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Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 49 & 50




Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 49 & 50

SUBTLE: Ruthless Heart

THEME: His Little Bride

GENRES: Dark/Couples Romance/Action/Erotica

TAGS: Contract Marriage,Mafias,Deaths,Bloody,Suspense,Secrets,Cold Hearted,College,Jealousy,M*rders,Love Triangles,Rivals,Age Gap,S£x.

Written By, Summer Gold R.             



"I want to bury myself inside you.......this night" Ace muttered and Lily froze. 

"Please" Ace added giving Lily the shock of her life. 


"Don't tell me you don't understand what I'm saying,please" Ace said and Lily shook her head slowly before speaking up. 

"I understand you" She muttered and Ace sighed out. 

"Will that make you feel better??" Lily asked and Ace nodded. 

Lily smiled and moved closer to him. 

"Please,don't hurt me too much" She muttered before grabbing Ace's shirt and pulling him down with it so her lips could meet with his own. 

Ace carried her immediately their lips collided,he kissed her soft lips hungrily,Lily's arms clinging around his neck while he slowly moved to the bed.  

He dropped Lily and pulled off his shirt In a rush then got on top of her,he connected their lips again and started unbuttoning her pyjama shirt,Ace broke the kiss and fling off the shirt. He literally couldn't wait as he was doing everything in full speed that Lily almost got scared he was going to hurt her. 

In a minute,Lily was already nak*d,her eyes went shut as Ace poured wet kisses on every part of her body before capturing her nipples In his mouth. 

"Oh" Lily catch a breath and bite her lips. 

Ace released her nipples too soon,he just wanted to be inside her so badly but at the same time want to make her want him,he wouldn't want to force her to this,but his little man wasn't in agreement with him at this moment,he was so f**king hard that he couldn't go on anymore. 

He looked at Lily who also opened her eyes. 

"I'm sorry,I might hurt you. Let's just stop here" He said,trying to get up but Lily grabbed him. 

"Are you going to her??" She asked. 

"Who are you talking about??" Ace asked. 

"Scar of course,if you leave me right now,then you will possibly go to her to satisfy yourself,won't you?? So just go on,I don't mind if you hurt me,just don't go to her....."

"I left her in the penthouse before coming here,I have nothing like that in mind Lily,okay??" Ace said. 

"Don't worry about me and go on,I promise" Lily muttered. 

"Are you sure about this?" Ace asked and she nodded. 

Ace pulled her back on the bed and started by kissing her again while Lily responded to the kiss sweetly until she felt his d**k on her opening,she took a deep breath and Ace almost stopped but she deepened the kiss even more. Then slowly Ace drove inside her,making sure he wouldn't hurt her but feeling the warmness around his d**k almost made him loose it. 

"F**k" he cursed under his breath,still going more deeper until Lily let out a tiny cry of pain which made him pull out. 

"Are you okay??" He asked and Lily nodded. 

"I don't think I can be gentle again" he muttered. 

"Don't worry about me" Lily assured. 

Ace pecked her lips and this time thrust inside more faster and deeper. 

"Ouch" Lily moaned,holding unto him tightly as he started going in and out,slamming against her tight cunt while Lily softly cries and moans form in the background. 

"Wait!!" Lily suddenly screamed and Ace pulled out. 

"That hurts" Lily whimpered and Ace looked down to see the blood stain on the bed spread. 

"Are you Okay?" He asked,looking at her face. 

Lily nodded. 

"I'm sorry" Ace added. 

Lily cupped his face and slammed her lips on his own,kissing him deeply and wetly. After the long kiss,she broke it. 

"Don't think of stopping,go on until you're satisfied" Lily said and Ace smiled. 

"Why are you talking like an adult" He asked. 

"What are you saying? I'm an adult" She said shyly and Ace kissed her nose. 

"If you want to scream,scream out my name instead" He winked and Lily nodded. 

Ace gave her one steamy smile before thrusting inside her again,Lily released a breath trying to adjust to his king size,he was going slowly at first,but then increased the pace. 

His slamming making the dripping wet sound against her drenched p**sy,almost turning Ace's brain around,he sworn to lick her dry next time,probably soon,he want to do every crazy thing with this innocent bride of his,no doubt. 

"Ouch!!! Ace!!" Lily first scream came into Ace's ears and it sounds so f**king sexy that he even f**ked her deeper. 

"Oh my God!" 

Ace held her thighs and slammed into her delectably,he shut his eyes in euphoria,how can one be as sweet as this?? He was totally out of his mind that he didn't notice he was going too hard and deep. 

"Ace!! Please slow down!!" Lily screamed and that was when he came back to his right sense,he looked down to see her tearing up. He immediately pulled out of her and kissed her tears. 

"I'm sorry" He muttered. 

Lily nodded and glanced at him. 

"Can we just sleep together,don't leave this room" She said.

"I'm not going anywhere,I came home because of you" Ace said and she smiled lightly before closing her eyes. 

