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Johnson Jr.2 - Episode 6 & 7




Johnson Jr.2 - Episode 6 & 7

Written by Sadiq infinity

NoticeThis story is Rated 20+  f_ul languages and $ex in writing.


Later in the evening, after I had rested and bath, I got dressed and waited for Vixen to come! I laughed as I remembered the f+ck I gave Sophia, it was funny watching Vixen and the girls carrying her out of the room, She could barely walk! 

She deserved what she got, her p+$$y wasn't too bad, I enjoyed pounding her c+nt and I would really love to do it again! 

Minutes later, Vixen knocked at my door, Damn she looked $£xy, she came with some girls to pick me up, I came out and closed the door, and got ready to go to the party , Vixen had already brought a car to drive us there! We entered the car and zoomed off. 

As we drove to the party, the girl were putting their hands all over me, Vixen most especially was tapping my d+ck, smiling at me! 

Vixen ➡ Hey, Johnson, nice d+ck you have, I watched as you f+cked the life out of Sophia, its really big, Can I see it? 

Johnson ➡ Stop vixen, this is not the place..... 

Vixen ➡ Nonsense, besides we have lots of time to spare, and these ladies too want to see it. 

Johnson ➡ No way, besides I'm spent. 

Vixen ➡ Okay suit urself, beside you will show it at the party, but before we reach there, here's a little something that will boost ur energy. 

Johnson ➡ What's that? 

Vixen ➡ Something that will make you feel alive. 

She handed me a small pack of some weird stuff, all the girls in the car took it and swallow it into their mouths, Minutes later, their reaction surprised me, their eyes widened, like they were insane and wild, even Vixen took the stuff, I watched as the stuff took effect on them, I looked at the stuff and sniffed it, the smell was the same as Barbie's mouth  when she kissed me and it was also the same smell that stuffed the surroundings of the party  Zombie and I attended, I realised what it was; Night shade! 

But where could they have gotten it from, though it was rampant in the school, the stuff was hard to find, and there was something strange this party we're going, the Car windows were tinted black, I couldn't see where we were going and why was I the only one invited? 

Vixen could have invited Zombie but he wasn't, So I decided to play it cool and see what's going to happen! 

Soon, we arrived at the party, the building were the party was been held was in the middle of no where, its like we were outside the city, I felt like I was going to shit on my self, I was scared, I couldn't tell where this place was and what surprised me, There were alot of expensive cars and unfamiliar faces, The girls dragged me into the party. 

As we entered, the place was stuffy with the smell of Night shade, the people inside were taking the stuff, Vixen and the girls left me alone and I walked around the party, watching in wonder, The people in the party were dancing, some were f+cking, others were just doing some disgusting stuff, This place was like Sodom and Gomorrah! 

I went to the bar stand and ordered something to drink, I took my drink sipping it slowly, the crowd here was crazy, as I watched the people enjoying themselves, Barbie emerged, She looked so $€xy and hot, she wore a black gown which showed her thighs by the side, she walked with grace, greeting the well known at the party! Even Sophia was there, she looked attractive in her gown but she was walking a bit funny, I laughed when I saw her, Barbie saw me at the bar stand and came straight to me, I saw her coming and I went to meet her, She gave me a warm hug! 

Barbie ➡ Hi, johnny, You look great, hope you're having a good time? 

Johnson ➡ Yeah the party is great, nice outfit. 

Barbie ➡ Thank you

Johnson ➡ Well since you're here, let's have some fun away from this crowd! 

Barbie ➡ Thanks for the offer, but I have business to attend now, besides there are plenty of girls that would love to dance with you... So if you would excuse me! 

She left in a hurry and went to a big fat man, he wrapped his hands around his waist, massaging her @$$, I felt jealous, what could she be doing with a Fat toad like that man, So I followed them to see what's up, I quietly followed them as They entered a small room with some other people, I walked quietly towards the room, the door had already been 🔓 locked so I peeped through the key hole, I could see and hear what they were doing, it seems like these people were here to do business of some sort, Barbie sat with the fat man, rubbing her hands all over him, she snapped her hands and Vixen brought a bag and she opened it, It was filled with packs of Night shade, the buyers gave them a briefcase which contained lots of money, That's when I realized who was the supplier of Nightshade in the school, it was Barbie, she was the whole chain of the thing, Manufacturer, supplier and the middle man, while Vixen and the girls were her cronies. 

I wanted to know more, but something happened my phone started ringing and everyone in the meeting turned their attention towards the door, the guards inside the room came towards the door to see who was listening in on them, I quickly ran out of the place, fast! I went back to the party and stayed cool, Some of the people in the room came out and started looking everyone who looked suspicious, even the buyers came out hurrying out of the party, I brought out my phone and started taking videos  of the people in the party after I had finished taking the video, I removed the memory card and put it inside my pocket, I sat down after that and I reached out for a drink on the table, and gulped it down, unknown to me, it was stuffed with Nightshade. 

Soon, it started taking effect on my body, I felt like I was filled with energy, I felt crazy and I wasn't in my proper sense, the stuff was too powerful, I went to the dance floor and started dancing like crazy, Everyone watched me with amazement, Even I was surprised, I never knew I could dance like this, but was surprised me more was I wasn't getting tired, I kept on swinging my body to the music, Even Barbie and  Vixen joined me, We danced like there was no tomorrow, Before I knew what was happening, my body went out cold and limp on the floor, It was Lights out for me! NEPA don take light 😂😂😂😂😂. 




