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Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 57 & 58




Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 57 & 58

SUBTLE: Ruthless Heart

THEME: His Little Bride

GENRES: Dark/Couples Romance/Action/Erotica

TAGS: Contract Marriage,Mafias,Deaths,Bloody,Suspense,Secrets,Cold Hearted,College,Jealousy,M*rders,Love Triangles,Rivals,Age Gap,S£x.

Written By, Summer Gold R.             



Ace and Nana both stepped down from Ace's car,they came to a close by restaurant. 

"Is that your last class??" Nana asked and Ace nodded his head,they walked into the restaurant and were welcomed immediately. The waitress stood next to them till they sat down completely. 

"Please what may I offer you??" She asked with smiley face. 

Nana looked at Ace and he gave her a go ahead nod. 

"What's your restaurant specials?" Nana asked and the waitress smiled.

"You should taste our chicken pasta ma'am,you will definitely love it" The waitress replies and Nana nodded. 

"I love chicken pasta, I will have that" She said. The waitress turned to Ace. 

"Same thing" he said.

"I will be back then" The waitress bowed and walked away. 

"Is this your first time here?" Ace asked after the short silence.

"Yeah probably,I prefer eating in the staff restaurant" Nana replied and Ace shook his head. 

"Their stares makes me mad" he muttered and Nana smiled.

"They are probably jealous,you're the youngest lecturer we have now" Nana said and Ace raised his brows. 

The waitress cut into the conversation and set their orders in front of them,she opened the wine and poured into their glasses before leaving. 

"Hmm hmm" Nana nods her head as she ate a spoonful of the chicken pasta. 

"It's really good,go ahead" she smiled at Ace who also started eating.

"Your reaction when I said you're the youngest lecturer was funny" Nana said.

"Of course,how old are you??" Ace asked. 

"I clocked thirty last month" Nana said and Ace's eyes widened.

"What? You??" He asked,looking at her.

"What,I look old?" Nana teased.

"Are you kidding me? You look twenty three or twenty four" Ace said and Nana smiled. 

"Thanks for the compliment" she said. 

"You must be married then" Ace said. 

"I don't even have a boyfriend,what are you saying" Nana chuckled and sipped from her wine.

"But...why??" Ace questioned,dropping his cutlery.

"Maybe because I've been too dedicated to my job,I've been teaching since I left college. At the age of twenty one,here is my second college,I've been here for five years" Nana explained.

"Wow,you must be so hardworking" Ace said with a smiley nod. 

"You can say that,but I hate the fact that I don't even have time for myself,all my friends are married. So that's why I've decided to resign,probably next month" Mama said.

"But,you can get married and still work..."

"Do I have a boyfriend?? Who's gonna come to school and date me?? Or a student? You should know what I'm talking about" Nana said and Ace chuckled.

Ace's phone suddenly started ringing,

'Why is he calling?' Ace thought staring at Razor's name on his screen,he sighed and then answered the call. 

📞 Where are you? I'm close to Windy Hills.

Ace sighed and described for Razor before hanging up.

"Someone's joining us??" Nana looked up and Ace nodded.

"A friend" he said. 

Just few minutes later,Razor walked into the restaurant.

"What are you doing..........." Razor was still saying when Nana raised her head and the rest of the words disappeared from his mouth. Nana smiled brightly with her eyes and Razor almost scream out the word Angel,she looks so white and beautiful...

"Hey" It was Ace who called him back to reality.

"Oh" Razor cleared his throat and sat down. 

"Hi,I'm Nana" Nana said.

"Ryder" Razor said almost nervously that Ace chuckled. 

Nana suddenly checked the time.

"Oh Ace,I need to go. I have another class in twenty minutes" Nana stood up and carried her bag.

"You can go alone right?" Ace asked.

"Sure,I will take a taxi. See you tomorrow" Nana said,she also waved at Razor before running out. 

Immediately,Razor sat down in front of Ace.

"Who's that sexy?" He asked.

"She's thirty" Ace whispered. 

"What?!" Razor made a shocking face and Ace smirked. 

"But,so what??" He suddenly asked .

"Are you crazy? I'm even older than you dude,you're twenty five!" Ace poked Razor's chest.

"Oh please,you just clocked twenty six and you won't let us hear word?" Razor scoffed

"Isn't that just....five years....difference?" He muttered.

