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Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 61 & 62




Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 61 & 62

SUBTLE: Ruthless Heart

THEME: His Little Bride

GENRES: Dark/Couples Romance/Action/Erotica

TAGS: Contract Marriage,Mafias,Deaths,Bloody,Suspense,Secrets,Cold Hearted,College,Jealousy,M*rders,Love Triangles,Rivals,Age Gap,S£x.

Written By, Summer Gold R.             




Ace have been staring at the house in front of him for almost thirty minutes now from his car,he just couldn't bring himself to get down and knock on the gate,he couldn't. He let out a loud sigh and rest his head on the wheel. 

"What do I do now??" He muttered. 

Razor's call suddenly came on his phone,he answered the call and said nothing. 

"You should be there by now,have you seen her?? Is she okay??" Razor asked.

"How....how do I talk to her??" Ace asked in his unusual soft voice. 

"Don't tell me you're still outside" Razor said and he kept quiet.

"Come on dude! I'm sure today is going to be her happiest if you introduce yourself as his son,please go inside at once,okay??" 

"Fine" Ace mutterered and Razor hung up. Ace managed to get down from the car,but before he could take another step toward the gate,a car stopped in front of his and turned to see the familia car. The door opened and Loretto came out,Ace's eyes widened. 

"Father" he called. 

"I see you know where she lives" Loretto said. 

"What are you doing here??" Ace asked. 

"I'm sure you wouldn't want anything more to happen to her" Loretto muttered and Ace faced him completely 

"What are you talking about??" He asked. 

"I'm saying,it's not time you meet her yet...."

"Says who!!!" Ace yelled angrily 

"Me!!!" Loretto shouted. 

"You should know by now that I do whatever I say I will do!! Get into your car right now and leave...."

"I won't listen to you this time father" Ace said. 

"I'm not forcing you,I'm just telling you what to do,if you want her to live" Loretto said and Ace fold his fist.

"Don't you dare.....touch her" he muttered. 

"That's up to you" Loretto uttered with a light smirk before getting into his car and drove off. 

Ace swallowed hard and looked at the house once again,he felt too weak to go against his father,he wouldn't risk his mother's life at this moment,he entered his car back and didn't know when tears began falling from his eyes. 

He bite his lips and sighed out,making his tears stop. He was about to start driving when his phone buzzed,he took it and opened the mail,then the video started playing. A video of Leo and Lily kissing each other,it doesn't look like a forced kiss,they are both kissing each other,while holding each others. 

Ace stopped the video and started laughing,he continue laughing and at the same time,tears rolling down his eyes. 

"Geez,why is today so f**ked up??" He sniffs and wiped his tears. He chuckled again and bite his lips. 

Someone suddenly knocked on his car glass and he whined down only to find his mom. 

"Young man,are you okay?? You've been here for almost an hour,I was worried" Maria said. 

Ace swallowed and slowly came out of his car while Maria moved back. 

"Are you okay??" She asked again. 

"The thing is......I....lost someone so important to me and...........I feel like I'm depressed at this point....can I just.......hug......" He stopped. 

"It's nothing,I'm fine" he suddenly said and entered his car,he sped off. 

Maria sighed.

"He was saying something" She muttered and walked back into the house. 



Razor entered and a man waved his hand from where he was sitting,Razor sighed and walked over to the table,then joined him. 

"Hey Dad" Razor muttered. 

"Did you f**ked up?? You don't sound good" Robert said. 

"Why can't you just meet her yourself?? Are you that scared of your ex wife?? Huh??" Razor asked.

"We divorced,I have no reason to be scared of her" Robert said and sipped from his wine.

"But she doesn't even know about me" Razor said. 

"Do you have to bring that up?? Just look after your sister from that man Kathy is dating....."

"Exactly what I'm doing and she's f**king falling in love with me already"  Razor said and Robert spilled the wine in his mouth. 

"What?!!!" He shouted.

"I'm f**king serious,let me just tell her who I am...."

"You can't do that,I will be the one to confess to her not you" Robert said. 

"Then do it....fast" Razor muttered and stood up. 

"Bye" He said and walked out of the restaurant. 



Lily was still in the living room,she would pace around then sit down again while waiting for Ace room show up but no sign of him at all. 

"Where are you??" She muttered and bite her bottom lip. 

Madam Hope appeared from upstairs. 

"Did something happened??" She asked. 

"Huh?" Lily turned. 

"You look restless,did something happened between you two??" Madam Hope asked. 

"No,nothing happened. I've not seen him today" Lily said and madam Hope nodded.

"I see" 

Lily sighed and fell back on the couch.

