. I only come home once in a while and drop money for them, especially for Oluoma and Chika their little boy, my nephew. I told her not to fail to call and let me if she needs anything. I drop two thousand for them in a day, I don't get much but I try to help in any way I can while planning towards my building project and settling down soon. Is not easy down here but I can't just imagine what it is for Uzo who can't provide for his family and haven't paid anything on the girl's head. Oluoma is a good girl and really patient with her husband.."

"I see.." I finally said with a sigh.

We visited Mama Zaram who was finally home

She was too excited and danced around the compound after hugging and showering me with lots of praises

I danced with her as she sang one of her olden days song of praises to God.

She was aware that I was coming too and has looked forward to my arrival.

She went to buy things that she use in cooking for me.

She said I must stay until she was done with the food.

She kílled one of her chicken to prepare the delicious soup with fufu.

I ate with Obinna happily.

Mama Zaram also attest that Obinna usually buy things for her anytime he's Coming from work and she sometimes makes his favourite meal

She has also asked Uzo's wife to come over for some food stuffs for herself and son anytime there's nothing at home.

I thanked Mama Zaram all over for always looking out for my family.

We talked about tomorrow, my Mom haven't bought anything yet for cooking

Mama Zaram said she had asked her and she said she was waiting for my arrival so that I can give her money to go to the market and buy some things 

But mama Zaram said I shouldn't worry, she has already bought things down

she has been gathering it up over a month after I informed her of the young man coming for my hand in marriage.

She carried out a bag and there were a whole lot inside.

She has indeed prepared for tomorrow

There were big stock fish, smoked fish, dry meat, ugba, crayfish and many other things 

With all she showed me, everything was ready

She had half bag of garri, four paints of rice with its ingredients for jelof and stew.

I bought two bags of rice for the family

I know that will atleast last them for a long while.

I bought yam, oil and few other things right in the city which Daniel and I brought back .

I looked over at what Mama Zaram bought for my big day 

I was overwhelmed with joy, I never gave her penny for any of this things yet she prepared well for my occasion.

I don't know what I would have done without Mama Zaram.

I sometimes think she's my real mother.

She told us that Zaram was working in town, she learnt decoration and she's doing well

Zaram promised to come tomorrow for my day. She can't miss it for anything.

They wanted to know why Amara didn't follow me home

I told them she got really busy with her life and she not showing up is excusable.

Mama and papa were already home as we returned, even Uzo too who smile sheepishly from afar avoid getting too close.

I went to him and hugged him.

Whatever war we fought in the past should remain in the past.

I'm too blessed to feel håte or sådness for anything.

Mama and papa hugged me and everyone has something to say

They were almost talking at the same time, each person trying to be louder than the other 

Mama asked for money to settle the umuada to go to market and buy things, also money for cooking.

 Papa wanted money to get palm wine for the umunna and the visitor.

He also wanted money to buy Kola nut.

Uzo asked for money to call the youth, ndi ome na ala for ogene music and dance.

Only Obinna was quiet in all this

I had to scrape off some things that they were listing because it wasn't necessary

I gave them money as they asked

They complained it won't be enough, I asked them to managed it.

Papa said he heard that my London husband has lots of money, I shouldn't be stingy like I used to do in the past.

Uzo said the money I gave him wasn't enough, that if the money with me has finished then I should ask my rich London husband

I told them that they should discard everything Amara told them concerning my husband to be, it was all lies.

Obinna whispered that I shouldn't give them another money

Especially not to Uzo that was looking for money to gamble with.

They didn't believe me even after I told them that my husband isn't as wealthy as Amara put it and he's not a Londoner.

They said I was trying to be stingy.

I wasn't surprised that they haven't changed one bit from this their grêëdy and self-centred behaviour but I know better ways to manage them

My presence with them is just for two days and I will be out of here for good

I slept in mama Zaram's house till the following day

It was the things that Mama Zaram brought and few from mine that was used in cooking all the meal.

My Mom didn't buy anything again after seeing a bag full of food items from Mama Zaram and the things I bought.

Everything was ready before 11am, Obinna went to bring Daniel and also help his parents in locating our place.

Everything my father and the umunna mentioned were outrageously expensive yet it was all paid without negotiation.

They even added extra money on top of the list and Daniel's parents paid all in full.

See the happiness on the faces of my people as they dance and rejoice.

My parents said they're very joyous that turned down Eme nwa Danfo because he wouldn't have given them such an amount of money that Daniel and his people gave them.

They received more than triple of the money, way beyond their imagination.

They showered me with praises, they said I brought great fortune to them.

They totally forgot I was the child they rejected and cúrsed in the past.

I became their favourite

I savoured the moment because it was one of a kind

I received the love and blessings I thought they can't give.

I'm their favourite for now untill another among my siblings supercedes the show by doing more than I did

He or she will also be crowned as the favourite and will reign until another takes over 

What a life.

(Do not take credit or Plagiarize AMAH'S HEART stories)

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