"Even your tongue is against you,just five years? Dude,I'm out" Ace shook his head and stood up. 

"I think it was love at first sight" Razor followed him.

"I'm out" Ace repeated.

"I hope I don't see her again,but if I do,I might loose my mind" Razor said.

"Dude,why are you here?" Ace questioned.

"Your mom....I found out where she's living" Razor said.

"I told you not to....."

"She's not even been going to her store for the past two weeks,what if she gets worse? You will regret everything Ace,you should see her"  Razor said. 

"I can't" Ace mutterer,opening his car door.

"Here" Razor pushed a paper into his pocket and Ace looked at him. 

"Don't worry about tonight exchange,I will take care of it,it's just an exchange,nothing big. So take your time and rest before you visit her" Razor smiled at him before entering his car and then drove off. 

Ace pulled out the paper,and address was written on it which made him sigh,he dropped it in his car and also drove out of the restaurant. 



Roxanna ran out of the house straight to the gate,she almost screamed her lungs out when Razor told her he was outside their house,she opened the gate and there he was. 

"Ryder!" Roxanna screamed and jumped on him,hugging him softly tightly while inhaling his sweet scent. 

"Roxanne" Razor called and she climbed down.

"I'm sorry,I was just too happy to see you" Roxanna said.

Razor sighed.

"How have you been doing??" He asked.

"Thanks to you,I've been living so good" Roxanna smiled.

"What do you mean me?" 

"I know it was you okay? My step dad" Roxanna said and Razor bite his lips. 

"Thank you" Roxanna said and he nodded.

"That's the least I could do anyway" He said. 

Roxanna moved closer to him and hugged him again.

"I've missed you so much" She mumbled. 

"Roxanne,What are you thinking?" Razor suddenly asked.

"Nothing else,only that I like you so much and I don't feel like leaving your side" She said and Razor broke the hug.

"Don't like me too much" He said.

"Huh? Why??" Roxanna immediately asked. 

"You can like me.....but.... Not the other...." Just as he was talking,Roxanna grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer before slamming her lips on his and kissed him. 

Razor held her arm and pulled her off.


"I love you" Roxanna said at once and Razor blinked.


"Stop telling me not to love you,I'm already in love with you" Roxanna cut in. 

"I'm not what you think I am.. "

"I don't care what you are,you can call me and tell me your reply" Roxanna said and went in. 

Razor roughed his head. 

"I'm in deep sh*t" he muttered and touched his lips.

"I should have just told her from the beginning,do girls fall in love crazily just with any guy they know? What Is this?" Razor groaned loudly and entered his car,but he couldn't even concentrate.

"Dad is gonna kill me" he mumbled and finally started the car. 



Leo was in his room,a wrap of smoke in between his fingers,his face was totally covered with pure anger,he just couldn't get his mind off the conversation he had with Ace this morning just before Roxanna arrived at school,it was in Ace's office. 




Ace was in his office,waiting patiently for his lecture time when suddenly the door opened and Leo came in. 

"Do you think you can come here without permission?" Ace frowned.

"You can drop the act now,aren't you here for me?" Leo asked,his two hands buried in his pockets while walking closer to Ace who smiled. 

"I'm not acting,I'm your lecturer either you like it or not,you're the one disguising as what you are not,dude you graduated from Oxford about five years ago and returned to Paris,why the f**k did you sit down for another exam to get into here?? Isn't that why you're the most brainy student here??  And then,your age...aren't you twenty seven?? You are even older than me dude,Wow,you must really have such an handsome face to have deceived alot of people that you're just twenty two,well I will admit it,you look young and handsome,but what do you think will happen when I expose everything?......."

"Don't you wanna know why I did that first??" Leo placed his two hands on the desk and Ace looked at him. 

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking??" Leo smirked. 

"I did it because of her" He whispers and Ace frowned.

"Yeah,Lily. The first time I saw her,I just returned from England,that was four years ago,you're right,she was just 15"  Leo smiled and Ace fold his fist.

"But she was looking so cute like a doll that I wanted to embrace and kiss her,she was really so small and I couldn't do anything else than to find out every little thing about her,when I discovered,I also found my way into this school and since then we've been friends,and another word,I've been watching over her for the past four years going to five years and I am still watching her,and you know what?? No matter what you do right now,she is mine!!" Leo hit his hands on the table.