"I wonder if he's fine" She muttered and took her phone,she checked the screen for any call from him but found nothing. 

"Have you tried calling him??" Madam Hope asked and Lily shook hrr head. 

"I don't want him to get mad at me if he's busy" She said and madam Hope nodded again. 

"But then,you're shaking and you look nervous,are you sure you did nothing? I mean,these past weeks,Sir Ace doesn't stay out this late again right??" Madam Hope asked. 

Lily kept quiet,thinking about the kiss,it's not possible that Ace found out right?? He wasn't even in school.

"No,I'm sure. I will just call him" Lily said and dialed Ace's number but almost immediately Leo's Call came on her phone,she immediately hung up and went ahead to dial Ace's number. 

She tried for about three times but got no answer from him. 

"You should go and sleep,it's late" Madam Hope said and went upstairs. 

Lily bite her lips,she was regretting the kiss between her and Leo,but it was far too deep and long to be called a mistake. She was sure in her right state of mind when it happened. 

"I'm so sorry....Ice" She mumbled,she was planning to confess to him when he's back,she can't even sleep because literally,the guilt is eating her up. 

"Why...why did I even did that??" She mumbled in tears and fell on the couch weakly.  



Scar rushed out of her car and ran into the hotel,one of the hotel attendants called her over since they know her well with Ace. Scar ran straight to the receptionist as she entered. 

"Where's he? What happened to him exactly??" Scar rushed her words. 

"He came here looking so drunk...."

"Where is he right now?" Scar cut in at once. 

"Please,take her to Mr Ace" The receptionist said to another worker. 

"Come with me ma'am" 

Scar quickly followed at once,they both got to the floor where Ace's suite is and Scar opened the door and entered. 

She met Ace laying flat on the bed like a lifeless person would do.

"Ace!" Scar called and ran to the bed,she climbed on it immediately and carried Ace's head,she placed it on her laps. 

Ace let out a groan.

"What the f**k really happened to make you drink so much?" Scar asked and Ace opened his eyes slowly.

"You're awake?" Scar asked. 

"What are you doing here??" Ace asked and managed to get up. 

"I was called here" Scar answered 

Ace sighed and run his fingers through his hair.

"I'm fine,you can go now....."

"Not until you tell me what's going on with you!!!" Scar shouted. 

Ace rolled his eyes. 

"Nothing happened,just leave........"

"Are you going to keep pushing me away?! I just want to help! I came rushing here because I was so worried about you,why are you doing this to me? Why??! I love you so much,please stop treating me this way!" Scar cried out. 

Ace couldn't utter a word before he fell back on the bed with his eyes closed. 

"Gosh" Scar wiped her tears and got down from the bed,she rushed into the bathroom and opened one of the shelves,she brought out one of the folded towels and soaked it into cold water,she rushed out of the bathroom again. 

"Hey" She called softly and placed the on Ace's head.  

"You can go when you're done" Ace mumbled sleepily.

"Fine,I will leave when I'm done,so just sleep while I take care of you" Scar said and continue touching his head with the towel. 

After about an hour,she left the hotel room. 



"Morning" Lily muttered as she came downstairs.

"You're not dressed for school?" Madam Hope asked and she shook her head.

"I don't feel like going" She replied.

"Why? Are you sick?" Madam Hope touched her head. 

"You have fever" She said. 

"I didn't sleep all night" Lily muttered. 

"You should......" They were interrupted by the door that opened, they turned at omce and Ace came in looking so weak. 

"Ice!" Lily called immediately and ran over to him. 

"Where were you last night? I was so worried......" She had to stop with tge way Ace was staring at her with that cold look in his eyes. 

"Did....something happened??" Lily asked in a mutter. 

Madam Hope walked away,leaving the couples. 

Ace kept quiet and continue staring at Lily's innocent face. 


"Why did you do that??" Ace cut her off and she stopped.


"You.....and Leo" he said and Lily gasped. 

"That was....... "

"He didn't force you,you kissed him...because you're in love with him...."

"No I'm not" Lily immediately said. 

"Then why did you cheat?? Why? Because I told you not to fall in love with me?? Because I've never confessed my love to you?? Or because.... You prefer him to me...."

"No" Lily said. 

"If you have no excuse at all....then you did it because you wanted to" Ace muttered 

"I'm sorry" Lily said and held his hand. 

"I didn't know what came on me,I have no excuse,I'm sorry,forgive me" She said,tears filling her eyes already

Ace nodded and gently removed her hand from his. 

"Get out of my house" He said calmly and Lily's heart skipped a beat. 


"Get out!!!!!" Ace yelled and tears dropped from his eyes. 


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