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Dethroned - Episode 7





Dethroned - Episode 7

Written By Amah's Heart.


" My daughter I am happy you had listened to your instincts and took to your heels as I forewarned you" the strange quipped looking at me 

" Please what exactly is going on? I'm really not understanding all this" I responded feeling extremely tired from the tedious journey that took me two days to get to this point.

" Rana you should stay here for the meantime.. for now the stream you met earlier would provide water to quench your daily thirst.. and your daily meal will be provided by this tree and meats in this forest!" the strange man said avoiding my question. 

He just kept looking at the tree, 

I followed his eyes and saw that the tree is filled with mouthwatering fruits of different types 

which I found really weird but I couldn't ask questions on it as that was the least of my problems 

" Please when will I be able to go back to my village?... Or am I going to live here all my life?" I asked with displeasure on my face

I was happy to see the fruits no doubt but I certainly can't live in the forest all the rest of my life, can I?

" I will let you know when it is time for you to go back... for now stay here Rana!" the strange man simply told me and then vanished into thin air like in my dream. 

Wow! just wow! I thought as I heaved and begun finding a resting place to lay my head as I was feeling so tired from the long tedious journey. 

I packed a pile of dry leaves and made a heap with it, then I spread one of my wrappers on it

and immediately my back touched the hand made bed, I dozed off.

Four days passed yet the strange man did not appear to me again after that day. 

I was feeding well thanks to the fruits, water and the bush meats available in the forest.

But I was feeling really worried about how the people of Yada were faring, I am sure that by now the number of deaths has increased.

I was perplexed and losing my patience but I knew I couldn't do anything other than to wait as he had told me the last time we met.

On the morning of the sixth day, he came and this time I could see his face although still not very clear but better than other times that I couldn't see at all.

The strange man looked like an ape with reddish eyes and lips that gets me wondering if he is a human being or truly a spirit?

He slowly walked over to where I sat and stood directly facing me 

" I see you've been enjoying your stay here graceful one... Well I bring with me goodnews Rana.. 

"...I came to let you know that you are permitted to go back to Yada... as the stage has already been set for you to reveal your powers and take your crown as foretold"

As I heard this I let out a deep sigh I never knew I was holding

I didn't even understand all of what he was saying but my joy is that I have been finally released to go back to my hut

" Ah! thank to the gods! I should start packing up then.. I will leave by tomorrow noon" as I said this, I stood up to start putting my belongings in order.

Then his next words halted me and I turned to look at him to be sure his senses are still intact 

" Tomorrow is too far.. you have to go back now Rana.. I want you to be in Yada in the next thirty minutes!" 

I bursted out laughing because his words were so unbelievable. how am I suppose to travel a two days distance and reach there in thirty minutes?

Is he crazy or maybe he thinks I am a time traveller or something? I thought as I scrutinized him from head to toe

He was barefooted and wore funny clothes that were equivalent to wearing  rags, 

honestly I hadn't noticed this earlier because of the tension of the moments we had met in the past. 

The man's dressing really cracked me up as I begun to understand why he was speaking like a mentally derailed person. 

He was really looking like one

" I understand you may not be mentally stable sir.. but I have to let you know that it is really impossible to reach my village in thirty minutes time no matter whether I chose to walk or run.. it is a two days journey and might even take three days if I rest a lot on the way!" I explained as I folded a piece of wrapper into my bag

" Rana you don't need to explain because I know all that.. but you should equally understand that a graceful one of your caliber doesn't need to go by foot to long distances... all you need to do is close your eyes and imagine any specific place you would like to be.. and it will be done Rana!" he told me and I looked at him as though he was speaking gibberish and bursted out laughing again

By the time I stopped laughing, I realized from his facial countenance that he was no more in the mood for my jokes and sarcasms 

" You're wasting time Rana.. everyone is gathered at the village square awaiting your arrival but I have one warning for you Rana.. guard the source of your powers with all your might.. if you don't, then your vulnerable point would be your downfall..." the strange man hurriedly said 

and in few seconds I felt my eyes slowly closing as if I was falling into a deep sleep 

I tried forcing it open but to no avail

"...go my child.. go and save your people Rana" this were the last words I heard from the strange man. 

I saw the image of the village square of Yada appear in my head and then I felt myself falling as if I was vanishing.

By the time I was able to open my eyes, I was standing in the center of the village square with many eyes centered on me.

There was a crowd of people gathered. I recognized some of my village people but I saw strange faces as well.

and then I knew that people from the two neighboring communities were equally gathered here as well 

I looked around wondering how I got here. why is everyone gathered..? and why is all of them looking at me..? I thought as I was getting nervous due to the thousand of human eyes that were focused on me

Some had looks of surprise that slowly transformed into that of amusement, whilst some had looks of pure jealousy and anger glaring in their eyes 

Then slowly all the people gathered went down on their knees whilst chanting this three words simultaneously 

" All hail the Priestess!"

" We are forever loyal to your reign!"

"All hail Priestess Rana!" 

I was taken aback by the continuous chants of thousands of people who were still on their knees with heads bent low. I looked around to be sure of whom they were referring to.

I was the only one standing and so far I am the only maiden who bears the name 'Rana' in the three communities. 

This is because we have a rule that states that no two villagers should bear same names, which makes it easy to differentiate one from the other.

So many questions were going through my head yet there were no answers to them, I kept wondering..

could it be me they are referring to me as the Priestess..? am I dreaming..? If I am dreaming then don't you think it is about time I wake up Rana...?

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