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My Name is AKA - Episode 67





My Name is AKA - Episode 67

Written By Amah's Heart.

"Daniel...I didn't do anything, God is my witness. Maybe I shouldn't have let him in but he talked me into it and he has been talking ever since he walked in, that was before you arrived..."


"Aka, you don't have to deny me before this guy. I thought you enjoyed the kíss and my touch few minutes ago.." Mr Law said with a dirty smile 

I turned to stare at him in shock.

"What kíss, nothing happened between us. I respect you Mr Law, why are you lying...I don't expect this from you.."

"Well, do you expect this..." He grabbed me firmly and kissed me on the lips right in front of Daniel.

"...I guess you didn't expect that too, since it didn't happen before, it has happened now..." He said boldly without care 

"Jesus Christ, are you cråzy. What has gotten into you.." I exclaimed with téars as I saw Daniel infuriated

"Don't you dare touch her again.." Daniel took a step towards him.

Mr Law began to laugh sarcastically

"Wai... what do you wanna do church boy? You gonna beat me up or something..." He began to laugh so hard, møcking Daniel who stood watching him ângrily.

"..Boy, go home to your mama, don't try to push your luck too hard, you're too small to be dragging a woman with me. You can't beat me church boy, not in a fight or anything. I will send you back home with a half paralyzed body just with one fist..."

"I obviously can't beat you in a physical combat sir, I wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against wickedness in the high places and I do so on my knees, that's my battle field..."

"You're speaking gibberish. Tell me the truth, has Aka seen your p£nis? What if it's too tiny like that of a little boy, and you can't satisfy her like I do. You maybe impotent,  what if you are hiding something far bigger church boy? Do you know Aka's úndies size, pånt and bra? But I do and I used to go shopping for her and watch her wear them for me in my room. Just one touch from me weakens Aka and she maybe lying to you but she can't get enough of me. No woman can. I'm just good like that and treat my women special. I suckled on her nīpple, make love to her like you can't achieve in years to come. I love the purple flower pånt she's currently wearing and the black and white dot bra..."

Daniel bit hard on his lips, he didn't hide his annoyance this time.

I try to tell him not to listen to Mr Law, he was trying hard to make Daniel måd.

He was also wrōng with the kind of undies I was putting on, I have the colours he mentioned before, he bought it long time ago while I was still with him but I have changed my undies and no longer have any of those.

Mr Law began to laugh hard as he watched Daniel looking helpless and sāddened.

"...Church boy is ângry and want to fight because of a woman. Are you sure God won't be mâd at you..? Well, God is already aware that I don't beat around the bush or pretend to be what I'm not unlike you mummy's boy. Who exactly are you and what's your plan for aka...?

"I'm Daniel, Aka is my wife to be sir, your behaviour is too childish and not qualify for a man of your caliber..."

"Forget the caliber and focus on the man. Love is the reason, I want Aka and don't mind if it takes me making fool of myself, that's what we do for love. Aka is mine, there's no competition here. Back off, I'm ready to settle you handsomely, just mention the amount Daniel. Let's talk business ... I'm quiet serious now..."

"...I don't trust you and I'm afraid you will hurt my woman in future. We can avoid so many things and settle amicably. Aka doesn't love you, she's only captivated with your churchiness and all that God talk. She always tells me how much she loves me..."

"That's not true. I love you Daniel and I never had any intimate moment with Mr Law after the incident at the library. He's talking nønsense and I regret ever having anything to do with him. Daniel, you're the man I want to spend the rest of my life with and I don't care about what Mr Lawrence said about your manhood or you not being able to satisfy me in bed, those things are secondary, they're not the only reason I want to be your wife..."

My anxiety was on another level, I was tensed on unstable with both of them standing there, boiling inwardly

"....Daniel do you believe me? I'm saying the truth. I can swear it to you that nothing happened and I truly love you..."

"Ye...yeh... it's alright Aka, I do believe you. You don't have to swear, not by heaven because is God's throne, not by earth because it's God's footstool... never swear by anything, not even your head because you can't turn one hair white or black..."

"... your simple yes or no is enough for me Aka. I do believe you and that's all that matters, nothing else.."