Ace pecked her lips and rest his head on her chest,he stared at nothing in particular for a minute before also drifting into his dream land. 



Lily opened her eyes slowly to the room brightness,she looked around to see it different from her room,she was in Ace's room,on his bed. She gasped and sat up immediately,at that moment,Ace came out from the dressing room. 

Their eyes came in contact and nobody looked away. 

"You're awake" Ace said and Lily nodded. 

"But,how did I get here??" She asked. 

"I thought you said I shouldn't leave you,I needed to get ready so I brought you here" Ace said and Lily slowly lay back on the bed,smiling inwardly. 

"Are you okay?? Do you feel any pain??" Ace asked and she shook her head. 

"I'm fine" She muttered. 

Ace moved to the mirror,checking himself out. 

"Where are you going??" Lily asked,staring at him. 

"The penthouse" Ace replied. 

"Do you have to look so handsome when going??" Lily asked and Ace faced her. 

"My handsomeness is too hard to cover" He winked and Lily scoffed. 

"It's annoying" she said and Ace chuckled. 

"Does s*x make girls more bold??" He asked and Lily's eyes widened with embarrassment. 

"What are you talking about??" 

"Why are you acting so jealous all of a sudden? I've been going there without any complaints from you...."

"I'm not jealous,I am just saying,you're dressing so hot just because...gosh,just forget it" She turned her back on him. 

"Don't worry,I'm not interested in her again" Ace muttered. 

"Who are you talking about??" Lily asked.

"Scar of course,who else??" 

"I never asked" Lily scoffed. 

"Really?? Then I should go to her...."

"Hey!!" Lily yelled and Ace nodded. 

"This is it,what I heard last night" He muttered and Lily covered her face with the duvet.

"Are you going to her??" Ace asked in Lily's voice.

"Stop it" Lily muttered. 

Ace moved closer to the bed and removed the duvet from her face. 

"I won't pity you next time" He whispers and Lily kept quiet,staring at his moving lips,she wanted to kiss him so badly. 

"Come here" Ace muttered and carried her in a bridal style.

"Where are we going??" 

"The bathroom,you should wash up. Hope prepared a warm bath for you" Ace said and Lily frowned. 

"Madam Hope?" She asked and Ace nodded. 

"Why are you calling her so casually? She's older" Lily said. 

"Am I supposed to call her madam?? I pay her salary" Ace scoffed.

"Lady Hope would be better" Lily said. 

"Stop talking" Ace muttered and dropped her in the bathtub filled with warm soap water. 

"Oo oo ohhh" Lily moaned with her eyes closed. 

"Don't make that sound again" Ace said and Lily looked at him. 

"I can't wait,I need to go" Ace said and turned to go out almost immediately. 

"Did something happened yesterday?? You got hurt" Lily asked. 

"You don't have to worry,I am fine" Ace muttered and went out. 

"This feels so good" Lily moaned and sink her whole self into the water. 

Minutes later,the door opened and Madam Hope came in. 

"Are you planning to turn into a fish?" She asked and Lily chuckled 

"I'm in his room" She grinned and Madam Hope smiled. 

"I know,does it feel good??" She asked and Lily immediately nodded. 

"He's acting so nice,he even carried me here,I love this side of him more,I feel like crying" Lily said and Madam Hope smiled. 

"I'm so happy for you" she said. 

Lily grinned and they both continue smiling at each other like some competition. 



Razor was the first to welcome Ace as he entered the passway leading to the treatment room. 

"How are they??" Ace asked,they are both walking side by side now. 

"Nicki is awake" Razor said and Ace let out a sigh of relief. 

"Blondie??" He asked. 

"She's not awake but Maximus said she's better than yesterday,she will definitely be awake" Razor replied and Ace nodded. 

"That's great" He muttered. 

They both entered the room at a time and Nicki looked up,she was sitting down. 

"Boss" She called. 

"Shouldn't you be laying down right now? Do you love pain?" Ace asked and Nicki smiled. 

"I'm fine" She muttered. 

"You should,you can take a break for now......"

"No I don't want to,trust me I'm fine...."

"I don't care,for now,don't bother showing up for any mission" Ace snapped and Nicki bite her lips. 

Ace moved to Blondie's side.

"She really look better than yesterday" he said and touched her face before sighing. 

"Did you tell Lily??" Razor asked. 

"No,she would have insisted on following me" Ace said.

"I know" Razor muttered. 

"Where's father??" Ace asked. 

"He left the penthouse early this morning" Razor replied and Ace looked up.

"For what??" He asked. 

"No idea" Razor shook his head. 

Ace sighed and walked out of the room,Razor also followed. 

Almost immediately,Rambo came in. 

"Nicki" He called and immediately rushed to hug her.

"Ahh" Nicki whined in pain and he quickly broke the hug. 

"I'm sorry,I'm sorry" Rambo said,tears rolling down his eyes. 

"I thought.....I thought something bad would happen....I couldn't even breathe well,I'm sorry it's all my fault" Rambo said in tears.

