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Johnson Jr.2 - Episode 11




Johnson Jr.2 - Episode 11

Written by Sadiq infinity

NoticeThis story is Rated 20+  f_ul languages and $ex in writing.


Soon after that I became one of Barbie's cronies, I attended their meetings, I got to see a lot of faces and lots of stuff, she wasn't the only one dealing with Nightshade, there are a lot of them out there within this country, She had a small modem which contains all the dealers and makers of Nightshade and their business contacts, getting the device was going to be tough but I had to watch my steps, cause I was being watched and monitored by some of the gang members. 

Though despite all that, I attended lectures, I hid my identity as Barbie's accomplice cause there was no one to trust, My mind ran back to the previous weeks and I thought about Helen, she too was quite busy these days, I really missed her company, I later texted her while I was in Mrs. Linda's lecture, she replied that she would drop over at my place later. 

After the lecture, Mrs. Linda asked me to meet her in her office, Why was she calling me there? Maybe she saw me texting in her class, Later I entered her office, as I came in  She told me close the door which I did, I came and sat on her office chair facing her. 

She was checking some files on her table, From where I sat, I could see her white melons b👀bs, I still couldn't believe I banged this luscious woman a few days ago, I was still glaring at her breasts when her eyes looked straight at me! 

I immediately lowered my gaze, God! I'm in trouble, she was still looking at me, her eyes were cold and fierce, She closed her file and came right in front of me, she stood between my legs looking down on me, She raised my face slowly with her hands, I tried looking at her, she still had that fierce look in her eyes, What could be bothering her like this? 

All of a sudden, a thundering slap landed on my face, before I could recover from it, another slap followed, I felt angry, Yes, I did look at her, who wouldn't? But she had no right to treat me like this. 

She grabbed my mouth and looked straight into my face smiling wickedly. 

Linda ➡ listen to me dog! I give you the right to look  or stare at me! Is that clear? 

Johnson ➡ Yes ma! 

Linda ➡ the first slap was for not paying attention in my class, I'm disappointed and the second one was for the stare, Don't you dare try that again else I'll ruin you, Have I made myself clear? 

Johnson ➡ Yes.... ma. 

Linda ➡ Good, now let's get to business! 

She bent down in between my legs and  unbelted my trouser, she pulled it down and grabbed my d+ck, sucking it. 

God! This institute should be called Bonanza University!  Who could ever believe this busy lecturer was trapped between my legs sucking my ball? Haba! Life dey sweet o. She sucked me deep and hard, the sensa+ion was hard to bare, my d+ck was sweetening me! 

I could feel my d+ck pulsing down her throat, She continued sucking me, saliva was drooling from her mouth down to my d+ck, Her mouth was really good, Soon my d+ck was about to explode, I grabbed her hair and pushed her face closer to my d+ck! 

Linda's eye popped wide open as I shoved my d+ck deep into her throat, I released my c+m down her throat! 

Man, it was great, I slumped back on the chair to catch my breath, Mrs. Linda sucked my d+ck clean, then she stood up and sat on the table stretching her legs open! 

I could see her cute p+$$y, she was wet 💦 and what surprised me was she wasn't wearing any p#nt! 

Linda ➡ f+ck me hard and release all your milk inside me. 

Was she serious? I went close to her and grabbed her waist and slowly entered her c+nt, her c+nt was warm, I thrusted in and out of her slowly while standing, She grabbed my @$$ pulling me closer to her, our body and faces came close and we kissed, I swear Nothing better pass this! We continued f+cking and kissing in that position, I continued shoving in my d+ck twisting my waist in the process, Linda opened her mouth wide, as if she wanted to shout, her p+$$y was tight around my d+ck, her eyes widened as she came hard on mZombie , I held her waist and continued hammering her c+nt till I released my milk into her! 

My d+ck went limp inside her, I was drained completely, I slowly pulled out and sat on the chair, Linda too pulled down her skirt and prepped her self up, After I relaxed, I decide to leave. 

Johnson ➡ Okay, I'll be going now! 

Linda ➡ Wait, here's my card, my contact and home address is written on it, I call you if I want your staff. 

Johnson ➡ Staff? Oh, right okay see you then. 

I collected the card and went out, Was this really a good idea? What if her husband see us? Well since she's the one calling me, there won't be  a problem! 

I went to Oga James shop to buy some stuff, upon arriving there I saw Sophia, she was talking with the Pig, she passed him something which I couldn't see what it was, When she saw me, she quickly left the place, Poor girl, she's learned her lesson! 

James ➡ Johnny, how far now? 

Johnson ➡  Fine o

James ➡ Why this girl run comot when she see you? 

Johnson ➡ the girl no get respect, so I deal with am properly. 

James ➡ Easy o, this girl dey delicate, ehn, you hear say somebody don die? 

Johnson ➡ when? 

James ➡ Last night, dem see him body for bush, them say na Nightshade kill am. 

Johnson ➡ God! Na wetin dey happen for this school? 


James ➡ This place ehn! Na wetin you wan buy? 

I bought what I needed and went back to the hostel, As I reached there, I saw Zombie in a sad mood, which was a rare case, I decided to ask what was going on? 

Johnson ➡ Hey Z, what's wrong? 

Zombie ➡ Nothing bro.... 

Johnson ➡ Come on talk to me, what happened? 

Zombie ➡ One of my niggers died last night, he was tortured and stuffed with Nightshade. I told him not to stick his nose but he refused to listen, now he's dead like a rat. 

What was happening? People are dying and so far it shows they're being tortured before stuffing them with Nightshade, maybe he was spying on them to give the Big prize, this is bad news as far as I know three people have died because of this. I consoled Zombie and went into my room. 

I had to be careful, this thing has gone from bad to worst, it had totally gone out of hand, but as long as I lay down low, I'm safe. 

Later, Helen came to my room, she looked good since our last encounter, we hadn't seen each other, She laid beside me on the bed, we touched and kissed each other, God! I missed her body, so cute and small. 

Johnson ➡ Helen, I've missed you. 

Helen ➡ Ehn, really? 

Johnson ➡ Yes, so much. 

Helen ➡ I think you miss my body more. 

Johnson ➡ Haba don't say that. 

Helen ➡ well, I'm disappointed in you. 

Johnson ➡ why? 

Helen ➡ I've heard  a rumor that you're hanging out with Barbie.

Johnson ➡ Come on, she's just  a friend. 

Helen ➡ I don't believe you. 

Johnson ➡ Look she's just my course mate. 

Helen ➡ Well, you should be careful with her, she's bad new. 

Johnson ➡ Really? 

Helen ➡ Johnson, she's pure evil, don't let her good looks fool you, she's poison, there have been rumors that she's responsible for the deaths happening around here, Just stay clear away from her. 

Johnson ➡ Thanks for the advice, Oya come  close so I can pound you silly. 

Helen ➡ Bad boy, take it easy o. 

I grabbed her pulling her close to me, we kissed and stripped each other naked, Soon we had a wild $€×. 

Well, I may be in a risky situation dealing with Barbie and the police, which I may probably get killed, I still have to have my share of enjoyment! 

Live your life to the full. 

To be Continued...

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