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My Name is AKA - Episode 65





My Name is AKA - Episode 65

Written By Amah's Heart.

"I'm prégnant..?

"Whaaat? Ify exclaimed aloud 

"... who's responsible? I mean this is not good at all. Why..? Ify probed further

"... isn't it too early, I mean considering a whole lot of things. God...what are we going to do now eeh..?

"....Aka? Say something... you're not saying anything. What are we going to do?

She looked at me but I wasn't in the mood for such question.

I have alot of other things bothering me and I know none of them will understand

We all became silent except for Ify who throws in her usual exclamation remarks

I looked at Amara and she doesn't look a bit bothered

Why in God's name is she so relaxed

"Listen Amara, we will talk about this your prégnåncy news later, I want to know why you lied that you're sick and asked me to come see you at Mr Law's house..." Looking straight at her and waiting for reply.

"Is prégnåncy not enough reason for me to ask you to come see me...? She fired back at me.

Ify couldn't keep calm any longer, charged at her with words

 "see the way you're even talking to your elder sister. Are you proud that you're prégnant at this age? You should be åshamed of yourself.."

"... you don't even have a place of your own, I'm sure you haven't been saving either. Is man the most important thing in this your age? You're not even twenty years yet and your priding in this prégnåncy. It seems that is one billionaire son that's responsible..."

"Abeg aunty Ify, leave me alone. You started sleeping around with men way before me,  you slept with our village men before you run to the city. Stop acting like a saint and making me look føolish as if I don't know what I'm doing. I'm old enough to know what I want..."

".... beside this house is for Aka, my sister so is practically my place too. Money is not a problem because the person responsible is equal to the task. Don't take paracetamol for my headache...abeg oo"

She hissed at Ify

Ify rushed to hit her but I stopped her

"I will beat that prégnåncy out of you, nønsense. Look at me very well.. I'm not Aka that you can talk to any how and she will swallow it all. I will beat that evīl spirit out of you if you dare talk more than your mouth. I'm not your mate. I'm older than your elder sister and despite how she's accomodating me, she have never insùlted me before. Small rat like you want to show off your stupïdity. You're proud that you're prégnant out of wedlock..."

"Isn't it better than abørtion? I know you abørted yours and want other girls to be like you too. I'm keeping my own, is my ticket to wealth, a ticket to London and happily ever after. If it pâin you too much, hit your head on the wall...ntoor!

Ify broke free from my crib and rushed Amara

She hit and slapped her without mercy, Amara try to fight back but she can't measure up to Ify's kind of strength.

I managed to drag Ify away from Amara.

Amara kept running her mouth at Ify

"Ify...if anything should happen to my baby, I will hold you responsible. You will rot in jail. Ify... you're messing with the wrong girl, just pray that nothing happens to me or may baby... jéalousy" Amara shouted.

"Just shut up your mouth. When do you become this extra arrøgant and rúde or is this also part of the prëgnåncy symptoms. I don't understand..." I said to Amara.

I was surprised at her wide mouth and rudeness

"Yes, you're correct. Ever since I became pregnant I'm in a different world. I'm higher and above you all and I don't care how you choose to do with yourself but I have chosen my path.."

"...When Mr Law told me that night after he returned that you're engaged to one Daniel like that. He wasn't happy, I know I have to do everything to scatter that your relationship. I know you love Mr Law but as usual you pretend alot and doing all this churchy annoying things. I know if you can come over and Mr Law sees you, alot might change with one visit. That's why I asked you to come over, I didn't practically lie about being síck because early prégnåncy trouble is no joke... well, none of you here understand what it feels like because you never had the opportunity and one person here mürdered her own and now jealous of mine..."

"Aka, put your sister on a leash, it's because of you that I'm quiet but if she doesn't shüt up then I will shüt it for her..," Ify said ângrily

Amara rolls her eyes and made a face, her attitude obviously shows that she doesn't care.

Wow! My sister has gone wild. She's in another level

She had the gut to try to match make me with Mr Law because she's sleeping with his junior brother.

"Mr Law is handsome and stínking rich too, he can change our entire family's story. Why will you reject sugar for a bitter Kola. Aren't you tired of suffering... because I am very tired and wanted to be pampered and treated well. I'm dating two men and I know how smart I play my game so I won't be caught. Uche is there and I collect Money from him too, Austin is very cute and a London breed. I'm securing the bag and despite I love Uche but I love Austin more because he's a big ticket to a better life..."

"... I know you probably slept with Mr Law in the library that day. I saw your scattered head, the way you were panting and rushing out and Mr Law was running after you. I know when you arrived and when you went into the library with Mr Law. I planned it all for your good but I can't help you further because you obviously don't know what you have until you loose it. You're engaged to another man and inlove with another. Did you also tell whoever you're engaged to that you slept with another man last week..? 