I woke up later, I was still in the party on a couch, Some people were still partying, Some even passed out on the floor, my head felt heavy, I walked slowly out of the party to go home, I felt my pockets and it was empty, My phone was gone and my wallet too, I shoved my hands deep into my pocket, my memory card was still there, I thanked God, my school Id card was in my room, I couldn't find Vixen or Barbara so I walked out of the party and went home, I walked slowly on the road, there was no car around except for the ones in the party and I didn't know anyone that could give me a lift. 

Minutes later, a car honked and parked closed to me, I was surprised to see who the driver was; Mrs Linda my lecturer. 

She looked a little bit drunk but she was in control of herself, She winded the window down and asked where I was going! I told her I was heading back to the school and she allowed me in, Soon we drove off. 

Linda ➡ So you're a student huh? 

Johnson ➡ Yes ma! 

Linda ➡ Call me Linda, I'm not an old woman! 

Johnson ➡ Okay, sorry! 

Linda ➡ So what are you doing in the middle of the road, and by this time of the night, Johnson? 

Johnson ➡ What? How did you.... 

Linda ➡ So you think, I don't know my students when I see one, I remember you and I also saw you giving that spoiled bitch an answer in my test. 

Johnson ➡ I'm sorry ma! Sorry Linda. 

Linda ➡ Don't apologize, you were just trying to help out. 

She didn't say anything after that, Suddenly  She started laughing to my amazement,  Is she okay? Her handle on the car wasn't balanced, she jerked the car off the road and went straight into a near by bush, I quickly pressed the brakes so we wouldn't crash. 

After that she started crying, I didn't know what to-do, so I did my best to console her, What she did next totally surprised me, She grabbed me and landed a hot kiss on my mouth, her mouth was warm and it tested like Night shade, So she was at the party, I just hoped she didn't see me doing that crazy dance, She climbed on my laps and continued kissing me, I grabbed her @$$ pressing it, This was a dream come true. 

I moved my hands inside her skirt towards her pussy, it was wet and was begging for sex, I shoved my fingers into her c+nt, making her m+an sweetly, I quickly removed her top and her bra, Her br+asts fell out and they looked amazing, I plunged my mouth on them, sucking them, I slowly bit her n+pples, Her body twitched making her m+an even more, She shifted the seat back and removed my trousers to suck m d+ck, She grabbed my d+ck and  licked the head slowly rolling her tongue around it, Then she suddenly took my whole d+ck into her mouth, God! My head went blank, her mouth was warm and sweet, She sucked my d+ck hard and also wrapped my d+ck in between her br+asts, My d+ck was pulsing like crazy, the sensation was too much, I couldn't hold on for long, I soon came on her face and br+asts. 

God! This was amazing, No one would believe Mrs. Linda sucked my d+ck, She sat on the drivers seat spreading her legs wild open, I bent down, raised her skirt and removed her p+nt, Her p+$$y was well shaved and she was really wet, I started kissing her p+$$y, then slowly pushed my tongue into her c+nt and sucked her, She m0aned louder, pushing my head towards her p+$$y, I sucked her deeply making her body twitched with every flicker of my tongue. She didn't last that long and she came hard! 

I removed my trousers and adjusted her legs, She grabbed my d+ck stroking it, I slowly inserted my d+ck inside her p+$$y, it seems her p+$$y was clinging to my d+ck, I f+cked her hard, f+cking her c+nt deep, she grabbed my @$$, pulling me towards her, I pounded her fast, pushing my d+ck deep, she m+aned harder, Her p+$$y walls were clenching tightly on my d+ck, My d+ck was covered in her p+$$y juice as we made smacking sounds as we f+cked,  Her c+nt was too sweet making my d+ck crazy, My d+ck was going to explode, after some deep thrusts into her c+nt, I released my c+m into her c+nt! I pulled out my d+ck, watching her p+$$y as it was flowing with my c+m, She made me seat down on the other chair, She mounted on my d+ck, riding me slowly, her c+nt clamped my d+ck tight as she twerked her waist riding me faster, making the car shake Vigorously. 

I grabbed her hips and pounded her from beneath, Her p+ssy became more tighter around my d+ck, She screamed hard as she came hard on my d+ck, after thrusting her a few times more, I too came and released my gizz inside her! 

We fell back on the seat,  feeling exhausted, I pulled down the car windows so we could get some fresh air! 

F+cking Mrs. Linda was amazing, I moved closed trying to kiss her but she stopped me! 

Linda ➡ Listen, don't think this makes us lovers, this wasn't supposed to happen, You're just a tool to satisfy my desires. 

Johnson ➡ Okay.. (WTF!!) 

Linda ➡ But since you've fucked me this good, we could do it more often! 

Johnson ➡ Okay! 

Linda ➡ But don't tell anyone, this should be between us, if you say anything about this, you know the consequences! 

Johnson ➡ I promise, I won't tell a soul. 

After that, We drove back to the school, She dropped me off and drove away! Man! I felt good I went into my room and fell on my bed, quietly falling asleep! 

To be continued...

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