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Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 65 & 66




Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 65 & 66

SUBTLE: Ruthless Heart

THEME: His Little Bride

GENRES: Dark/Couples Romance/Action/Erotica

TAGS: Contract Marriage,Mafias,Deaths,Bloody,Suspense,Secrets,Cold Hearted,College,Jealousy,M*rders,Love Triangles,Rivals,Age Gap,S£x.

Written By, Summer Gold R.             



Ace broke the kiss first and they caught their breath. 

"You will catch a cold" he said,caressing Lily's cheeks.

"I'm fine,as long as you forgive me" She replied,smiling. 

Ace chuckled and gave her a light knock on the head before carrying her in a bridal style. 

"Where are we going??" Lily asked,wrapping her hands around his neck while staring at his handsome face,his wet hair even made him more hotter. 

"Inside of course,where else" Ace said and Lily's head fell on his chest. 

"Do you wanna bath together?" Ace asked as he was climbing the stairs. 

"Yes!" Lily said happily like a kid and Ace chuckled. 

"Such a naughty wife" he said. 

"Let's do everything together now Ice,I promise not to make any Mistakes again,I won't even talk to any boy" Lily said.

"Really?" Ace looked at her. 

"I'm serious,I don't want you to get mad at me ever again" Lily muttered. 

"So you've not been eating well?? You look skinny" Ace said and Lily shook her head slowly. 

"I lost my appetite all week,you don't know how it feels whenever you ignore me" Lily said. 

"Should we spend all tomorrow together??" Ace asked. 

"Yesss!!!!" Lily shouted. 

Ace nodded with a smile. 

They entered his room and he went straight into the bathroom before dropping Lily. 

"Do you feel cold?" Ace asked and Lily shook her head. 

"You're here to warm me up" She said shyly,leaning on the wall,Ace's eyes not leaving hers. 

Ace placed one hand on the wall,still staring at her uncontrollably.

"You're so pretty" He whispered and Lily looked up. 

"Am I??" She asked. 

"Really pretty" Ace repeated and she smiled. 

Ace's hand moved to her back and gently zipped down her gown which fell freely on the floor,he unhook her bra and it also fell on the floor,he touched Lily's cheek and slowly captured her lips with his. He turned on the shower and it started pouring on them calmly. 

As they kissed each other's cold lips,Lily brought her hands up and began unbuttoning Ace's shirt too,the kiss became even more hotter,their soft lips sliding and gliding,moving slowly romantically,their tongues teasing each other in a graceful pace. Ace opened his eyes,looking at Lily's whose eyes were close with total desire,his hand moved to her @ss and he gave her a light squeeze,Lily moaned into his mouth and opened her eyes. 

Ace broke the kiss and placed his forehead on hers. 

"I love you kitten " He whispered in a flirty manner. 

"I love you too Ice" Lily replied and finally pulled the shirt off Ace's body,she touched his sexy chest and smiled. 

"You are mine"  she muttered and Ace chuckled.

"I'm yours kitten" He said and Lily hugged him tightly,her breast pressed on him. 

"Kitten" Ace whispered,his breath hitting her ear sensually,before she could think of speaking up with a reply,Ace's finger drove into her honeypot. 

"Ice" She moaned out and held him tightly. 

Ace carried her up and locked their lips,the shower still running over their head,Lily held him and bite her lips,try I to prevent the scream as Ace f**ked her with his finger.  He added a finger and Lily gasped.

"That's.......oh gosh!" She screamed,her eyes rolls in pleasure and sweetness. 

Ace bite her her lips and then kissed her,a deep one,he pulled out his fingers and thrust in his d**k. 

"F**k" Lily groaned sensitively. 

"How does that feel?" Ace asked flirtily. 

"Ice.....you're so f**king big" Lily managed to speak up. 

Ace smiled and lick her neck as he began slamming her hardly,their breaths and gasps against their body movements. The feeling was driving them crazy,love Is indeed insane at some point. 

"More Ice....please" Lily muttered and Ace started f**king her even more faster and deeper,hitting the right spot. 

After the long bangs,his warm cum released right inside her and Lily let out a loud sigh as she felt that sweetness. 

"Ice,I love you more than anything in the world" she said,hugging him,his cork still inside her. 

"You know I love you more" Ace muttered and started f**king her slowly again. 



Kim Nana was standing by the roadside,she had went to the supermarket to get herself some groceries but unluckily,the rain started,she didn't even take her car along and to make matter worse,she couldn't find a taxi. 

She was beginning to freeze under the heavy pour when suddenly a car stopped in front of her,the door opened.

"Get in" Razor said from the car and Nana looked at him closely. 

"Do you...know me?" She asked. 

"Of course I do,please get in and leave the rain" Razor said loudly so she would hear. 

After much persuasion,Nana finally entered the car. 

"You don't remember my face?" Razor asked as he started the car. 

"No" Nama replied. 

"Ace friend,I met you two at the restaurant a week ago" Razor said. 

"Ohh wow! That's true,I'm sorry I couldn't recognize you" Nana said.

"No it's fine,you didn't really notice me,but I can't forget the beauty goddess I saw" Razor said and Nana bite her lips.

"Where is your place?" Razor questioned. 

