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Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 59 & 60




Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 59 & 60

SUBTLE: Ruthless Heart

THEME: His Little Bride

GENRES: Dark/Couples Romance/Action/Erotica

TAGS: Contract Marriage,Mafias,Deaths,Bloody,Suspense,Secrets,Cold Hearted,College,Jealousy,M*rders,Love Triangles,Rivals,Age Gap,S£x.

Written By, Summer Gold R.             




A car was drove into the penthouse,Razor was the first to come out as soon as it stopped,followed by Hermes and Rambo holding the cash bags,Scar was the one who drove,she came out last. 

"Good job everyone" Razor said. Rambo and Hermes handed the bags to him at once and he walked away with Scar. 

"Oh gosh I'm exhausted" Scar groaned,removing her hat and gloves. 

"Goodnight" She muttered and turned toward the route leading to her room. Razor went straight to Loretto's suite and met him waiting. 

"We are back godfather" Razor said.

"What about Ace??" Loretto asked. 

"He went home......"

"How dare you still lie to me!!!" Loretto shouted and slammed him hands on the desk. Razor bite his lips and dropped the bags in his hands. 

"Ace didn't join you...."

"He's not really feeling well,it was me who told him to stay back that I would take care of everything,and besides everything went well,we did it without mistake" Razor explained. 

Loretto kept quiet for a while before speaking up again. 

"What right do you have to tell my son to stay back... "

"He's my friend!" Razor snapped and Loretto raised his brows 

"He f**king hurt his hands but you didn't even care,you don't care about how he feels,how about giving him a break huh?? Why can't you at least act like a father to him for once,I feel pity for him so much having a father like you,for real....."

"How dare you!!!!!" Loretto yelled angily and immediately his men rushed him,with their guns pointing at Razor. 

"F**k out of my sight if you love your life" Razor glared at them and stormed out of the suite. 


"Geez,what a man??" He scoffed and went straight to his room not minding if any punishment comes later,but for once he needed to get Loretto back to his sense. 

Almost immediately,the door opened and Scar came in,breathing heavily.

"What the f**k happened in godfather's suite?" She asked. 

"Nothing" Razor muttered,taking off his shirt.

"Are you crazy?! I heard some guards talking about it,did you really shouted at the godfather?! Do you want to die so much and you don't want a peaceful death?? Scar asked and Razor faced her while holding his shirt. 

"You should calm down,nothing is happening to me. If he's going to punish me,then I will accept it in peace,you should rest" Razor said and walked into the bathroom.

Scar immediately rushed out of the room,she returned to her room and took her phone at once,she quickly dialed Ace's number. 


Ace and Lily were still in their hot romance session when Ace's phone started ringing,he neglected it at first but then the call came again so he moved away from Lily.

"Wait" He muttered and took his phone to see Scar's name on the screen. 

πŸ“ž Did something happened??

He asked as soon as he answered the call. 

πŸ“ž You need to come here Ace. 

πŸ“ž What's going on??

πŸ“ž What?!!

Ace shouted when Scar told him what happened,he hung up at once and called Razor's number but got no answer.

"That bΓ stard" Ace mumbled and turned to Lily. 

"Go to sleep,I need to leave....."

"I'm coming with you" Lily cut in. 

"I'm going to the penthouse..."

"I know,I'm coming with you" Lily said 

"Fine,get ready in a minute and meet me in the car" Ace said and went out. 

Lily immediately ran to the closet,she grabbed the first top she found and put on a short on it,she put on her shoes and took her phone before running out. She got downstairs and met Ace already waiting for her in the car.

"Sorry" She said and Ace nodded before starting the car. 

"What happened??" Lily questioned.

"Razor blurted out some sh"ts to father" Ace muttered.

"Ohh" Lily took her lips in. 

"It's not what you're thinking,I'm not going because I'm mad at Razor,I'm going because I don't trust father,even if you've been working with him for years,he wouldn't think twice before killing him" Ace said and Lily gasped.

"Then...why did he ...."