"I don't mind killing anyone just to have her to myself,I love her more than my life,so you better back off and stay away from her if you want this war to end soon...Ace" Leo smiled dangerously and walked out of the office,slamming the door loudly. 




Pinkie entered Leo's room and he looked up.

"Did something happened in school? You've been here" Pinkie said and sat down on the bed. 

"Are you worried??" Leo asked and dropped his smoke. 

"No I'm not" Pinkie said and Leo smiled.

"You shouldn't" He muttered.

"I just came to check on you" Pinkie stood up.

"He called you right??" Leo asked and Pinkie faced him back 


"You can't fool me Pinkie,you told me you are going to help me get rid of that motherf**ker,but now you're all quiet,he called you or not" Leo asked. 

"No he didn't,he doesn't even have my....." Leo pointed a gun at her and she stopped talking.

"Ace is that dumb not to know anything about where you are? Don't try to play smart,I will kill you,get out" Leo said. 

Pinkie sighed and walked out of the room. 

Leo dropped his gun and walked into the bathroom. 



Lily was in the training hall,the sound of the bullet coming from the gun she was holding filled the hall,she was doing well already with her shooting,spending her two weeks break training was never a waste. 

Since Lily returned from school,she have been here waiting patiently for Ace to get back home but seems like he's not ready to come home. 

Suddenly the door opened and Madam Hope came in. 

"Sir Ace is back" She said and Lily removed her ear protection 

"Just now??" She asked.

"Yes,he's in his room right now" Madam Hope said and Lily nodded 

"Thank you" she smiled and madam Hope keft. 

Lily dropped her gun and walked out of the hall,she went straight upstairs and entered Ace's room without knocking,Ace was already shirtless,he was only wearing a trouser and was trying to light up his weed,but when Lily entered,dropped it. 

"Why are you here??" Ace asked calmly.

"Seriously? Are we back to level one again?? You really have nothing to say to me?" Lily asked. 

"I don't know what you're talking about" Ace muttered. 

Lily came in front of him.

"This is all because of Leo right??" She asked. Ace rolled his eyes and looked away. 

"I told you he's just a friend....."

"Do I have to repeat myself countless times that I hate it when he touch you? I don't give a f**k if you are friends,how could you allow him touch you anyhow....."

"He was just holding me hand......"

"The other day,he hugged you in my presence!!" Ace shouted and Lily swallowed.

"Leave,I hate getting mad at you" Ace muttered and tried walking away but Lily covered him up.

"I'm sorry" She bite her lips. Ace said nothing.

"I'm really sorry,I didn't know you got so mad at me,I should have....but I'm sorry okay??" 

"I'm not angry with you" Ace said.

"But you're not smiling" Lily said. 

"I'm not in the mood to smile,it's not your fault" Ace replied. 

Lily took her lips in and tears started rolling down her eyes,Ace's eyes grew wide immediately.

"What do you think you're doing? Are you crying?" He rushed his questions.

"Goodnight" Lily said in a broken voice,she sniffed and tried to leave but Ace grabbed her hand and pulled her back.

"Stop it" He mumbled and started wiping Lily's tears,he was wiping but his eyes got stuck on her lips. 

"I don't know why I hate seeing hour tears,are you trying to blackmail me??" Ace cupped her cheeks and Lily smiled. 

"I hate it when you're mad at me too,so we are even" She said and let out a cute smile. 

Ace pecked her lips,Lily chuckled,he pecked her again ,then the third one resulted into a deep kiss. 

He carried her up and Lily clung unto him,her legs around his waist as they kissed each other hungrily.  

They kept on kissing till they got close to the bed,Ace dropped her gently,their lips still locked while Ace was on top. He broke the kiss after a while,staring into Lily's eyes. 

"You're so f**king sweet" he whispers,Lily smiled shyly. 

Ace locked their lips again and slowly unbuttoned her shirt,after he was done,he stopped kissing her and looked at her pointing pink nîpples staring at him. 

"Was it because of my touch? They are bigger" Ace whispered.

"Stop teasing me and sûck them!" Lily shouted and Ace chuckled. 

"Only sûcking,what else should I do?" He asked in a flirting voice. 

"Fûck me Ace.....Fúck me like crazy" Lily said and Ace grinned.

"You know that's my specialty" He smirked and his mouth shadowed Lily's nîpple at once. 

"Oh yes gawd" Lily moaned out and grabbed his hair with her eyes closed. 


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