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Johnson Jr.2 - Episode 13 & 14




Johnson Jr.2 - Episode 13 & 14 

Written by Sadiq infinity

NoticeThis story is Rated 20+  f_ul languages and $ex in writing.



Johnson ➡ What? 

Guy 2 ➡ See person o, e dey pretend ehn? 

Guy 1 ➡ See better stop o, we know you're a snitch! You hear So better come along now barbie wants to see you. 

Guy 3 ➡ Mr, f+cker! I know say he bang that police to hell o, If you see the way she dey moan! 

Guy 2 ➡ Oya come let's go! Today your own don finish. 

I was really terrified! How in the world did they find out? Maybe they followed me back to the hostel while I wasn't looking! I have to think of a plan and fast! I wore my clothes and they dragged me to their car! I was just hoping Regina wasn't caught! God, pls save her, I had to think what I was going to tell them if not its Bye bye Johnson! 

We soon arrived at Barbie's place, I shover out of the car and they held me so that I won't run! I didn't resist, I played it cool like everything was going to be okay, Most of the gang members were there, they looked at me with hate! Some threw stuff at me, while some insulted me but I didn't stir. 

Soon, we reached Barbie's place! The room was quite big! Barbie was there, she had this cold look in her eyes, she had a gun in her hand, The guy let go of me and I stood with confidence! The place was quiet and still, The gang were waiting for me to be given a death sentence, Barbie slowly stood up and walked up to me and stared at me dead in the eye, I didn't flinched but also gave her a fierce look! Unexpectedly she slapped me across the face! Everyone shouted and threw insults at me, She waved her hands and everyone was quiet. She was back quietly to her former place and stood defiantly! 

Barbie ➡ Johnny, Johnny, Johnny! I'm very disappointed in you! I trusted you, gave you everything but you went on and betrayed me!

Johnson ➡ What did I do exactly? I don't know what you're talking about? 

Barbie ➡ Don't play dumb with me you scum! You can't weasel your way out of this one! And you better not lie to me if not I'll make your death slow and cruel. 

Johnson ➡ Look, I tell you, I don't know what you're  talking about! And I haven't betrayed you! 

Barbie ➡ You think you're smart? Some of the guys followed you last night and I discovered that you and a detective lady were having quite........... I hate you! How could you? 

Johnson ➡ Look, I'm still saying..... 

Barbie ➡ Shut the f+ck up you bastard! The detective you were fucking last night was Regina! Isn't it? Tell me it isn't true? 

Johnson ➡ Its true! We had an amazing s+x last night. 

Barbie was boiling with rage and jealousy! I loved watching her fuming with rage, She didn't expect me to be f+cking  a detective! She thought I was hers alone! This is just the beginning of her misery! I'll show her. 

Barbie ➡ So you've really shown yourself? Now that you're a full pledged traitor, do you have any last words before I make you suffer terribly. 

Johnson ➡ Yes, I do, 

I know you're all thinking I'm a traitor! Yes and no! I do work for the police to infiltrate you guys! But if I'm really a traitor I would have exposed you all in the long run! 

Gang members ➡ Liar!!! 

Barbie ➡ Quiet!! What are you saying? 

Johnson ➡ Any traitor would have exposed you all since because 15 million is a lot of money and that amount of cash will change one's life, but I didn't! I kept quiet! You all should be thanking me because I've been giving them false information! And Regina was using her body to try to make me get quick results but I didn't! Barbie you of all people should know that I don't care about money! And I know you're jealous about what happened last night but I have eyes only for you! I had to give in to Regina's seductions if not she would suspect I was fooling them. 

Guy 1 ➡ But, we saw your face when you shot the bitch yesterday, you weren't happy! What do you say of that? 

Johnson ➡ Mr. Man, I don't like killing people and that was my first time, how do you expect me to react! 

Vixen ➡ But that doesn't explain why you're working with the police. 

Johnson ➡ After that party, they kidnapped me and took me to the place, they thought I was one of you, they threatened me and I had no choice but to do what they asked! But I was only playing them, cause you all should know, everyone is dying to get that 15 million and I know who's making the nightshade which is barbie, if I really was a traitor I would have blown the whistle earlier on you guys. 

Everyone was silent, they saw the sense in what I said, They had no choice but to believe me, The person that was moved by my story was Barbie, she believed that I loved her and that's why I didn't expose them, Stupid bitch, women in the end they're all the same, they believe in sweet mouthing and that would make them feel special! 

She walked up to me and kissed me in front of everyone, The members were surprised! Barbie was going soft! They didn't expect this side of her. 

And that's how I fooled them completely, from now on no more spying and monitoring me, I have gained their full trust. 