I calculated my step with a smirk to where Amara was busy running her mouth

I landed her a double slap that sent her crashing.

Ify began to jubilate.

"I thought you're going to stand there and watch her say all that träsh to your face without giving her a resetting slâp..." Ify said.

"God should help you both that anything should happen to this my prégnancy. You're going to get it hotter than you expects..." Amara said wiping her eyes after the slap

"... Aka you think you're better than me. You do all this churchy things yet just one touch from Mr Law resulted in you taking off your pânt in the library like a whøre.  You're even lucky that he likes you, if you see his kind of women... big ladies that come visiting him... you will understand how lucky you are to have him running around you like a house boy..."

".... you're not wearing your engagement ring which means the engager broke up with you...hahahaha! You're going to loose on every side. Another sharp and wise lady will win over Mr Law and It will be too late for you..."

 "...i thought coming to share my prégnancy good news with you was a good idea. Well, I'm leaving your poor, broke house... I'm going to be living large very soon and you won't be able to catch up with my speed..."

She picked up her bag, rolled her eyes at Ify and I.

"You're going to regret this kind of life you choose for yourself. When you will need Aka, she won't be there to help you. Small brat like you thinks she's smart, you will end up shoøting yourself on the leg..." Ify said as Amara was catwalking to the door

"You and Aka are not my God, I don't need her and even if I do she will always be here because is obvious that she will remain single for a very long time, I may even employ her to nanny my kids while you, Ify will be my housekeeper, cleaning and mobbing me and my husband's tøilet, well that's if I don't leave for London with Austin soon..or after my baby's arrival..."

She got to the door and pause while looking at me pitifully

"...Aka, you're just unfortunate. I don't see reason why you can't be enjoying yourself in Mr Law's mansion. Probably marrying Eme nwa Danfo would have been better for you than Living this kind of a confused life. I refused to make the kind of mistake you made. It could be that mama and Papa's cùrse is affecting you. You will need to go and appeals to them, traveling back to the village and asking for their forgiveness so that they can uncúrse you... so that your life can move forward. This is advice from me to you, take it or leave it..it is what it is. Goodbye.."

She looked at Ify from head to toe, gave a long hiss before walking out.

"Okay, i applaud you for your patience in taking that whole búllshīt. If Amara was my sister and she disrespect in this manner, aaah! She will definitely bleed out of here. Her bløød will definitely drop to the ground because I will beat her until her skin falls apart, that her nønsense prégnåncy won't make it to the next day. I will keep Bible aside first and give her the manual training she fails to take. You're too cold and quiet for my likening. The only thing you managed to give her is two small slap that couldn't shut her up. aaah! Aka, your level of patience is enviable. I was almost loosing my patience while watching that small brat runs you over with her mouth, I want to pounce on her and tear her apart.."

My phone began to ring

"Is Daniel... Daniel.." I exclaim happily 

"Answer the call, let's know why he's calling. Is over a week now, I thought he called off the whole relationship..."

I picked the call and he said he was outside.

After the incident with Mr Law, Daniel had collected his ring from me that day, entered his car and off he goes.

I knew it was over

I cried my heart out for days, I confessed and prayed so much like I never did 

I just wanted another chance to speak to Daniel before he travels

He may not want my friendship or anything to do with me and I totally understand but I just wanted to see him, just one more time.

I know I ruined the whole beautiful moments and the special connection we had.

I wish he will understand.

I spoke with Ify and explained it all, exactly how it happened.

I know I engaged in immørality, even though Mr Law never took off his undies

There was no pénetrations but it was close to happening if not for Daniel's call at that moment, it was definitely going to happen. 

the truth is that I was too weak to stop Mr Law

I have lived in guilt for the past days and Daniel finally showed up now.

I quickly rushed out to see him

He asked me to sit inside the car with him after asking me how I was fairing

He had already told me he doesn't want to hear or be reminded of what happened between Mr Law and I and I learn to keep shüt.

He asked me if I'm still interested in proceeding with the wedding plan with him

It was unbelievable

I nodded and he said I should speak it out with assurance and I said it out loud 

He took my hand and slide in the ring.

"Does God makes mistake..? He suddenly asked 

"No, he doesn't..." I replied quietly.

He looked at me and smile.

I was surprised to still get a smile from him.

"Will you be chance tomorrow to go see my parents please...?

I nodded quietly

He held my hand and kissed them gently.

I felt relieved and managed to smile back.

God heard my prayer and gave me another chance with Daniel, I will cherish it more than I ever did before.

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