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Johnson Jr.2 - Episode 9




Johnson Jr.2 - Episode 9

Written by Sadiq infinity

NoticeThis story is Rated 20+  f_ul languages and $ex in writing.


God! Why is this happening to me? Why na? What did I do to deserve this? This Regina is one tough bi+ch, Her threat was real and she meant business! And if I don't talk now, na serious  beating I go get! But what if they're working with Barbie? What if this was all just another prank like the one in the morning? This was just too risky and life threatening,  I couldn't trust anyone and If I make any small mistake! I'll be dead and its Bye-Bye Johnson! So I decided to play dumb and deny any knowledge of Nightshade! 

Regina ➡ Our informants say you were at last nights party, and all the dealers and buys of Nightshade were there and it was rumored that someone saw and overheard  their conversation, So we came to a conclusion it was you since you don't look like a drug dealer and you have a clean record! 

Johnson ➡ Madam, I was at the party, and I had fun but I know nothing of Nightshade! 

Regina ➡ Really? So you don't know? We have a CCTV camera placed within the building and we saw you rushing out of a corner in a hurry! What do you say to that? 

Johnson ➡ Look, I don't know anything about nightshade and I need to talk to my lawyer and make a phone call! 

Regina ➡ Wow! You're in deep trouble and you're here demanding a phone call? Look mr, this is not america, This is Nigeria, Right now, you don't have any rights in here so you better talk else, you'll be sorry! 


Johnson ➡ Regina! You're wasting ur time! I don't know anything, so allow me to go back to my hostel in peace! 

Regina ➡ I see you're too stubborn but don't worry Joe will fix you! Joe! Get in here! 

Johnson ➡ Call whoever you want, I still don't........ 😨😨😨😨JESUS!!! 

The guy named Joe came in, My God, he was a terrible sight to behold, The guy looks like King kong! He was tall, twisted in muscles and Black as night! His eyes were bulging out and his lips were black probably due to too much smoking, His breath was heavy and he walk like a army drill sergeant, All in all, this guy was a Beast! 

He looked murderously at me, He smiled mischievously as he walked behind me, His face was just too ugly, The guy looks like a Gorilla, He came close to me pressing my shoulders, Jesus Christ!! His hands were massive, One slap of his hands on my face, I'll be a goner, He slammed his hands on the table hard, making me pee myself, My God, this guy wan kill me! 

He grabbed my chair and pulled me back, I quickly stood up to run but he grabbed me, He held my neck and raised me high up, I was choking, His idiot is a monster indeed, He swung me and smashed me straight onto the table, smashing us both into pieces, He pressed one knee on my chest and lifted his hands, His hands formed into  punch  and he brought it down towards my face, Before he could totally finish me, Regina stopped him! Thank God, if not I would have been dead! 

Regina ➡ So! Are you ready to talk? 


Johnson ➡ Ahh, I will talk oo, but pls get this Ape away from me! 

Joe ➡ Who are you calling ape? Do you want to die? 

Regina ➡ Okay start talking! 

Johnson ➡ Look, Nightshade is a terrible drug, its powerful and dangerous, Its rampant at the campus, it even killed one of the student due to overdose! All I know is some say that Its been supplied by a Girl but I don't know who! 

Regina ➡ But our informants say,  that someone saw their meeting, and when we saw that footage of you, we concluded it was you. 

Johnson ➡ Look, I don't know who okay! Pls let me go! 

Regina ➡ Are you serious? Do you think this is a joke? Look if this drug spreads people are going to die and if we can't find any leads to this, you'll take the fall for it. So better wake up and tell us what you know! 

Johnson ➡ Okay fine, I was the one, i over heard the conversation but I didn't get to see the supplier, 

Regina ➡ Well, Since you're close to them and they haven't find out you were the one! We need you to work for us! 

Johnson ➡ What? Work for you? 

Regina ➡ Yes and you'll be reporting directly to me, you and I will tackle this case, you'll be my eyes and ears, anything you see or hear you tell me! And of course, you'll be paid handsomely.

Johnson ➡ Okay fine, i will. 

Regina ➡ But let me warn you! If you try to escape or hide, we will find you and you'll be seriously dealt with! Do you understand? 

Johnson ➡ Okay, can I go now? 

Regina ➡ Yes bur let me give you my number so we can communicate! 

After that, I left the police station and it was quite modern unlike the Local police station I know! I was inside town so I decided to go for a visit! I trekked to Kate's house, It was far but I could manage, I later arrived there, The place was the same as it was the last time I was it, I was checked before entering the place, I arrived at the main building and knocked, The door opened and There was Kate, holding a baby in her hands, She welcome me warmly, I went into the house, She looked lovely, She was full of smiles, We sat on her sofa and talked. 

Kate ➡ Johnny boy, I'm so glad to see you! I wasn't expecting you, why didn't you call? 

Johnson ➡ Sorry Kate, I lost my phone so I decided to drop by! 

Kate ➡ Well, I'm so glad you came, here's our son, Marcus, He looks so much like you! 

She handed over the kid to me! She was right, he looked so much like me, He stared at my face, smiling! Oboi, inside life, I've become a father, I passed over the boy to her, She collected him and called one of the nannies to take him! 

Kate ➡ So what brings you here? 

Johnson ➡ Kate, I really need ur help! 

Kate ➡ What do you want? Money? A pass in all ur courses? 

Johnson ➡ No, its something else! 

I told her everything about Nightshade, at least she was the only person, I could trust! She listened to me attentively, She lit a cigarette and smoked! This lady was tough, I hope she can save me! 

Kate ➡ So the police wants you to help them? 

Johnson ➡ Yes! 

Kate ➡ And you know who's supplying the drug? 

Johnson ➡ Yes! 

Kate ➡ Hmm, okay, I'll help you but this time under one condition! 

Johnson ➡ What's the condition? 

Kate ➡ Don't worry, in the mean time, Go back to ur studies and also help the police! But before you go, let me send you a little something! 

She took her phone and did what she did, Soon an alert was ringing in my small phone, an amount of 500,000 was dropped into my account! This was too much, I immediately thanked her! 

Johnson ➡ Thanks, I don't know what to say! 

Kate ➡ Pls, don't mention, after all you're the father of my child so that's the least I could do, You've given the best gift in all the world! And besides the money should take care of ur needs. 

Soon I left her place and went back to the school, Man this Kate is a wonderful lady, but something disturbed me by what she said! What was her condition? Women can be sneaky at times, I soon arrived at the school, I paid off the driver and went to my  hostel, I took my bath and took a nice rest, NEPA had brought light, So sleeping under the fan was great! 

Hours later, A knock banged at my door, I stood up and staggered towards the door! I opened it and I was surprised to see who it was, Barbie! 

She wore a tight crop top which revealed her melon breasts, her skin tight trouser showed her pussy shape, This bitch didn't wear anything under! She looked so hot! All I could do was stare! 

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Barbie ➡ Hi John, Can I come in, Pls? 

OMO, What do you guys think I should do to her??? 😉

To be Continued...

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