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Dethroned - Episode 3





Dethroned - Episode 3

Written By Amah's Heart.

I am still sitting dejectedly with my hands on my chin trying to get over what had happened earlier, 

My eyes looked towards the direction of the door that the stouts left ajar. 

It's from there that I saw that the morning sun has risen in the sky which signifies day break.

After what I experienced last night, I am scared of ever stepping out of my hut but at the same time I was wondering on what I will be eating today as I hadn't eaten all through yesterday.

to make matters worst, the worms in my stomach were vigorously raging for food reminding me that I shouldn't try sleeping on an empty stomach again like I did yesterday night.

I sighed sadly as I readjusted well to straighten my back against the wall. It has actually been two days since I last tasted anything edible

I mean it is not like I do have a choice anyways since the wild fruits and vegetables I was feeding on in the forest are no more available because of the current drought in the Land.

Thankfully I am not the only person affected by the drought, 

it is actually affecting everyone in the village and it begun two months back when an image of a masquerade had mysteriously appeared in the sky. 

I grew up here and have never experienced this kind of thing, there's always plenty to feed on until the plâgue kicks in without notice

Typical of a village like the Land of Yada, the main source of getting water is through rainfall, stream and lakes.

But it all dry up 

so in the absence of no single drop of rain in the Land for two months, the subsequent effects were that the crops in people's farmlands dried up same with the village streams. 

Inevitably it led to serious hunger and thirst plague in the once fertile Land of Yada, and as unbelievable as this may sound it is the less privileged villagers like myself and others in the village that were more at the receiving end of this plague

Well, I am seriously pãinéd I can't stop venting out my frustrations on the plague that has befallen the Land of my forefathers.

That is also why it battles me that instead of finding solutions to this plague, 

someone could actually pay village stouts to come search for a maiden 

What is the person's problem with me? or is it that the are mistaking me for one of those maidens that have food secretly stored up in their houses..?

did they come to steal from me or is there something else I don't know about...?

I couldn't think of any answers to the numerous questions on my head so I gave up thinking. 

I heaved sadly as I got up from the floor and begun arranging my shattered room. I set my bamboo bed in its rightful position and tiredly sat on it, then gently I laid down whilst placing my two hands under my head for support in the absence of a pillow.

There were a lot going on in my mind and I do feel so alone in this village because I have no one to share my problems, fears, and thoughts with.

I lost my parents to an unknown ailment. ever since their death, I have been surviving on my own and also staying all alone in this thatched hut I inherited from them 

there is absolutely no day I don't miss my late parents. 

I wish I still had them here with me and as an only child I admit that the are times I also wish the had given me at least a younger sibling before joining their ancestors, then just maybe this loneliness I feel wouldn't have been this extreme.

I sighed again with my eyes now closed and said a short prayer to the gods that I would not dïe of hunger before the time of breakthrough finally comes through. 

After the prayer, I planned forcing myself to sleep but a loud yawn involuntarily forced its way out of my mouth as the worms in my stomach did not quit singing for food 

I shook my head pitifully as I pushed the dreads on my head backwards and dramatically said to myself in low tunes

" Rana I think it is about time you quit pitying yourself... you have to be strong and go out there and find anything to eat before hunger will use your name to open the first dëäth record in this land..." as I was saying this I slowly got up from the bed 

Yes I am scared no doubt but if I don't think fast then I will likely be starving today as well. Slowly I made my way out of my thatched hut

Now outside, I lifted my eyes to the skies and said a short prayer to my ancestors 

"...Gods of our Land protect me from every evil eyes.. and please do not let this drought succeed in finishing me or any other villagers in this village.. Ise!".

I managed to use the broken door to atleast cover up the open space to avoid anyone looking inside or walking into my house.

There was a bush opposite my compound, I felt strange, like something or someone was watching me from those bushes.

I felt goosebumps already as I take each step.

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