Barbie ➡ Sorry baby, for not believing you, I'm sorry! 

Johnson ➡ Its all right, just happy to know you're not going to kill me. 

Barbie ➡ No, in fact, you've earned my trust and I'm going to make you the top dog around here! 

Ok, listen up everyone, Johnson here is now your boss, he works for me and my assistant !  Everyone of you is to treat Johnson as your superior and if anyone tries to disobey his wishes, will have to deal with me!  

This turn of events was working in my favour, This would make me get closer to her and get that modem! Soon after that its bye bye Nightshade! 

After that, I went back to my hostel and called Regina to see if she was okay, she answered the call and said everything was fine! I told her about the latest development and she was happy about it, but I told her we shouldn't be meeting like this in the hostel cause she could be in danger, She agreed and ended the call. 

I took my bath and ate my breakfast! Who could ever believe I was a leader in Barbie's gang! 

Well, let's just hope this all works out fine. 

I went to classes and paid attention to lectures, the day felt good! I hang out with friends and called to check on the family. 

After the lectures, I hung out with Helen having a good time with her, when a call came through my phone! I checked and saw it was Kate! I answered the call wondering what news she had for me! 

Johnson ➡ Hello Kate! 

Kate ➡ Hi johnny boy! Where are you? 

Johnson ➡ I'm out with my girl! 

Kate ➡ Your girl?? Really? 

Johnson ➡ Is something wrong? 

Kate ➡ I'm in your hostel right now! 

Johnson ➡ What? Seriously, how did you... 

Kate ➡ Never mind that just come, Now!!! 

 Johnson ➡ Okay, I'm on my way! 

Helen ➡ What is it? 

Johnson ➡ I have a guest in my hostel. 

Helen ➡ Guest or girlfriend? Look Johnson, are you seeing another lady? 

Johnson ➡ Look, I swear to you, Helen she's just a old friend and she's way older than me. 

Helen ➡ Okay see you later. 

I left Helen and quickly ran back to my hostel, As I arrived some guys were looking at me awkwardly, What was going on? But what seemed to be bothering me is,  How did Kate know my room? This lady keeps surprising me, I soon arrived to my hostel and true to her words, She was in my room! She sat comfortably on my bed! Damn! She looked so s+xy! She's always on the track when it comes to looking attractive. 

Johnson ➡ Kate! 

Kate ➡ Goodness, can't you greet? 

Johnson ➡ Sorry, Good afternoon my lady! 

Kate ➡ My lady, really? You men are so greedy! I though you have a girlfriend? That's why I don't want to get married. 

Johnson ➡ Sorry, so what's up? And by the way how did you get into my room? 

Kate ➡ I have my ways, so can't tell you! And I did some checking on that Nightshade stuff, Its a real mess you got yourself into. 

Johnson ➡ What are you saying? 

Kate ➡ I'm saying that, you're in danger! 

Johnson ➡ Come on, that was before but now.. 

Kate ➡ But now that Barbie girl had made you her assistant so you don't need to worry? You're in way over your head. 

Johnson ➡ Look, just how do you know? Do you have someone on the inside? 

Kate ➡ Look that doesn't matter! What matters now is your life is at risk, someone wants you dead like a rat, just because you're a boss in that gang doesn't mean you're safe! You know this man? 

She showed me the man's picture, I recognized him, he was the fat bastard that was pressing Barbie's ass in that party, What does this got to do with me? Does the man want me. Dead? 

Kate ➡ This man is her sugar daddy, and thanks to you, she just dumped him because of you! But the man is not willing to accept that, so he wants your hide! Johnson that barbie is bad news stay away from her! She won't help or save you when you're in danger. 

Johnson ➡ But I need to get close to her because she has a modem which contains all the information and business contacts of Nightshade! If I can get that, I can  bring them down. 

Kate ➡ Still, don't get close to her! You know a guy whose body was found near the trash area? 

Johnson ➡ Yes! What about him? 

Kate ➡ He was her boyfriend and a member of her gang and she watched as he was stuffed to death with Nightshade by the man, Don't think she loves you! You're only just a tool for her s+xual satisfaction. 

Johnson ➡ What should I do then? I need to get that modem. 

Kate ➡ Well, do your self a favour and cut all contacts with your friends if not you'll only be responsible for their deaths, and keep a safe distance from that bitch. 

I have to go, think about it! 

Kate left the hostel, leaving me worried! This thing was just getting more complicated, Right now, the only people I could trust were Kate and Regina! The rest are just guns waiting to fire at my back. 

To be Continued...

     What should Johnson do? 

Give up or go on to his mysterious fate?

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