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Johnson Jr.2 - Episode 8




Johnson Jr.2 - Episode 8

Written by Sadiq infinity

NoticeThis story is Rated 20+  f_ul languages and $ex in writing.


I woke up the next morning feeling relaxed, Last night was amazing! F+cking Mrs Linda was amazing, I could still imagine my d+ck trapped in between her legs, as I f+cked her! Pure Bliss, I stood up and stretched myself, As I was enjoying the beautiful morning air, A heavy knock came through the door! I was surprised cause I wasn't expecting any visitors, I went and opened the door, Before I could finish opening the door, Two hefty guys barged in and grab me, I tried to run but they got hold of me and put a handkerchief around my nose, Before I knew what was happening, I was knocked out! 

(NEPA don take light😂😂) 

Later, I woke up opening my eyes little by little, My head was heavy, and I felt dizzy, I didn't know what was going on, I tried to remember what happened but I couldn't, The next thing I knew was, a cold water was splashed on my body, I yelled and cursed, waking up fully, I tried to break loose but I was tied to a chair naked! Just then I remembered what happened back then when Mr. Gesinde bounded me like this, I looked at the guy that splashed water at me, He was wearing a mask, I asked him what was going on but he gave me no reply! Soon he started laughing hard almost falling off! I wonder what was funny? The guy snapped his fingers and Some guys and girls all in mask came to me, all holding dangerous stuff, One held a big scissors ✂️ looking straight at me! I started sweating 💦, just what the hell was going on? Just then I remembered the party last night, I was sneaking on them listening to every word, They must have probably find out it was me! Damn it! I can't die here! I'm too young to die, There are lots of babes to be fucked! I can't die here! Kai, why did I try to be the detective? Now Sabi Sabi had gotten me into trouble! 

The girl came fourth and slapped me hard across the face! I felt it down my spine! I just wish I could grab her and deal with her! Who the hell does she think she is? Na who be her papa? I sat down and swallowed the pain, I couldn't help but endure what they threw at me! 

The guy with the scissors gave the thing to the girl, She collected the scissors and cat walked towards me, She bent down and grab my dick putting it in between the scissors! I was really terrified, this bitch wants to make me D+ckless for ever! I begged and begged for them to stop, The guys that were watching were just busy laughing hard! 

Girl ➡ Johnson, 

Johnson ➡ What do you want? I didn't do anything! 

Girl ➡ Oh not quite! Last night at the party someone was eavesdropping on our secret meeting! 

Johnson ➡ What meeting? Look all I know is I came to the party, got drunk and fucked a broad! 

Girl ➡ But someone said he saw you coming out of the room with haste! 

Johnson ➡ Well, he must be stupid or drunk but I didn't listen or interrupt any meeting, Besides I was drunk last night, Believe me! I don't listen on people's conversation! 

Girl ➡ Better tell us the truth or lose ur penis! 

She pressed the scissors on my dick, It was painful, I yelled loud hoping someone could save me, If she adds any pressure, she'll severe my dick! How could I tell them I was the one? Even if I did, they would kill me anyways so its better for me to stand where I am! Let them do their worst, Cause I'm not spilling any thing out. 

Johnson ➡ Look, do what ever you like, I told you I don't know anything, I just enjoyed myself at the party that's all and even if I heard what the meeting is all about, You would have heard it spread around already, Just do it, I'm tired of ur mind games. 

She looked at me for a while and started laughing! Just what is wrong with this people? They were all laughing, They removed their masks and saw their faces, I was astonished! It was barbie and her gangs, They were laughing so hard holding their stomachs, I was really angry, I was humiliated beyond belief! The guy that gave the scissors to Barbie came and cut me loose! As soon as he did that, I jumped on him punching him in the face, the others came and separated us, They were still laughing 😂, I just wished I could make them pay! 

Johnson ➡ What's the meaning of this? 

Barbie ➡ Sorry Johnson, we just wanted to make sure you weren't the one and I have to say I admire ur guts, 

Johnson ➡ Do you think this is funny? You come into my room knock me out and bring me here naked! This is so humiliating! How could you Barbie? Besides you invited me to ur party why would I go out snooping around? 

Barbie ➡ I'm sorry, Johnson, let me take care of you! 

She came close to me trying to give me a hug, I brushed her off and went out of the place, the idiots were still laughing, I saw my clothes in one corner and took them, After I dressed myself, I walked out of the place, It was even close to the school, I swore I was going to make them pay! They had not right doing that to me, Who does she think she is? Fucking bitch, I walked back to my hostel, As I reached my door, Zombie was there gusting with his main squeeze, Vixen, I didn't talk to them, just went into my room and shut the door! Zombie knocked at the door trying to talk to me but I didn't reply! 

I went into my toilet and bath, thanks to them I missed a lecture, As I came out of the bath, I took my memory card and inserted it in my phone! I played the video and watched it again! Now that I know who's making Nightshade, Power was in my hands! 

I laid on my bed, wondering if I should go to the police and report them and who was I going to trust with this information? I had to settle down and think about my next move, because if I make any mistake, My body will probably end on the trash area! 

I dressed and went out to buy something to eat, I was feeling hungry, I went to Oga James shop but he was closed, I went around to see whose shop was open! But all of them were closed! So I decided to go out of the school and eat, I went to one mai Shayi and ordered one hot cup of tea and half loaf of 🍞! I settled down at  joint and ate with relish, the tea was nice, and the bread was fresh, this Mai Shayi was good with his business! 

After I gulped down the tea and Bread, I payed him off and went back to school, Before I could even cross the road, A black jeep cruised in front of me and police officers came down with guns, They surrounded me pointing the gun at me! I quickly raised my hands up and knelt down! Why is this happening to me? Na wetin I do? One of the officers knocked me out with his gun, as I feel flat on my face, They threw me inside the car and drove off! 

I soon woke up in a small room, it looks nice though, unlike the one I was kept in earlier, It was air conditioned, clean and nice, I noticed a big glass inside the room, I quickly guessed where I was, I was inside a interrogation room! As I looked around the place, the door opened and A s+xy, attractive lady came through, God! Her br+asts and @$$ was the real package! Her hips were so curvy and her thighs were too hot! I soon fell for her, She was amazing! She came in and sat opposite me dropping some files on the table! 

I swallowed my saliva, as I saw her, the scent she wore was too good and expensive, She opened the files and removed a piece of paper from the files and slammed it on the table! She stood up and folded her sleeves and sat on the table, Looking at me, I could see her br+ast as she bent close to me, God! My d+ck stood er+ct on my trousers, after a bit of silence, She spoke! 

Regina ➡ Afternoon mr. Johnson, sorry for the mistreatment, I'm detective Regina Watson! And you're here for investigation! First I would like you to tell me about Nightshade, tell me everything you know and don't lie cause if you do, The boys outside here are willing and ready to rough you up! 


To be Continued.

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