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My Name is AKA - Episode 66





My Name is AKA - Episode 66

Written By Amah's Heart.

Two months after, we were finally set to travel together to see my people.

Daniel said we will go by road in his new car but his parents will come by air after we've safely arrived.

There's a guest house that we can past the night in my village because I know my parents house is nothing to write home about

I just hope rain haven't detached the roof yet 

I hope we can at least get a clean place to sit for the reconcilation, introduction and also paying of the bridal rites.

I have called to inform them that I was coming back with a visitor.

They're seems joyous, I guess they will atleast milk out something from the visitor which might be their reasons for rejoicing.

I also hope they will atleast consider the visitor and tidy up the house and the entire compound.

If it was up to me, I will just send their rites back to them in form of money instead going over there.

I don't want chaos or drama or even sitting to chic chat with them because I will be pretending in doing so since we never really had a good relationship right from onset.

I know I have forgiven but I'm trying to protect my emotional state because looking back I can easily break down with everything they put me through.

They said I will never amount to anything in life and I will remain useless since I refused to marry Eme nwa Danfo, which is a serious offénse and a big disobedience to them.

They cúrsed me in front of my siblings which was why Amara had a the gut to always refer to it and remind me of how uséless I am and how she will make it big before me.

She recently said I should've married Eme nwa Danfo instead of incurring a cùrse on my head which she believed is affecting my happiness.

I know I did the right thing and as far as Christ liveth, no power of unjust or cúrses can have effect over me, I did them no wrong

They used me as a bet to collect Money, and I'm supposed to be the payment for their críminality, my refusal made them chase me out of the house, burn my cloths, belongings, disowned and cursed me

They said I was no longer their daughter or a member of the family

Mama Zaram took me in, cared for me and through her help I escaped to the city.

It húrts each time but I'm getting over it

They are not my God and that's why I scaled through.

That's why I never wanted to get close or sit under same roof with them but Daniel has made me understand that it was their håtes and unjust treatment that made God send helper to my aid

Without what they did, I might just still be in the village, either a trader, selling vegetables like my mother, working without a higher degree or married to some village man or boy with plenty children.

God has blessed me and there's no reason to keep hurting or keep a grúdge in my heart.

It's time to face my fear and get their blessings for a marital bliss, is the right thing to do.

I believe him and already have a different mind set 

There was a knock

My face beamed with smile, Daniel was coming that evening so we can properly plan and pray over our trip to the village tomorrow.

He called earlier that he will soon be on his way 

Today is Thursday, we will be leaving tomorrow and by Saturday, his parents will be arriving for the occasion in my father's house.

I heaved, thankfully i was already done with everything I was doing

is me and Daniel's time and I always look forward to having him around.

We will sit in his car to avoid distraction of any such.

Ify went to work and will soon be back.

I was on a leave from work and don't know if I will be resuming back with all that Daniel said about moving with him to Manchester.

That's huge and the thought of it gives me real joy.

I haven't even crossed the sea before or traveled out of this country, God has really elevated me and my faith is strong that it will all work out 

I joyfully opened the door, filled with smile and it was Mr Law.

My smiling face turned to a frown.

He's the last person I expected to see here.

"Good evening si..re..whaa... what are you doing here...? I asked surprised to see him.

"To see you, Amara said you're not feeling well for days, even though I still wanted to leave you alone but I just couldn't. How's your health...is it serious... should I take you to the hospital?

"No... I'm alright. nothing is wrong with me. She was lying as usual..."

"Oh..wow. then it's all good... I'm relieved. I got something for you..." He pulled out a small gift bag behind him

I had a straight face and didn't want anything from him but I try not to be harsh because we aren't enemies.

"What is it..?

"Can I come inside first...?"

"No... I'm sorry. I can't let you in because I'm the only one in the house. I know what happened the last time we were alone, I don't trust you Mr Law..."

"You don't trust me or you don't trust yourself? I'm not the problem, if you claim not to love or have any feeling for me then why are you afraid of being alone with me...?

I thought of an answer, I wanted to prove him wrōng

I wanted to let him know that he no longer have any effect on me

"... Aka, I still loves you and I know you do too but I came for something way bigger. Please let me come in and sit down..."

"No sir, please tell me why you're here.."