"Father must have triggered him,Razor isn't someone who do stuffs without thinking,I'm sure it's because of me tho" Ace said. 


"I'm supposed to go on a mission with them tonight" Ace replied and Lily nodded. 

After what seems like a long ride,Ace finally drove into the penthouse,the guards opened for him immediately he showed up. 

"Come out" Ace said to Lily and got down from the car,Lily immediately dropped down also. Ace held her hand tightly and started walking in haste while Lily tried her best matching his race,at some point she started wishing she would see Blondie but no sight of her. 

Ace went straight to Razor's room and he pressed the room alarm button. The door opened after a while and Razor showed up,Ace let out a loud sigh of relief. 

"Hey Lily" Razor smiled.

"Hi" Lily returned the smile and entered the room with Ace. 

"What are you doing here??" Razor asked after closing the door behind them. 

"What happened?? Scar called me" Ace said and Razor scoffed. 

"I told her I would take care of it on my own" He groaned. 

"Are you crazy? You should know the type of person father is...."

"He was shouting just because you didn't join us for that simple mission,I got mad because he doesn't even care if you're fine or not,even after I told him you don't feel well....."

"Since when do I allow you to speak on my behalf?" Ace snapped and Razor rolled his eyes. 

"You should be careful" Ace muttered and walked toward the door,Lily followed him.

"I'm going to talk to him" he said and Razor nodded,watching as Ace and Lily walked out of his room.

He sighed out and fell on the bed. His phone buzzed three times at once,he let out a groan,without checking he knew it's Roxanna and when he checked,he was right. 

πŸ’¬ Do you wanna meet up??

πŸ’¬ I can't sleep,I keep on thinking about you

πŸ’¬ When are you gonna reply me??

πŸ’¬ I told you I love you!

Razor groaned and dropped her phone.

"It's my fault" He murdered and sighed out loudly



Lily just entered the hall after having lunch alone,Roxanna isn't in school and for a reason she doesn't know,Leo isn't there to eat with her. Ace isn't in school either,today feels so crazily boring to her. 

Her phone suddenly buzzed and she brought it out immediately to see Leo's text. 

πŸ’¬ Can you come to the basketball court hall??

Another one came in. 

πŸ’¬ I have something to tell you. 

Lily bite her lips and walked out of the class. It only took her two minutes before she arrived at the basketball hall,she opened the entrance door and entered,it was totally empty,just Leo standing in the middle of the large hall with a ball in his hands while backing her. 

"I'm here" Lily announced and Leo turned back,he smiled and threw the ball into the net,it entered at once. 

"That's amazing" Lily clapped,walking closer to him. Leo stood there,staring at her affectionately,until Lily was finally closed to him enough. 

"Why are you here,I ate lunch alone" Lily pouted. 

"I'm sorry about that" Leo stroked her hair. 

"You said you want to tell me something" Lily said and Leo nodded

"I've been keeping it and holding back for too long....I can't do it anymore" Leo muttered while Lily stared at him blankly but at the same time curious. 

Leo softly got hold of Lily's hand,her eyes followed him. 

"The truth is....." Leo stopped and looked into Lily's eyes. 

"Tell me" Lily mumbled. 

"I'm in love with you" Leo said at once and Lily's heart skipped a beat that she almost found it hard to breathe 

"Wh...  What??" She stuttered. 

""I know you will be surprised,we've been friends for years.....but trust me I've loved you since the moment we became friends...."

"But.... "

"I love you Lily,I love you so much that I'm going crazy because of you,I feel like I might not survive another second if I don't confess to you" Leo said and Lily swallowed hard,her heart was beating too fast,she doesn't even understand why,but this is the first time a guy will ever confess his feelings to her and it made her heart race so much.

"Lily" Leo wrapped his arm gently around her waist and pulled her closely. 

"I'm crazy about you" he whispered against her ear and his soft breath hit her,she froze at the crazy feeling. The Leo looked at her and their eyes locked,In the slightest minute,Leo's lips captured Lily's soft lips and began kissing her hungrily,Lily gently opened up and she also started kissing him back. 


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