He took my hand into his and gasped out calmly

"You're a woman enough for me. I love you now and forever.."

" I love you more Daniel, You give me peace and quiet my noisy spirit. You speak to my soul and make me understand that there are still perfect men out there, with the real fear of God, who can love a woman sincerely, forgive truly and believe in their success without any physical gain. I thank heaven for sending me an angel in human form. I will love and respect you, I will humbly follow your guiding and obey your command. You will be a crown upon my head and just like Ephesians 5vs22 stated you will remain the head and I will submit to your lordship.."

I ran into his arms and he held me.

"..Thank you for believing in me, it means a whole lot to me.." I said while holding him.

Mr Law took a deep defeated breath

He dropped the gift in his hand, it was some foreign chocolate bar I once told him I love.

He swallowed hard, he appears weak and suddenly speechless. 

He began to walk out slowly

"Leave her alone, we don't want you...is Mr Law we know and want as in-law not you..." Amara said while approaching which made Mr Law to pause 

I turned to face her

"Amara, I really should have left you in the village, I should have not listen to your constant plea to bring you to this city. You're nothing but a disappointment and I regret it all..."

"Is too late to cry, I'm here and reigning like a champion. Your family which includes your parents and siblings and extended family do not recognize Daniel or whatever is his name as your husband to be. We want Law and no one else..."

"...Mr Law ji ego, buru dimkpa, obu onye ala bekee.

 ihe anyi choro bu ego, obu gi fine boy, obu gi onye akwokwo nso..we can't eat that  (Mr Law has money, he is a big man, a Londoner too. All we are after is money not a fine boy or Bible, we can't eat fine boy and Bible)  Amara said rolling her eyes at Daniel.

I know why she switched to Igbo so that Mr Law won't understand her main reason for wanting him which is obviously for a selfish reasons.

"Listen Amara, I'm not getting married because of you or bunch of other family members. I'm getting married for me and my heart delights in Daniel. If you and the family members doesn't like it, then it's none of my business. Daniel is rich enough for me and his akwokwo nso (Bible) like you called it's going to be our shield and buckler. God will be the centre of our home and that's final.."

Daniel pat me gently on the shoulder with a satisfying smile.

"You're self centred, everything is about you and you. Selfishness, isn't it supposed to be a sin or your Bible didn't tell you so. you don't consider others except you and yourself. I wonder how we're sister..."

I try to take a step towards her but Daniel pulled me back.

"You need to give some respect to your elder sister and not..." Daniel was talking when Amara put a hand across her mouth, shutting him up

"Shhhh, I'm not talking to you. Who do you think you are, church spoilt brat..."she said to Daniel who raised an eyebrow at her insult.

Mr Law was already heading to the car

He obviously can't stand any of us anymore.

I rushed Amara, pulling away from Daniel.

I pointed at her ângrily.

"You can insult me all you want and I may not really react but if you dare try it with my man, my soon to be husband, I will  mess you up Amara..."

"... you've won a big jackpot by getting pregnant for Austin, I hope Mr Law and his brother who will be traveling to London next Month will be taking you along with your pregnancy. At least we that don't have money will breath..."

She seems shøck

"Mr Law and Austin are traveling next month? Is a big lie, I don't believe you. Is not possible...?

Mr Law pause "Amara is pregnant for who exactly, Austin..? Is she cråzy..?

Ify came back from work and seem shock to see everyone.

Mr Law turned to Amara "... are you stúpid? What of the other guy you goes out to see or you think I'm not aware? Getting prégnant under my roof for whoever is føolishness. You can no longer work for me, once you get back... pack your things and get out of my house. Austin is returning to London and starting a new life in two weeks. Look for the father of your baby or find another rich guy to pin it on. I have always warned you over time, you don't take your jobs serious or do whatever you're told. You hang around Austin and forget the main reason you're in the house. I'm deeply sorry for you, it's a good thing you got two men, take your prégnåncy to the other guy. I'm out of out of here..."

He got into his car and drove away.


Amara shamelessly left to take transport back to Mr Law's house.

While Daniel and I finally had time to talk, pray and plan in private

The following day, we were out of the city as early as possible to the village for my bridal rites.

(Do not take credit or Plagiarize AMAH'S HEART stories)

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