"Aka, I promise I won't take much of your time and I will be out of your site. I just want to show you what I got for you. The more we talk at the door, the more you delay the whole thing because I can't unravel the package while standing at the door. Well, except your reason for not letting me in means that you still love me and can't afford to stay alone for just a second with me.."

"... beside, Amara is in the car. She decided to wait in the car and asked me to go ahead and unravel the surprise first..."

"Please, you will have to make it fast..." I left the road and he walked into my sitting room and sat down

I remained standing

"What's the package...? I asked hastily while watching the time before Daniel will arrive 

"You look so uneasy Aka, relax..." He said standing up and approaching me.

"Please... please I beg you in the name of God almighty, don't come near me, try to keep your hand to yourself, don't touch me..." I quickly hushed him as I held my hand in akimbo style.

"Okay... okay, I get it. I won't touch you..." He said raising his hand in total surrender.

"You haven't say why you came, why are you here sir.."

"Relax Aka, stop acting like I'm your enëmy. Why are you feeling uneasy and panicking. Have I ever hürt you in the past...I mean deliberately offcourse. All I ever did was to love you and I have never stopped. I respected your space after the last incident at the library and even when Amara told me that you're no more together with Daniel, he broke up with you because of me, I wasn't happy even though I suppose to jubilate. I didn't want to interfere because I thought you will willingly come around but not until Amara said you're not feeling well and you're ashamed of coming back to the house, I decided to finally come see you..."

"Everything Amara said to you is a big fat lie. I'm sorry that she manipulated you in coming here in vain but I love Daniel and we're getting married..."

"But you're not married yet, it's about three months now...or am I wrong? What's the plan, why is he delaying. How are you sure he loves you like I do and won't use whatever you did against you tomorrow. Because I won't forgive any guy that tries sleeping with my woman after engagement and my woman dares not do such to me. I'm real and I don't pretend, I'm very jealous with whatever I call mine and can hürt any motherfvvcker for that. That's the reason I don't trust your Daniel, he forgive easily and ready to continue with the wedding or whatever he's planning, such a guy is not to be trusted. Forget all this churchy attitude, I don't trust church guys and I don't trust Daniel. He has something up his sleeve shirt..."

"... I'm not the kind of guy that condemns others just to get what I want, no.. I'm too big for such a cråzy hateful lifestyle. I just felt something is totally off, is not aligning to my understanding. I will so much feel hürt if I learnt that you're in an unhappy marriage. I love you and want your happiness. Don't trust a guy like Daniel, he just decided to let go after knowing that the woman he's about to marry was with another guy and even lost her ring in the process. That shít isn't happening with me. I'm going to deal with the guy and the lady... nobody húrts me that way. My emotions can't be shattered into tiny pieces and I easily gather it up and pretend it's nothing. That's fvvcking búllshīt. Daniel is pretending and that worries me greatly..."

"Are you done, please you can take your leave.  And for your information anyone in Christ is a new creation. Daniel is in Christ and you don't need to understand his behaviour or the things he does. He's a total different man from who you are and you shouldn't compare. He's a special breed and I'm blessed to have such a man in my life..."

"That's the lie you tell yourself, he's gonna hürt you and I'm only worried. He's deceiving you and because I care so much about you that's why I have this unrest.."

"...I'm going back to London early next month which is in two weeks time. I will be taking Austin back to London. He said he's bored and the weather plus new environment is almost driving him cråzy. He's better and free to manage things on his own so we will be going back so that I can also forsee some of my business there. I want you to join our trip. I have already made arrangements for that. You will be visiting London for the first time and that's huge right? We will be together in London this time and you will meet some of my friends, we will visit places..."

"... the best part is I plan to engage you there with one of the most expensive diamond ring. We will get married and live happily ever after... isn't that what you've always wanted, to marry and have kids with me... your very first love whom you willingly gave your virginity to. Aka, you should be happy, your wish is finally coming to reality..."

There was a knock and my heart skipped.

I went to open the door and saw Daniel.

"You've a visitor? I saw a car outside and..."

Mr Law showed up at the door, holding me from behind

"Yes Daniel, I'm not actually a visitor...I guess you are the one visiting..."

I pulled away from him and stood aside.

Daniel stared at him and I can see their heart beating in rhythm.

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