"Are you crazy?? Why are you crying like a kid??" Nicki scoffed. 

Rambo nodded.

"I'm crazy...but please don't do that again,my heart hurts more than taking a bullet,please" Rambo said. 

Nicki slowly wiped his tears. 

"I must have been crazy when I did that too,I wasn't thinking. I just...didn't want you to get hurt" She muttered. 

Rambo sniffs and hugged her again,making sure he doesn't hurt her this time. 

"Who said you are now allowed to hug me??" Nicki asked. 

"You can beat me if you want" Rambo muttered. 

The door opened and Hermes came in but stopped when he saw them. 

Rambo broke the hug and Nicki looked up.

"Oh..Hermes" She smiled. 

"Nice to see you awake" Hermes muttered. 

"Are you okay?? Your eyes are red" Nicki said. 

"It's nothing.....I couldn't sleep all night,I'm fine" Hermes said,faking a smile. 

"I should leave,you did well by waking up" Hermes said,giving her a thumb up which made Nicki smile. 

He opened the door again and went out. 

"I'm hungry" Nicki pouted,looking at Rambo.

"I will get the maids to...."

"No,you should cook for me" Nicki said.

"What?!" Rambo's eyes widened.

"What,it's your duty,you should be the one here" Nicki said. 

"You're not trying to blackmail me now right??" Rambo asked and Nicki scifced. 

"Such an ungrateful human being" She rolled her eyes.

"Fine,Wait here. You will know my cooking skills today" Rambo got up.

"Can't wait" Nicki grinned.

"I will be back" Rambo smirked and left the room. 


"Hey,are you okay??" Flash sat down beside Hermes who was smoking like a crazy person,he just couldn't get rid of the view,seeing Rambo hugging Nicki. 

"Hermes?" Flash called again.

"I'm fine" Hermes muttered. 

"If you like her,you should just tell her and stop being like this" Flash scoffed. 

"Who said I like her?? Rambo is the perfect person,what am I even thinking?? She even risked her life for him....who am I?" Hermes chuckled but tears found their way out of his eyes. 

"Geez,I hate seeing people cry" Flash  mumbled. 

Hermes wiped his tears. 

"I'm fine tho,so don't worry about me" He muttered. 

"Who's worried about you?" Flash scoffed. 

Hermes kept quiet and continue smoking. 



"Ahh!!!" Lily screamed out as she tried packing her hair the third time but couldn't. 

"Just leave it this way Lily!!" She screamed at herself and arranged her hair with her fingers before running out of the room with her bag. 

It's her first week in her final year. 

She rushed downstairs and met Madam Hope trying to set the table. 

"Morning,I'm super late,I can't wait for food" She said. 


"Where Ace??" Lily asked.

"He left" Madam Hope replied.

"Penthouse again?! When will he ever rest and have time?? He's not even staying home for a whole month,I'm sure he doesn't even know if I'm still attending school" Lily said and Madam Hope sighed. 

"I have nothing to say" She muttered.

"Seriously??" Lily scoffed and ran out of the house. 

"Good morning! Please let's hurry up" Lily said and Roger immediately opened the door for her. 

Walter got into the driver's side and Roger also entered then took off. 




Lily ran through the hallway,out of breath. She doesn't want to miss any lecture this semester and now she's slacking behind already.

"Sorry sorry!!" She said to the group of girls who almost fell down from her rush.  

She finally entered the class and lucky for her,the lecturer isn't in yet.

"Lily!" Roxanna waved at her from where she was sitting with Leo,they already kept a seat for her. 

"Thank goodness" Lily sighed out and walked over to them.

"Why sweating this much?" Leo asked,wiping the sweat from her face.

"Thanks Leo" Lily muttered. 

"There's gist" Roxanna said and Leo groaned. 

"You're just jealous,shut up" Roxanna snapped and Lily chuckled. 

"There's a new lecturer" Roxanna said. 

"That's what they do every year" Lily scoffed. 

"No,it's different this time. According to the rumors I heard,He's a young lecturer and hot also" Roxanna said.

"So??" Lily asked. 

"Geez! Everyone's talking about him Lily,I've not seen him but they said he's very hot..."

"Roxanna is okay" Lily muttered and Leo cracked.

Roxanna glared at them both and they laughed.

"You two should not bother talking to me today okay??" She said but they only laughed more. 

Just then,the counselor walked in and everyone was quiet.

"I'm sure you've all heard there will be a new lecturer for psychology this year" He said. 

"I'm sure that class will be more full this year compared the the last year" Roxanna said and Lily sighed. 

"I'm so glad to introduce you to Prof Ronnie" The chancellor said and immediately the figure walked in sexily. 

The female students gasped loudly. 

"OMG" Roxanna mumbled with open eyes.

Lily's eyes widened in total shock when she saw the figure standing in front of the class looking handsome and sexy while smiling hotly and driving the students insane and she couldn't believe it. 

"ACE?!!!!!!!!" She screamed inwardly. 


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