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Dethroned - Episode 8





Dethroned - Episode 8

Written By Amah's Heart.


" Thank you so much Eze.. it was nice taking a stroll with you... thank you " I told Eze as I smiled with all sincerity.

" You're always welcome beautiful one... you know you can count on me anytime and anyday you feel like taking a walk" Eze replied smiling back at me. 

I feel so excited knowing I finally have someone I could call a friend. 

Eze is the only person who isn't scared of walking beside me and despite knowing my position, he still speaks informally with me like when we had first met at the bush.

Aside Eze, no one else does. Reason being that the rest of the villagers fear and honor me too much to think of taking a walk with their Priestess let alone talking casually to me.

I do feel depressed oftentimes because no matter how hard I try to be friendly towards people especially fellow maidens like myself, I am still given distance mixed with utmost respect. 

I guess their fear is that I might subsequently punish or harm them with my powers yet I would do no such thing.

My life as a Priestess further opened my eyes to see that although having authority and wealth may be sweet, 

it is as well the fastest route to a lonely and boring life even with lots of people around me. 

That day at the village square, I got my full powers activated and was crowned the Priestess of Yada, Gada and Zada to the merriment of every villager present.

With my full power I was able to get rid of the plâgue by following an instruction that was laid in my heart by the gods. 

Afterwards, my life later became a clear description of from the ground level to the topmost level.   

Rana the ordinary maiden is now a crowned Priestess of three merged communities. I am generally addressed by everyone as Priestess Rana. 

Till date I still marvel at how much time flies and I still can not believe that it has been a year since I became a Priestess of Yada, Gada, and Zada.   

Ever since I became a Priestess, my words are the law that everyone abides by, all I needed to do was to speak and it was obeyed. 

Yet beyond the power, authority, honor, respect, and luxury, I soon came to the realization that one of the intricacies is extreme loneliness.

I have no freedom to live a simple life like every other maiden. 

I couldn't even do anything on my own because I had maids at my beck and call who wouldn't allow me lift a pin.

Oh, how I miss those times in my life when I could cook my meals and do other minor things on my own without people to help out.

Those times when I could walk without being noticed, not now that everywhere I pass I got easily noticed followed by several head bows everywhere. 

At times I do wish people saw me as an ordinary maiden and related casually with me, 

but the opposite was the case.

I believe you now understand why I feel so much excitement knowing that there is someone who still sees me as a normal human being and was willing to take an evening walk with me.

" Thank you Eze.. this means a lot to me... you won't believe that it has been a year yet I haven't had anyone who had the courage to walk with me... So I thank you so much for being exceptional" I uttered smiling as I walked into the vast compound that now belongs to me.

As I am the highest authority, I stay at the biggest and most beautiful compound in the community that is befitting of my status as a Priestess. 

It was also well furnished to my taste with about twelve maidens allotted to ensure that my needs were met effortlessly.

" It is not a problem Rana... but I hope you are okay with me addressing you by your name without your title first?" Eze asked me. 

I nodded as I beckoned on a maiden to get a chair for Eze and I. 

" Of course Eze.. I am perfectly okay with it... you don't know how happy I feel having an opportunity to hear my name again without Priestess being attached to it" I replied jiggling as I truly felt like a human being again  

In a few seconds a long chair as I had requested for was brought over by one of the maidens. 

Eze and I sat down side by side.

" Well I believe you should have gotten use to the position by now.. you know it is a position many maidens will give anything to possess"

" I know Eze which actually baffles me... I bet they do not understand the burden of carrying the responsibilities of three large communities on your shoulder when you are barely three decades old..." I begun and paused to take a deep breath as what I am about saying stirred deep emotions within me

"...they do not also understand what it feels like to be surrounded by people yet you feel so lonely... and being fully aware of the fact that it may likely remain that way until the day you finally join your ancestors" 

" I do understand your pain Rana... but you just have to bear it.. with time you.."

" For how long Eze?.. you do know that as a Priestess I have to bear this burden all the rest of my life right...?" I asked cutting Eze's words midway and he nodded without responding 

With no response from Eze, I continued venting out my pain and frustration,

thankful that today I had someone who was willing to listen to me 

"...Eze there are times I wonder why people battle for a vain position like mine because to me it is one of the loneliest path to thread on... I mean look around me..." I uttered dramatically using my hands to point at my luxurious compound that looks like a palace

"...what exactly is power, luxury, authority and honor if happiness and true friendships are absent?" I asked sadly. 

I watched as Eze sighed as he looked at me directly in the eye before replying

" Yes you're correct about everything being vain in the long run Rana... honestly I understand how you feel and I wish I could take all your pain away but sadly I can't...

"...but I can assure you that I will be your friend from now onwards if only that will help make you feel less lonely." Eze told me whilst shifting his gaze to my lips that was few inches within his reach because of how close we sat on the chair.

before I knew it, Eze brought his lips closer to mine for a kiss and although I knew this was wrong in every sense, 

It's an abømination because of my title, I wasn't supposed to have any intimate moment with men. 

But I just couldn't resist the euphoria that was threatening to burst open my heart as our lips brushed.

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