"You can drive,I will describe. It's not really far from here,I just couldn't walk" Nana muttered. 

"I'm glad you didn't leave,I wouldn't have saw you" Razor said and she smiled. 

"You have such a sweet tongue,thanks anyway" Nana said and Razor smiled. 

After some minutes,Razor stopped in front of the apartment. 

"Wanna come in for hot tea?" Nana asked.

"Yes sure" Razor immediately answered. 

"Okay" Nana said trying to open the door. 

"No,wait" Razor stopped her. He got down first and went to open for her,he removed his jacket and placed it over her head. 

"I'm already wet" Nana said. 

"It doesn't matter,I'm acting as a gentleman" Razor said and Nana smiled.

"Thanks" She said and they went in together that way. 

"Oh finally" Nana groaned when they entered the living room. 

"Nice place" Razor said,looking around till his eyes fell back on her.

"Thanks" Nana said. 

Razor's eyes dropped on her chest,the fabric of her top had become transparent from the wetness and he could see her fresh boobs. 

"I think you should....get changed first" He stuttered,trying to look away. 

"Yeah,I will be back. Have your seat" Nana said and Razor nodded,watching as she went inside. 

"She's damn pretty" He muttered and continue walking around. 

Minutes later,Nana came out again in her nightie. 

"Do you love your tea with alot of milk?" Nana asked,going into the kitchen,Razor Followed her.  

"Anyhow,I don't really drink tea" Razor said 

"Really? Why?" Nana asked. 

"I prefer wine and alcohol" Razor said. 

"Even when you're cold?" Nana asked. 

"I don't get cold" Razor chuckled. 

"Oh,that was why I was offering you....."

"I will drink it since it's from you" Razor cut in.

"Oh" Nana smiled. She turned on the heater and faced Razor again,Razor smiled at her,she looks like she wanted to talk but changed her mind. 

"You can ask me anything" Razor said. 

"How old are you?" Nana asked. 

"Why are you asking?" Razor asked. 

"Well.....just because. You said you're Ace's friend,that means....."

"I'm twenty five" Razor said. 

"Oh" Nana muttered. 

"Ace told me you're thirty,isn't that cheating? I mean,how can you be more prettier than most teenagers? If anyone sees us together right now they might think you are my kid sister or...girlfriend" Razor said and Nana laughed. 

"I'm serious" Razor said. 

"You have a really sweet tongue" Nana said and Razor bite his lips. 

"Don't think about our age,I really want to be friends" He said softly. 

Nana looked at him for a while before nodding. 

"We can be friends,I mean...why not?" 

"Yes!" Razor said an Nana laughed. 

"You look cute" She said. 

"Not cute please,I'm handsome and sexy" Razor said and Nana chuckled. 

The heater turned off and she started making the tea. 



"We are here"  Ace said when he pulled up in the restaurant parking lot,Lily gasped when she looked out. 

"The Chisest?!" She almost screamed and turned to Ace who raised his brows. 

"You don't like here??" He asked. 

"I love it! I've always seen this restaurant on TVs,but expensive" Lily said.

"You're expensive" Ace winked and Lily blushed. Ace got down from the car and went to open the door for Lily,she stepped down in her dress which made her so beautiful. Ace offered her his hand and she held it,they smiled at each other and Ace kissed her back hand before they started walking in. 

"You're welcome sir" The waitresses immediately bowed. 

"This way sir" One of them said quickly,leading the way.

"Did you make a reservation already?" Lily asked Ace and he smiled.

"What do you think?" He asked and Lily blushed before looking away. 

They entered one of the most beautiful private lounge. 

"Wow" Lily smiled and looked at Ace who also nodded. 

"Please take a seat sir" The waitress said,smiling at Ace in a way that was beginning to make Lily mad. 

'What is she doing?' She thought. 

"Sit down" Ace pulled out the seat for her and she smiled 


Ace nodded and then sat down. 

"Your orders will be here soon" she said and Ace smiled at her. 

She returned the smile with flushed face before bowing and then walked away. 

Ace looked at Lily only to find her glaring at him angrily,he stopped smiling. 

"I'm sorry" He muttered and Lily rolled her eyes.

"Come on kitten,I said I am sorry" Ace said. 

"Don't smile at any girl again" Lily said. 

"I promise" Ace nodded and Lily smiled cutely. 

Soon,the chefs drove in their meal trolleys.

"Whoa" Lily gasped inwardly.

They started setting the table for them,different meals,delicacies,wine and others,the table was filled up. 

"Enjoy" the chefs bowed at once,they walked out. 

Lily was the first to have a taste of the full chicken,she cut with the knife and picked with her fork.

"Hmm" her eyes widened 

"Delicious?" Ace asked. 

"Have a taste" Lily said and Ace also did. 

"Wow,delicious......like you" He winked.

"Stop it" Lily said,trying to hide her red face. 

"Eating anything delicious reminds me of you" Ace said and Lily smiled. 

"I love you so much kitten"  Ace uttered. 

"I love you more Ice" Lily said. 

"F**k,you're irresistible" Ace mumbled and stood up,he walked over to Lily and bent a little,he grabbed her face and slammed his lips on her own sweetly. 


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