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Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 63 & 64




Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 63 & 64

SUBTLE: Ruthless Heart

THEME: His Little Bride

GENRES: Dark/Couples Romance/Action/Erotica

TAGS: Contract Marriage,Mafias,Deaths,Bloody,Suspense,Secrets,Cold Hearted,College,Jealousy,M*rders,Love Triangles,Rivals,Age Gap,S£x.

Written By, Summer Gold R.             



Madam Hope was on her knees in front of Ace who was working on the laptop without looking at her.

"Sir...please just forgive her this once. If she leaves,then you are giving up on her for the other guy...."

"I never wanted her from the start,she can go anywhere for all I care. And besides,I also f**ked around in the past so we are even now" Ace muttered and stood up. 

"Sir! Please...."

"Hope!!!" Ace yelled and she kept quiet. 

"If she stay in this house,it's not my business,i don't want her anymore,why can't she just go to the man she's in love with??" Ace asked. 

"She loves you......"

"F**k her love" Ace muttered and left the room for the lounge. 

Madam Hope fell on her butt and sighed out loudly before getting up,she walked out and entered Lily's room,she was still on the floor crying her eyes out. 

Madam Hope sighed and walked closer to her then bent down in front od her. 

"Why did you do that?" She askee calmly. 

Lily shook her head. 

"I don't know,i just....got lost for a while and....i'm sorry" She cried out. 

"Do you really love sir Ace?? I won't stop or beg for you if you love the other guy more,you have the right to choose the one you love,you deserve to live with someone who loves you,so tell me,do you love the other guy more.... "

"No i don't,i love Ice" Lily muttered and Madam Hope sat down on the floor with a loud sigh. 

"Now what do we do?? He's so angry with you Lily,but don't leave the house" Madam Hope said.

"I can't,i don't want to leave him,i can't" Lily shook her head.

"Then you should have used your head and prevent this from happening,it's called cheating!" Madam Hope snapped and Lily sniffs. 

"Stay here,i will prepare something,you must be starving already" Madam Hope muttered and stood up,she gently walked out of the room and Lily broke into more tears. 

'Get out of my house' that statement still rings in her head hurtfully. 



Ace opened the door and came out of his room only to find Lily standing there,leaning on the wall. Their eyes met and she made to move closer to him but before she could,Ace turned away and went downstairs without sparing her another glance. He's been giving her the silent treatment for a whole week now,he doesn't say a word to her and he doesn't even want to lighten to whatever she have to say,he comes back home when it's totally late. 

Lily fell on the floor and started tearing up again,she does that each time Ace ignores her,she can't even eat well or sleep because all she could think of is how to make Ace forgive her but it doesn't look like he's forgiving her anytime soon and it's killing her so badly. 

Madam Hope appeared after a while and groaned when she saw Lily on the floor. 

"You got dressed already and now you're on the floor??" She asked. 

Lily sniffed and looked up. 

"He hates me" she mumbled tearfully. 

"Says who??" Madak Hope asked.

"He saw me.....he ignored me....he's been doing this for a week and...i don't think he really want me here" Lily said.

"So? Are you leaving now? Do you want to leave and go back to your parents house?" Madam Hope asked.

"No" Lily burst into tears. 

"Then get up and eat so you can go to school,I'm sure he will come around when he wants to" Madam Hope said. 

"Are you sure? What if he really want me to go?" Lily asked. 

"He won't do that,trust me" Madam Hope said and gently pulled her. 

"Everything will be fine" She said,wiping her tears.

"Seriously,i know i made a mistake and i'm sorry,isn't he being so unfair to me? I feel like i might die every time he ignores me,it's unfair" Lily started crying again as they went downstairs. 

"Can you please stop crying already? You do this everyday,you hardly eat,you don't sleep,are you planning to fall sick? Huh? Please stop" Madam Hope said.

"Tell him to forgive me!" Lily shouted and Madam Hope groaned while holding her head. 

She pulled Lily into a hug not knowing what to say again. 



The three friends stood together,Leo and Roxanna looking at Lily expecting her to talk but she said nothing. 

"You said you have something to tell is" Roxanna broke the silence and Lily sighed. 

"I'm sorry I've been hiding this from you guys,for a private reason....but..  I'm married" Lily broke the shell.

"What?!!" Roxanna screamed but Leo kept quiet. 

"It was an arranged marriage,my parents were in debt and I had no choice than to marry him,I thought it would be over,I thought we will never get along,that's why I couldn't bring myself to tell you.. " 

"So,what about now?" Roxanna asked. 

"I'm in love with him" Lily said and Roxanna gasped.

"So,you mean...you're really married??" She asked again and Lily nodded. 

