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Dethroned - Episode 2





Dethroned - Episode 2

Written By Amah's Heart.

As I lay with the war of hunger rumbling in my  intestines, I heard a heavy scary thud on my wooden door

I startled in fear, who or what could that be? 

I sat up and turned down the light from my oil lamp, that was the little oil I managed to get through begging yesterday and it was almost burning out.

I lowered it more, and sat still.

Wondering what was going on and who was trying to break down my hut

Another loud and more scarier sound send me crashing off from my bamboo bed.

Fear gripped me because another hit may eventually destroy my poor door that mut and rust has eaten halfway.

"What is going on, what am I going to do now..?"

I thought inwardly as I crawled under my bamboo bed to hide while praying to the gods to come to my rescue. 

" Open this door right now! we know you are in there!.. open this door!" A masculine voice rang out as the pounding on the door increased until they finally succeeded in breaking down the poor door to gain passage 

They barged into my thatched room and from where I laid hidden I was shaking in fear of the unknown. 

I could see their feet and from my mental calculation I could tell that there were about two men in the room

Oh, my heart was pounding as though it will force its way out of my chest and I watched from my hideout as the ransacked my room, making a mess out of the little possession I had in the room

After some minutes of searching, I heard them ask each other in inaudible tunes

" Guy, I thought you said you kept an eye on her... and that you never saw her leaving this room since today" I heard a familiar voice ask another man

Wow! so it is actually me that they came looking for...? but why...? I queried myself in confusion. 

Somehow I knew it wasn't a good idea to run into a lion's den, that is why despite my confused state I kept mute and continued staying hidden under the bed 

" I swear it Jack.. the girl hasn't left this house since yesterday!" the second guy huskily responded probably in an attempt to convince the first guy. 

The 'Jack' name the second guy previously mentioned rang a bell in my head immediately

Jack! isn't that Mazi Ejiro's son?. Oh my gods, if truly my assumption is right then it means I am finished! 

Jack is one of the nøtorious village stout who is reputable for all kinds of hāvocs especially if you offend him, his partner in crime is another nøtorious stout by name James

It's now I understand why the first voice had sounded so familiar when I heard it 

but then what does Jack want from me? I mean I honestly do not remember doing him any wrong, so why me..?

why exactly are they here looking for me? or did I unknowingly do anything wrong to them...? 

should I just go out and confront them, that way I will find out what all this is about and offer an apology if needed..?

I was still battling with these thoughts within me and made up my mind to opt for the later until I heard the next words that frightened the life out of me

" So James where is she?.. you know we need to find her quick to finish our job else we lose the remaining money... and even stand a bigger chance of losing the part payment we were given!" Jack uttered already out of impatience.

"...you know what? lets just get the héll out of here!"

I laid there shaking in fear wondering what job there were paid to carry out that involves me

" Wait Jack! I think we have been ignoring the bed area... we are yet to check under it... who knows? the girl might actually be hiding herself there" the second guy whom I figured is James said abruptly halting Jack's movement.

Afterwards James begun shattering my beddings and before I could think of a way out of this impromptu mess, 

he lifted the bamboo bed I was hiding under and threw it to the other side leaving me bare to any normal eyes.

I laid there staring directly at their faces and I actually thought that my world is going to end since I have been caught, 

not until I heard Jack stomp his feet on the mud floor as he shouted at James

" now that you've lifted the bed you assumed the girl will be hiding under, where is she?.. tell me James! have you seen her anywhere around this room?" Jack kept ranting on and on at James who retaliated already fed up

" It is enough man!.. after all we are in this search together... moreover it is possible that the Rana girl must have ran away earlier tonight when I left to call you... which means it is not entirely my fault!" 

" James if it not entirely your fault then who is sharing in the blame for your incompetence..?"

I looked at these two vibrant men arguing and I wondered if they were blind or something. 

I mean I was obviously laying right beside them without any more coverage yet the couldn't see me?

I felt something like an electric current passing through me and when I looked up to see what is happening,

I realized that it was Jack who had walked through me to the other side of the thatched hut. 

From all indications, Jack isn't giving up hence he wants to search my room more thoroughly by himself 

On the mud floor I was feeling so anxious whilst my poor chest was beating very fast. 

It is out of this fear and trepidation that I poked my left fingers into my braided dreadlocked hair that is beautifully adorned with cowries delegated to unmarried maidens like myself.

In the process, a cowrie fell off my hair and laid close to my ear region.

I sighed heavily upon seeing this and with my outstretched hands I reached out to take the cowrie so as to replace it, 

Before I could successfully pick it up I saw Jack's eyes looking towards my direction, 

slowly he walked towards where I laid and bent very close to my ears region

Out of fear I withdrew my hands immediately but deep within me I was praying to the gods of our Land that I shouldn't be caught.

then right there before my eyes Jack slowly picked up my piece of cowrie with a crocked smile on his face 

" Look what I found James..." Jack said as he lifted the cowrie up to show James 

" So? Jack if I may ask what do you intend doing with that thing?" James asked looking at Jack in disdain

" James this is definitely one of the cowries that Rana uses to adorn her braids.. I guess while she was running away she forgot it here but this will be to our advantage" Jack answered laughing 

" You are confusing me Jack! I don't understand what you mean by being to our advantage...  how will a common piece of cowrie help us find her?" James quizzed and truly with the look on his face, I could tell that he is truly confused by Jack's previous statement 

I was confused too and my ears aches to hear what Jack's reply would be 

" Oh common James! don't be a dúllard.. anyways like I said earlier this will definitely be useful in our next search for Rana.. so don't worry your head because I do have a solid plan"

With this conclusion, Jack eventually gave up on the search and together he left my hut with his partner James who held my cowrie in his right hand. 

After I was sure the stouts had gone, I stood up from my laying position and sat up straight on the mud floor 

I adjusted my back to rest on the wall of my hut and my mind keeps wandering 

Who is paying Jack and his partner in crime to search for me and why? 

also I don't understand why James and Jack couldn't see me even when I was right beside them? 

or wait! am I now a dead person?

what exactly is going on with me? I thought inwardly as none of today's happenings was actually making sense to me.

But what I didn't know is that they were not entirely gone, they were hiding outside waiting for me.

(Do NOT take credit or Plagiarize AMAH'S HEART stories)

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