"I'm sorry I couldn't tell you....."

"Introduce him to us" Roxanna cut in and Lily looked at her.

"You're not mad at me?" She asked.

"Why should I?? As long as you're happy,and you said you're in love with him,I'm so happy dor you" Roxanna hugged her tightly.

Leo walked away without saying a word,the girls broke the hug.

"I guess it's hard for him to accept" Roxanna muttered and Lily sighed. 

"It's my fault" She said.

"No it's not,I will find it hard to tell you guys also if it was me" Roxanna said and hugged her again 

"Thank you Roxanna" Lily muttered. 


Pinky got out of the mall and entered her car,as soon as she closed the door,a knife was placed on her throat from the back and she gasped,she looked at the image from the mirror,even though the person was masked,she could tell that it's Ace. 

"Yeah it's who you're thinking,now drive gently" Ace said in a cold voice. 


"If you beg me once more,i will kill you right here. Start the car" Ace said. 

Pinkie swallowed and immediately started the car.

"Good girl" Ace tapped her cheek. 



Pinkie was tied on the seat,staring at Ace who was leaning on the wall,smoking. 

"Are you ever going to let me go? Isn't it enough that you killed me but I didn't die?!!" Pinkie shouted.

"You should have lay low and not appear in front of me,you betrayed us first" Ace said in a calm voice.

"Let me go!!" Pinkie cried out.

"This isn't my order,it's Godfather" Ace said and Pinkie's eyes grew wide. 

"I wouldn't kill you if it was up to me....but I don't know what he's going to do to you" Ace said,walking toward the door 

"Don't leave me here!!! Ace!!!! Please!!! Ace!!!!" She continue screaming but Ace already went out of the room. 



"What are you doing?" Whiskey asked as he entered. 

"Wanna train with me?" Blondie asked. 

"Are you crazy? Your shoulders are barely fine" Whiskey said and Blondie chuckled  

"I knew you would say that,but I'm fine. You've been washing my hair too,how many times do I have to tell you that I am okay now?? And guess what,I'm going for the next mission" Blondie grinned. 

Whiskey smiled and touched her hair. 

"You look cute" He said and Blondie pouted. 

"How about this?" She asked and Whiskey chuckled. 

"What are you planning?" 

Blondie moved closer to him and hugged him,Whiskey froze. 

"This is a gift,don't think about it" Blondie muttered. Whiskey smiled and hugged her back. 

"Thanks for the gift" he said. 



Lily was still in the living room,awake and pacing as usual waiting for Ace to come in. 

"Please" She muttered to herself but almost immediately it started raining heavily.

"No!" Lily shook her head and didn't think twice before running out,at that moment,she would do anything to see Ace and apologize again,he must forgive her tonight,she can't do this anymore. 

She was inside the rain,she wasn't even thinking of what to do until Ace's car suddenly drove in,Lily stood on a spot,watching as Ace came down from the car,their eyes connected immediately but Ace looked away and turned the entrance.

"Ice!" Lily called and ran after him,when she caught up,she hugged him from behind and Ace sighed. 

"I'm sorry" Lily broke into tears. 

"I'm really sorry Ice,I know I'm the most stupid wife in the whole world,but I swear you're the only one I love Ice. Today,I told my friends that I am married,I just....want to do everything to make you forgive me. I feel sad whenever you're angry with me,just punish me if you want,but not this silence,I feel like dying" Lily cried. 

Ace pulled her hands off and faced her. Lily continue crying with her face down,the rain drenching them both. 

"Look up" Ace muttered and she did. 

"I told you I hate seeing your tears" He said softly. 

"I'm sorry" Lily immediately wiped her tears but more came rolling. 

Ace sighed and wiped the tears off her face. 

"I really don't want to talk to you" He said and Lily looked at him 

"But how can I ignore you right now?? I'm sorry for making you cry,I was just....jealous,it hurts seeing another guy kissing what's mine,I hate sharing what's mine,I hate it so much,I was literally dying inwardly,I wanted your hug,I wanted to kiss you so badly but I couldn't.....I just" he stopped and cupped Lily's face. 

Her lips are so f**king red already from the wetness. Their eyes stayed on each other for a while,the rain even becoming heavier. 

"I love you" Ace whispered and Lily gasped inwardly,but she couldn't even react,she only stared at Ace affectionately. 

"Did you hear that?" Ace asked. 

Lily immediately shook her head,she wanted to hear him say that again. 

"I love you Lily!! I love you so f**king much,I'm insane about you!!" Ace said loudly and Lily broke into tears. 

She grabbed Ace's shirt and pulled him down to her height before slamming her lips on his own. 

Ace took over instantly and began kissing her hungrily under the heavy rain pour.


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